tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14l

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14l


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14l: Back to Egypt Part 12

A Paul and Jenny story

Copyright 2000 by Paul. All rights reserved. All events and characters are fictitious.

* * * * *


At a loss what to do for five hours after leaving the Museum we went back to the hotel and had dinner.

After eating we went back to mine and Jenny’s room afterwards and went over our plan, such as it were, again and again.

Jenny and Michelle were still wearing their sheets. When I asked why Michelle explained.

“Two young, white girls walking the back alleys of Cairo around midnight are sure to attract more attention than we want. Dressed like this we will at least look like locals and wearing them for a few hours they won’t stand out as being brand new.”

“I don’t see why you needed to insert those devices into us so early if we were coming back here anyway?”

They say you can used to anything in time but two and a half inches of cold metal up your ass with an inch of arial wire sticking out of your anus takes a while.

“It was so you could get used to having them inside you.” Michelle was being very patient with me.

“I might have to take mine out for a bit.”


“I need to go somewhere.”

“It’ll come out when you go. Just try to catch it. It can get a little messy otherwise. Take the Vaseline with you. Unless you need some help to put it back?”

Did she sound hopeful?

I didn’t mind watching her putting it inside Jenny. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a go at that myself. I was a bit embarrassed when it had been my turn t bend over the bed and have them both staring at my anus.

“I’ll see if I can do it on my own.”

I managed it.

Time was dragging.

“How about going down to the bar or nightclub?” I suggested.

“No.” Michelle said, shaking her head. “We will all need clear heads later.”

“Then we may as well go to bed.”

“Alright.” Michelle agreed. “But, if you don’t mind I’ll stay here with you. I have this feeling something is watching us.”

Now she mentioned it so did I.

I went the windows and pulled the curtains closed. It was fully dark outside excepting streetlights and an occasional car. The market stalls were closed. It was as if the whole of Cairo was holding its breath waiting for something to happen.

I rang downstairs to reception and booked a call for midnight and a Taxi for ten minutes later and lay on the bed whilst the girls used the bathroom in turn. Jenny switched on a bedside light whilst Michelle switched off the main lights. Then they lay on the bed, one on either side.

Jenny switched off the light and pulled my arm around her back before laying her head on my shoulder. I managed to worm my other hand inside her sheet and felt one of her breasts. She made a purring noise and snuggled closer. I felt fingers on the zip of my trousers. Slowly they pulled it down. My hardening prick sprung up to meet them. They pulled it out into the open. The fingers closed around it. I felt Jenny’s ass cheeks and rubbed her nipple. She groaned softly. The hand moved faster. I could hear my own breathing change. If I could then so could the others. I moaned. My balls were tightening, lifting in their sack.

Michelle turned in the bed to face me. Her hand falling onto my stomach. I gasped. Then I came. Pump, pump, pump. My prick shot out load after load. I’d need to change my shirt before we left. Michelle lifted her hand. I heard her sniffing at it then what sounded like a sucking noise.

Jenny released my prick, pulled my hand out from between her ass cheeks and placed it on the small of her back.

“G’night.” She whispered.

“Goodnight.” I replied, finding her forehead with my lips.

“Goodnight.” Michelle said, sleepily.


Helga stooped in the doorway for a few seconds then was almost pushed into the room by those behind her.

Ahmed and the figure in the robes were first followed closely by Karl and Uwe.

Herr Kesler brought up the rear.

Hans stuffed his prick into his trousers, turning bright red in the face.

“I said nobody was to have her until after she has been used in the ceremony.” No bugger was using me. Not without a fight. I stood up with my back to the wall.

“You have another think coming if you think I will do anything for you.” I tried to sound defiant.

“Do you wish us to hold her down on the table?” Uwe asked.

“No.” The figure said. “When the time comes she will do everything I want.”

“In your dreams.” I retorted.

“You really do not understand. Do you.” He hesitated for a second as if thinking, then continued. “I think a little demonstration is needed.”

He turned to Helga.

“You, woman.” He held out a hand more bone than flesh and pointed to her.

“Remove your clothes.

“No.” Helga said, backing away. “I won’t.”

“Remove them.”

“No. No.”

Despite her shouted refusal her hands went to the back of her dress and I heard the sound of her zip as she pulled it down.

“No.” She cried out as her dress fell to the floor.

I couldn’t move or say anything.

“Stop it, please.” Herr Kessler struggled with the words as first Helga’s bra and then her knickers joined her dress on the floor.

Her hands moved, as if she were trying to cover her nakedness, then they fell away to her sides revealing her heavy breasts and bushy mound of dark pubic hair.

“You.” The figure said to Uwe. “Take her. She wants you.”

And it looked as if she did. She lay on her back n the Altar table and held out her arms to Uwe.

He didn’t need a second invitation and mounted the table between her legs pulling his hardening prick from his trousers as he pushed them to his knees. Helga bent her knees and reached down for Uwe’s prick and guided it to the entrance to her pussy. He cried out as he entered her in one thrust. I could see her lips spread to take him. I shouldn’t have looked but I couldn’t seem to drag my eyes away as Uwe powered in and out of her. I watched as his body stiffened and his balls lifted and fell as he pumped his come deep into her.

“Stop it, please.” Herr Kessler pleaded as Uwe climbed down from the table to be replaced by Karl.

I could see come dripping from her hole as Karl entered her. More so as he finished and pulled out.

“You. Old man.” The figure said to Herr Kessler.

“You are next.”

“No.” Herr Kessler held up his hands as if he were warding off a blow.

“You.” The figure repeated.

“Not my Sister.”

Hans suddenly said from my side and began moving towards the figure. Something seemed to pick him up and throw him backwards. Helga screamed. Hans grunted as he hit the wall. The figure staggered against Ahmed for support. Karl and Uwe looked at each other then at Helga.

