tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18s

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18s


Rubies are Red. Part 19.


Louise and I finished dressing then I held her in my arms and kissed her. She opened her mouth and kissed me back rubbing herself against my prick and balls. I pulled back slightly.

"What?" She mouthed the question.


She smiled.

"It needs time to recover." I continued.

And it did too. I must be averaging five fucks or blowjobs a day. It just wasn't up to it.

"What do you think about what Roddrego is doing?" She asked.

"It is strange that he should be supporting a Marxist rebellion. His politics are about as far to the right of anybody I have ever known." I replied.

"Yes. It does appear strange." She leaned her head against my shoulder. "And what about your father's part?"

"I don't know that he has a part." It was time to give this some serious thought. Everything had been done at the gallop so far. "He came down here to sort out some problem with a Ruby mine he is a partner with Roddrego in. I think it was also him trying to put his personal affairs in order. He isn't a well man. He's more or less lost the will to live since my grandmother died."

"Yes. You said that his Ruby wasn't making as much profit as it had in the past. That is strange as the price of Rubies is strong and there have been some particularly fine examples coming onto the market from South America in recent years."

"Yes." I nodded into her hair. "I remember now. He mentioned something about coming down here earlier in the year but Roddrego hadn't been well."

"Perhaps it was Roddrego trying to get him not to come."

"That might be it." I kissed her hair. "And if the mine had been making greater profits and Roddrego was salting them away to pay for this one last chance at being President. But even that doesn't ring true somehow. This government isn't bad as far as they go in that part of the world. Roddrego would never want to be the cause of all the death and destruction a full-scale rebellion would cause."

"Not to mention the rape."

Louise shuddered in my arms. I ran my fingers through her hair.

"No. He wouldn't want that."

No. I was sure he wouldn't. Not after the stories I'd heard about his own sister in the revolution that drove his father from power in nineteen twenty. Or again from what he would have experienced during the Spanish civil war.

There was something else that still nagged at me. They would have know what was about to happen in the Embassy in London and yet had wanted some routine papers delivered.

"What's the matter?" Louise asked, looking into my eyes.

I hate it when somebody, especially a woman does that.

"There is a briefcase."


"We were asked to bring it across for a man in the Embassy when we went to get our visa's. They also stamped our passports with diplomats passes."

"Can I see it?"


I lifted my suitcase onto the bed and opened it. As I took out the briefcase there was a knock at the door. Louise went to it while I quickly covered the briefcase with some of my clothes. I don't know why I did it. I was starting to get edgy. This wasn't going to be as simple a trip as it was supposed to be.

Louise stood aside and allowed Heather and Howie to enter the room. Heather looked flushed. A little like she did after we had fucked.

"What are you doing?" Heather asked.

"Showing Louise the brief-case." I replied.

"Nice." Howie said, with a couldn't-care less expression on his face.

I explained to him what it was. He seemed a little more interested.

"I wonder what's in it?" Heather asked.

"Yes. I wonder." Louise joined in.

"Well we can't open it." I said. "If we do and they notice."

"So what. If it's only routine documents." Howie said, holding the briefcase in his big hands and examining the locks.

"Yes." Louise agreed with her brother. "If it is only routine documents then there would be no harm done."

Heather was looking at the rumpled bedclothes on the bed we'd made love on.

"I suppose we should vote." She looked hard at me then at Louise.

"Yes." Howie said. "All in favour of opening it?"

The two girls said yes in unison. Howie looked at me.

"You're going to be out voted. He said.

"Oh alright." I reluctantly agreed.

"Let me have it." Heather said opening her handbag and taking out a short length of thick wire.

She looked at the locks on the briefcase, bent her piece of wire and thirty seconds later the briefcase was open.

We all looked at her.

"Mike Hudson taught me." She explained.

"The caretaker at the flats in London." I explained.

It didn't come as any surprise to me that he could do something like that but she must have been a very quick learner.

She lifted the lid of the briefcase and we all crowded around to look inside.

On top was a buff coloured folder. Heather took in out. Beneath it was four thick envelopes. They were sealed.

"In for a penny." Howie said, taking one of the envelopes and slitting it open with his finger before I could object.

He put his fingers into the slit of the envelope and removed a number of sheets of good quality looking paper. He handed a sheet to each of us. We all looked at them in silence.

"What are they?" Louise asked.

"Treasury bonds." I said. "Sometimes called bearer bonds."

"This says it is worth ten thousand dollars." Heather said in a hushed voice.

"So is this." Howie said taking the remaining bonds from the envelope and spreading them out. "All worth ten thousand each."

He started counting them. I held mine up to the light from the window. I didn't know what I was looking for but there was a watermark of the US Presidents seal of office.

"Fifty." Howie said. "Counting yours."

"If that is the same in each envelope then there is two million dollars here." Louise said picking up a handful of the bonds and letting them fall back onto the envelope. "Hardly enough to keep a government in power for more than a short period."

"But it could be enough to finance a revolution for long enough to win." I said.

"Or provide a nest egg for somebody if they were going to skip the country in a hurry." Howie joined in.

"What do we do with it?" Heather asked.

"Where were you to delivery it?" Louise asked.

Heather had memorised the name and address, which was more than I had done.

"Doesn't sound much like an official address." Howie suggested.

"Can we get more envelopes like this?" Louise asked. "And sheets of paper this size?"

"What's the plan?" Howie asked.

"They are expecting four envelopes. They will get four envelopes. With enough real bonds to know we have the rest. Or perhaps we should let them think that they have been double-crossed in London."

"We might need something to bargain with if we are going to get your Grandfather back. And Roddrego if it comes to that."

