tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16h

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16h


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16h: Spanish Honeymoon Part 8

I awoke with a hard on.

I turned over to face Jenny's side of the bed. It was empty. I listened to see if I could hear her in the bathroom but all was quiet. My prick was throbbing, demanding some attention, so I wrapped my fingers around it and stroked it twice. That felt good so I stroked it again.

It had been a strange sequence of events the previous evening. About the car. About Victoria standing by the edge of the piano as I played whilst Jenny and Izabella were deep in conversation.

I was sure I saw her rubbing her fanny against the piano's edge from the corner of my eye and one of her hands certainly disappeared from view at one stage when the man who had served us at dinner was in the room.

I thought of her bending over that table the previous morning. Of the man standing behind her and thrusting his prick in and out of her. I still didn't know for certain whether he had been in her ass or fanny. She would have some things to tell her priest at confession either way.

I wondered.

I looked at my watch. It read eight-twenty. I slipped out of bed and walked to the balcony windows. I opened the slats on the side window and looked down to the pool below. Izabella was standing by the side of the pool in her robe. I couldn't tell whether she had been in for her swim yet or not.

She was talking to somebody I couldn't see. Victoria walked into view carrying a small briefcase and dressed in as skirt and blouse as if she were going somewhere. A man followed her. Izabella took the briefcase from her sister and checked the contents. The man looked inside then looked in the direction of our villa. I automatically ducked then stood upright again. He couldn't see me.

Victoria kissed her sister and left. Walking down the steps to where the cars were parked. I hadn't noticed before but the man who had served us at dinner the previous evening was standing by the door to one of the cars. He held it open for Victoria and she climbed inside. Did he place his hand on her ass cheek? I watched as they drove away, then turned my eyes back to where Izabella stood. She was standing at the top of the steps watching her sister leave. The man was placing the briefcase on a poolside table and moving in behind her.

He was reaching around her. Pulling her back against himself. His hands were on her breasts then pulling at the front of her robe. She was fighting him. I could see her mouth opening and closing.

I moved quickly to the balcony door and fumbled with the lock then, throwing opens the doors, stepped out onto the balcony and moved quickly to the low wall.

I looked down onto the poolside, my mouth open wide to shout.

Izabella was on her back on one of the sun-loungers with her legs spread wide. She looked almost lifeless. The man was kneeling between her thighs fumbling with his trousers. He sank forward onto her.

I found my voice and shouted.

"Oi. You. Leave her alone."

The man was thrusting with his hips at Izabella. I could see her legs moving. She was pushing at him.

"Get off her. You bastard." I shouted a second time.

He stopped moving and looked in my direction. Then he was standing up and putting his prick away.

"Hey." I shouted.

He looked up at me a second time then he was waving and walking down the steps to one of the remaining cars.

Izabella was wrapping her robe about her body and looking in my direction then she was hurrying into the villa. A car, a red Fiat, was pulling out of the drive and turning down towards the village.

I could hear the telephone ringing.

I stood still. It was so quiet. Then the morning bus to Malaga passed the front of the villa. People were looking up at me.


I heard Jenny call from behind me.

"Get inside."

Oh fuck. I was naked.

I hurried back inside with one hand covering the crack between my ass cheeks.

I closed the door to the balcony behind me.

"What were you doing out there?" Jenny asked, looking me up and down.

"I must use the phone." I stammered.

"Izabella is on the phone and wants to talk to you. She said something about you are not to phone the police. What's going on?"

"I think I just saw her being raped." I answered opening a drawer and pulling out some underpants and socks.

My last pair of trousers followed and finally a shirt from the closet. Somehow it didn't seem right to talk to a Contessa, even on the phone, dressed in just a bathrobe.

Dressed, I ran down the stairs with Jenny close behind. The telephone receiver lay on its side on the small table in the entrance hall. I picked it up.

"Hallo?" I said. "Paul here."

Jenny was standing very close trying to get her ear against the earpiece. I lifted it away from my ear so that she could listen.

