tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17l

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17l


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17l: The Batting Order Ch. 12


I climbed off Jenny's body and stood up outside the car looking around whilst pushing my shirt inside my trousers and doing up the buttons. A grunt came from inside the car and I looked down at Jenny as she struggled into her jeans and knickers. Her ass was raised from the seat as she pulled them up giving me full view of her pubic hairs and fanny lips for a short time. I could see some of my come leaking out of her. Sticking to the little hairs between her two holes.

She wasn't normally this brazen, dragging me off to her car in broad daylight. It must be because Lynda was here. She always seemed to bring her out, make her more confident. I hoped that was all she was bringing out of her. She had also brought out the lesbian in Jenny during our cruise on the Nile. Strange that I didn't feel threatened by it. It would kill me to know that she was going with another man but it didn't bother me that it was with a woman. And that wasn't just because it was Lynda. When we had been in Egypt at the beginning of the year and we had be joined in bed by Lynda and Michelle it had excited me to see them taking turns to go down on her. I had never asked her what she had thought about my buggering the pair of them while they did it. That was the last time I had fucked an ass, come to think of it.

My anus contracted. It had been the last time I had had a prick up my own ass. I could still remember the look on the face of the guard in that Cairo Prison when he had ordered me to strip in front of him. I had thought it had been so he could give me some prison clothing to wear but the penny had finally dropped when he had ordered me down on my hands and knees. He had done that before judging by the speed in which he had knocked the breath from my body with the end of his stick. I had doubled up and been forced into position whilst gasping for breath. I'd found enough to cry out as his pushed his prick inside me though. I'd never known such pain.

At least Tommy had lubricated my ass with Vaseline when he had raped me as had Steve when he had introduced me to anal sex shortly before.

"You in there somewhere?" Jenny asked, standing by my side.

I looked down at her face, flushed from our sex together. She had been letting her hair grow. I preferred it longer.

I placed my hand on the small of her back and kissed her on the lips.

"I was just thinking about something." I replied as our lips parted and she leaned her head on my chest.

"What about?"

"Nothing really."

"Come on." She insisted. "Tell me."

"Just thinking about Egypt."

"Oh." She looked up at me again a smile on the corners of her lips. "That. A once in a lifetime experience. I can't think what got over us. Well, we are married now and married people don't do things like that. Shall we skip the scrum in there and have a look around the stalls."

"Won't my mother need your help?" I asked, holding her hand and allowing her to guide me towards the marquee.

"There are plenty of people in there who can hand out sandwiches and make cups of tea."

I was a little dubious. I might be twenty-two and a married man but I still didn't like defying my parents in anyway. Well, not if they were likely to find out.

I looked back over my shoulder at the pavilion. I felt very guilty.

"Do you have any money?" Jenny suddenly asked.

I tapped my back pocket. I always carried it on the cricket pitch. Force of habit. Nobody was likely to go into the dressing room; I just didn't feel dressed without it.

"I have about fifteen pounds on me." I replied.

"Oh good." Her face was beaming. "There are some plants for sale. Damn."

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Left my bra in the car."

"Nobody will notice." I replied, not very gallantly.

But it was true. Her breasts weren't her most striking features. Too small.

"It just doesn't feel right. I'm sure everybody will stare."

I looked back towards the pavilion. My mother was standing in the doorway.

"Do you want to go back for it?" I asked her.

"Not likely." She replied pulling me through the entrance to the marquee.

Len was standing at one end of the bar talking to Stephanie and sharing her workers sandwiches with her. He took a sip from a pint glass of beer and spotted us. We waved and turned towards the far end of the marquee. The air was full of the scent of freshly dug soil and flowers.

We walked slowly along looking at the exhibits. Jenny stopped and carefully studied the entries to the various competitions from the local primary school children. There were paintings and saucers full of soil with arrangements of shells, sands, gravel's and flowers. I remembered doing one of those once myself. I hadn't won. Penny Wright had.

She was the first girl I'd ever put my finger inside. One day on the back seat of the coach on a day-trip from school. Steve had got her practically naked and had pulled her fanny lips open for me to see inside. Then he had fingered her. I had watched, fascinated. First at the way his finger appeared and disappeared then up at her face. She had had a far away look upon it. Then Steve had removed his finger, held it under first his nose, then mine. It had smelled sort of fishy. My prick had been throbbing I remembered that. Then he had moved aside and told me to take over. I had pushed my finger inside Penny as gently as I could in case I broke something. She had looked at me then closed her eyes and smiled. Then, as I moved it in and out faster and faster she grunted, placed her hand over her mouth and turned her head away. Her thighs had clamped tight around my hand and it was a few seconds before I could pull my finger out of her. I wonder what had become of her? I hadn't seen her in years. I remember that her parents had moved to London. She could be anywhere now.

I'd liked Penny. Steve had shagged her for the first time on the sofa in the living room in my grandparent's cottage one Sunday in late November. They were out for the afternoon and I had cycled up from Taunton to have lunch with Steve and his mother. After lunch, Steve and I had gone to my grandparent's house to take Millie for a walk. We had meet Penny and a couple of her friends outside the church. Her friends had giggled as Steve had asked her if she wanted to come with us.

