tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18r

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18r


Rubies are Red.

Part 18.

The newspaper read that Roddrego was leading his forces from his base in the mountains in the south of the country. That was where the Ruby mine was. It went on to state that his business partner, Roland Wagstaffe, had been arrested.

At least I would be able to find my grandfather if the police was holding him.

There was still fighting going on in the south of the country but so far there was no sign of trouble in the capitol where we would be going. There had been a number of arrests during the last few days apparently. The government was confident that the uprising would soon be put down and order restored throughout the land. They were blaming the Marxists. Roddrego was as Conservative as you get so they would make strange bedfellows. What on earth was he thinking about anyway? He was in his seventies. This was no time to lead a rebellion. Though, come to think of it, it would probably be the last chance he would ever have. And why did my grandfather have to go down there anyway? It didn't make sense.

A lot didn't make sense. I wished Jenny were with me. She would be able to sort all this out into some sort of sense. She was good at that. She was good at a lot of things in fact.

A movement by my side drew my thoughts back to the present. Louise was standing a little closer then she really needed to. I could feel the warmth from her body and smell her perfume. I could feel my prick growing beneath my towel. I looked down, hoping it couldn't be seen but the tell-tell bulge was starting to form. I looked at Louise. She lifted her eyes to mine. She was smiling.

I supposed that as I had fucked her in the early hours of that morning I should act a little warmer towards her.

"Good morning." I said, placing my hand on the small of her back and kissing her on the cheek.

Her own arm reached for me and she moved even closer. Her pubic bone pressed hard against my prick and she kissed me full upon the lips. I couldn't help myself responding.

My hands felt for her ass cheeks and my tongue pushed between her lips. Her own tongue pushed back then relaxed. I could feel her nipples hard against my chest through her blouse and bra.

"You do want me?" She asked breathlessly, breaking our kiss.

"Oh yes." I confirmed.

Even if I wanted to deny it my prick would make a liar out of me.

She took a pace backwards and began to unbutton her blouse. I let my towel fall to the floor and gave her full view of my prick as she lay it on the spare bed. Her bra followed and she stood facing me for a few seconds with her arms by her side as I looked at her breasts. They were not as full as Heather's but were bigger than Jenny's. Her nipples were pointed with light brown surrounds. I reached out with both my hands and felt them. She closed her eyes and placed her hands over my own.

They felt nice. I lifted them apart and pushed them back together felling the nipples pressing hard into the palms of my hand. Louise closed her eyes and lifted her face to the ceiling.

I moved my hands from her breasts and slowly drew them down the sides of her ribcage and onto her trouser covered hips. I leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth then unfastened the zip in the front of her trousers. I next undid the fastener then dropped to one knee to pull her trousers down and off. Her knickers were white to match her bra. They looked springy in the front. I stayed on my knees and pulled them down. Her blond pubic mound sprang from cover as I did so. I could smell her. She lifted one foot then the other and I placed the panties on the bed beside me.

She smelled great.

I pulled her towards me and felt between her thighs for her slit with my tongue. She steadied herself by placing her hands on my head and opened her legs. That was better. Could feel her moistness growing as I licked between her lips.

She gave a sigh. Then a whimper.

"Oh yes." She moaned. "Oh Paul."


She almost screamed as I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue.

"Please. Please."

She was almost begging.

Her reaction was certainly effecting me. My prick was throbbing almost hurting.

I pushed her back onto the bed and looked at her open slit for a second before moving over her. My prick was at her opening without my help and I pushed. She gasped and arched her back as I entered her. I pulled back as she wrapped her arms around my back and gripped my hips with the insides of her thighs. I pushed in again, feeling her open fully to accept me. Out then in. Again. Faster. Faster still.

She was coming. I felt her tense about my prick then relax with a sigh. I kept moving, looking down into her eyes. She was very wet. My prick slipped out and she gave a moan of disappointment. I reached down between us and guided it back inside. I could hardly feel the sides of her fanny, as she was so wet. But I was feeling something. My prick was getting larger. The end was becoming sensitive. My balls were tightening.

She was coming again. Tightening around my prick. I was there.

I shot time after time inside her, my prick jerking. I worked it in and out of her to finish. Then I stopped moving. It was hot in the room and I was sweating. A drop fell onto her face. She blinked.

"Sorry." I apologised, pulling my prick from her hole and sitting back on my heels to look down at her.

Her slit looked angry. Her lips were full. I could just see inside. She was redder than Jenny was in there. I pulled her lips apart with my thumbs and looked further in. My come was forming a little pool near the bottom of her hole.

