tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16k

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16k


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16k: Spanish Honeymoon Part 11

"Sit down and tell me what is wrong." Izabella said, indicating a table at which was standing a waiter with the coffee we had ordered.

We sat down and ordered a drink for Izabella. I looked out of the windows but could see no sign of Rogers and his friends.

I tried to think quickly. If we tell her everything she would know that we know that she had not been telling the truth about the attempted rape the previous day.

"We went to the English bar and got into an argument with some drunken tourists." I said before Jenny could speak.

"Yes." Jenny joined in. "And we think they were following us."

"That can happen." Isabella agreed. "Especially with the English. They are not used to drinking all day. You have laws."

"That's right." I agreed as the waiter brought her coffee.

"Jenny told me about your aeroplane." Izabella smiled at me over the rim of her coffee cup. "Perhaps you could take me up in it tomorrow?"

It sounded more a command than a request but I found myself agreeing to it.

"What time could you take me?"

"Any time after seven, I suppose. It has to be after dawn and they don't start until then."

"You could collect me at six-thirty?"

She was keen.

"I would have to phone them and see if there will be anybody there who can get my plane ready."

"You could do that?" She asked.

I glanced at Jenny. She looked worried. I was feeling a little that way myself. I drank my coffee.

"I'll ring them and check that there is somebody there first thing." I said, standing up and walking to the pay phone.

I watched Jenny and Izabella talking together as I dialled. Looking out through the windows I still couldn't see any sign of Rogers and company.

The aero club manager answered and I explained that I would like to fly at the earliest opportunity the next morning. He said he understood what with my having a new aeroplane and that it could be ready at seven-thirty. I told him I would only be joy riding, replaced the handset and returned to the table.

"That's done then." I told Izabella as I sat down. "We can take off at half-past seven."

Her eyebrows knitted together for a second as if she was calculating something then she stood up.

"It is time I left." She said looking at us. "Can I offer you a lift home?"

"Yes please." We said together.

Izabella dropped us at our villa and left after inviting us for drinks. She said she would be alone as her husband had to stay in Madrid because of the crisis caused by the escape of the political prisoner.

I hadn't paid much attention to that part of the news as we had sat on the sofa in the small, neat sitting room with Carlos the previous evening. To be honest as I was to be flying the following morning and had already had enough to drink for that day I didn't really want to go. I lost. Jenny accepted for us.

We went upstairs to shower and change and this time accepted Herto's offer of a lift when we came back down.

I was certain Rogers knew where we lived. I was convincing myself that he was the man who had tried to get into our room in the hotel in Taunton and at the villa. It was probably he in the car that tried to run us down.

I told this to Herto and Carlos out of Jenny's hearshot. Carlos looked worried. There was to be an important conference in the villa starting on the Wednesday. The date kept changing in response to the events in Madrid. Jenny had told me, as I had felt her breasts while she dried herself after our shower, that my parents had booked hotel rooms for us in Barcelona and Paris for our Journey home beginning on Sunday.

Suddenly I was looking forward to leaving. It wasn't a bad idea to take Izabella up in the morning. That would leave the afternoon for the plane to have it's final settling in checks by the aero club mechanic. Yes, I was looking forward to going home.

Herto told us there was very little that could be done about Rogers. He was not wanted in Spain and I didn't actually have any evidence. He seemed to know a lot about the subject. He interested me. He had too much about him to be settling for a job like the one he had here. Driver and general dogsbody. I didn't know what was going on but something was.

"Come on."

Jenny was calling me.

"Hang on a minute." I called back.

It was seven-thirty. I really didn't want to go out. I'd have to stay sober if I were flying in the morning. It was going to be a boring evening and then, we would probably only get a few hours sleep before we picked up Izabella.

"Are you alright?" Jenny asked standing in the doorway.

"I'm fine." I assured her.

I could hear the sound of Herto's car engine outside.

"Come on." I said passing Jenny and striding towards the car. "Don't hang about."

