tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14k

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14k


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14k: Back to Egypt Part 11

A Paul and Jenny story. Copyright 2000 by Paul. All rights reserved.

All events and characters are fictitious. No resemblance to any institution, or person live or dead, is intended.

* * * * *


I spent twenty minutes in the market and a further twenty minutes visiting Ian in the Hospital. I had 'borrowed' an English language newspaper and two magazines from the hotel lobby on my way through it. They wouldn't miss them. Ian quizzed me on what was happening and was for getting out of bed and coming with me when I explained our plans. I managed to persuade him that we needed to be able to move quickly and that he might slow us up. Being a sportsman he could understand that. I had to tell him everything again, the address, the timings, the plan about the tracking devices and the plans for the museum that evening. I told him I would be late for meeting Jenny and Michelle and left him.

I don't think I left him soothed and reassured. Which is supposed to be the purpose of a hospital visit. I didn't like him very much anyway.

Back in the hotel reception told me that 'my wife' had already collected the key to our room. I took the lift up the two floors and walked along the corridor.

I was about to knock but decided to try the old-fashioned door handle first. The door opened. I'd have to give her a good telling off. Leaving the door unlocked when she was alone in the room. The curtains were drawn and the room was in darkness despite the brightness of the day. I was about to turn the lights on when I noticed the two mounds in the bed caused by Jenny's hips and shoulders as she lay on her side.

I closed the door quietly behind me and placed my parcels from the market on the floor against the wall beside it.

What to do? She'd had a rough night and could probably do with some sleep. I know I felt better for the couple of hours I'd had that morning. I shouldn't wake her until it was necessary.

Although the mounds she was forming under the bed covers were beginning to look inviting.

Perhaps I should? Just? No, let her sleep. I turned to the door.


Her voice came from the bed.

"Aren't you coming to bed?"

"I thought you were asleep."

"I've had half an hour. Did you get everything?"

"Yes," I said, walking around the bed and sitting on the edge by her stomach. "I think so."

"Good." She said turning onto her back and stretching her arms above her head.

As she exhaled deeply the bed covers fell from her breasts. In the soft light I could see the dark circles that surrounded her nipples, nipples that appeared to be erect. Perhaps I should investigate?

I placed my left hand lightly on her right breast and squeezed gently. I could feel her nipple pressing against the palm of my hand. It was hardening. I massaged her breast slowly extracting a low, soft moan from her. I reached out with my other hand to her other breast. They felt so firm yet soft, warm, almost hot to the touch. Turning I knelt on one knee by the side of the bed and, lowering my mouth, sucked gently on first one, then her other nipple. I swirled my tongue around each in turn. Jenny sighed and arched her back. She ran her fingers through my hair then pushed gently but firmly on my head. Sometimes I would tease her about her wanting me to pleasure her orally but this wasn't the time for that. I kissed her ribs and then her navel. She bent her knee and kicked away the bedclothes. I looked down at the dark mass of her pubic hairs then nuzzled through them to the tops of her legs. Legs she opened.

I moved onto the bed between her legs and lifted her thighs until her feet were resting on my shoulders. I could smell her. Smell the slightly fishy aroma of an aroused woman. I kissed the back of each thigh then each ass cheek before licking gently at the area between her two holes. She gasped out loud as I flicked my tongue across her anus then cried softly as I touched her fanny. I ran my tongue along her slit feeling her lips opening as I did. I sucked each lip in turn into my mouth then released them, pushing my tongue between them as they started to close. She was so wet. She tasted slightly salty. I breathed deeply through my nose as I worked my tongue inside her. I could hear her gasping, as if she was having trouble catching her breath. With my lips against hers I swirled my tongue around inside. Licking the sides of her hole then back to her lips then back inside again drawing further gasps and moans from her as I did. I moved my right hand under my chin and rubbed her anus with a fingertip before pushing my finger inside her fanny as I pulled my tongue from her hole and searched for her clit. The pushing with her feet against my shoulders and sudden arching of her back told me that I had found it. As I worked first one then a second finger into her hole I sucked the little pea from its cover and flicked it from side to side. She was making noises like a child. Suddenly her body tensed and her thighs clamped tight around my head.

I flicked and flicked and flicked at her clit as a first then a second orgasm swept through her body. I helped her to straighten her legs then lay down next to her. She turned to face me, laying her head on my shoulder and wrapping my arm around her back.

"That was nice." She said, kissing my cheek. "Thank you very much."

"Pleasure." I replied, and it was.

I always enjoy making Jenny come.

Her fingers were on the buttons of my shirt. Slowly undoing them one by one then running her fingers through the rather sparse covering of hairs on my chest. Her fingertips counted my ribs and explored my navel then moved down to my belt buckle and the zip and fastener of my trousers. It was my turn to push on the back of her head with my hand. Her mouth followed the route taken by her fingers. Stopping to kiss each rib and explore my navel with the tip of her tongue. Lifting my hips from the bed I helped her to push down and off my trousers and underpants, kicking them from the bed with my shoes. By the time her mouth reached my prick I only had my socks on.

