tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18w

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18w


Rubies are Red.

Part 23.


The door to an inner office opened and we were ushered inside. Behind a large desk a thin man in a dark suit wearing thick glasses sat. I would have put him as being in his sixties.

Three chairs had been placed in front of the desk and the man invited us to sit with a wave of his hand. The man who had shown us in walked behind the desk and the man in glasses said something to him that I couldn't quite catch. He then walked out of the room leaving the four of us together.

"Senora Watkinson." He spoke in Spanish nodding at Bill. "You must be Senorita Wolfenstein and you Senor Wagstaffe. What may I do for you?"

"I've come about my grandfather." I said, at least I could understand his Spanish. "I'm told he is being held here."

"What makes you think that."

"A worker at the hotel recognised the uniforms of the men who arrested him."

"Did he?"

There was silence for a few seconds. I didn't really have any proof that my grandfather was here. It had only been luck that I had thought to mention the name of the man we were to see later that day to deliver the briefcase to. I hadn't known it was the name of the Interior Minister. Strange that he should be seeing us alone. Didn't he want anybody else to know what we were talking about?

"You were to deliver something to me?" He asked. "Some papers from London?"

"About my grandfather?"

I opened a breast pocket in my shirt and took out one of the treasury bills. I unfolded it and passed it over the desk to the minister.

"You are not very trustworthy Senor Wagstaffe." He said, picking up the bill and turning it over in his hands.

"You have the others?"

"They are safe." I assured him.

I took out a second bill and passed it to him. I had three more on me and Howie had a further five.

"Come to the window." The Minister said standing up.

"What are you saying?" Louise hissed.

"Just small talk." I replied.

We walked to one of the large windows that over-looked an inner courtyard. A man was being led to stand in front of a reinforced section of wall. His eyes were blindfolded. There were six soldiers standing in a line. At a word from the officer in charge they placed their rifles against their shoulders. Another word and a volley of shots rang out. The man standing against the wall was thrown backwards with the force of the bullets striking him and collapsed in a heap.

My stomach turned. Louise gasped; I could feel her shaking by my side so I place an arm about her waist.

The two men who had led the man out picked up his body and carried it into the building. Two other men appeared leading a tall man with thinning grey hair. He stumbled once and would have fallen if they had not been holding him by either arm. He was stood against the wall. I saw him straighten his body as the men lifted their rifles.

"About my property?" The minister asked.

"That's my grandfather!" I exclaimed.

The minister opened one of the large windows and stepped out onto a small balcony. I followed him. I saw my grandfather look up at us.

The minister raised his hand.



I sipped at my mug of tea.

"Well?" Shirley asked from her position on the sofa. "What was he like?"

"He was sweet." I replied placing my tea on the small table by the side of Paul's chair where I was sitting.

"Come on." Shirley urged. "Give me some details."

"You haven't told me much about Matt yet." I pointed out.

"But yours is much more exciting."

Exciting? Was it?

"There isn't much to tell."

"Was that the first time?" She asked. "I'm sorry about barging in like that. There was only your car outside and there were no lights on. Then Matt heard a noise."

"Did he see?"

"No. Only me. He looked quite big."

"Oh, he is." I couldn't help but smile at the thought of him filling me.

"So, was it the first time?"

"No. We did it yesterday. Then twice today."

"Hmm. That sounds nice."

"It was becoming nicer. The first times were all a bit rushed."

"When will you be seeing him again?"

"I don't know."

"But you will see him again?"


Yes I was going to see him again. I didn't know why. There wasn't exactly anything missing with Paul. Perhaps it was that he had been the first. The only other men I had had, had been forced upon me in some way. Mike when I was laying drunk upon a bed in the flat in Bristol. Then Lynda's lover taking me from behind as I knelt between her legs licking her fanny on our Nile cruise.

"And when Paul gets back?"

That would be the time for that decision.

"No. I don't see how we could."

"You will be in the same village for three months."

I had been thinking about that.

"I know. But the village is very small and people will notice."

There could be ways around that. Especially if Paul's grandfather wasn't around.

"Yes, I can see that could be awkward."

"What about you and Matt?" I asked.

"He's nice. Quite good in bed actually. It was a bit of a surprise."

"He looked tired this morning."

I picked up my tea mug and held it cupped in my hands.

Shirley was smiling.

"We haven't had much sleep these past two nights."

"I was going to have a nice long soak in the bath, if you don't mind?" She continued.

"Are you going out tonight?" I asked.

"Not tonight." She stood up and stretched, I could see the outline of her nipples through her bra and blouse. "He's teaching at evening classes in the local school so I thought a quiet evening in and an early night. Have you heard anymore about Paul?"

"Nothing." All the old worries were coming back.

"Don't worry. I'm sure they will all be all right."



I stepped closer to the Minister taking my arm from around Louise's waist and taking my revolver from my trouser pocket. I held it low by my hip out of the sight of the people below.

"I think you should let my grandfather go." I hoped I'd sounded more confident than I felt.

"How did you get in here with that?" The Minister demanded.

"Nobody searched me." I told him. "Tell them to bring my grandfather here."

"You would not use that." He stated.

"You know something of my families history?" I asked, hoping he did.

He hesitated then turned away and called down to the officer in charge. I was glad that the officer who had escorted us to the minister had known Bill, otherwise we were sure to have been searched. Or was I being paranoid. It was only natural that reporters would want to visit a minister at that time. Be more surprising if they didn't.

"Why are they shooting people?" Louise asked me in a low voice.

"My briefcase?" The minister asked in a low voice.

"Take us back to our hotel and there you will have your briefcase."

"The people you are shooting?" I continued. "Why are you killing them?"

