tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18a

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18a


Rubies are Red.

A Paul and Jenny story.

Copyright 2002 by Paul C. All rights reserved.

As in all my stories all events and characters are fictitious.

December 1973.

Part 1.


I awoke with a hard on and rolled over behind Jenny who lay on her side facing away from me. I felt good. I pushed at the crack between her ass cheeks with the end of my prick and felt it push the material of her nightdress between them. She wriggled then settled.

I did feel good. I was working for an Accountancy firm in Bristol while I finished taking the exams I needed to qualify as an Accountant. Jenny had finished her master's degree and was at teacher training college. Shirley was away for the weekend staying with her parents. Everything was all right in the world. Well, my world anyway.

Now what I needed to set myself up for the weekend was lying in front of me.

I pulled my prick away from her ass cheeks and slowly pulled up her nightdress. She moaned slightly as I pulled it free from between her ass cheeks. I waited for a few seconds for her to settle then moved back to my original position.

It was warm beneath the bedclothes. It was cold and wet outside. I could hear the rain beating against the windowpane.

I placed my hand on her ass cheek and lifted it slightly. My prick touched her anus and she stiffened slightly.

"No." She mumbled. "Not there."

I guided it away from her anus and felt it touch the soft, furry skin between her two openings.

"That's nice." She said.

She lifted her leg as I moved forward and I felt my prick slid along the lips of her fanny. I pulled back and pushed again.


Her fingers were feeling between her legs for the tip of my prick. She was holding herself open for me. I pulled back then pushed again. Something wet and warm was gripping the tip of my prick. I pushed again. She gasped out loud once and I was inside her.

"Don't rush." She said, hardly above a whisper.

She lowered her leg as I started moving in and out of her, reaching behind herself for my hand and pulling it up to her breasts. I felt them through her nightdress then inside the front of it. Her nipples were hardening. I moved faster.

She sighed gently. It was so warm inside her. I could feel my balls lifting. I moved in and out faster. Faster still. I was coming.

I shot inside her again and again.

She sighed contentedly.

I stopped moving, leaving my prick where it was. It would be safe there.

I gently squeezed her breasts. Moving my hand from one to the other.

"Have you noticed something?" She suddenly asked.

"What?" I replied.

"The bed doesn't squeak when Shirley isn't here."

I hadn't noticed. I knew it did squeak when she was here and that no amount of oiling seemed to be able to stop it.

My prick was regaining its hardness. I moved it in and out.

"I hadn't noticed." I said, increasing my tempo. "I'll listen out for it this time."

"Yes." She gasped. "You do that."

She sounded a little breathless. I slowed down.

"Are you okay?" I asked into her hair.

"Yes." She panted back.

Perhaps she was going to come. She didn't always in the mornings.

She lifted her leg and began turning onto her back. I helped her to settle then moved down the bed until I was lying at right angles to her. Her knees were bent. She was resting one foot on my ribs and one on my thigh. I thrust in and out of her. Penetrating more deeply than before. She was tightening her fanny lips about my prick. It felt so good.

I felt between her legs and squeezed her fanny lips around the shaft of my prick. Then I found her little pea of a clitoris and rubbed it.

Her fanny seemed to grip me like a hand. Her whole body tensed then relaxed. I kept still for a few seconds then started thrusting in and out of her again. I rubbed her clit as I did so. I knew she was capable of coming five or six times in a row if I took my time. I was glad this was our second fuck. My staying power had never been good on my first.

She was holding my wrist. To take it away or quicken its movements. I didn't know which. She was coming again. She was looking at me, a broad smile on her face. Her eyes closed and she was there again. She was so wet I slipped out. Her fingers were on my prick guiding it back inside her fanny before I could move my own fingers from her clit.

She was breathing heavily. Squeezing and releasing my prick with her fanny. I was nearly there. I pushed it inside her as far as I could and came. She was there again. Her fanny contracted and relaxed around my prick as I came.

I stopped moving, breathing deeply. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

"What shall we do today?" She asked as my shrinking prick slipped from her hole and I moved up to lie by her side.

"We could stay here." I suggested. "Or go see your parents."

"We could." She agreed. I wasn't sure to which suggestion.

"We could have some beer in the pub then bring some fish and chips home and watch the sport on the TV."

I was warming to the idea of staying at home this weekend. I moved the front of her nightdress to one side and looked down at the breast I'd exposed. They weren't the biggest I had been fortunate to get my hands on. The nipple was smaller than my little finger even when erect. It wasn't quite erect now. I lowered my mouth to it and sucked it between my lips.

"Hmm," she sighed, "that's nice."

I lifted my head and looked into her eyes. They were smiling. I pulled at the bottom of her nightdress and she sat up to help me take it off.

"Don't throw it on the floor." She said, taking it from my hand before I could.

She folded it neatly, lifted her top pillow and placed it beneath it.

"That's better." She said laying her head back.

