tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18n

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18n


(Copyright 2003).

Part 14.


I replaced the receiver after talking to Jenny. She sounded as if she were coming down with a cold. I could feel a bead of sweat running down my spine. I could catch one myself with this sudden change of climate. I threw off my clothes and headed into the shower.

It was worrying that my mother had phoned her to say that she had been unable to contact either grandfather or Rodrigo at their hotel. They had rung the British consul but they had no details.

I soaped myself and let the water wash the suds away. I yawned, collecting a mouth full of water for my troubles and spat it out.

My body was telling me to go to bed and sleep but we had to meet Howie and Louise in their hotel in under an hour. It was a little up market compared to this one. Boasting a cabaret in the restaurant. Just what I needed was another late night.

I switched off the shower and picking up a towel dried myself as I walked back into the bedroom.

There was a knock on the door.

I walked to it.

"Hello." I said through it.

"It's me." Heather's voice came back in reply. "Let me in."

I opened the door and she slipped inside. She was wearing a short blue dress. She smelled nice. Shower fresh and lightly perfumed. I could feel my prick growing just being near her.

"What's your room like?" I asked, walking towards the bed on which I had laid my clothes out on.

"Like this one." She replied.

I picked up my last clean shirt.

"I need to find somewhere to get my clothes washed." I said.

"I rang room service." Heather sat on the second bed and scratched at her stomach just above her fanny. "If you give the boy who comes ten dollars he will make sure they are done for you. You could do that before we leave."

I turned away from her and felt a tug on my towel. I moved with the pull and stood before her. I could see the mound my prick was making in my towel from above. She would have full view from where she sat.

Her fingers were where I'd tucked the towel in pulling at it. It fell to the ground and my prick jerked fully upright.

"It looks pleased to see me."

"He is." I confirmed, moving towards her until the tip of my prick was just touching her lips.

"He smells nice and clean." She observed, sticking out the tip of her tongue and touching my wee hole.

"Just washed him for you."

"Oh, you knew I was coming?"

"Hoped you might."

She opened her mouth to reply so I moved again and pushed my prick inside it. She gagged for a second then relaxed. Her fingers worked my foreskin back and forth as the end of my prick moved in and out between her lips. I held her head still and started to thrust in and out of her. Short gentle movements with no more than two to three inches inside her at any one time. I could feel her tongue pressing against the underside of my shaft. This was good.

My balls were starting to lift. My ass cheeks were twitching. My breathing was changing.

Her hand was moving faster on my prick, her lips tightening and relaxing around its tip. With her other hand she was holding my balls. Squeezing them gently.

I was starting to pant. To gasp. Oh yes. I was there.

"Thank you." I managed to say as the last of my come splashed into the back of her mouth.

She lifted her head to me, swallowed, then smiled.

I helped her to stand and held her tight. She snuggled against me squeezing me back.

"That was fun." She muttered into my chest.

I could feel her breath. The hairs on my chest were swaying in time. It was as if I could feel each one.

My fingers found the zip to her dress and I slowly pulled it down feeling skin, bra strap, then skin again as it moved down her back. The zip finished where her suspender belt began. I slid my fingers beneath the elastic, pulling it away from her body.

"Be careful." She sighed. "Don't ladder my stockings."

I removed my hands and helped her slide her arms from the straps of her dress. I would have let it fall to the floor but she stop me and, stepping out of it, lay it on top of my clothes on the spare bed.

"I don't want to crease it." She said over her shoulder to me.

I watched her knickers covered ass cheeks as she removed one stocking then the other. Her suspender belt and bra followed then she turned to face me. She looked great. Her cheeks flushed, nipples erect. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and slowly pulled them down exposing her mass of tight, curly hairs.

She stood upright. She had a body any women would be proud to own. I could tell she was by the confidence in the way that she showed herself to me. My prick was growing again.

I held her tight and pushed myself hard against her pubic mound. She pushed back. I held her ass cheeks as we kissed.

"Let's go to bed." She breathed.

"We don't have long." I pointed out. "Do we have to go?" She asked as she lay back on top of the bed covers.

"They'd come her for us if we didn't."

I was sure Louise at least would.

Heather bent her knees as I knelt between her legs opening her fanny lips. I looked down at it then lowered my mouth. Her inner lips were already showing so I suck on them both. I heard her moan softly and felt her fingers on the back of my head. I held her lips open and pushed my tongue inside her licking at the walls of her fanny.

Another moan from her. I licked again, swirling my tongue around inside. Then I moved up towards her clit. It felt as if it were throbbing when I touched it. I licked it then flicked it from side to side while pushing first one then a second finger inside her. She lifted her hip from the bed to receive them, squeezing them with the lips of her fanny. I moved them in and out. Slowly at first them faster as I speeded up the movement of my tongue.

She cried out loud for a second and her whole body tensed. For a moment I thought she was having some kind of fit but with a sigh, she relaxed.

