tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18m

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18m


The Paul and Jenny stories. Part 18 m.

Rubies are Red.

By Paul C.

(Copyright 2003).

Part 13.


I replaced the receiver. I wonder where he is. It would only be nine-thirty in New York. I would have thought he would have been in his room. I suppose I could have asked to speak to Harve or Howie but, well, he couldn't be getting up to anything with them about.

There was to be more reluctant pupil motivation theory this afternoon. Then time to prepare our lesson plans for Friday's practical exam. I think Shirley was going to beat me on the theory exam on Thursday. She really enjoys that side whereas I prefer working with the children in the local schools when we get the chance.

"There you are." Shirley said, walking down the corridor to greet me.

"Just trying to get through to Paul."

"Did you?"

"No. He wasn't in."


There could a hundred reasons why he wasn't in.

"This will be our last lesson with Matt for four months." I said, changing the subject.

I knew Shirley fancied him a little. He was the only lecturer within what I would have considered a reasonable age difference but if Shirley could let David have her then he must seem like a child to her. A plan was beginning to form in my mind. Matt was single, not bad looking if a little serious. Shirley was a cracker. The prettiest girl on the course by far. Now, if I could push them both in the same direction I wouldn't have to make it obvious when I wanted her out of the way for Ron to visit.

"He'll still be here when we finish our on the job attachments." She replied.

That was true. We all had twelve week, one term, attachments to schools in the area then a final term back at the college to pull everything together and our final exams. I was going to the children's school in Paul's grandfather's village called Chipping Marsden. The worst would be a four-week waiting period while we awaited our results and then there would be the days sending letters to just about every school in the area asking for a job.

I could see her eyes were on him as we left the main building and walked across the lawn towards the row of low classrooms. He was a tall man, perhaps thirty-two or three. He had taught in one of the rougher schools in Bristol before taking up his post here. He wasn't a great teacher in practise but he knew the theory backwards. One of our other lecturers had suggested that we pay particular attention to Matt when he taught us as an example of how not to run a class. He must have had a hard time in that school in Bristol.

"Do you want me to fix it for Matt to ask you out?" I asked as we reached the door.

"What do you mean?"

"Come on. You know you like him."

"Don't you dare."

I smiled at her as we took our seats.

Matt took up his position at the front of the class, looked around the room, picked up a board-marker, dropped it and began.



I sat back in the seat of the jet to Miami and fastened my seatbelt. Louise moved in her seat beside me. I just caught the faint smell of her perfume.

I could clearly see Howie's head four rows up and the top of Heather's tight head of curls beside him.

"Daddy was alright about it really." Louise said. "Especially when I told him I'd have two strong men to protect me. We will only be there two nights after all and there has been no trouble reported from the Capitol."

Howie's head was moving closer to Heather's.

The jet was taxiing to its takeoff position.

"She seems a nice girl." Louise nodded in the vague direction of forward. "You flew across with her, didn't you?"

What do I tell her? Let her assume that she is a pick up that Howie has made? But what about tomorrow when she boards the plane for South America. What about tonight when it became time for bed? I don't think it would go down to well for me to tell her I'm fucking Heather. Especially after nearly fucking Louise myself this morning. And what about tonight when it became time for bed? I didn't want to have to choose between them.

"Actually I do know Heather."

Louise turned her head towards me as the plane accelerated down the runway.

"Yes." She said slowly.

"She's staying in one of the apartments in London. With her sister and her husband."


There was a pause. I think I left stomach down below somewhere.

"She was at a loose end."

"Go on."

"She sort of talked her way into coming with me."

"Just for the trip." I hurried on. "For a day trip to South America?"

Why was it that every time somebody else said that it sounded weird?

"I couldn't say anything yesterday. People wouldn't have understood."

"I'm not so sure they do now."

"It was a silly thing to do I know."

"I agree with that." She placed her hand upon mine. "She seems to be getting on well with Howie."

"Yes." I agreed. "She does."

