tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14o

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14o


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14o: Back to Egypt Part 15

A Paul and Jenny story.

Copyright 2001 by Paul. All rights reserved.

All events and characters are fictitious.

* * * * *


"Yes." The Sergeant continued looking us up and down. "What will you give me so that I don't have you placed into a cell for pretending to be an Embassy official. My guards would enjoy you and so, I think, would the women prisoners."

"All we want to do is see Paul Wagstaffe." I almost screamed.

"We all want something."

"Perhaps you should." Linda said.

"What!" I exclaimed. "You can't be serious."

"Well, he is right." She continued. "We have done wrong. Perhaps if you take your dress off."

"What?" I couldn't believe what she was saying.

"Go on." She insisted. "Slowly."

The penny dropped. She had a plan. Well I certainly hoped she had. Reaching behind my back I pulled down the zip on my dress and slowly eased the strap off one shoulder. I held the material in front of my breast as I pulled my arm free then repeated the movement on the other side. Linda had moved to stand between the Sergeant and the counter. I let the dress slide slowly down until it just covered my nipples. Linda's hand was on the buttons of the Sergeants trousers, unfastening them, pulling free his erect prick then pushing them down to his ankles. She pulled back his foreskin. I could smell the deposits beneath. I didn't want that anywhere near me so Linda's plan had better be good.

I uncovered a nipple then my other one and slid the top of my dress down to my navel. I looked at the Sergeants face. There were beads of sweat on his brow and I could hear the changing in his breathing.

"Quickly." He panted.

I allowed my dress to fall to the floor and stood, naked, in front of him.

He gasped as Linda's hand moved faster.

"Turn around." He ordered.

I did so, glad to no longer have to look at him. I could hear him shuffling forward and jumped as he placed a rough hand on my stomach and his other between my shoulder blades to bend me forward.

I could feel the tip of his prick between the cheeks of my ass trying to force its way inside my anus. I clenched it as tightly closed as I could. His prick moved down. I could feel it against my fanny lips. He was pushing it into me.

"For fuck's sake, Linda." I shouted. "Do something."

Whack. Whack.

There was a thud as the Sergeant's body hit the ground.

I straightened and turned. Linda stood holding a long truncheon looking down on the Sergeants body. There was cum, oozing slowly from the hole at the end of his prick.

Linda picked up my dress and handed it to me.

"Quickly. Get dressed." She said.

I did so and followed her through the rear door behind the counter.

"What are we going to do?" I asked.

"Get Paul and get the fuck out of here."

"We can't do that."

"Do you want to wait for the Sergeant to come round?"

No. I didn't want to do that.

There were two doors in the corridor. One opened onto an office with a desk and telephone and the other into a much larger room with bunk beds. It must be the night shifts sleeping quarters. It smelt of stale sweat and piss.

At the end of the corridor a stair case lead up and down.

"Down." I replied to Linda's raised eyebrow. "They keep prisoners in dungeons."

Where was Paul? I wanted him so badly.

We went down on tiptoe. A corridor led to the main prison building inside the old walls. At intervals on both sides there were heavy wooden doors. The place was dimly lit but a number of naked electric light bulbs and thick glass skylights set into the roof. Part way along the corridor a man in a grubby uniform was standing in front of one of the doors and peering through a spy hole. He appeared to be rubbing his prick through his trousers.

We crept up to him as quietly as we could and Linda poked him hard in the back with her truncheon. He jump and it smelt like he farted.

"We are from the British Embassy." Linda said, not loud but firm. "The Sergeant has said that we can collect Paul Wagstaffe. Where is he."

"I need paperwork." The man stammered.

"You will have your paperwork." Linda insisted. "Now where is he or do I have to get the Sergeant. He will not be pleased."