"You saw? This morning?" I could almost see the tears in her voice.

"I did." I confirmed. "We should call the police."

"No. No police." She sniffed. "Promise me. Promise me."

"Alright. I promise." I looked at Jenny. "We'll come down and see you."

"I would like that. Then I can explain."

"We'll come straight down." Jenny said into the mouthpiece.

"Who?" Izabella started to ask.

"Jenny." I hurriedly explained. "We will be there in a few minutes."

Carlos was standing by the entrance to the kitchen.

"Can we have the keys to the van?" I asked him, placing the receiver on its cradle. "We have to see the Contessa. Urgently."

Carlos fished the keys out of his pocket and handed them over. He waited, expectantly. What could I tell him?

Put it off. That would be best.

"I think there may have been a spot of trouble at the Contessa's villa. We are going to make sure she's all right. I'll tell you about it when we get back. It's probably nothing."

We were making our way through the door as I spoke. I looked at the back of Jenny's legs with their scratches and bruising then the marks on her arms and finally the redness of her shoulders.

"Are you all right?" I asked her as we reached the van door.


"It's just your arms and legs and shoulders."

"I'll be fine." She kissed me quickly on the lips. "It's nothing serious."

"Are you glad you came?" I said as I opened the door and watched her thighs as she climbed in. "I'm always glad I came."

My prick twitched inside my trousers as I closed her door and made my way to the driver's side. We should be back in plenty of time for siesta. I switched on the engine, selected first gear, let out the clutch and drove to the gates. The Merc was missing so Herto must have gone somewhere in it.

I drove out onto the road and down the hill to Izabella's villa. She was standing alone at the top of the steps by her swimming pool.

I parked the car and we hurried up to meet her. She had been crying and one side of her face was red and swollen as if somebody had punched her. I must have missed that part.

"Are you all right?" I asked as Jenny placed her arms about her.

It was a stupid question. Obviously she wasn't.

"I'll be all right." She sighed. "I am alone at present. Manuel and Pedro have business in Malaga and Juan is taking Victoria to Madrid, she will not be back until tomorrow evening with my husband. He stopped, when you shouted."

"Let's go inside." She continued.

I saw her shudder as she looked at the sun-lounger.

Jenny walked with her, her arm around her shoulders, speaking soft soothing words. I followed behind. I didn't know what to say or do. What do you say to a woman who had probably just been raped? Best I leave that sort of thing to Jenny. She'll know what to do.

I went to the long low sideboard made from some kind of aromatic wood that stood against one wall. I knew that was where they kept their drink. I poured her a stiff Brandy. That would do her good.

Izabella and Jenny were sitting at one end of a settee. I handed Izabella the glass of brandy and sat on the settee opposite.

"Thank you for not calling the police." Izabella began.

She took a sip of brandy and spluttered then took another sip.

"He was an old friend." She continued. "I knew him before I married. He came to see me, he wanted money or he would tell the newspapers about me and it would ruin my husbands career."

"Was he a good friend once?" Jenny asked gently.

"Very good."

Izabella drank some more brandy. She looked at us for a few seconds.

"We were very close. He was my lover. He wanted that as well."

"We should call the police." Jenny insisted.

"No." Izabella's voice was firm. "It would ruin my husbands career. He needn't know. Nobody need ever know. It's over now and he didn't really do anything. I want to forget it."

She drank some more brandy then handed me the glass for a re-fill.

"Join me. Please." She said as I walked to the sideboard.

"It's a little early." I began.

What the hell? It was only nine o'clock in the morning and here I was plying a Spanish Contessa with neat brandy. I poured a small one for myself. Jenny looked me as I came back.

"Would you like one?" I asked her.

"No, thank you." She said, tersely.

She could make three words last a long time.

I sipped at my brandy. It was very fruity. Not like the fiery spirit of France. Izabella insisted I get Jenny a glass. I did so and brought the bottle back with me. It was very nice brandy.