Heather wouldn't elaborate on her statement that Howie's prick was bigger than mine was after I had fucked her that morning. It was true. I knew that having seen him fuck Carole and her Aunt Dorothy when we were on a cruise of the Caribbean three years previously. Just what had happened the previous night when I had taken Louise home?

"I do hope Howie is sensible." Louise sounded doubtful.

I think she had every reason to be concerned. Howie once told me he needed a woman every day or he felt ill. Being rich and good-looking I didn't suppose he had ever been short of available fanny. I must have been a late developer. I didn't have my first woman until I was eighteen and that had been Jenny.

I wondered how Louise was reconciling the fact that we had nearly fucked that morning and, by the looks of things, she was hoping that we were going to that night, with the fact that I was a married man. Married to somebody whom she must think of as a friend.

How was I going to? Louise was a friend of us both, and I was a married man. Somehow it was easier with Heather. We'd stop when got back and I might never see her again. I would be seeing Louise again, so would Jenny.

Oh, what was I to do?

Louise had folded her fingers around mine. It did feel comfortable. She was lifting my hand and placing it upon her lap. That felt nice as well. My prick was responding and I had to rub it through my trousers. She was watching me. I looked at her face. She was smiling. I was smiling back.

I saw Heather getting to her feet and making her way down the aisle towards us. She smiled at me when she drew level, looked down at Louise holding my hand and changed her expression. She looked like she was about to say something but another passenger was coming up behind her so she continued on towards the back of the plane.

"Your hotel was full when I tried to book so Howie and I are in another." Louise said, counting my fingers.

I'd forgotten that. I could be saved.

"You could change hotels with Howie." She continued.

I couldn't see Heather being happy about that.

"I don't know if he'd want to." I tried to sound doubtful, he'd jump at the chance.

"I'm sure we could persuade him."

She shifted slightly in her seat.

"If you'll excuse me." She continued, standing up.

I stood up to let her out then retook my seat.

She pulled down the hem of her tightly fitting skirt and smoothed down the outsides of her thighs. I had to look. I also had to watch her ass cheeks as she moved towards the rear of the plane. She passed Heather in the aisle. Heather stopped beside me and looked down at me.

"Move over then." She said.

I moved across into Louise's seat next to the window.

"What's going on?" She asked sitting down beside me.

"What about?" I answered, trying to sound innocent.

"You know." She hissed. "The hand holding."

"She's just a friend."

"I don't believe you. You had her this morning."

"I didn't."

I could sound truthful about answering that.

"Louise will be back soon." I took her hand and gave it a squeeze. "You had best go back to your seat."

She looked hurt so I leaned across and kissed her.

"Tonight." She said, standing up.

"Tonight." I confirmed.

Now what was I to do? Louise was standing at the end of the seats so I slid out and let her in letting my eyes drop to the outline of her ass cheeks beneath her dress.

"Why had you moved?" She asked.

"Heather sat down for a second. Just to say hi."


The hostesses were wheeling a trolley towards us handing out coffees and soft drinks. I could have done with a cup of tea of even better a beer.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked.

"Coffee, please." She answered. "Black."

I ordered two black coffees when it was our turn. I sipped at mine and screwed up my face. It was bitter. I sipped again. I suppose you could get used to anything in time.

"I don't think it is wise that we swap hotels." I said, placing my cup in the round hole in my pull down table. "It might be making it a bit obvious to them."

She thought for a moment.

"You're right. But it might be what they want."

"What about Carole?"

It was my last card. Appeal to her sense of sisterhood. Not that she had much if she was trying to get into bed with me. But she didn't have to see Jenny very often. Carole was her sister-in-law.

I let her think.

"You don't want me? Do you?" She suddenly asked.

Why couldn't I bring myself to finish it now?

"Of course I want you."

She took my hand in hers.



"So you see, Matt, she's a little shy."

He looked at me. Then turned his gaze to where Shirley was working at one of the desks.

"You're joking." He stuttered, I didn't realise he did that. "She couldn't."

I was beginning to doubt whether she could myself. I certainly couldn't.