I moved above her, my prick knocking at her entrance and looked down into her face. There was sweat on her brow, I could feel the same on mine and her cheeks were red. I pushed against her, feeling her fanny resist my entry then suddenly I was inside. She smiled up at me as I moved in and out. I could feel her nipples hard against my chest as I moved. She closed her eyes as I quickened.

"Oh Paul." She gasped.

Then she tensed again as she came.

I thrust on. Faster, faster still. She was coming again. My balls were getting tight. My thrusts became shorter and faster. Then it was my turn to gasp as I pushed my prick as far inside her as it would go and came.

I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back. She moved across to give me room. The covers felt wet beneath my ass cheek.

She leaned over me, her nipples pressing into my chest and looked down.

"What shall we do now?" She asked.

There was a light in her eyes like I'd seen occasionally in Jenny's. So much alive. Vibrant.

She lowered her mouth to mine and we kissed. I could taste the salt of my come on her lips and tongue. I ran my fingers down her spine until they reached the beginning of the crevice between her ass cheeks and felt her tremble.

"That was nice." She muttered, resting her head on my shoulder.

"What was?" I asked in return.

"All of it. Jenny is very lucky to have you every day."

"Don't you have a boyfriend in London?"

"Not now. I used to."

"He was a fool to let you go."

"His wife wasn't the understanding kind."


We were both silent for a few seconds. I closed my eyes. I could fall asleep there and then.

"What's Jenny like?" She asked suddenly.

She lifted her head and looked down at me again.

"Where did you meet?" She continued.

"It was on a Scouts and Guides camp in Northern Ireland. Over three years ago now."

"Sounds like fun."

"Parts of it were."

"Tell me. We don't have to rush. It's been a long day already. Was she a virgin?"

"Alright. Yes she was. We both were."

"How romantic."

Virgins cock and fanny wise anyway. My best friend Steve had introduced me to the painful pleasures of anal sex a couple of nights before I met Jenny. Then Tommy, forcing me to take his as well. But he was dead now.

"Are you awake?" Heather moved on my chest and cupped my balls in the palm of her hand.

"Yes." I answered. "Just remembering."

"You have a lot of scars on your body. I've never really noticed before."

She was running her fingers along the mark where I had been shot in my left shoulder. Once, by some shotgun pellets while struggling with the younger Rogers son in Yorkshire. Then a second time by a bullet in Cyprus. She released my balls and picked up my prick, slowly working my foreskin back and forth.

"Where did you get the ones on your wrist?"

"A Black Panther bit me." I replied.

"Come on. The truth now."

"It is the truth. It was on our way back from Northern Ireland. We stopped at the Aunt's house of one of the guides. Howie's wife actually. There was an escaped convict there. Then a Black Panther had escaped from a private zoo."

"What happened?"

She was holding my prick at ninety degrees to my body. To my surprise it was becoming hard. She seemed satisfied with it for she suddenly moved, straddling my hips and lowering herself upon it.

"Ah." She sighed. "That's better. Go on."

I reached up to hold her breasts as she raised and lowered herself. She smiled down at me.

"Not much to say." I panted. "The cat visited the farm and the convict ran away."

"What happened?" She gasped.

"The cat got into the house and attacked me then was going for the others so I shot it with a shotgun."

"I heard about that." Her voice was higher than before and she was moving faster. "There was a lot more to it than that."

"Yes." I grunted.

"In the papers and on the news."

"Yes." I gasped.

I'd watched the rape of Carole's lesbian lover Jo bent over the kitchen table. Then I saw her being forced to lick out Carole's fanny while he pushed the barrels of the shotgun in and out of her as she knelt before him. Then still more to come. Carole kneeling on the bed screaming as he rammed his prick first in her fanny then into her ass.

"Yes." She called out.

She was there. She fell forward onto my chest and kissed my neck, cheek and finally lips.

"Wow." She lifted her head and smiled. "That was fun."

I moved inside her.

"Didn't you come?"

"Not yet." I was still panting. "It's alright."

"No it isn't."

She moved back into position straddling my hips and began lifting and falling again. I could feel her squeezing my prick with her fanny. I felt her breasts again then moved my hands to her hips and then her ass cheeks.

"Hmm." She sighed, "that feels nice."

It did. All of it. I lifted my hips in time with her own movements. Her eyes widened.

"You'll get me going again." She moaned.

"Sorry." Was all I that could think of to say.

"Don't be."


She placed her hands on my chest and leaned slightly forward giving me more space to move beneath her. I gripped her hips more firmly to hold her in place and started thrusting in and out of her. She gasped and moaned. So did I.

"Oh yes."

One of us said.

She was moving her hips pushing back and downwards. Her mouth was wide open and her nostrils flared. I felt her come become I heard the rattle start in the back of her throat. Then I was there. I moved her hips up and down in time with each load. She was smiling broadly.

"You look as if you enjoyed yourself." She said.

There were beads of sweat on her brow.

I could feel the same on mine.

"I'm going to need another shower." I said, looking down at my prick and its coating of her lubricant and my own come as she climbed from on top of me.

"Oh goody." Her smiled broadened, if that were possible. "I like showering with you."

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