tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18b

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18b


Part 2.

I stepped from the bathtub and, wrapping myself in a bath towel, went downstairs to the kitchen.

Jenny was already dressed in jeans and a blouse. I could see the outline of her bra-straps as she turned away from me to place two more slices of toast in the toaster.

"I didn't know your Grandfather was going to South America." She suddenly said.

I must have had a blank expression on my face for she continued.

"It's in Michael de Vane's letter."

I picked up a teacup and sipped the hot liquid inside. That was better. Get something warm inside you. That's what my Scout leader had always said when we were out camping in foul weather. Get yourself inside something warm should have been his motto from what we subsequently found out about his tangled love life.

"I didn't know he was." I said buttering a slice of toast.

I looked at the top of the cooker. The frying pan wasn't in use. It looked as if it would be just toast for breakfast.

"I thought he was spending the next few weeks in Spain." Jenny said, collecting the fresh toast from the toaster and sitting at the table opposite me.

"I thought that." I agreed through a mouthful of toast.

"Michael de Vane says that he is going to South America with Roddrego to visit their Ruby mine."

Jenny picked up the flimsy sheets of airmail letter and, placing her glasses on her nose, read part aloud.

"I received a telephone call from Roddrego yesterday evening. Their income from the mine has been steadily falling over the past few years and they were concerned that the new manager was cooking the books in some way. They decided that the only way to get some straight answers would be to go and see the man for themselves."

"Well." I said, pouring another cup of tea. "Mines don't last forever. They have had a good income from this one for nearly thirty years. And it isn't as if they need the money."

"Hmm." Jenny looked doubtful. "Michael is concerned that they should be going at all at their ages. They are both over seventy."

"One last adventure." I looked down at the pile of clothes she was pushing across the table towards me.

"Your Grandfather isn't well."

No, he wasn't well. He hadn't looked particularly good since Grandmother had died three years before. That anniversary would be in a few weeks.

Jenny and I hadn't been down to see him much since Millie, my Black Labrador, had died in the summer. I didn't feel comfortable there anymore. Too many memories. I knew that Jenny loved the house and I supposed I still did deep down. It was just too soon for me.

The telephone was ringing.

"I'll get it." Jenny said standing up. "You get dressed."

It looked as if our staying in bed at least until lunch had gone. I did as I was told.

"What!" Jenny exclaimed through the half-opened door. Then she laughed. "That'll teach him."

"Yes, we know." She continued after a pause during which I could see she was concentrating on the voice at the other end.

She looked at me as I made my way into the hall tucking my safari style shirt into the top of my jeans.

"I don't think we can." She said into the mouthpiece. "I have exams on Thursday and Friday. I'll ask him."

She covered the mouthpiece with her hand.

"Your father has fallen into a new bunker they are building on the Golf course. He's broken a bone in his foot and dislocated his knee."

"How did he do that?" I asked.

"I don't know." She replied. "It was while he was still playing."

"Ok." I nodded. "Shall we go down and see him?"

"Yes. No." She looked at the telephone receiver. "Your mother want's us to go to South America and bring your grandfather back. I've told her I have exams."

"I can't just walk out of my job."

"She said David will fix that for you."

I thought for a few seconds.

"You mean I should go alone?"


I could hear my mother's voice coming from the earpiece of the phone.

"We're just discussing it." Jenny said briefly into the mouthpiece and replaced her hand over it.

"Well?" She continued. "Do you want to?"

"I don't want to." I said, this could be a lot of effort for nothing, "what if they don't want to come home?"

"What if they don't want to come home?" Jenny asked into the phone.

She listened.

"Your mother said that she sent a telegram to them yesterday telling them to stay in their hotel until you get there on Wednesday." She listened at the earpiece again.

"She received a reply this morning and they agree."

Hmm. That was strange. Why travel on the way down there to meekly agree to come home? Why couldn't they come home on their home?

Jenny was listening again.

"Your mother says she doesn't trust them. She thinks they will just tell her they are coming home and then go off into the jungle. They won't if they think you are going out there to collect them."

"I'm not so sure about that." I said. "When do I leave?"

"There is a plane on Sunday with an overnight stop in New York. Then down to Miami, change planes and you will be there late Tuesday evening." Jenny was listening at the phone again. "There are planes back to Miami on Wednesday and Friday."

She pulled open the small drawer in the front of the hall table and took out the small writing pad and pen we kept in it for taking messages. She started writing.

I looked over her shoulder and placed my hand upon her hip. She kissed my cheek.

She was writing down a man's name and a telephone number.

"When you get to London you are to ring this man." She said, laying down the pen and tearing the piece of paper from the pad. "You'll need your passport."

"Alright." She said into the mouthpiece of the phone. "I will."

She put down the phone and looked up at me.

"She said I'm not to worry. You will be safe." She frowned. "What did she mean by that?"

I shrugged my shoulders and went back into the kitchen. There was still some tea in the pot so I poured it into our cups. It was just warm.

Jenny sat and opened the newspaper.

"Ah!" She exclaimed.

"What?" I asked standing behind her and looking over her shoulder and the near naked woman with large breasts on page three.

"Not at those." She said, pointing at the other page. "What is it with you men and breasts."

"I'm only looking." I replied.

"Just as well you can't touch."

"They wouldn't feel as nice as yours."

I reached under her arms and cupped each breast.

She stiffened slightly then relaxed. I massaged them as she started to read from the article her finger was pointing to.

