tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17c

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17c


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17c: The Batting Order Ch. 03

Part 3.


I watched as Jenny drove her VW Beetle down the hill towards the junction and the left turn that would take her into Bristol City centre. How they would manage with four of them together with Lynda and Ian's luggage I couldn't imagine. It could be fun though.

I stowed my cricket gear and our suitcases into my Morgan and looked up at the sky. A few clouds out to the west over Wales but then there always were. No. It looked like it was going to be a fine day.

I enjoyed playing cricket. I only managed to play on five or six occasions a year for Chipping Marsden and a similar number for my college. I suppose I could join a club in Bristol. No. That would be too much of a commitment. I enjoyed my weekends with Jenny too much. I was also certain of her reaction if I told her that I was playing every Saturday and Sunday during the summer, with a few weekend games thrown in. No. This was about right. To play for my village team when they were short. That was enough. Besides I had to find a proper job now that I was finished in University. It was all right for Jenny. She was staying on for an extra year followed by teacher training. I needed something to do. I had a position in a local firm of accountants if I wanted it. That would mean another three years of exams. Eventually I would be expected to move south into Somerset and join the family firm. In time I would be expected to become a partner in it.

I looked up again at the sky. I would rather be playing cricket.

I collected my jacket from the hall, switched on the hall lights and locked the door behind me. The neighbours knew we would be away until Monday. I backed the Morgan out onto the road and closed the gates. I drove up the hill in the opposite direction to the one Jenny went. Past the Iron Age earth works where I had saved Jenny from being raped one night. Driving up and over the downs above Bristol and onto the main road south past the airport.

I was feeling good. We were going to have a fun weekend.


I pulled up outside the main railway station in the centre of the city in the buses only zone. There was never anywhere to park legally in Bristol so I did what everybody else did.

I could see them standing in one of the entrance arches. Lynda was waving. Ian seemed to be arguing with a couple of men.

We both got out and hurried towards them.

"Come on, Ian." Lynda was saying. "We're going."

Shirley reached Lynda first and they hugged. I suddenly felt jealous but then it was my turn.

"How are you?" Lynda asked after she had pulled her sharp hard nipples from my breasts. "How's your arm?"

She kissed me on the cheeks. I could feel myself becoming moist.

I hadn't really seen her since our return from Egypt apart from my wedding and she hadn't really filled my thoughts but thirty seconds in her company and I was ready. Ready for her fingers to open the lips of my fanny and for her tongue to explore deep inside me. She was smiling into my eyes. She knew.

"It's much better." I replied breathlessly. "Thank you."

Shirley was helping Ian with their cases. There was three. How long were they staying?

"It's alright." Lynda answered my question as if she were reading my mind. I wondered what else she could read in it. "We are flying out to Egypt on Tuesday. I just wanted to see you before we left."

She had her arm around my waist so I placed mine around hers as we walked towards the car. I felt so wet. I hoped I didn't squelch as I moved.

Once at the car I opened the driver's door and popped the bonnet. They managed to get the two smaller cases in. We all stood looking at the car, the suitcase and each other.

"I know." Lynda said. "If Jenny and I sit in the back and Shirley drives then Ian could have the suitcase on his lap in the front. Jenny has the shortest legs so she could sit behind Ian if he had to push the seat back."

Shirley looked at us, shrugged her shoulders and said. "That's fine by me. If you don't mind my driving your car, Jenny?"

Lynda's hand had moved down behind my back onto one of my ass cheeks. I didn't mind at all.

"No." I said, opening the passenger's door and handing her the keys. "You've borrowed it before."

She had as well. When I had thought she had been going to stay at Paul's parents' house whilst visiting his friend Steve. But after what I had seen in the kitchen of the house just before my wedding I knew there had been another reason for her going. I just had to tell Lynda. I couldn't tell Paul that his father was having an affair with one of my best friends. But I could tell Lynda. She would be able to help me look out for any signs it was still going on. And if the two of us could get Shirley alone over a bottle of wine sometime over the weekend we could get all the details from her.

I looked down at Lynda's backside as she climbed into the rear seat. Her skirt hardly covered her knickers. I was glad. I climbed into the back beside her and she lay her short denim jacket over our knees.

Ian lowered the front seat into place and sat in it with the suitcase on his lap. Shirley took the driving seat. Slid it back and inch, which caused Lynda to open her legs and touch my knee with her own. We looked into each other's eyes as the car moved away.