Izabella insisted Jenny try some. It took some persuading for her to have the first glass, less to have the second and she was holding it up herself for the third drink.

Izabella cried a little then told us that he wasn't much of a man. Not large in the man department like her husband. He may be in his fifties but he was still very much a man. Jenny confirmed that I was adequate in that department. She went on to mention Howie and how her friend had told her that he must have one of the biggest in the world. I didn't tell Izabella that Jenny knew first hand just how big it was from the time Howie had tried to get it up her ass when we were on our Caribbean cruise. They each had another glass of brandy. I decided that one of us should remain sober. But it was nice brandy. Carlos could walk down and pick up the van.

Manuel and Pedro returned. I offered them a brandy but they smiled and refused. Izabella was teaching Jenny an Old Spanish folk song, in Spanish. They needed some music. I sat at the piano with one of the girls sitting on the stool on either side of me. Izabella sang some words then Jenny tried them. I plonked at the keys. Then Jenny sang a song and it was my turn. I knew a fairly clean Rugby song. They both joined in the chorus.

I stretched and Jenny fell on the floor. I bent over to pick her up. The room started spinning when I straightened.

"Stay to lunch?" Izabella asked.

I looked at my watch. It was eleven-fifteen.

"We should go." Jenny replied, nodding her head for emphasis and sitting on my thigh. I nuzzled her hair and tried to get my fingers between the cheeks of her ass.

Izabella had stood up and was calling for Pedro. She ordered lunch for three when he appeared. I played one handed; still trying to get enough of the material of Jenny's skirt between her ass cheeks so that I could touch her anus. I think I did it.

We went into lunch with me between the two girls, my hands first on their hips then on Jenny's ass cheek and finally Izabella's.

I sat between them. We were having cold meats and cheeses with a tomato salad. We had a large glass of wine each. That was nice. It was cool.

There was a hand on my thigh. Funny, I could see both of Jenny's hands. I placed my own hand beneath the table onto the strange hand. I moved my fingers along the back of its forearm towards its elbow. There was a hand upon my wrist guiding my hand to a skirt-covered thigh. Izabella's placed both of her hands in full view on the table. I pulled at the hem of her skirt. She took a drink of wine. I wanted to see so I pretended to drop something and lowered my head beneath the tabletop. I pulled her skirt to the tops of her thighs. Her legs were very brown. A lot darker than Jenny's, I thought, best check.

Jenny was wearing one of her wraparound skirts with a bow on either hip. I pushed the top layer of shirt away from me and pulled the lower layer towards me. Her thighs were white when you compared them to Izabella's. And her knickers were white as well. I wondered what colour Izabella's were? I pulled some more at the hem of her dress. There was a mass of black hair and the smell of woman but no knickers.

"Have you found it?" Jenny asked.

"What?" I replied, sitting upright.

"What you went under the table for."

"What?" Under the table. Oh yes. "I found it."

I had a sip of wine and let my other hand fall back onto Izabella's thigh. She sighed and opened her legs. I felt the soft; warm skin on the inside of her thigh then moved my hand onto the mass of soft, curly hair on her pubic mound. Her legs opened wider. I felt for the slit of her pussy whilst eating one-handed with my fork. The twitching of her thighs and the moan from her lips told me I was there. It felt warm. I ran my finger along her lips. She lay her head against my shoulder. I pushed a finger inside her. She groaned loudly.

"Are you all right, Izabella?" Jenny asked.

I looked down at her knickers. Izabella was groaning something in reply as I worked my finger in and out of her.

I had better check everything was all right inside Jenny's knickers. I took a sip of wine and placed my hand upon her naked thigh.

"No." She hissed. "What about Izabella?"

I looked at Izabella. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. I spent a few seconds searching for her clit amongst her mass of pubic hair, gave it up and pushed my finger back inside her. I could smell woman.

"She's asleep." I told Jenny and pulled at the elastic of her knickers.

This was no good. I couldn't get my hand inside. Izabella sighed, closed her legs tightly and tightened her pussy around my finger. I don't think I could get it out if I wanted to.

