tagNovels and NovellasFragments Ch. 01

Fragments Ch. 01


Author's note: I want to begin by saying thank you all for reading my previous stories and voting. I hope you enjoyed them. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Again, thank you and have a wonderful new year!


I awaken to find myself naked and lying on the floor of an empty room. The walls, floor, and ceiling are painted solid white. There is no noticeable door. Nothing. I begin to wonder where I am but that is soon replaced by another growing question…Who am I?

I glance down at my body. My hands are rough so that could indicate that I am a worker of some sort. I have some muscles in my upper arm so that could back up my earlier thought or maybe I just exercise. I have a small belly poking out so maybe I don’t work out a lot. I don’t have a mirror so I reach up and run my hands through my short hair. Either I am going bald or I am conservative. However, as I look at my limp cock hanging down, I must not be that conservative because I do have hair over most of my body except for around my long member.


“Okay,” I think. “Naked in an empty room. Must have been one hell of a party.”

“Hello,” I cry out as I walk around the room. I knock on the walls trying to find something that resemble a door. I can not find anything so I sit down on the cold floor. Questions occupy my mind but they quickly dissipate as I hear the sound of a sliding door opening.

I look behind me and stare as a tall brunette enters the room. Her hair is short and she has gorgeous blue eyes. I check out her outfit as she approaches me. There is nothing on what little clothing she wears to indicate who or what she is. She is wearing a bright purple tank top that ends right above her belly button. Her bralees nipples are poking out through the thin material and I guess she must be at least a c-cup. I obviously know a little bit about women, I think as she gets closer.

I stay sitting on the floor as she circles me.

“Do I know you,” I ask but she says nothing.

“Do you know who I am?”

She doesn’t respond.

I watch as she continues to walk around me. She has a very small ass and her denim shorts are so tight and short that I can see her pussy lips trying to come out. I feel a stir in my dick as I continue to stare and I look away. However, it is too late.

Even limp it looked big but as my cock begins to grow hard I realize how well endowed I am. When it is fully erect it must stand out at least ten inches.

The woman stops and looks down at it.

“So it’s true,” she mutters and smiles.

“What’s true,” I ask but she doesn’t respond. Instead, she gets on her knees and brings her mouth down over my cock.

I don’t protest as she takes it into her mouth. She takes her time as her head bobs up and down and I moan. She takes a hand and begins to massage my balls as she sucks. She then pulls my hard cock out and begins to lick it. I want in her mouth again so I reach over to her head and push down.

She doesn’t resist and begins to suck my cock once more. I can tell she is getting aroused too as I watch her nipples harden beneath her tank top.

“Let me help you with this,” I whisper as I rub her shirt.

She raises her head and arms. I pull her shirt over her tits and they bounce out. Soon her shirt is on the sterile floor and I am looking at a pair of small but firm breasts. She reaches up to and squeezes them. She smiles.

“Do you like this,” she asks the question as she takes her nipples in her fingers and pinches them.

I nod and she pushes them forward to me.

I take one in my mouth and begin to suck it. She begins to moan and gets closer to me. Soon my hands are running up and down her naked back and I am feverishly licking and biting her hard nipple. Being done with one, I turn my attention to the other.

She reaches down to her zipper but I grab her hand.

She looks startled.

“It’s okay, babe,” I reassure her as I pull away from the firm tit and move my hand to her shorts.

I pull the zipper down and her shorts are immediately on the floor.

She too likes to shave and I stare at her glistening mound. She lies back and pulls me to her. I find myself above her, looking into her blue eyes. She grins and reaches down to my hard dick.

She quickly pulls it forward to the entrance of her wet hole and we both scream as I enter her.

My cock slides between her wet lips and she digs her nails into my back to pull me to her so that every inch will be in her.

“Yes,” she moans.

“Fuck me!”

I obey her order and begin to fuck her very quickly. My balls slap against her ass as I pound into her and she writhes below me like an untamed beast. She grabs her tits and begins to squeeze them.

“Yes,” her voice quivers as my cock repeatedly plunges in and out of her. I bend down and begin to lick the sweat off her neck and work my tongue upwards until I am biting her ear lobe as I continue to pound into her..

She moans and pulls away from me. I wonder if I did something wrong but she pushes me down and straddles my face.

“Lick my hot cunt,” she orders and she brings it down to my waiting lips. The minute I lick her cunt she jumps. She begins to moan once more as I lick her swollen pussy. She screams when I find her clit and begin to nibble on it. She continues to moan and play with her tits until I stick a finger in her asshole and she cums on my face.

She doesn’t stop as she orgasms and bends down over my cock . She plunges down and rides it. She then bends down to my face and passionately licks her juices off.

“Yes,” I growl.

“Ride my cock! Ride my long. hard, thick. Cock!”

After a few minutes I feel the pressure begin and then I cum. She howls when I erupt inside of her and clenches my cock between her hot pussy walls. I guess that I must not have had sex in quite awhile because it feels like I cannot stop cumming as my sperm fills her up.

As I orgasm, images begin to run through my head. I quickly see another woman. She is younger and she too rides up and down my cock as she plays with her big tits. She brings her nipples to her mouth and begins to lick one and then the other. That woman is replaced by two more. Twins. I can tell that I am fucking one from behind while she eats her sister. That image is quickly replaced with one that has me tied up and blindfolded. I can feel the sensation of something being rammed into my ass.

The images begin to fade as my orgasm ends. I open my eyes to the gorgeous woman above me.

After a few minutes she rises off me and stumbles to her clothes.

I try to stand but she looks at me and shakes her head. I watch as the tank top covers those nice tits. She slips her shorts on and soon she is dressed. She turns away and wiggles her ass at me.

‘Wait,” I say as she begins to leave but she does not answer. The wall slides open and I jump to my feet. As she exits I rush to the door but it closes too quickly and I run into a hard wall. I try to find the opening but it must be activated on the outside. How did she open it? Was someone watching us? I drop my head and look on the floor at the base of the wall.

I am no longer alone. A small scrap of paper lies there. I pick it up and open it. Only one word is written…Soon.

I fold the scrap back up and walk back to the middle of my prison, sit down, and proceed to try and focus on the scattered fragments that have been given to me.

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