tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14m

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14m


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14m: Back to Egypt Part 13

A Paul and Jenny story.

Copyright 2000 by Paul. All rights reserved. All events and characters are fictitious.


I held Jenny's hand as we stood there in the darkness. At first the silence was so complete it almost felt heavy. Then I heard a sound. A scratching sound. Then the tip, tip, tap sound of something running across stone flags. In the distance something hissed. Loudly.

I could just make out the steps leading down. Something moved in the shadows at the bottom. My eyes started to hurt from the strain of the pupils stretching to gather every available pinprick of light. There was a splash off to my left. My anus twitched. I was suddenly very conscious of the transmitter up my ass hole. Jenny moved. Taking the steps slowly she began to descend.

I followed, still holding her hand. It should be me leading, really. For the first time I noticed the smell. Reminiscent of open toilets in campsites I had visited when in the Boy Scouts. It increased as we descended. There was another splash, this time ahead. Somebody had used a toilet. And we were walking along the side of an open sewer. I wouldn't want to go in there. Jenny stopped for a second.

"Paul." She hissed, as if it were a struggle to say my name.

"What's wrong." I said, putting my arm around her waist and pulling her ass cheeks hard back against my crotch. She sighed and leaned her head back against my shoulder.

"No matter what happens I do love you." This was hardly the time or place for that. She seemed to be waiting for my reply.

"And I do too." I said, nuzzling her hair and breathing in her scent.

"Do what?" She asked dreamily.

"Love you." She gave a contented sigh.

I hoped Michelle had contacted Jerez and wasn't too far behind.

We walked on in silence, stepping over the occasional side channel, for what seemed like an age then I saw a small pin prick of yellow light in the distance. It grew as we approached. It was the light from a doorway at the top of a flight of steps cut steeply into the side of the tunnel. We stood at the bottom and looked up. The door stood open and a light shone but it didn't feel inviting. I released Jenny's had to enable her to climb, almost scramble, up the steps. I followed close behind. At the top of the stairs we stood in a short corridor with a door part way along on either side and a flight of steps leading upwards at the far end. I could hear a baby crying. Not in pain just an, I need some attention, cry. The door closed behind us as we moved slowly down the corridor. One door stood ajar and jenny step into the room behind it. The first thing that struck me was that the smell was worse in there then in the sewer below. That had been the smell of bodily functions. This was the smell of corruption.

The first thing I saw in the room was Linda standing naked, with the exception of one of the necklaces we had first seen in Cyprus eighteen months before, at the far end. She had a chain attached to a manacle around one ankle and secured through a ring in the wall. She looked frightened. I could see the lips of her fanny. I think I preferred her with pubic hairs. Slouched on a chair was a figure in black robes. By his side stood Ahmed. He was pointing an automatic pistol at me. It looked like a heavy 9mm Browning.

"Master." Ahmed said to the figure by his side. "They are here."

"Make ready." The figure roused itself to reply.

"Perform the ceremonies. Quickly."

His voice seemed to grow weaker with each word. What had Helga said? He had only days left. Perhaps his days were up. Perhaps if we could stall them?

"My High Priestess."

A hand, of bone and strips of flesh, protruded from the sleeve of his robe and pointed to Jenny. Come to me."

Jenny stepped forward. I tried to move to pull her back but found I couldn't. I watched helplessly as he removed his hood to reveal a head that was little more than a skull. I could hear the buzzing of flies. Jenny stopped and removed her clothes to stand naked before him then she leant forward and placed her lips against where his would have been and gave him a deep, lovers kiss. I could see huge flies swirling and buzzing above their heads. One of his hands clasped jenny's ass cheek; a finger ran along her crevice and prodded at her anus. Suddenly he appeared to push jenny away without moving his hands.

"What is it." He demanded. I was sure his voice was getting weaker. "Give it too me."

Jenny turned and leaned over the cloth-covered table pulling her ass cheeks apart. Hammed stepped forward and pulled the transmitter from her anus. I saw here stiffen slightly as it left her.

"You." Ahmed said waving the revolver at me. "Take your clothes off and come here."

Try as I might I just couldn't resist. I placed Michelle's shoulder bag on the table and started to remove my clothes. When I had finished I found myself bending over the table and offering my ass hole to them. I felt Ahmed pulling open my anus and yelped in pain as he pulled the transmitter from me. That hurt, that really hurt. Hammed dropped both transmitters to the ground and crushed them underfoot.

"Quickly." The figure gasped. Ahmed removed the two ancient swords we had taken from the museum from Michelle's bag and lay them on the table. Next came the necklace and amulets and bracelets. Without prompting Jenny put them on.

"Bring the girl." The figure spoke looking towards Linda. "Release me from this shell."

Placing his pistol in the waistband of his trousers Ahmed picked up a sword from the table and a key from a pocket and started to walk towards Linda. I could hear the baby crying again. Something inside me seemed to grow.

"Stop." I shouted.

"Stop." Ahmed spun to face me his sword pointing at me.

