tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16i

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16i


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16i: Spanish Honeymoon Part 9

I didn't feel very well. My mouth felt like the bottom of a Parrot's cage. My head ached. I opened my eyes. That hurt so I closed them again.

I could feel Jenny in the bed next to me. I turned over to face her. She groaned.

"Go away." She moaned as is if she were in pain. "Leave me alone."

I hadn't touched her. I rolled over onto my back. What had I done? We had been at Izabella's. Had I really fingered her or had I dreamt it? Then there had been Jenny.

I opened one eye and looked at my watch. Six-fifteen. Must still be the same day.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I cleaned my teeth after I had used the toilet. My mouth still felt awful.

I turned on the shower, waited for a few seconds then stood beneath the flow of water. I worked some shampoo into my hair, then my pubic hairs and finally between my ass cheeks. I closed my eyes and let the water rinse the suds from my hair and body.

I heard the toilet flush as I switched off the water and stepped from the shower. Jenny was standing there naked with her arms folded across her waist. She didn't look happy about something. She brushed past me and stepped into the shower cubical. I hoped she remembered it took a few seconds to warm the water.

Her shout told me she hadn't.

I took a towel and went back into the bedroom, drying myself as I did so. I picked up my trousers from the floor. They were dirty and dusty and had a small tear in one knee. It looked like jeans from tomorrow. I checked my wallet was in the rear hip pocket. One of the side pockets seemed full. I placed my hand inside it as Jenny came out of the bathroom. She was drying herself with a towel. I pulled my hand out. I was holding a pair of her knickers. I resisted the impulse to hold them to my nose and held them out to her instead.

She reached out for them and our fingers touched. I made a hook with my index finger and she did the same. We linked fingers and I pulled her towards me. She dropped her towel to the floor as I took her into my arms. I kissed her. My mouth open, her mouth open, our tongues touching. I felt her shoulder blades, her backbone and then her ass cheeks. My prick was growing between us and she ground her pubic bone against it. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and rubbed her anus with the tip of my finger.

She took a step backwards falling onto the bed and pulling me on top of her. Her legs parted and her knees bent and I could feel the tip of my prick against the opening of her fanny. I pushed and felt her lips give slightly. I pushed again. I was inside her. One more push and our pubic mounds touched. I looked down at her face; there was a tear on her cheek. I pulled almost out then pushed back in.

"What's wrong?" I asked,

She smiled up at me.

"Nothing." She replied. "Just happy."

I pushed first to one side and then the other. She squeezed my hips with her thighs.

"Are you sure?" I panted.

"Sure I'm happy?"

I pushed to the sides again. She closed her eyes and smiled.

"I'm sure." She continued, breathing heavily.

I quickened my strokes.

"Are you happy?" She gasped; her fingernails were applying pressure to my back.

I smiled broadly and moved to the short sharp strokes. Her fanny tightened around me, her sign that she was coming. Her moan, her groan and her little cry confirmed it. Two more strokes, one more and I was pumping my come inside her.

I pulled out of her and slipped to the floor at the end of the bed. I could see right up inside her for a few seconds as her lips closed around the mix of our juices.

"What are you doing?" She asked, looking at me over the mounds of her breasts and between the 'v' of her thighs.

"Just looking."

"What at?"


"You've seen it before."

I noticed she hadn't made and attempt to close her legs or cover herself up. I reached out my hand and ran a finger along her slit.

"That's nice." She murmured.

I rubbed the outside of each lip in turn. I could actually see her opening. Her inner lips were showing. A brighter pink then the outer ones. A little wrinkled around the edges. I took hold of one between my finger and thumb and gently pulled it to one side. It looked wet. I pulled the other lip in the same way. I placed my fingertip between the two lips and pushed it inside her. I heard her gasp.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Fine." She replied a little breathlessly.

"I'm glad?"

And I was. I sometimes thought that I got as much pleasure from Jenny's response to my touches than I did from actually shagging her.

I could see her clit. It was just poking out from its cover. There were some pubic hairs touching it so I pulled them away whilst still moving my finger in and out of her.

