tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16j

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16j


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16j: Spanish Honeymoon Part 10

(Copyright 2002. All rights reserved).

I replaced the receiver and looked at Jenny.

"I wonder what she meant?" I asked.

"Who?" Jenny replied.

"My mother."

"What about?"

"Me being careful."

"Oh. You should always be that."

She'd moved closer and I could feel her fanny against the outside of my thigh.

I tried to push her jeans up between the cheeks of her ass but the material was stretched too tight across them.

"We have to go shopping." Jenny said kissing me on the cheek. "Go shave and get your wallet and we'll go. I have to speak to Carlos."

I watched her ass cheeks as she walked into the main room which lead to the kitchens where Carlos seemed to spend most of his day.

I went upstairs and visited the bathroom then collected my things, stowing them away in my pockets. Wallet, keys, small change and handkerchief. I noticed our passports were lying out on top of the dressing table. I opened the drawer to put them back together with my private pilot's licence. That was strange. I was sure I had left it there. Oh well. I could look for it later. I had promised to take Jenny onto Gibraltar and today could be the day so I placed the passports in one of the breast pockets of my safari shirt.

I went back down stairs. Jenny was standing by the front door with Herto.

"Herto is going to drive us." Jenny said as I joined her and she kissed me on the cheek and pressed herself against me as if she hadn't seen me in ages.

"I can drive." I protested.

I hadn't fucked Jenny in a car in months.

"I want Herto to drive." Jenny said firmly.

Oh well.

I followed them out to the car. I sat in the back next to Jenny and placed my arm around her. Herto pulled away turned right out of the gate.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked.

"Herto knows the way." She said, leaning her head against my shoulder.

"What time is it?"

I looked at my wristwatch.

"Half-past nine." I replied, moving my hand up under her arm and touching the side of her breast with my fingers.

"Oh good."

I could tell she was smiling even tough I could only see the top of her head. Herto turned onto the main road towards Gibraltar. I could see a jetliner landing at the airport ahead.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

I didn't really care. It was nice sitting here with my arm around Jenny and my hand on her breast.

Herto took the turning for the airport. I thought about asking where he was taking us again but didn't have the energy. It would suit me if her drove around like this until lunch.

Herto was driving past the main entrance to the airport. I tried to think what else was on this road. There were some villages famous for lace making and some vineyards in the hills ahead. If we were going wine sampling I was was glad Herto was driving after all.

He was slowing and taking the entrance to the private aerodrome we used when we flew out in my father's plane. It was a shame he wouldn't lend it to me to come out in.

Herto pulled up outside of the main hangers. I recognised Mr Thompson. He had been living Spain since after leaving the RAF in the fifties. He gave joy rides to tourists. He had always said that Spain would become the tourist centre of Europe. It looked as if he was going to be proved right.

He was standing in front of a red and white Cessna. It looked brand new.

We climbed out of the car and Jenny led the way to the plane.

"Hallo Paul." Mr Thompson said as we approached.

I made the introductions.

"Nice machine." I said, looking at the plane "Have you finally bought a new one?"

"Oh, it's not mine. I've just been flight testing her for the new owner."

"Lucky owner." I tried to keep a note of envy out of my voice.

It was a good-looking machine. The fuselage beneath the high wing on its fixed three wheel undercarriage.

"Try her out."

Mr Thompson was holding the door to the pilot's seat open.

"Are you sure the owner won't mind?" I asked, wanting to climb inside but still hesitating.

"Let's get in." Jenny urged from the far side of the machine.

I hadn't even noticed her walking round.

"Ok." I said climbing up into the seat.

Jenny beat me by getting her ass on the seat first. Mr Thompson climbed in past Jenny's seat and sat in the middle of the bench seat along the rear of the cabin.

"She's a grand machine."

For the first time I noticed a slight hint of a Scottish accent in his voice. He ran through the controls then told me the planes technical specs. He was acting like a salesman. He'd already won me over. I wasn't poor. I could afford to buy a plane. We could base it at Bristol airport. We could visit all of our relations in it.

Jenny was smiling at me.

I have never been as besotted with flying as my grandfather or father have. But I held a pilot's licence and it was a nice plane. I would look into getting one when we got home. Now all I had to do was convince Jenny it was a very good idea.

"Do you like it?" She asked when Mr Thompson had finished speaking.

"I do." I admitted.

"You had better have it then." She kissed me on the cheek. "Happy birthday."

I taxied out onto a secondary runway when the main airport traffic control gave me permission. The last two hours had been a blur. I had met the local agent for Cessna in the office and had signed for the machine. I had taken her up with Mr Thompson to familiarise myself with her. We had checked everything worked and made sure the tanks were full. Jenny had my pilot's licence with her so, after a quick lunch of coffee and sandwiches in the airport terminal, I had filed a flight-plan in the office and they had passed it through to air traffic control.