I broke into a run on hearing her footsteps behind me. I beat her to the door by a couple of paces.

"Bastard." She said under her breath as I held open the door for her.

I gave one of her ass cheeks a squeeze as she climbed in past me. I followed her in, sitting by her side and holding one of her hands.

"We don't have to stay very long." She said, leaning her head upon my shoulder. "There's something going on. We won't find out what it is by staying at home."

"I don't think I really want to know."

"You said that Rogers was visiting and almost raping Izabella yesterday."

I nodded and grunted.

"And he would have been outside when she arrived at the cafe?"

Again I grunted. I hadn't thought of that.

"She would have known he was there and yet she left her car to come in to us."

Jenny paused as Herto pulled into the drive of Izabella. I thought about what she had said. Izabella knew Rogers. I was certain of that. Had she come into the cafe by accident or had she come in looking for us? Had she met Rogers outside? But how had she known we would be there. We had only told Herto an hour before. Herto. He was holding open Jenny's door for her.

I opened my own door and climbed out.

What if Herto had told Izabella where I was expected to be? Herto hadn't been due to pick us up for another twenty minutes. But why tell Izabella? What had she to gain? We would be in her villa so she could keep an eye on us. She had arranged for me to take her up very first thing the following morning. Her insistence that it be very first thing was a bit strange in itself. I wished I knew what was going on.

Then there was Rogers. I suddenly felt very uneasy as I accepted the glass of fruit juice offered by Izabella and joined Jenny on one of the settees. It hadn't been a good ides to come. I wanted to leave. That minute. I looked around, suddenly feeling trapped. Somebody was watching me.

"Have you already eaten?" Izabella was asking.

Jenny was saying something in reply.

Rogers. Jenny had swallowed his come. And his fathers and brothers. The father had raped Louise, Howie's sister. He had cut her breasts with a knife. She had suffered burns to the side of her face when the bed she was tied to caught fire. I'd managed one dance with her at the reception after our wedding. She had looked; smelled and felt great.

Rogers. They had found the remains of four women beneath the flagstones in their cellar. There could have been any number more out on the moors.

I sipped my drink half listening to Jenny and Izabella.

Rogers knew Izabella. He could be in the villa at that very moment. I looked around. Half-expecting to see him.

Jenny and Izabella had moved and were sitting close together on the other settee. Izabella's hand was resting on Jenny's thigh. I expected Jenny to push it away but all she did was smile and open her legs. She was wearing white knickers. They were kissing. Izabella was rubbing the front of Jenny's knickers.

Izabella's hand was inside Jenny's blouse. It re-emerged, together with a breast. She lowered her lips to its nipple.

I thought of saying stop but couldn't raise the energy. I felt wide-awake and yet my body didn't want to move, couldn't move.

Izabella was moving, kneeling on the floor between Jenny's thighs. Lifting them so that her feet were flat on the settee. Jenny was staring at me, a look on her face as if she were trying to say something.

Izabella's hands and mouth were getting busy around Jenny's fanny. I heard Jenny gasp. Izabella's head and shoulders were moving faster. Jenny was gasping again. Throwing her head from side to side.

Jenny cried out and her thighs clamped tight about Izabella's head. I knew what it felt like to be between them at that time. They could hold you like a vice.

Jenny whimpered and her thighs relaxed.

Izabella lifted her head then resumed her seat next to Jenny.

"And what time did you say you would be leaving on Sunday morning?"

She was talking to me as if nothing had happened.

"We thought we would leave at ten." I replied. I could speak. "We were planning on stopping in Madrid for lunch and flying on to Barcelona in the afternoon."

"You will like Barcelona."

It seemed was more a command than anything else.

"You will want to go home now." Izabella continued. "You have to pick me up at six-thirty in the morning."

I was standing up and shaking Izabella's hand. She was kissing Jenny on the cheek. Herto was driving us home. Carlos was standing in the hallway. We were saying goodnight.