She lifted her hips from the bed so I pushed a second finger inside her. A little moan of pleasure came from her. I pulled its hood back and fully exposed her clit. She lifted her hips again. I placed the tip of my finger against her clit and rubbed back and forth across it. She gasped as if somebody was stealing her breath. I rubbed faster.

Her ass cheeks were completely off the bed and her hips described circles in the air. There were some strange noises coming from her. Noises that increased in volume until, with a half-strangled cry, she threw herself onto her side.

I managed to pull my fingers from her hole and my hand from between her tightly clenched thighs.

The sun was shining when I awoke next morning.

I reached under the bedclothes and stroked my already hard prick. That felt good. I looked across at Jenny. She was lying on her side facing me with her eyes open. I felt her hand moving beneath the bedclothes and released my prick before her hand reached it.

"Good morning." She said lifting my prick and stroking it. "Happy birthday."

I was twenty-two. She lifted her head and shoulders for me to place my arm around her. Her hand moved faster. I lifted my hips and pushed my prick towards her hoping she would take the hint.

"Oh." She tried to sound hurt. "You don't want this?"

"It's lovely." I hurried to re-assure her. "But."

She lifted her head and looked down at me.

"Well. Seeing as it's your birthday."

She moved down the bed then straddled my body, with her knees either side of my hips.

Holding my prick in one hand she guided the tip to the lips of her fanny which she held open with the fingers of her other hand. She smiled down at me then lowered herself onto my prick. Her face became serious for a moment as I entered her then her smile returned.

I reached up and held a breast in either hand as she started moving up and down. I squeezed them with my fingers and rubbed her nipples with my palms. Her nipples were standing erect and I wanted to suck on them but I also didn't want her to stop her movements up and down my prick. I moved my hands to her as cheeks, back to her breasts then back to her ass cheeks.

She laughed out loud as I tickled her anus. Then she drove her fanny hard down upon my prick as if wanting every inch. She was gasping and panting. So was I. My hips were bucking in time with her movements. I could feel her fanny tightening, squeezing me. I was coming as she cried out in her own orgasm.

We both stopped moving and looked at one another. Then she leaned forward with my prick still inside her and we kissed.

My prick didn't seem to want to go down so I lifted my hips, moving it in and out of her.

"More?" Jenny asked.


"Come on then."

I tried to keep my prick inside her as we changed position on the bed. She settled back as I started thrusting in and out of her. She lifted her heels from the bed and placed them on my ass cheeks as I quickened. She wrapped her arms around my back and lifted herself up, squashing her breasts against my chest. Her fanny was tightening and she was breathing heavily in my ear. I could feel her coming before I heard. I kept moving, not allowing her to come down. She was coming again. I kept moving. She came a third time before I started to pump my come inside her.

I pulled out and lay down on my back. Jenny lay her head on my shoulder.

We had spent the previous evening quietly in the sitting room with Carlos watching TV, some important political prisoner had escaped from goal. We had both refused his offers of wine and beer. I think that the way we had both been feeling we didn't want to ever see another alcoholic drink as long as we lived.

I could hear the telephone ringing. Then I could hear footsteps outside of our room.

"Master Paul." Carlos knocked then called.

"Yes, Carlos?" I replied.

"It is Mrs Wagstaffe."

"I'm Mrs Wagstaffe." Jenny murmured into my chest.

"From England." Carlos continued. "She wants to talk to you."

I climbed from the bed and quickly dressed. I couldn't find my bathrobe. Jenny did the same and followed me downstairs to the telephone.

"Hello mother." I said, picking up the receiver.

"Happy birthday, Paul." My Mother's voice sounded far away. "I just wanted to say happy birthday before you left."

"Left for where?" I asked. "We're not going anywhere. I think."

"I need some shopping from Malaga." Jenny whispered into my ear.

"I just wish I could be with you." My Mother was saying.

I knew she liked shopping but it was a little extreme of her to want to come shopping in Spain.

"Never mind." She continued. "I shall see you when you get back home. Be careful."

I placed my arm around Jenny's waist and squeezed her ass cheek.

Now, why should I be careful?

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