The controller was now telling me I could take off. I looked across at Jenny, squeezed her thigh for luck the placed my hand on the throttle control.

We were moving faster, faster still. I pulled back on the control column and we were up.

"Wow." Jenny said as I gained altitude and banked to the east away from the jet's flight-paths.

Malaga was approaching and I banked to the north slightly and pointed out our villa. I flew over it, gaining altitude all the time. I could see the old convent. There were two vehicles parked beside it and some people moving around. They were looking up at us and pointing. It looked like Izabella. I waggled my wings and they were behind us.

We were over h hill. I pointed out a narrow strip of land to Jenny.

"The Germans prepared that as a landing strip during the war." I told her. "They used it to try to smuggle out Roddrigo's father to take back to South America and re-install as President. They also wanted to use to as place to refuel some bombers for an attack on Gibraltar."

"Your family were involved?"

"Yes." I confirmed. "I don't know all the details. The Admiral in London could tell us. It was his ship that picked them up from the sea."

"It looks like you could still use it today." Jenny observed.

She was wearing her glasses. She didn't seem to mind wearing them when we were alone together. It was just with strangers she felt self-conscious about wearing them.

I flew low over the strip of land. It was dusty but I could see no rocks sticking up and there was a pile of freshly cleared shrubs. I flew on. We went out over the plain, which led to Madrid then, I banked right and headed towards the coast. Picking it up I banked again back towards Malaga. Twice I turned out to see to investigate a large vessel. One was a tanker the other a cruise liner. We flew over deserted bays and old castles.

I looked across at Jenny.

"Are we a mile up?" She suddenly asked.

"Two thousand feet." I replied.

"Close enough." She said, unbuckling her seat belt.

She leaned towards me.

"Can you make it fly itself?" He fingers on the fly zip of my jeans.

"I can't." I replied, lifting my ass cheeks.

She had unzipped my fly and undone the top button on my jeans. Her hard was worming its way inside the top of my underpants. I gasped out loud when they closed about my prick. I looked down at her hand as it stroked up and down.

"Should you be watching where we're going?" She asked, licking her lips.

I reached up and adjusted the trim so we were slightly nose up. I lowered my arm and placed it around Jenny's shoulders.

Her hand was moving faster.

"That's good." I told her.

She kissed me on the cheek then lowered her head.

Her lips closed about the head of my prick. It was good. I felt underneath her arm and closed my fingers around her breast. I could feel her nipple standing up hard and proud. I move my hand to her ass cheeks and squeezed them. I followed the waistband of her jeans around to the button and flicked it open. I pushed her zip down as far as I could from that angle then, pushed my hand down, inside the back of her knickers, searching for her anus with my fingertip. Her moan of pleasure told me she approved.

I approved of what she was doing. Her head was bobbing up and down in time with her fingers. I looked ahead. Then I looked down at my instruments then down again at the back of Jenny's head. I closed my eyes as a wave of pleasure swept over me.

I started to pant and lifted my hips to get more of my prick inside her mouth. She gagged as it touched the back of her throat and lifted her head. I lifted again and again, trying to fuck her mouth. Her lips were tight around my foreskin pulling back and forth over the head of my prick. I could feel my balls lifting; my prick was growing even larger. I rubbed her anus hard. I lifted my ass cheeks high above the chair as I came.

Two, three, four times my prick jerked inside her mouth. I could feel her swallowing. Her fingers stroking, slowly milking the last drops from me.

I pulled my fingers from between her ass cheeks as she lifted her head and sat back in her seat. I automatically lifted my finger to my nose and sniffed. It smelled great. I swapped hands on the control column.

Malaga was approaching so I called up air traffic control. We were given landing instructions and we touched down one and a half-hours after taking off. I taxied from the main runway back to the aero clubs hangers and offices.

"Do you like her?" Jenny asked as we walked back to the office hand in hand.

"I love her."

While I was completing the post flight paperwork and having the hours logged Jenny used the phone to ring the villa and by the time I had seen the plane taken into the main hanger and arranged for the mechanics to check her over and prepare her for the next day Herto had arrived with the car.

We stopped off in Malaga and visited the shops on the way back. I needed some trousers but not liking the way they are made in Spain only bought one pair. I bought Jenny a pair of white jeans, a pair of pale blue trousers, two skirts, some blouses, underwear and shoes. I had managed to slip away whilst Jenny was trying things on and bought a small jar of Vaseline. I was going to fuck her ass that night.

Herto drove our purchases back to the villa and I took Jenny to a cafe on the seafront opposite the gates to the old stone quay for something to eat. We had an outside table and we shared a bottle of wine. Well, Jenny had one glass and I finished it off.

I felt great. Full of fish and rice with a pleasant glow from the wine I took Jenny's hand and we strolled through the old town.

We entered the main square. My grandfather had told me that there had been bodies hanging from every lamppost when they had driven through it during the civil war.