The figure rose to his feet. Linda was pulling at her chain. It came away from the wall and gathering it up she hit Ahmed on the back of the head with it. He staggered against the wall. The figure was coming towards me. Suddenly I felt tired but I could still hear the baby crying. I picked up the second sword and thrust it at the figure without thinking. I heard a crunching sound as it passed right through his body. Ahmed screamed in rage. He was reaching for his pistol as I pulled my sword free of the figure and pushed him into him. They both fell to the ground as Linda leapt past them and pulled Jenny by the hand into the corridor. I followed, pulling the door shut behind me and slamming home the bolts on the outside. I heard Ahmed swear in English and quickly moved away from the door as he fired into it. The baby was crying in the room opposite so I opened the door and picked her up. For once a baby was quiet in my arms. Back in the corridor Linda had pulled Jenny to the foot of the steps leading upwards by wrapping her chain around her waist.

"Quickly Paul." She called as a shot from Ahmed knocked one bolt from the door. I thought I could hear other shots coming from the sewers below.


I managed to free one hand and chopped into the neck of one of the three men holding me down. He grunted and his body seemed to stiffen. Another punch landed in my stomach driving the breath from my body. I had to fight. I could feel their hands on my clothes. Even inside the building the night air was cold against my naked flesh as they pulled and tore them from me. The man I had hit lifted himself and I saw his hand descend towards my face. I heard the slap before I felt the pain as he hit my head from side to side. My legs were being pulled apart. Hands were feeling my tits. I could feel a cock against my cunt. Opening me. Penetrating me. He was fucking me.

"No." I screamed.

There was a crash as the door to the street was burst open. There were bodies every where. I screamed as the cock was pulled from me. Somebody was helping me to sit up placing first a jacket then an arm around my shoulders. I burst into tears as Franklin pulled me to him.

"Are you alright?"

"He was fucking me." I blurted out.

It was shock. I had to pull myself together. Stop acting like a woman. But they were fucking me.

"Page one." I heard Ken saying and looked up at him. "You do not go out after dark without back up."

"How did you find me?" I sniffed.

"Jerez contacted me when he found he couldn't raise you by radio. He couldn't use his own men. Somebody high up in the Government is a member of this sect and pulled his men away."

"It's a good job I had Franklin plant our own bug on you earlier."

"When? How?"

Professional curiosity was taking over as I supposed Ken intended. Think about the job. Not yourself.

Franklin picked up my handbag and took out a lipstick. I always carried two at least and hadn't noticed that this, whilst similar to the ones I used, wasn't one of mine. I still had a lot to learn. Talking about the job.

"We must go and help Paul and Jenny."

"We can't." Ken shook his head. "It's one thing to help a national in distress. The government can forgive that. But to launch a full scale search through the sewers and drains of Cairo is another thing."

"Please." I pleaded. "We have to help them."

"I can't." Ken looked to the far side of the room where two of his men held the three men who had attacked me under armed guard.

"No. I can't."

"In fact I will have to go now. What shall we do with these?"

"Are they part of what's going on?" I asked.

"No." Ken replied, looking them up and down. "I think they were just three men who thought they had struck lucky finding a white girl in their doorway." He spoke in Arabic. The men seemed to cower and all started to plead at once.

"Too much paper work to press charges. Jerez can send somebody around tomorrow and explain the error of their ways to them."

The top button had gone from my jeans as had most of the buttons on my blouse. My bra was broken and I could not find my knickers. I was conscious that everybody in the room was watching as I dressed but after what had happened I didn't care. Doing up the one button I seemed to have left on my blouse I tied the bottom of it in a knot below my tits. That would have to do. Fuck the local customs. If I hadn't been for that bloody sheet, as Paul called it, hampering my movements I was sure I would have been able to protect myself better. I looked at the three men as I stepped out into the street. They all looked away.

"Are you going to be alright?" There was concern in Ken's voice.

"I'll be fine." I assured him.

My stomach was sore and my jaw ached where they had hit me. That would go in time. To be penetrated like that. Taken as if you were just a receptacle for them to use. I could have been anybody. Just a woman for them to use. I know I had done the course and attended the lectures but it still didn't prepare you for it when it happened. I wondered what they had done to Linda. I was more determined then ever to find them and help them. Ken and the other two were climbing into their car. Franklin remained by my side. He was adjusting some of the settings on my tracker.

"They are nearly out of range." He said.

"Aren't you going with Ken and the other's?" I asked.

"They seemed to have left me behind."

"Come on then." I replied leading the way to the house and taking my.38 Smith and Wesson revolver from my handbag. I followed Franklin to the end of a corridor with doors on either side. A door stood closed at the end. I tried the handle. It was locked. Reaching into a pocket of his jacket Franklin produced a set of lock picking tools and had the door opened inside a minute. Franklin produced a torch from a different pocket and shone it down the stair. It stank down there. I could see lots of pinpricks of light pointing back at us.

"Rats." Franklin said leading the way. I had heard there were Crocodiles down here as well. "They say there are Crocodiles down here." Franklin remarked over his shoulder.