"Oh yes." I suppose in for a penny. "She talks about you a lot. You should go and have a word with her. Ask her out tomorrow."

"You have exams."

"Thursday and Friday. She's going to sail through them."

"Yes, I suppose she is."

"She'd like you to."

"If you're sure?"

"Of course. She's waiting."

He walked towards where she was sitting. I saw her lift her head as he approached. She looked from him to me. Her expression changed to horror. He was speaking. Her features relaxed. She was smiling. Laughing. That seemed to be going well.

I went to my own desk and started collecting my things together. The clock on the wall read a quarter past three. There was a break now and then private study until four-fifteen. I don't suppose it would be difficult to persuade Shirley to quit for the day now and study at home.

She was standing up, walking with him towards the exit to the classroom. I wonder where they are going? He was holding her coat for her to put on.

I stood up, picking up all my things and, putting on my own coat, followed them. He was carrying some of her books. Should I hurry to catch them up?

He was holding open the little wicket gate that led to the entrance to the old gatekeepers cottage. I had never been inside it. Apparently it was used by single instructors. He had it to himself at the moment.

They had gone inside and closed the door behind them. I wanted to go home and make sure everything was nice for tomorrow. I think I had decided to go through with it. Just thinking about him made we wet in a way I had never felt with Paul. And it was now or never. But what if we did and he wanted to continue while I was teaching at the village school? I wouldn't have the time to look after him and drive the hour to and from the village each day then see to Paul's needs when I got home. I could stay some nights at his grandfather's house. Pressures of work, etc. Or the weather might be too bad to drive back to Bristol. But where would we meet. Would his wife notice his absence in the evenings? Perhaps not, if there weren't too many.

Why was I doing this? It was only a fantasy. I'd best rescue Shirley, take her out for a meal tomorrow night and forget all about it.

I reached the door and pressed the bell. Nothing happened. Best knock. Or should I wait? What if Shirley wanted to be there?

There were large French windows on the south side of the building over-looking the playing fields. I crunched along the gravel path by the side of the building. It was starting to rain. I placed my books inside my coat front and squeezed them tight against my breast. It was raining more heavily. I reached the French windows and peered into the small sitting room. You could tell a man lived there. All books and clutter.

Matt was holding out a glass of what looked like Sherry to Shirley. She was seated on the small two-seater settee and he was standing in front of her with his back towards me. She crossed her legs then uncrossed them and crossed them again. She has something that needs some attention paying to it.

I wonder when she last had sex. She had finished with Paul's dad nearly eighteen months before. I know she had gone out with three or four men since but none for more than two or three times.

She was reaching out with her hand for something in front of her. What? All he would have there is his prick. She can't be reaching for that. They've hardly been in the house five minutes.

He was moving closer. She was moving her head. I wish he'd turn sideways on or something.


A large drop of water landed on the back of my neck and started running down my spine. I stumbled forwards banging against the glass. I jerked backwards as quickly as I could as two heads were turned in my direction. Had they seen me? What should I do? If I ran away they would hear me on this gravel.

I flattened myself against the wall beside the French windows as two faces appeared against the glass. Don't look this way, I prayed. They weren't looking. They were looking at each other. They were kissing.

My hair was soaked. The light was fading and I was getting cold.

I looked back into the sitting room in time to see Shirley follow Matt out of the room. They must be coming out of the front door. I crunched across the gravel, over the muddy border and onto the playing field.

The wind was driving the rain out of the shelter of the cottage. My coat felt heavy. I looked down at my feet. They were caked in mud. I couldn't go back into the classroom like this.

I tried to find some shelter beneath a leaf-bare tree and looked back at the cottage. Somebody was closing the curtains in an upstairs room. Where was Shirley? I expected to see her hurrying back towards the classrooms.

I trudged slowly across the sports field to the car park and climbed into my car. At least it was dry in here. Throwing my books onto the rear seat I switched on the engine, put the heater on full blast, turned on the radio, sneezed and waited.

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