"They are opponents of our government. They deserve to die." He spat over the low balustrade.

"You think you will loose this war." I stated. "That's why the money. Do they know about this?"

I waved my arm in the general direction of the surrounding buildings. The minister looked shaken. I wish I knew more about him. Would he be a hero if the opportunity arose? Would he take his money and make for the quickest way out of the country? What would be the quickest way out of the country if you were in his shoes? Perhaps it wasn't a bad idea we had left the bulk of the money in Miami.

"What would they say if they did?" I continued. "If we go you will get your briefcase. I promise you. Better still you can come for it with us."

"No." He almost shouted.

"I insist." I indicated the way back into his office with the mussle of my revolver. "If I leave you here you will have your men after us in minutes. Better that you come with us. Sit down."

I placed my hand upon his shoulder and forced him into his chair.

Louise looked quizzically at me. Bill burped like a sailor.

"The Minister will be coming with us. Back to where the others are then he will give us time to leave the city."

There was a knock on the door. The Minister called to come in and my grandfather and the officer from the shooting party entered. Two further soldiers stood in the doorway carrying their rifles at the ready. I was getting way out of my depth. It wasn't much of a plan to get away but it was the best I could think of.

The Minister would be after us as soon as he realised that there were only pieces of paper in the envelopes in the briefcase. We would have to go with him and use his escape route. He could have all the money for all I cared.

"Paul." My grandfather said rather weakly. "You shouldn't have come."


"Somebody had to." I replied. "Where's Roddrego?"

"I don't know. I told them that."

He seemed to crumble before me and sat heavily on the settee. Louise rushed to his side.

"I'll be all right." He smiled at her. "It's Louise, isn't it? What are you doing here?"

"I am a reporter." She said, brushing a hair from his forehead. "I wanted to interview you."



Ron had been rather sweet. He had brought me flowers. I arranged the last in the vase on the kitchen table and leaned back in my chair to look at them.

He was a bit clumsy in bed and very rushed. Perhaps he didn't get it very often. He had a strange wife. She was older than he was. In her early thirties I would have thought. They had two children, hers from her first marriage. She looked very angry all the time.

But he was big, down there. I squeezed the tops of my legs together as I thought about how it had felt to feel him inside me. He was very filling. I relaxed my thighs and scratched at my pubic mound through my skirt. I could feel my nipples hardening and a sudden gush of wetness inside my fanny.

He was big. It had felt so good sliding down upon it. It had quite taken my breath away.

I opened my legs and pulled up my skirt exposing my knickers. I pulled the material away from between my legs. It felt damp. I was putting on a load of washing later so they might as well go in with that. I could get a clean pair from upstairs while Shirley was in the bath.

I lifted my bottom and removed my knickers. I looked at the crotch before putting them on the laundry pile. I had been leaking. I dropped them onto the pile of dirty washing in the laundry basket and looked down to examine myself. There was a bit more. Seeping out of me. I collected it on a fingertip and examined it closely. It was slippery. I lifted it to my nose. There was no real smell. I touched it with my tongue. There was no real taste either. Maybe there wasn't enough?

I lifted my heels onto my chair and pulled my fanny lips apart. I reached into my bag and took out my small round mirror and held it so that I could see inside myself. There was some more. Dribbling out towards my anus. Strange that Ron didn't know that girls liked to have their bum-holes rubbed. Well, I did.

I collected the come and licked it from my finger. Slightly salty. Was there anymore? Not at the entrance anyway.

I thought for a second of all his little sperm swimming away inside of me and I hoped my pills were working.

I rubbed a fingertip along my slit then pushed it slowly inside myself. I lifted my head and closed my eyes. That was nice.

It felt hot and wet in there. Well, I supposed it had a right to, as it was only an hour before that Ron had been pumping his come into it.

Talking of which. There should be some more somewhere.

I was feeling really brazen. Sitting there fingering myself with my fanny spread open. It did feel nice. What would Shirley say?

I could hear her moving on the stairs. Reluctantly I pulled my finger from my hole, dropped my mirror back into my bag and sat properly in my chair as the door opened.



The Ministers car pulled up in front of the Hotel behind the first Land rover full of troops and we all climbed out. I walked close behind him and kept my hand on the revolver in my pocket. A second Land Rover pulled up behind us and it's occupants climbed out. There must have been a dozen soldiers in all.

The air was full of smoke and noise. Hundreds of people had been on the streets when we had left the Ministry building. We had been meet by boos and jeers and the occasional rock. The street outside of the hotel was surprisingly quiet. I noticed more bodies. I must have been becoming used to the sight of them, as it didn't turn my stomach anymore.

Four of the soldiers entered the building with us while the remainder stayed outside to keep the throng away from the vehicles.

There was still no sign of any staff but a group of residents were gathered together in the foyer. They clamoured for attention and information but the Minister ordered his men to clear a path for us.

"What are we to do?" One woman shouted in English.

I recognised her as the mother from the room across the hall. There was no sign of her husband and two daughters.

"We need food." A man called out in Spanish.

"Keep them from following." The Minister ordered his men.

That was better. I only had him to worry about now.

We took the stairs up to the second floor Bill and Louise supporting my grandfather. I didn't want to use the lift. There probably wasn't any power anyway.

The second floor looked as if there had been a battle fought in it. I glanced through the open doorway into the room opposite and saw the husband lying on the bed with his two daughters sitting wide-eyed side by side on the second bed. They were holding each other's hands. The man on the bed didn't move.

The door to our own room was open and I called out.

"Howie. Heather."

"Paul." Heather called back. "Is that you?"

I poked my head around the corner of the door. Heather stood facing me holding the sub-machine-gun. I couldn't see Howie.

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