"What's wrong?" She asked, a note of concern in her voice.

"Nothing." I assured her. "It looks great."

I smiled at her and she smiled back.

I'd really done it now. The previous time I could convince myself didn't really count, as I didn't come but not now. What had I done? This could turn out to be a thousand times worse than fucking Heather. I didn't necessarily have to see her again when we got back. I didn't go to London that often anyway. With Louise it was a lot different.

"What's the matter?" She asked. "Didn't you like it?"

"Of course I did." I hastened to assure her. "It's just..."

"You are worried about Jenny."

Her legs were still wide open. Some of my come was running out of her fanny and dribbling down towards her anus.

"Yes I am." I confirmed.

"And what about Heather?"

My come had just reached her anus. Some of it was stuck to the little hairs between her two holes.

"Oh she's different."


She put a lot into that 'Oh.'

Her anus needed touching. I reached out with a finger and rubbed my come into her tight folds of skin. She flinched at my touch then lifted her hips from the bed. With my other hand I stroked my prick. Not that it needed much encouragement.

Her eyes moved to my hand.

"Again?" She asked.

Yes I did want her again.

"Please." I smiled. "Would you kneel down for me?"

I was still rubbing her anus and she raised one thin eyebrow.

"I won't put it up there." I said. "Don't worry."

"You can if you really want."

"Not now. We haven't got long."

She smiled then moved, first onto her side then onto her knees. As she settled into position her ass cheeks opened giving me full view of her come covered anus and her fanny. I moved in close behind her and presented the tip of my prick to the lips of her hole. One thrust and I was in. I pulled almost out and looked down at my prick, glistening in its coating of her love juice and my come. I thrust inside again feeling my balls hit something and my pubic mound rest against the crack of her ass.

She moved her hips, tightening and relaxing her fanny lips around my prick. I waited for her to settle then started moving in and out.

"Slowly." She said softly.

I tried but within half a dozen strokes I was moving faster. I held her steady by the hips and watched my prick moving in and out of her. I could smell her. I could see her.

She was moaning then groaning.

This was good. Faster.

She was breathing deeply, but then so was I.

"Oh Paul." She cried as she came.

I was on the short sharp strokes. The bed was protesting. I was there.

I rammed it in as hard and as far as I could extracting a grunt from Louise then remained still as I pumped into her. I worked it slowly in and out to ensure she'd taken the lot then pulled out of her and stood up. She stretched like a cat would first her shoulders then her back and finally her ass and hips.

I helped her to stand and held her tight. It was different fucking Louise to fucking Heather. Heather was fun and I liked her but I cared for Louise. I didn't want her to get hurt. Not by me.

"We had best get dressed." She breathed into my ear.


"Yes." She rang her fingers through my hair. "What is it?"

"Hmm. I should have asked first."


"Are you?"

Why was it so difficult?

"Hmm." I continued. "Are you on the pill?"

"Yes. You should have asked first. No. I use a coil."


I had a vague idea what that was.

"Don't worry. You won't get me pregnant."

"What would you do if you did?" She continued.

'Fuck knows' was the answer that sprang to mind.

"Ah." Was the best thing I could think of to say in reply.

"I know what I want. My plans have been put back two years or more. Without you they would be put back even further. I was trapped in my mind for so long after what Rogers did to me."

Her fingertips traced the outline of one of the scars on her breast where Rogers' knife had left its mark.

"I had so much to thank you for. You made me feel like a woman again in Jamaica. And this." She nodded to the bed. "This was perfect."

There were tears in her eyes so I pulled her close and held her tight. Her shoulders shook.

"I've never really felt able to speak about it. What he did to me."

She rested her head on my shoulder and spoke softly.

"He raped me."

"You don't have to."

"But I do. He raped me. Twice. Brutally. He was going to give me to his sons to use when they came back. In some ways that was worse. Knowing that they were going to use me when they wanted to. That I was just a piece of meat to them."

She breathed deeply.

"Strange. The knife. It hurt at first but then I couldn't feel it. I don't know if I passed out. Then there was the fight and the fire. It was so hot. I was screaming. Then there was your face. It was all I could see for a long time in my dreams. The only good part of my dreams that is."

She stood back and placed her hands on my shoulders.

"I wish I was Jenny."

"I don't think you would. I haven't been very faithful to her."

"No you haven't. But I won't tell her. What about Heather?"

Yes. What about Heather? What about Jenny?

What about that little briefcase in my bag? Not for the first time I wondered what was inside it.

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