I shook the image away. I didn't want images like that today.

There was an English style pub on the ground floor of one of the buildings on the right hand side of the square. The sun was just starting to go down. The main bar was about three parts full. Mostly ex-pats but with a number of prosperous looking Spanish men. We went up to the bar and I ordered a pint of English beer for myself and a glass of Coke for Jenny.

I placed my arm about Jenny's waist. I lifted my glass and took a sip. I felt great. I owned an aeroplane.


I could feel Jenny tense by my side.


"We have to go. Quickly."

I agreed. I was in the mood.

"Let's finish our drinks."

"No. Now. Straight away."

"What's wrong?" I hoped she was just in a hurry to get to bed.

"He's here."



Rogers. I had to think for a few seconds. Fuck. He was the last one of the family of three men in Yorkshire whom had made Jenny suck them all off on the time I had been attacked by the Black Panther. We all thought he had died. True, they had never found his body. I looked around the room. I wouldn't know him if I saw him. I'd only ever seen his back.

"Let's go." Jenny was pulling at my hand.

I allowed myself to be pulled towards the door.

"You're not going? Are you?"

Jenny stifled a scream.

We both stood still then turned to face the sound of his voice. I had never seen him before, well, not close up. But I did recognise him. He was the man who tried to rape Izabella the previous morning. There were two men standing behind him. They had all been drinking.

"These are the ones I told you about." He said over his shoulder to his companions.

He stepped closer.

"You killed my father and brother."

I took a step back to get away from the fumes from the beer on his breath.

"I didn't." I protested.

I had killed his brother, by accident and I didn't exactly kill his father, I just didn't rescue him from the burning farmhouse.

"It was an accident." I continued.

"And you." He said, addressing Jenny. "We have some unfinished business. You and me."

"No." I said, stepping between them and pulling Jenny behind my back. "You leave her alone."

"I don't think I could do that." He laughed. "Do you fancy a go at her?" He asked over his shoulder. "She's got a tight ass."

"Sure Ray." One of them replied. "But not here."

He reached out to grab my arm and I jerked away, bumping into a table. My fingers touched a glass and without thinking I picked it up and threw the contents into his face. He stumbled into his friends and Jenny and I ran through the door and out into the street.

We pelted along the cobbles, heading back towards the seafront. I could hear voices shouting behind us as we dodged through the late afternoon shoppers and people making their ways home from work. We turned down onto the street that led onto the old quay and past the café where we had had eaten earlier. Please be early, Herto.

We had arranged for him to pick us up. I glanced at my watch. Another thirty minutes to go. What the fuck were we going to do?

I looked at Jenny. She was red in the face and staring to gasp.

I glanced over my shoulder. I couldn't see him or his friends.

"Slow down." I panted. "I think we've lost them."

We slowed to a trot, and then a walk then stopped opposite the entrance to the café. The street was still busy with pedestrians and vehicles. I couldn't see them. I looked for a taxi but there wasn't one in sight. There was a bus stop just around the corner. I catch the bus when I was a child. There should be one in ten minutes. It would wind its way slowly through the villages and take nearly an hour to reach our villa but it was the best option.

"Into the café." I said, pulling Jenny by the hand. "Quickly."

We crossed the street and entered the café. Within two minutes I saw Rogers and his friends on the far side of the street where we had stopped between the bodies of the customers sitting in the window seat. Either they were very slow or they had been checking down some of the side streets. A waiter came to take our order. I asked for two coffees.

"What do we do?" Jenny asked, breathing heavily.

The people in the window seat were giving me funny looks.

"If we can get past them we can take the bus." I replied, giving her hand a squeeze.

"Can we find a policeman?" She asked.

I would if I could. Wait a minute there was a phone on the wall. I could ring.

"Telephone." I said, leading the way, in a crouch to the handset.

By now everybody was giving us funny looks.

"Watch what they do." I said to Jenny as I fed some coins into the machine.

I got through to the police and explained that we were in a café and feared for our lives from a man who was wanted for kidnap and murder in England.

The voice at the end of the phone pointed out that my Spanish was very good but that there was no extradition treaty with Britain. I insisted. He took some details and said he'd pass them on.

"I think they have gone." Jenny said standing very close to me.

The café doors opened. I turned my face to the wall and pulled Jenny close to my chest.

I could sense somebody was approaching. They wouldn't try anything here. It was a crowded café. But it hadn't stopped them in the bar.

"Hallo. Paul, Jenny."

I loved the sound of Izabella's voice. Never more so than then.

"Why are you hiding in a corner?" She asked. "Are you hiding from me?"

"No, not at all." Jenny hurriedly assured her. We both looked around nervously. "There are some people outside."

"There are a lot of people outside." Izabella pointed out.

"There is this man, from England." Jenny started to explain.

"You are safe now. Let me drive you home."

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