His eyes flickered to the door he had been peering into. I stepped up to the spy hole and looked inside. A big man in a grubby guards uniform was kneeling behind somebody on a wooden cot fitted to one of the walls. As I looked he pushed his trousers down to his knees. He moved his hand to the front of his body and I could imagine him lining his prick up against somebody's hole. I couldn't make out if it was male or female but the skin was light. On the floor there was a blanket.

I think I'd already opened the door before fully realising that it was Paul who was about to be buggered hit me.

"Get off him." I screamed, throwing myself onto his back.

He fell forward, Paul yelled in pain. He grabbed me. Paul kicked him in the face. Linda hit him with her truncheon. Paul kicked him again and he rolled over and lay still.

Linda turned to the other guard, a wild look in her eyes.

"Undo those cuff links. Now." She snapped. "Quickly."

She waved the truncheon under the guard's nose. He bent over and removed a bunch of keys from the prostrate guard's belt and released Paul's hands.

Paul alternately rubbed his wrists, rubbed his ass and rubbed me.

"Give me those keys." Linda held out her hand to the guard. "When I tell the Sergeant what happened here he will not be pleased with you."

Reluctantly the guard handed them over. The other guard was starting to stir. Moaning and holding his hand to his head he started to sit up.

"Outside, quickly." Linda hissed at Paul and I.

She was so confident, so in command. I'd never known her like this. Paul picked up his blanket.

Outside, in the corridor she tried a key in the door's lock. The first one didn't work but the second did. We hurried along the corridor to the staircase and quickly climbed to the floor above.

"I can't go outside like this." Paul said as we all stopped and looked down on the body of the Sergeant. A thin trickle of blood ran down behind one of his ears and he was groaning.

"Get his uniform." Linda said walking to the front door and opening it a crack. "I am going to get a Taxi. The guard is talking to some people across the street. I'll be quick. There's one coming now. Hurry."

She stepped through the door, pulling it closed behind her. I helped Paul to strip the Sergeant and get dressed in his shirt and trousers. We left him in his underpants. I didn't want to touch them and I was sure Paul didn't want to wear them.

Paul tightened the belt around his waist and we moved to the door. I opened it a crack and looked out. Linda was talking to the guard through the rear window of the Taxi on the side furthest away from us. Paul swung the blanket around his shoulders to cover the Sergeants stripes on his arms and we both stepped out onto the street and into the taxi.

The guard looked as if he was about to say something.

"It's alright. The Sergeant knows. We are taking him to the British Embassy." Linda said, putting on her prettiest smile for the guard. "British Embassy please, Driver."

The driver engaged gear and pulled away.

"Where are we going?" Paul asked.

"I think Jerez's house." I suggested searching inside my handbag for the piece of paper with his address on. Finding it I handed it to the driver. "Here please."

The driver looked across at Paul then shrugged his shoulders.

It was only fifteen minutes drive to Jerez's place. The guard on duty recognised Linda and had no hesitation on summoning one of the servants to escort us inside. He did look twice at Paul's clothing.

Lee-Anne was overjoyed to see us and ordered coffee to be brought into the lounge. There was no sign of Jerez.

"No." Lee-Anne explained when we asked where he was. "He had a phone call only minutes before you arrived and said he had to go to the British Embassy. He didn't have time to tell me why. There can't be any problems now that they have released you."

We took turns explaining what had happened. When we had finished she took Paul into a bedroom to examine him. They were gone about twenty minutes and when they returned Paul was wearing a pair of Jerez's western trousers and an open-necked shirt. He looked as if he had just stepped from the shower.

"He'll be alright," she said, resuming her seat, " his back hole will be a little sore for a few days but I've applied some ointment and he tells me you always travel with a jar of Vaseline. Make sure he applies some three or four times a day. Especially before and after using the toilet. He should visit his own Doctor when you return to England."

Paul's face was bright red with embarrasment. I had to laugh which started Linda off then Lee-Anne joined in.

"I'm sorry, Paul." She said, reaching out and squeezing his hand. "It's the Doctor in me."

"It's alright." Paul huffed.