"Take your knickers off." I whispered into Jenny's ear.


"Go on. Please." I urged. "Nobody will know."

Jenny looked about her again then lifted her ass from the seat and pulled down her knickers to her knees.

"I can't get them down any further." She mumbled.

I looked down at Izabella. She was asleep.

With difficulty I pulled my finger from her fanny and, clearing the place in front of her placed her head on the table. I squeezed under the table. Izabella's thighs were still slightly parted and I could see the slit of her fanny. There were little hairs on the outside of her lips.

Jenny snorted so I moved slightly so I could reach her knickers and pulled them to the floor. I lifted her feet through them and resumed my seat, placing the knickers in my pocket.

I looked down at the hairs that pointed the way to Jenny's slit. She wasn't overly hairy but there was enough to do the job. I placed my hand on her mound and squeezed it. She leaned her head against my shoulder.

"Can I ask you a question?" She slurred slightly.

"What is it?" I replied, running my finger along the lips of her fanny.

Her legs opened wider.

"Why did you marry me?"

I knew the answer to that one. It was in my wedding speech.

"Because I love you."

She opened her legs wider. I pushed my finger inside her. I scratched my nose. I could smell Izabella on my other hand. Strange. Nothing was happening to my cock. I placed my hand upon it through my trousers. Jenny's hand followed it. I placed my hand on the table to give her room. She squeezed it then tried to work the foreskin back and forth.


The sound of somebody clearing their throat caused me to look up.

Pedro was standing on the far side of the table.

"Anything else?" He asked in Spanish.

He didn't seem surprised at seeing Izabella slumped on the table. I pulled my finger from Jenny's fanny and tried to straighten myself up. Jenny suddenly noticed him for the first time and sat bolt upright removing her hand from my prick.

"Do we want anything else?" I asked her.

"Not here." She replied in a low, deep voice. My prick twitched.

"No thank you." I replied to Pedro in Spanish. "We will go home now."

I stood up and helped Jenny to stand. I shook Izabella on the shoulder but there was no response.

"She's tired." I pointed out to him.

"We will go home." I repeated.

I placed my arm around Jenny's waist and we walked unsteadily towards the front door. I could hear Pedro following us. I fumbled with the door handle and we were outside.

I mumbled something to Pedro as we left and walked out through the front gates. I didn't look back but I was sure he was watching us. We walked through the dust at the side of the road facing the on-coming traffic.

"I need a wee." Jenny suddenly announced.

"We'll be home in five minutes. Hang on."

"But I want a wee."

"You can't do it here. People can see." "I'll wee myself."

We had reached the bank we had scrambled up the night before. Fifty yards further on and it would drop to the level of our villa.

"Try and hold on." I urged.

Jenny sniffed.

We managed another twenty yards.

"I need to go." Jenny said, stopping suddenly. "I need to go now."

To our right the hillside sloped steeply down to the rear wall of Izabella's villa. I looked at the bank to our left. It was only three or four feet high.

"Come on then." I said directing her towards the slope.

She leant back against me as I tried to push her up the slope.

"Come on." I said, placing my hand upon her ass cheeks. "Help me."

She giggled.

I finally managed to get her to the top and followed her up. We moved a further ten yards from the road.

"If you think you're having me here." She said lifting her skirt and crouching.

I suddenly needed to piss myself. I turned away and took my prick out. Pulling back my foreskin to give my piss I released my flow of urine. I could hear Jenny hissing behind me then it stopped and her fingers closed around my prick.

"Wee." She cried out, describing a figure of eight in the air with my piss.

Almost immediately I was empty and just a few drops came from the end.

"Where is it?" She asked, shaking my prick up and down.

"I'm empty." I told her, pulling my foreskin back and forth to finish.

"Ha." She scoffed. "You're no fun."

"Oh." I said, stepping over the dark stain her piss had left on the floor and striding off towards the villa.

"Wait for me." She called.

Sod her. Talking to me like that.

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