Her hand moved under the coat and touched my leg. I stiffened for a second then relaxed as her fingers moved across the top of my thigh. My legs parted of their own accord as she massaged my inner thigh. Her fingers moved up my leg towards my burning furnace. I was going to scream out loud if she didn't touch it soon. I opened my legs wider and slid my backside forward on the seat, willing her to touch me. She lingered. I didn't want that and, placing my hand on top of hers moved it to rest against my fanny.

"Oh." I breathed out with a sigh as her fingers moved against my fanny lips.

"Are you alright?" Shirley asked.

"Fine." I replied, a little breathlessly.

Her fingers were moving from my fanny lips. Tracing the outline of the zip on my jeans. Oh why hadn't I worn a skirt? I flicked the button undone and pushed down the zipper. Her fingers were on the little tab and she completed its journey for me. Then her fingers moved to the waistband of my knickers, pulling it away from my body. I stifled as cry as a pubic hair or two went with it. I could smell myself. A heavy, heady smell.

Lynda was shifting in her seat. I slipped my hand under her jacket and felt her naked thigh. Her own finger was moving through my pubic hairs towards my throbbing clit.

"Were you arguing with those two men?" Shirley asked suddenly.

Lynda coughed, clearing her throat as my fingers touched the dampness of her knickers between her legs.

"They whistled at me." She replied, taking a deep breath as I poked and prodded at the lips of her fanny.

Then it was my turn to breathe deeply as her fingertip brushed the side of my clit. I found myself lifting my backside from the seat searching for her finger.

"She's not there to be whistled at." Ian stated with conviction. "I'd have sorted them."

Don't talk. I didn't want anyone to talk. I wanted to sit and wallow in the waves of pleasure that were breaking over me.

"Hmm." Lynda gave a low sigh.

I could feel her hand, next to my own, she was lifting her backside and pulling at her knickers. I helped her to pull them down to mid thigh. She was moving her legs. Reaching down then they were in her hand. The wonderful smell of aroused women increased. I heard Shirley sniffing the air.

Lynda smiled at me then stuffed her knickers out of sight behind her back. Her fingertip was moving again against my clit as I moved my own fingers onto the fanny. It felt as if it were on fire. I closed my eyes as I felt the pleasure building inside of me again. It felt so nice. I spread her fanny lips and worked first one then a second finger inside her.

"How long will you be staying in Egypt for this time?" Shirley asked.

I heard Ian sniff then grunt. He was resting his head on the door pillar. I think he was asleep.

"Just a year." Lynda replied. "Gathering information for our Thesis."

I slid my fingers in and out of her hole as she continued to gently rub my clit. I was going to come. I think she sensed it for she was rubbing faster.

"Oh." I couldn't stop the sound escaping.

"Are you all right?" Shirley asked.

"Yes." I managed to reply.

My thighs were trembling. Lynda's finger was still moving against my clit. I was going to come again.

"Ah." My thighs clamped tight shut.

I fought to control my breathing. I could see Shirley's eyes in the rear view mirror. I closed my own and turned my head to pretend to look out of the window.

My fingers were still inside Lynda's fanny. I pulled them out and searched for her clit in her thick mass of pubic hairs. She'd grown it again. I remembered shaving her with Paul's razor when we had gone on our Nile cruise. That had been two years ago. So much had happened since then. She had been raped before that cruise and again the previous Christmas time. I knew that the talks she had had with Michael de Vane after the first time had helped her recovery but I'm was certain that I could never had stood up to it like she had. And then to help save me by letting Paul shag her in a ceremony with Jerez El Mctomb. And midst all this she had become my lover.

Her fanny and thighs twitched as my fingers touched her clit cover. I pulled the lips of her fanny apart to expose it then rubbed it from side to side. I felt first her thick red hair and then her head against mine. She sighed and her hand went back inside my knickers I opened my thighs as wide as I could as she pushed one of her long fingers inside me. I rubbed the sides of her clit and then from top to bottom. I could hear her breathing changing. I felt her thighs contracting and relaxing lifting her backside from the seat. Shirley had switched the radio on and wound down her window slightly. Ian was making gentle snoring sounds and Lynda was coming. She gripped my wrist tightly for a second and then her whole body seemed to relax against me.

She pulled her finger from my hole as I took my hand from her knickers. We held hands beneath her jacket and I closed my eyes.

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