Linda and I were still chuckling to ourselves when the telephone in the corner rang. Lee-Anne stood up and walked across to answer it. I heard her say "Hallo Jerez," she explained we were with her then she listened intently for two or three minutes. Replacing the handset you resumed her seat.

"That was Jerez." She looked around at us. "He feels it would be wise if you leave Egypt on the next available plane to London. He thinks that it is tomorrow, he will find out and make arrangements. You are to stay here and he will visit your hotel and arrange for all of your belongings to be brought here. Yours and Ian's as well."

She looked at Linda when she said that.

"He thinks," she continued, "that you should remain here for a few days until Ian is discharged from Hospital and you can return to England yourselves."

"I will show you to our guest rooms then I must see to organising Dinner."

We followed her out to a covered walkway that rang down one side of the water feature in the main courtyard. She opened the first door she came too and showed us in. It was more comfortably appointed than some hotel rooms I'd been in. Twin beds, an old fashioned wardrobe dressing table and chair completed the fixtures in the main room. The floor was stone with a scattering of rugs. A door opened into a bathroom with toilet and shower cubical. Throwing open the windows onto the courtyard she turned a dial on the wall by the light switch and the large ceiling fan started to slowly rotate.

"This room for Paul and Jenny." Lee-Anne said and turning to Linda continued. " If you'll come with me I'll show you yours."

I had to follow to see if hers was any different while Paul sat then lay back on one of the beds.

Nothing matched exactly in Linda's room but everything was the same.

"Jerez says he will be back in about two hours." Lee-Anne said moving to the door. "We will each when he returns. You are welcome to come back to the main house or rest here."

"A little rest, I think," said Linda.

"I think you are wise. A little lie down will do you all good. I'll see you are called in good time for dinner."

She left me alone with Linda.

I was about to say goodbye to Linda when she closed the door with one hand and pulled me too he. I started to protest but she covered my lips with her own pushing her tongue between my lips. I shouldn't. I should go back to Paul. I could feel her nipples pressing hard into my breasts and I felt my own responding. Linda's hands were on the zip at the back of my dress. No. I pulled her hands away. I wanted Paul. She looked almost as disappointed as Paul did when he didn't get his own way. I wavered then, taking her hand led her to the nearest bed and undressed her. Twice I pushed her hands away as she tried to do the same to me but finally she was naked and lying down on the bed.

I knelt at the foot and opened and bent her legs. I kissed then sucked on the soft skin on the inside of her thighs. She lifted her hips and moved down the bed towards me. I could smell her before she reached me. The musty, fishy smell of an aroused woman. I kissed each side of her crack then sucked each lip in turn using mine to open her. I heard her sigh and her breathing deepen. I ran my tongue from anus to clit. She stiffened then her body jerked as if somebody had passed an electric current through it. A low moan came from her.

I licked again. First her anus, then the soft skin between her holes then between her lips to her clit. I sucked it out into the open and flicked it from side to side with the tip of my tongue. She gasped then groaned. She ran her fingers through my hair then pulled my mouth tight against her fanny. She stopped breathing then came with a huge sigh.

I moved my tongue from her clit, which I knew can be very sensitive at this time and sucked her lips open again. I pushed one finger then a second inside her, working them slowly in and out. Her hips lifted and she moved with me. I placed my tongue against her clit again.

"Oh. Yes. Yes."

I heard her shout. I hoped Paul hadn't.

She seemed to be having trouble catching her breath. She was breathing as if she was trying to catch her breath after running a marathon.


It was only one syllable but I'd never heard as much feeling in a single sound before. Again her body tensed then relaxed. I lifted my head from between her thighs and looked into her face. It was flushed and there were beads of sweat on her brow. She smiled, breathing deeply all the while.

I returned the smile and stood up.

"I must go." I said looking up and down the length of her body. My best friend and lover. No. Not my best friend. That was Paul.

I was going to him now.

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