"Rebels are advancing in the south and west. They control the main highway to the south and the two major river crossings to the two neighbouring countries. The Government is planning to launch a counter-offensive at any time." "Is that where you're going?" She looked up at me and I stopped massaging her breasts.

"The airport is by the capitol. Up here on the coast."

I pointed to the large black dot that indicated the position of the country's capitol on the little map in the paper.

"Where's the mine?"

I tried to be vague.

"Around there." I said, waving a finger at the map.

She caught my hand with my finger still extended in her hand.


I pointed to the south of the country.

"Down there."

"That would be in rebel territory."

"Yes." I agreed. "I suppose so."

My eyes were drawn to the naked breasts on page three.

"Concentrate on me, please." She said in her stern, schoolteacher to be, voice.

I replaced my hand on her breast and continued my massaging movements with my fingers.

"I didn't mean that." Her voice was a little lower.

I stopped the movements of my fingers.

"Now you're there though."

She leaned her head back against my chest and looked up at me. I kissed her forehead. She smiled. I leaned further forward and sought her lips with my own. She tasted of toast and butter. I moved one hand to the buttons on her blouse and undid the top three. That was better. I could get my hands inside her bra. Her nipples were hard, almost sharp against the palms of my hands.

She took a deep breath as I lifted my head.

"You will do what your mother said won't you?"

"What do you mean?"

My prick was straining inside my jeans. I quickly unzipped myself and pulled it free. That felt better. I knelt by her side then pulled her chair around to face me. Her fingers reached out for my prick and for a few seconds we held our positions. I kissed her chin, then her neck. I pulled the soft white swelling of one her breasts from her bra and kissed then sucked upon her nipple. My prick fell from her fingers as I moved between her legs. She ran her fingers through my hair as I unbuttoned her remaining blouse buttons and fumbled for the button on her jeans. She sighed as I released it and pulled down on her zip.

I could smell her over the perfume of her soap and powder. Heady, earthy, lovely. She lifted her ass cheeks to aid my removal of her jeans and knickers as I released her nipple with my lips and kissed down to her navel. I licked around its tight folds of skin then continued down. I caught some of her pubic hairs between my lips and pulled on them. I could feel her skin lift as I did so. "Hmm." She sighed.

I ran my hands up the insides of her thighs.

"That's nice." She mumbled.

I lifted her legs and placed the backs of her thighs upon my shoulders.

"Yes." She whispered.

I reached over the tops of her thighs and pulled wide the lips of her fanny with my fingertips. She whimpered slightly. I lowered my mouth to her and pushed my tongue inside. Her thighs tightened momentarily then relaxed. I licked as far inside her as my tongue could reach. Her hands behind my head pulled me in, closer to her hole, as if she wanted all of me inside her. I move my mouth towards her clit allowing room for me to move a hand from the top of her thighs and push first one then a second finger into her. She arched her back as they entered her. She gasped out loud. I felt for her anus with a third finger. It was tight and very wet from the mixture of her juices and my saliva that were down to it. I tickled it for a few seconds, feeling it tighten then relax. I pushed my finger inside it as I sucked her clitoris from its protective hood.


I pulled it back then pushed again.


It was in to the second knuckle. I pulled it nearly out, collecting more lubricant as it ran from her fanny and pushed it back inside her again. It was sliding in and out easier now. As were the two fingers in her fanny. I flicked her clit from side to side with the tip of my tongue. She was gasping out loud. I moved my fingers faster. Her body tensed. A sound came from the back of her throat and she relaxed.

I lifted my head as I pulled my fingers from her holes. There were some beads of sweat on her brow. But she was smiling.

I stood in front of her, my by now semi hard prick sticking out of the front of my jeans. She undid the button at the top and pulled them down, together with my underpants. I could feel my prick growing back to full hardness before she touched it. It jerked upright when she did.

I looked down. She was studying it intently. She pulled my foreskin back, released it and watched as it slowly unfurled to cover most of the head of my prick.

She pulled my foreskin back again. This time she held it in place as she licked the head then pushed the tip of her tongue against my little piss hole. She licked around the head again, moistening it with her saliva. She worked my foreskin back and forth a few times then she held it back as she guided the head of my prick into her mouth.

It felt so good. Warm and wet. With her tongue pressing hard against the underside of my shaft and her lips forming a tight ring around it. My hips started to move. I was fucking her mouth. Her fingers were on my balls. Lifting and weighing them. I placed my hands upon her head. My hips were moving faster. My balls were getting tighter.

"Ah." I gasped as I came.

My legs suddenly felt weak as I finished emptying myself into her mouth. I could feel her swallowing.

She stood up as my prick fell from her mouth.

"We had better get packed then." I said, pulling her towards me, feeling her pubic hairs against my prick and tasting the salt of my cum on her lips.

"What shall we do in London tonight?" I asked, feeling her ass cheeks.

"Your mother wants me to stay with her tonight."

She didn't say she was going to. She just let the statement hand in the air between us.

"I suppose you better had then." I said.

"She did sound worried."

"Yes. I suppose she must be."

"And you will be back by this time next weekend."

"Yes. I should be."

I suddenly really didn't want to go. It was such a long way. And Jenny wouldn't be seeing me off.

"Ring me at your parents when you get to the flat and again when you leave for the airport in the morning."

"I will." I promised.

"And do just what your mother has asked you to do."

"I have no intention of doing anything else." I assured her, tickling her anus with a fingertip.

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