I looked down at her body. Small, firm breasts with their hardening nipples. Slightly rounded stomach. Pubic mound with it's thin covering of hair. Her thin thighs that I could enclose in my hands.

I placed my hand upon her stomach. She shivered. Or was it trembled?

"Are you cold?" I asked.

"A little." She replied.

I looked at the alarm clock on her bedside table. It was nine-twenty. The central heating was only on in the mornings from six to eight as we were both out all day and came back on at three-thirty in the afternoon to warm the house for our return.

Decisions. Cover us both with the bedclothes or go down to the kitchen and switch the central heating back on? The rain was rattling against the windowpane. We would need the central heating on if we were going to stay at home.

"I'll go and switch the central heating back on." I said, turning away from her and standing up.

She looked disappointed.

"I'll only be a minute." I assured her.

Her face was glum. Then it brightened.

"Put the kettle on and make some toast." She smiled at me and stood up on her side of the bed. "I need to go."

I followed her from the bedroom watching her ass cheeks moving from side to side and up and down. She stopped at the bathroom door and looked over her shoulder at me.

"You go downstairs."

What could she mean? Did she think I was going to follow her into the bathroom and watch her on the toilet? My prick twitched. Perhaps not, first thing in the morning.

I smiled at her and headed down the stairs. Our morning paper had been delivered, as had our mail. I smiled when I remembered the first letter we had received when we had first moved into the house. Jenny had been so excited. Our first letter. From the College, if I remembered right.

I hurried into the kitchen. She was right, it was getting cold. Turning the dial by the back door that controlled the central heating system to on I took the kettle, filled it and plugged it in to boil.

I flicked through our mail. One was from America. It looked like Michael de Vanes writing. We received one from him most months. They were usually full with details of Cleo's progress. Cleo. I had only seen her the once. She didn't really look like me. Nobody should know she was mine. Not even her mother, as she had had twins. Certainly they were not identical. It had been fun making her. That was over three years ago now. Too much wine and Brandy. I hadn't meant to have her. But these things happen at sea. Or on a cruise boat on the Nile anyway.

There were some of my clothes in the tumble dryer in the utility room next to the outside toilet. The toilet seemed a good idea as well. Nobody would see me.

I opened the back door and stepped, naked, outside. It was cold. The door closed behind me. I heard the Yale lock click. Oh fuck. I turned the handle on the utility door. It was locked. Oh double fuck. I remembered telling Jenny to make sure we lock it every night as Mrs Smart, the neighbour two doors up had come around one evening earlier in the week to tell us that strangers had been seen looking at the houses in our row. She was sure they must be burglars.

The toilet door was locked as well. The rain was beating down on the sloping roof that joined the outbuildings to the main house. I looked up. The light was on in the bathroom. I could hear water running. She was going to have a bath.

What should I do? If I yelled it might attract the neighbours.

A gust of wind carried enough rain onto my body to make up my mind. I yelled.


I rattled the handle and thumped on the door.


No response.

More wind and rain struck my body. I looked down at my prick. It was trying to shrink back into my body to where my balls had already disappeared.


It was no good. I'd have to go around to the front. I picked up the metal lid to our dustbin. What would be best? To use it to cover my head or to cover my prick?

Another gust of wind. I sneezed.

The kitchen windows were steaming up. Damn that kettle. We must get one with an automatic cut out.

I hurried to the edge of the house on the side away from our neighbours using the dustbin lid to cover my head. I could hear the rain pattering inside it.

I stepped onto the gravel path at the side of the garage. That hurt the soles of my feet. My Morgan was safely inside the garage and Jenny's VW Beetle was parked with its nose inches from the door. I made my way around to the rear of the car and towards the front door. A car drove passed and the driver hooted its horn.

At least there was a little bit of shelter under the front door porch. I held the dust bin lid to cover my ass cheeks as I pressed the doorbell.

I pressed it again. Then again, keeping my finger on it. I could hear it ringing inside.

Jenny's voice called from upstairs.

"Aren't you going to answer that?"

I pushed open the letter flap and called back.

"Jenny. It's me."

"I know it is." She replied. "Now see to the door. I'm having a bath."

"Jenny." I almost screamed.

Another passing car driver hooted its horn.

I looked over my shoulder. A double-deck green bus was driving slowly past.


"What's wrong with you?"

"I'm locked out."

"No. How?"

"It doesn't matter. Let me in."

"I'll be down in a minute."

"I don't have any clothes on."

"Hello Paul." A voice behind me called.

Harry, a local farmer, was slowing down on his tractor.

"Hello Harry." I replied turning to face him covering myself with the dustbin lid.

"Bit nippy this morning."

He sounded as if it were an everyday occurrence to talk to a naked man holding only a dustbin lid.

I could hear the door opening behind me. The neighbour's front doors were opening along the street.

"Get in." Jenny hissed from behind me.

"Got locked out." I called to Harry as I backed into the house.

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