Taking my prick in one hand she stroked my foreskin back and forth until she was satisfied I wasn't going to grow any more then licking the tip, took it between her lips. She pressed her tongue against it as she moved her head up and down. It was my turn to grunt then groan then sigh.

Suddenly she lifted her head as if listening for something and let my prick fall from her mouth. I gasped my disappointment.

"Sorry," she said, "I thought I heard something. What time is it?"

I told her after glancing at the luminous dial on my wristwatch.

"We haven't got long before Michelle comes back." She said straddling me and, holding her fanny lips open with her fingers, sinking down onto my prick.

She let out a sigh as she impaled herself upon me. Then she started to lift and lower herself. Her fanny muscles gripping my prick.

"You all right like this?" She gasped.

"Fine." I gasped back holding onto her breasts.


"What's wrong?" She panted.

"I would like..." I stopped as a wave of pleasure swept through me.

"Yes, what would you like?" Her hands were on my chest as she lifted and fell squashing my balls beneath her ass cheeks.

"Can I do it the other way?"

"In a minute." She gasped again then tensed as she came, falling forward onto my chest and kissing my neck.

I squeezed her ass cheeks and lifted my hips, keeping moving in and out of her fanny. I could feel my balls tighten and lift. My pricked swelled inside her and I was there. I shot and shot and shot into her hole as she slowly moved, milking me.

She knelt over me, my shrinking prick still in her hole.

"What way did you want to do it?" She asked.

"Too late now." I replied.

"Maybe next time."

She climbed off my prick and went into the bathroom. I heard her on the toilet. Then I heard the toilet flush and the running of the shower. I got off the bed and pulled the curtains. The room was flooded with bright sunlight. I blinked. The shower was switched off and Jenny came back into the room wrapped in a large towel. She looked great.

As I walked to her there was a knock on the door. I shrugged my shoulders and walked to the door. Opening it a fraction I looked into the corridor. Michelle was standing there, dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt. She was carrying what looked like a white sheet. I opened the door wide and she quickly slipped inside. Her and Jenny were exchanging smiles as I turned from closing the door as if they were sharing a secret.

"Better now?" Michelle asked Jenny. Why? Had she been ill?

"I'm feeling great now." Jenny replied.

"Lucky you."

"What?" I started to ask.

"Nothing for you to worry about." Michelle said quickly.

"Just girl talk." Jenny joined with.

I'd learnt before that I never really understood what girls talk about when they're together. I just knew it was usually filthy

"The Museum closes in thirty minutes and we must be there before then." Michelle said fishing inside her large shoulder bag and removing two; little finger length objects with about two inches of thin wire at one end and a small, toothpaste like tube. "Who's first?"

"What are you going to do?" Jenny asked, a little nervously.

"Just conceal these about your person. Don't worry. After a few minutes you'll hardly feel them."

"Feel them where?" I asked. Worriedly.

"They fit inside you."


"The same place in both of you."

We only had one opening in common, apart from our mouths.

"Bend over, we haven't much time."

I looked at Jenny. She looked at me. It wasn't going to be our mouths.

"It's for Linda." She said and, standing up faced the bed and dropping her towel bent over.

Michelle squeezed some of the contents of the tube onto the device.

"Will you hold her open for me?" She asked, indicating Jenny's upturned bottom with a nod of her head.

"Alright." I said.

She was right. We would have to hurry if we were going to get to the museum before it closed. I stepped forward and gently spread Jenny's ass cheeks. I could feel my prick growing as I looked down upon her tight, brow hole. Michelle squirted some of the contents of the tube onto Jenny's anus and, placing the tube on the bed by her side, worked it into her hole.

I heard Jenny gasp as Michelle's finger entered her. My prick grew fully hard. Did Jenny sound a little disappointed when Michelle removed her finger. My prick was straining the material of my trousers. I wanted to fuck her ass. Michelle placed the end of the device without the piece of wire against Jenny's anus and pushed it inside her. Jenny's body jerked, then relaxed. Her anus closed around the device leaving only the thin piece of wire showing which disappeared from view as I released her ass cheeks. She slowly stood upright and felt her ass.

" That feels. I don't know how to describe it." She said.

"Paul's turn." Michelle said, lubricating the second device. I turned and, dropping my trousers and underpants, fell forward onto the bed hoping to have kept my hard on from view.

"Paul." Jenny said, a hint of exasperation in her voice I can't have been quick enough.

"Lift you backside up." Michelle said moving behind me. "I've seen it before."

I'd forgotten that. So much seemed to have happened since the morning. I lifted my ass into the air. I felt Jenny's hands on my ass cheeks as she pulled them apart and clenched my anus tight in an attempt to prevent the wind I could feel suddenly build up inside me escape. I might have succeeded if Michelle hadn't pushed her lubricated finger inside me. I'll admit I felt better afterwards. Michelle removed her finger.

It had been over two years since I'd had anything up my ass hole. It occurred to me that that was something else I was missing. Then Michelle pushed the homer inside me and I thought that perhaps I could live without anything else up there.