I had been told to go into the kitchen with Millie. The serving hatch had been open a little and in the mirror above the fireplace I had watched as Steve had slowly undressed her. First her jumper, then her bra. Her breasts hadn't been very big. About Jenny's size but the brown bit around her nipples had been much darker. Her skirt was short and thick, her tights wollen. He had had some difficulty getting her to agree to his removing them but at last they had and she had sat there with her skirt around her waist. I already knew what her fanny looked liked but I still got a hard on as Steve had parted her thighs. He had pushed a finger inside her, then a second. I knew what she smelled like. I'd taken my own cock out before Steve has taken his.

They had disappeared from view as they had lain together on the sofa. I had inched one door of the serving hatch open wider to see where they were. Her thighs had been wide open and Steve had been kneeling between them. She had cried out as he had lunged forward. Not a scream exactly, but more than a whimper. It hadn't lasted for more than a minute. Steve had pulled out when he had came. I could just see his come landing on her belly. Then Steve had climbed from her. His cock had been red. He'd said something to her and left to go to the bathroom, holding his underpants and trousers up with one hand. Penny had just lain there, legs bent and thighs open. It had sounded like she was crying. Steve had entered the kitchen at that moment and I had leapt away from the hatch, stuffing my cock back inside my trousers and made a fuss of Millie.

"Just getting some ideas." She mumbled.

She was enjoying herself. Some children had written some stories about the Easter break as a handwriting exercise.

"I think that one should have won it." She said pointing to the entry that had been placed second.

I couldn't see much in it myself. I glanced at the names. That explained it. I didn't want to get into an explanation of village politics so I agreed with her.

"I think you are right."

"Shall we look at the stalls outside?" She suggested, taking my hand.

"Fine." I squeezed her hand and felt her return the pressure. "If you want to."

We walked back outside, blinking in the bright sunshine. "Where first?" She asked excitedly.

We stopped at the White Elephant stall and Jenny picked up and examined a few items then we moved on. We bought some raffle tickets from the WI at the next stall, played hoop-la at the next and watched Jerry firing on the rifle range. He won a soft toy, which he gave to Sally in return for a kiss.

"Will you buy me those?"

She was pointing at a pair of flowering plants in identical pots on the next stall.

"I can give you some money." I suggested. "Then you can buy what you like."

She gave an exasperated huff.

"I like you to buy me things."

I didn't see the difference myself but I reached into my back pocket and took out my wallet. I handed over a note to the lady behind the stall, pocketed my change and followed Jenny to the next stall along, carrying the plant pots.

"You have a go." Jenny urged at the coconut shy.

"I'm no good at things like that." I replied.

You could look very foolish, throwing balls at coconuts. Especially if you missed as I always did.

"Win me a coconut." Sally said to Jerry as they came up to our side.

"Ok." He said, handing over a coin and taking the three balls off the stall keeper.

"You have a go." Jenny whispered. "Go on."

"Isn't you friend having a go?" Sally asked.

"He's my husband," Jenny snapped," and yes, he is."

"Oh, it's you." Jerry said, as if he'd just seen us. "Lucky ball, that."

"It did what I wanted it to do."

It had done more than that. I don't know who had been the more surprised when it had turned back into his stumps that way.

He looked down at me then turned away. Jenny had taken three balls from the stall keeper. It looked as if there was going to be no escape. I placed the pots on the floor and took some coins from my pocket.

"Go on." Jenny squeezed my arm.

There was a light in her eyes. It was infectious. Right. She wanted a coconut.

I watched as Jerry's first ball slid past the side of a coconut, you couldn't have got a piece of paper between them.

"Your turn." Jenny urged, handing me a ball. "Knock one down, please." She whispered.

She was close enough for me to smell her deodorant.

I hefted the ball in my right hand. Left foot forward, take aim, throw. The ball struck the coconut next to the one I was aiming at and it fell to the ground.

"Oh, look." Jenny exclaimed, jumping up and down by my side.

The stall keeper handed over the coconut to Jenny.

"Do you want these?" She said, offering the two remaining balls to Sally. "We've already won one."

They both glowered at us and Jerry threw his second ball. It missed easily. He could be flustered. That might come in handy to know. Get him worked up and he might go to pieces.

"Come on." Sally urged. "You can do it."

"There are two more balls here if you want them." Jenny offered sweetly.

I could see Jerry was getting flustered. Should I rub it in?

"Perhaps your eye isn't in today?" I asked.

"You bowled him? Didn't you Paul?" Jenny asked.

"I believe I did."

I didn't like the way Jerry was looking at me as if deciding which part of my anatomy would look best with the imprint of a cricket ball on it.

"Let's get back and help out with the teas." I continued to Jenny, stooping and picking up the plant pots.

Without waiting to watch Jerry's third throw we turned away and headed back towards the pavilion. I heard it thud into the canvas screen at the rear of the shy but didn't hear anything fall to the ground like a coconut. Jenny was smiling.

"I thought it best to offer them your remaining balls." She said, placing her hand on my bicep and walking very close. "I knew you wouldn't hit another one."

The thought flashed across my mind that I should turn around, go back and win two more coconuts. But she was probably right. Best go help with the teas. I could see my mother standing in the doorway.

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