Jenny and I undressed in silence. I climbed into bed naked I placed my arm around Jenny's shoulders when she joined me.

"Jenny." I said after we had turned out the lights.

"Not now." She replied, laying her head upon my shoulder. "I need to think."

"Are you still awake?" She asked softly two minutes later.

"Yes." I whispered.

"I think we should make love."

"About Izabella?" I started to ask.

"Don't." She cut me short by lifting her head and kissing me and taking my balls in her hand. "Can we leave for home tomorrow?"

"What about Izabella?"

I ran my fingers down her spine; she wriggled her body against mine. I could feel her pubic hairs against the side of my thigh. Her fingers were holding my prick. Stroking my foreskin back and forth.

"I did promise." I continued helping her to lie on her back and moving between her thighs.

Her fingers were holding my foreskin back and her other hand pulling the lips of her fanny apart. I moved forward meeting some initial resistance from her fanny, pulled back and pushed into her again. Her back arched as I entered her. I pulled almost out then pushed fully in.

She moved her hands to my hips, pulling and pushing in time with my movements in and out. I quickened my pace. She felt so warm and tight. I quickened.

"Don't hold back." She gasped in my ear.

I quickened further by shortening my strokes. Her breath seemed to catch in the back of her throat. Her fanny was tightening around my prick.

I came. Shooting load after load inside her.

I stopped moving, staying inside her for a few seconds, then pulled my shrinking prick out of her hole and lay on my back.

"I know." I said as Jenny lay her head on my shoulder. "We can take Izabella up in the morning the fly up to Madrid in the afternoon."

"We had better pack then."

She had the bedside-light on and was out of bed before I could speak. She went to the door and switched on the main light. I watched her moving about, her small breasts and ass cheeks. Her nipples were still hard.

Taking our cases from the wardrobe she opened doors and drawers and quickly filled them. She wrapped our dirty clothes from that day inside one of my shirts, tied it up using the sleeves and put it in my suitcase.

"I saw that." I said, hands behind my head.

"Well." She stood at the foot of the bed looking down at the outline of my prick beneath the sheet. "If you had helped."

I threw back the sheet. My prick was growing by the second.

"Don't you think you should get some sleep?" She asked, straddling my hips and sinking down upon my prick.

"I hope you don't expect this all the time when we're married?" She continued.

"We are married."

"Silly me." She said, rising and falling on my prick. "I was forgetting."

"Then I will have to keep reminding you."

"Like this?" She smiled down at me.

"Amongst other things."

I felt her breasts. The nipples were hard against the palms of my hands.

"Other things?" She gasped as I lifted my hips in time with her movements.

"I know a few things." I assured her.

I didn't know everything. I wondered where the Vaseline was.

I was starting to pant. So was she. I moved my hands to her hips, then her ass cheeks and back to her hips. I could feel my balls tightening. I tried to hold her still but she was squirming about. Her fanny was gripping and releasing me.

She cried out something and fell forward as I started to come. I jerked three then four times inside her. She lifted her head as I stopped moving and smiled down at me.

"Empty now?"

I smiled back and closed my eyes.

There was a gentle knocking at the door of the bedroom. I opened my eyes and looked at my wristwatch. It was six o'clock already. Jenny's head was resting on my shoulder.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

I kissed her on the forehead.

"Should we keep our date with Izabella or make an early start to Madrid?" I asked, rubbing her back. "Carlos can get us a hotel room."

"It would be rude not to at least see her." Jenny replied rubbing her pubic hairs against my thigh.

"We'll tell her we're sorry but we are going now." I felt as if a load had been lifted from my shoulders. "Yes. That's what we'll do. She won't mind. We can always take her next time we're here."

"You don't want to take her."

Jenny's fingers closed around my balls.

"Not when you can take me."

I moved on top of Jenny and she held her lips open for my prick.

There was another knock on the door.

"It's alright," I called, "be out in five minutes."

"Make it six." Jenny whispered.

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