I pulled up my underpants and trousers whilst Michelle went to the bathroom to wash her hands.

"You embarrassed me." Jenny hissed. "It was bad enough you got a hard on, but to fart like that over Michelle. No more peas for you."

"Peas are good for you." I protested. At least my prick had gone down.

"Not you."

I heard the toilet flush and Michelle rejoined us.

"Time to go."

I collected my parcels from the door and handed one to Michelle who, opening it, wrapped the sheet I'd brought around her, secured it with a pin at one shoulder and a gathered it in with a belt at the waist. Jenny was getting dressed in her own jeans and T-shirt and a similar sheet. They both tied scarves around their heads.

I followed them down the corridor to the lift carrying my remaining parcels. I couldn't see they're asses moving under these sheets as I could when they were in Western clothing. Actually, I wasn't sure that this wasn't sexier. Knowing what was there, but not being able to see it. There was something to be said for this covering up of every inch of a woman's body. Especially if you knew that what was hidden from the view of others would be made available to you, alone, when you wanted it.

We stepped out of the lift and into the Lobby at the Hotels reception. We handed in our keys. Told the receptionist that we would be dining out that evening and walked to the front of the building. The doorman hailed a Taxi for us and, after I had tipped him a small value note, we climbed in and told the driver to take us to the Museum.

The taxi pulled up at the base of the short flight of steps that led up to the museum entrance. The soft pink stone of the building was beginning to shine red in the late afternoon Sun. We went to the reception desk and purchased three tickets. The girl was just starting to close up for the night and old us that the museum would have to be cleared of visitors in thirty minutes.

We thanked her and hurried past the displays from the Tomb of Tutenkhamun and into the section dedicated to the items recovered from the old temple the previous summer.

Leaving Michelle with my parcels I walked with Jenny past the security guard at one end of the room, smiling at him as we did. Well, Jenny did.

She stopped and started to speak to him as I continued into the next gallery. On a wall just inside it was a panel with a push button keypad. Looking around to check I wasn't being observed I punched in the number given to Michelle by Jerez that would de-activate the alarm system then the numbers that would allow for the testing of the fire alarm and sprinkler system. I entered the code for corridors and stairwells. A digital clock appeared and I re-set the time of the next test to three minutes ahead. Test sprinklers? Why not? Time period for test. I set three minutes. OK? I pressed yes and walked back to where Jenny was standing, still talking to the guard. I looked towards the far end of the hall where Michelle stood looking into the cabinet that contained the necklace, swords and bracelets. She looked up and smiled at me then returned to examining the contents of the case. Jenny asked the guard some questions about a tapestry hanging on a nearby wall.

I looked at my watch. Surely the three minutes must be up. Another one to go. I started to pace up and down. I looked over to Michelle she was looking back pressing the air downward with the palm of a hand as if telling me to calm down. I stopped walking and fidgeted with the coins and keys in one of my pockets. Why hadn't I left the keys to my Morgan with Howie? I wondered what they were doing? I looked at my watch again. Ten seconds. I looked at Jenny then back to my watch. Five seconds. I looked up. The guard was watching me. I smiled at him. He smiled back. I placed my hands in my pockets. Jenny started to ask him another question when suddenly bells started ringing all around us. There was a loud hissing sound from the next room as the sprinklers started. The guard took a fire extinguisher from the wall and ran to the doorway and looked outside. He returned quickly.

"Everybody must leave by the far exit." He said, trying to usher us in that direction.

This was happening too quickly.

"But what if the fire is that end?" I asked, trying to sound panicky, which I was beginning to feel.

"A Fire." Jenny suddenly screamed.

Other visitors were starting to gather around. Good, they could hide Michelle.

Other voices were starting to be raised.

"Follow me everybody." The guard said heading towards the far end of the hall.

Jenny and I hurried to walk by his side on the far side to the cabinet where Michelle had been standing.

"I feel so hot." Jenny said as we passed it.

The guard looked across at her.

"You'll be alright." I used my most comforting voice.

He offered his arm.

"Let me help you." He said.

Jenny took his arm and leaned, no, stumbled against him trying to look pathetic and girlie.

I dropped back and hurried to where Michelle was standing.

"Quickly," she said stepping back out of site and handing me the brown paper my parcels had been wrapped in.

I helped her to wrap the two swords and bracelets, then, checking that the guard wasn't watching we stepped back into the open and hurried to join the others. I glanced into the display cabinet.

The copies of the swords and bracelets I'd bought in the market from a man at an address Jerez had given Michelle looked more authentic than the originals that I now carried in my hands.

Suddenly all was silent.

Jenny was still clinging to the guard like a limpet until I reached her then she released him and seemed to recover her composure immediately.

The guard requested we remain where we were and walked out to the top of the stairs. The guard from the gallery opposite joined him. We could hear voices from the floors below. Our guard called down. Somebody replied. The two guards listened then ours turned to us.

"I am sorry, Ladies and Gentlemen," His English was really very good, "it was only a false alarm but the museum will be closing a few minutes early tonight. Please make your way down the stairs carefully as the floors are wet."

We did.

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