We hurried on. I heard a splash. I could feel eyes following me. Another splash. Nearer this time. I released the safety on my revolver.

"Damm." Franklin stopped and swore. "The transmitters have stopped sending." He twiddled with the dials. The water, or whatever it was in the channel next to us, gurgled like somebody with a bad case of indigestion.

"What? Both of them?" Something was watching us.

"Both of them." Franklin confirmed.

"They are not just out of range?" I asked, moving closer to him.

"No." Franklin placed the receiver in his jacket pocket and took his revolver from his shoulder holster.

"We were closing in on it. They just stopped. It might mean they were found."

"It would have taken a thorough search to find them." I said, looking around nervously.

"Where were they hidden."

"Site 'A'."

"On both of them?" I could sense his raised eyebrows.

"Yes." There was that gurgling sound again. This time it was closer.

"There's something out there." I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

"Hmm." He said shining his torch onto the surface of the liquid. A circle of ripples was spreading from a point directly opposite.

"Shit." I said.

"Precisely." He agreed. Bang. Bang. We both turned and dropped into a crouch at the sound of shots being fired ahead. Two more shots. Muffled as if coming from above. We hurried towards the sound. Steep steps had been cut into the wall leading up. There was a slurping sound behind us as if something was dragging itself out of the ouse. We both turned and fired at the noise. There was a splashing sound then silence. Another gunshot sounded above our heads.


I followed Linda and Jenny up the stairs and into the house above. Linda had a much fuller ass than Jenny had. This probably wasn't the time to tell her that. I shivered as the cool night air hit my naked body as we ran out of the house and into another narrow street. I still felt tired. As if I were carrying a heavy load. I could do with a rest. My legs felt so heavy. Linda was having trouble with Jenny. She was pulling back against the chain.

"Let me go." She shouted. "He needs me."

"Please Jenny." Linda pleaded. "Come with us

"Come on, Jenny." I said, stopping by her side. "I need you as well."

She turned her head towards me. She seemed to be fighting with something deep inside her.

"Please Jenny." I said softly. "I need you."

"Do not move." I turned and looked over my shoulder.

Ahmed stood supporting the figure in robes ten feet from us. In one hand he held his sword in the other his pistol. It was pointing at us.

"You, Wagstaffe. Take the woman Linda now." The figure spoke.

Despite everything I could feel my prick growing. I heard a sound by my side. Linda had released Jenny from the chain and was lying on her back, as I watched she opened her legs and bent her knees. My prick was rock hard even before I looked down at her open fanny glistening with her lubricant. I bent my knees to place Cleo on the ground when she suddenly cried out and wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. I stood up. Still holding her. I looked into her eyes and kissed her forehead.

"Shush." I said, soothingly. "Shush. You'll be alright. Nobody is going to hurt you."

I turned to Ahmed and the figure. I could feel my prick shrinking.

"No." I found myself saying. "I won't do it."

"Kill the child." The figure said to Ahmed.

I automatically folded both of my arms around Cleo as Ahmed raised the pistol and pointed it at her. I saw his finger tighten on the trigger. Click. It had jammed. He pulled back the slide and ejected a round from the chamber. He raised the weapon again. Another click. He worked the slide again. This time no bullet was ejected. It was empty. He threw it to the ground and transferred his sword to his right hand.

"Give Cleo to me." I looked down into Jenny's face.

She was smiling at me. I handed Cleo to her and stood forward between them and Ahmed.

The figure had fallen to his knees as Ahmed raised his sword and came at me. I parried his first two thrusts as I had seen done in films. He stepped back.

"Quickly." The figure said weakly.

Ahmed attacked again. This time the force of his blows sent the sword spinning from my hand. There was a movement by my side. Linda was standing next to me swinging her chain as a weapon. Jenny was by my other side. Cleo was smiling and gurgling. The figure gave a strangled cry and collapsed forward onto its face. Ahmed looked back over his shoulder.

"No. No." He cried and raised his sword again.

Crack. Part of his left shoulder seemed to fly off. I felt his blood splattering my skin. He turned slowly away from us. I could see Michelle kneeling on one knee in the doorway of the house we had came from. She held a smoking revolver in front of her. Ahmed walked towards her.

"Stand still." She shouted at him.

He kept walking towards her sword in hand. She fired again. Ahmed staggered but kept walking. She fired again and again. I heard the click as the hammer fell onto an empty chamber.

"Help her Paul." Jenny urged by my side.

I picked up my sword and ran up to Ahmed and plunged it into his back. He stiffened. I heard Jenny say something in a language I didn't understand. Ahmed fell to his knees. I looked at Michelle. Her blouse was broken and her tits were hanging out. A man appeared in the doorway behind her and helped her to her feet. I turned and pulled Jenny, Linda and Cleo to me. Lights were coming on around us. People were coming out of their houses and into the street as we stood there naked.

"Merry Christmas, Paul." Jenny said, kissing me. I'd forgotten it was Christmas. "You won't mind if I don't wrap your present?"

"Why? What is it?"


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