Oh. I could kiss her. Fuck her to if my prick didn't feel so sore.



I pulled to a halt on the short gravel drive in front of the garage. It was starting to rain again. I looked at my watch. It was nearly six. If Ron had come he should have left long ago. It was the coward's way out but it was for the best.

I collected my bags of shopping from the front passenger's seat with the fish and chips I'd bought from the shop by the pub and post office and hurried into the house. I closed the front door, switched on the lights then stood still for a few seconds dripping water over the hall carpet. It would soon dry. Especially as the central heating was on.

I placed my shopping on the floor, took off my coat and hung it up then carried my bags into the kitchen. I filled the kettle and busied myself putting away my purchases. I must remember to take the toilet rolls up stairs.

My fish and chips smelled nice through their newspaper wrappings so I took a plate from the cupboard, quickly buttered some bread and poured some boiling water from the kettle into the teapot.

There was a nice bottle of wine in the fridge that I was going to enjoy later. It was strange that the exams the following day and Friday did not hold the same terrors for me as any of the others I had sat before. I was feeling confident. I knew I was comfortable as a teacher. I was going to be all right. And Paul should be back on Sunday.

I wondered if he had arrived yet. It would be ten at night there. Or was it eleven. I hoped he would ring me but with the troubles in the other part of the country it might not be able to. I could ring his mother.

Not now. The fish and chips needed my attention. I poured myself a mug of tea and sat at the kitchen table, opening my meal. It smelled lovely. I needed some vinegar. For a moment I felt too relaxed to go and get it but you couldn't have fish and chips without it so I forced myself to stand and go to the cupboard.

That was better. I thought to myself after sprinkling some vinegar onto the contents of my plate. I was going to enjoy this. My legs started to itch. It was warm in the kitchen. Too warm for my thick multicoloured tights. I stood up and pulled them down taking my knickers part way with them. I wouldn't be needing knickers that evening. I wasn't going anywhere so I pulled them off as well.

That felt better. I sat down again and started to load some chips inside a slice of bread and butter.

Blast, who was at the door at this time I thought. Could Shirley have forgotten her key? She was supposed to be staying the night with him. I had been instructed to take her in a change of clothes went I went in the following morning.

I went into the hall and stood close to the front door.

"Who is it?" I called.

"It's me." Came the reply. "Ron."

I opened the door without thinking. I could just make out his car parked behind mine. It must be almost sticking out into the road.

He'd walked past me and stood in the hallway dripping water as I had done a short time before.

We stood in silence looking at each other.

"May I take my coat off?" He asked.

"Of course."

Why did I say that? I should tell him to leave straight away. Instead I accepted his coat and hung it on a hook.

"I dripped." He said apologetically.

"Don't worry." I smiled. "So did I."

I shouldn't let him stay. My skirt finished at mid thigh and I wasn't wearing any knickers.

"Would you like a cup of tea?" I asked stepping towards him to led the way into the kitchen.

"No thank you." He replied placing a hand upon my hip.

Our eyes met. My knees felt weak. He pulled me close and placed his lips upon mine. His tongue was pressing against my lips. They were opening.

"No." I said, shaking my head and pulling away.

"What's wrong, Jenny?" He asked, his voice low.

"We shouldn't do this."

"I know."

His fingers brushed my hair. His eyes held mine.

"But you asked me to come." He continued.

"I know."

He moved closer, his hands on my hips.

"You know I want you."

His voice was soft and low.

"I know."

His hands were moving. Onto my breasts. I should push them away.

I could feel that my nipples were responding.

"Please don't." I whispered.

"Don't worry." He urged. "I won't hurt you."

His fingers were pulling my blouse out from the waistband of my skirt. I shivered as they touched my bare skin.

I opened my mouth to protest again but before I could his lips were on mine again. As his tongue pushed inside my mouth my own leapt to meet it. Pushing and fencing and feeling.

I placed my hands upon his shoulder blades. He pushed against me. I could feel the hardness of his prick through his trousers. His hands were on my back beneath my blouse feeling for the clasp of my bra. He fumbled, hurting me for a second then my breasts were free.

"Don't." I said as we broke our kiss. "Please."

His hands were on the back of my skirt. A tug and the working of the zip and it fell to the floor.

"Oh Ron don't." I whispered, not wanting him to continue but dreading that he would stop.

His hands were on my backside. I heard his sharp intake of breath when he realised I wasn't wearing any knickers.

He was kneeling down, pulling me with him spreading my legs wide. I closed my eyes and felt his hands on the buttons of my blouse feeling the sudden chill as he eased my arms from it. My bra followed and I lay there naked. I could sense him looking down at me. Then I felt his fingers on my thighs moving towards their tops. One fingertip touched my slit, pushed hesitantly against it twice then slid inside me. I bent my knees opening myself to him. I could hear the rustle of his clothing. I didn't want to help him. I didn't want to see him.

He moved above me and I felt the tip of his prick against my hole. He pulled his finger from me and held my lips apart as he pushed it inside me. Automatically I lifted my hips to take him in. He pulled almost out then slammed back in. That hurt. He moved again. Faster. I felt him come inside me. It was over.

I opened my eyes and looked at him as he pulled out and stood up. He tucked his prick away and looked down at me.

"Please go Ron." I said.

I could feel tears welling inside me.


He started to say something.

"Just go."

I turned onto my side away from him and curled up into as small a ball as I could.

"I'm sorry." He said.

"Go." I snapped.

I heard him take his coat and the door open and close behind him. A blst of cold air from outside licked my anus. I listened to his car engine start and heard him drive away.

Then I cried.

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