“Take your people and go.” Hamed said, his voice trembling. “We have no further use for you.” Hans moaned and Karl and Uwe helped him to his feet. Helga rolled from the table, crying, and pulled on her dress. “We will have our money first.” Herr Kessler stated waving to Karl and Uwe to come forward. “No closer.” Hamed warned. An automatic pistol seemed to appear in his hand.

“Pay them.” The figure gasped. “I need to rest.”

“Wait here.” Ahmed said, backing towards the doorway, supporting the figure with one arm whilst holding the pistol pointing at Herr Kessler’s stomach.

“Are you alright? Helga.” Herr Kessler asked, approaching her and placing an arm around her shaking shoulders.

“I will be.” She sniffed.

“We are sorry.” Karl said, head down, eyes on the ground. “I. We. We just couldn’t stop.”

“I know.” Helga suddenly straightened. “I wanted you. I wanted you all.”

“You would have had us all.” Herr Kessler said trying the handle of the door. It was locked. “Even I could feel stirrings I hadn’t had for years. We must get far away from here quickly.”

“What abut me?” I asked. “You can’t leave me here with them.”

“I am sorry for you child. I really am. But there is nothing I can do. You must see that.”

“Send help. I have friends looking for me. Tell them where I am. Please. Please.”

I suddenly felt weak. Very weak. I wanted Ian. Wanted him to hold me. I could feel tears in my eyes, running down my cheeks.

“Please help me.” I pleaded.

Before he could reply the door opened and Hamed entered carrying a canvas bag.

He threw it to Herr Kessler who caught it and looked inside.

“It is all there.” Ahmed said stepping to one side and waving his pistol towards the doorway. “Now go.”

Only Hans looked towards me as they trooped out. I thought for a moment he was going to protest but Helga took his hand, whispered in his ear and he walked meekly by her side.

Could I take any comfort from that? I tried to as Hamed closed the door behind him as he followed them out.


There was a ringing sound in my ears. It seemed to get louder and louder. It was as if it was coming closer.

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

The lights had come on and Jenny was talking into the telephone.

I needed a piss, badly. Michelle had beaten me too the toilet so I hopped around from one leg to the other feeling Jenny as she walked past me. The toilet flushed and I could hear the sound of water running in the sink. I really did need a piss.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jenny asked.

“I need a piss.”

“She’ll be out in a minute. Kiss me. It’ll take your mind off it.”

I felt my bladder would explode if I moved so I pulled her to me. I had just got my tongue in her mouth when the bathroom door opened and Michelle returned. Jenny pushed back and pushed me towards the open doorway.

“Your need is greater than mine.” She said.

She was right. I stood in front of the toilet bowl, with the seat raised and breathed a huge sigh of relief as my bladder emptied. Shaking the drips off after I’d finished, I put it away and washed my hands. Jenny took my place and I heard the high pitched hiss of her piss. Funny I hadn’t heard Michelle’s. I must have been concentrating so hard on my bladder control and Jenny’s mouth to have noticed.

When Jenny had finished we went downstairs. The duty Manager was a little dubious about our wanting to go out at that time of night. We assured him that we knew what we were doing. I think I almost believed it.

The Taxi took us through streets of Cairo that seem to become narrower with each turn he took. Eventually he stopped at the entrance to an alleyway and pointed down it. We got out of the car and I paid him. I forgot to wait for my change as the girls had already started to walk down the alley. I picked up Michelle’s shoulder bag, which contained the items we had borrowed from the Museum earlier and hurried after them. I felt safer walking between them. Michelle suddenly stopped.

“I don’t think I should go any further.” She said. “Once we know where they are taking you I will ring Jerez and he will send help. God luck.”

Pulling her sheet about her face she stepped inside a darkened doorway and removed a small black box from her handbag. It hummed as she switched it on and a red light flashed.

“It works.” She reassured us. “That’s the house. At the end of the street.”

“Come on.” Jenny said, taking my hand. “It’s nearly time.”

She seemed almost eager to go. I hesitated then allowed myself to be pulled after her. We would have to have some stern words with Linda for getting herself into trouble like this.

We reached the house and I reached out to knock on the door. It opened before I touched it. We looked inside. There was nobody there. I looked at Jenny’s face. It was expressionless.

I followed her into the house and down a flight of narrow steps to a short corridor. At the far end an ancient door stood open. A single electric light bulb glowed feebly in its fitting. I suddenly felt very cold.

Our shoes clicked on the old stone flags as we approached the doorway. I wanted to run. To get away. To be anywhere but here.

Beyond the doorway was a flight of well-worn steps leading down. The door closed behind us and the darkness was total.


I watch Paul and Jenny disappear inside the house and looked down at my tracker. The red light flashed just above the centre of the dial and indicated the direction they had went. I turned the knob to change frequency. That was good. Jenny’s was working as well.

I took my small Pye pocket phone from my hand-bag and switched it onto the channel Jerez had given to me earlier. Nothing but crackle. It had worked fine in the hotel when I briefly tested it in the toilet. It must be the buildings I was surrounded by causing interference.

Everything was very quiet. I glanced at my wrist watch. One-fifteen. The red light had shifted away. Further than the width of the house. The must be in the tunnels. I’d have to follow. I wished I could have contacted Jerez.

I heard a sound behind me. The door opened and a hand was clasped over my mouth. There was a hand on my tits. Another hand on my stomach and another on my leg, lifting it from the ground. I tried to kick out but could get no leverage. Somebody punched me in the stomach and I gasped for breath. Hands were tearing at my clothing. Two, no three, faces were looking down on me as they held me to the ground.

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