tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18x

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18x


All events and characters are fictitious.

Copyright 2003 by PAUL C. All rights reserved.

Rubies are Red. Part 24.


I lay back in my bath and reached down between my thighs and pulled the lips of my fanny open. I could feel the warm water entering me. I followed it with a finger and moved it around inside myself.

The things a woman has to do after sex if she doesn't want to spend the next few hours leaking cum as she walks.

It did feel nice as well.

I pulled my finger out, conscious that the water was removing my natural lubrication and transferred it's tip to my clit. Now that did feel really nice.

I rubbed slowly thinking back to the afternoon. I wondered what it would feel like to have Paul again after taking Ron's prick like that. I could still feel it inside me. Filling me.

I rubbed faster.

I got the feeling Ron didn't have much in the way of a sex life with his wife. I couldn't think why she wouldn't want to have that inside her every day. I would. He was a powerful man. Big and strong. I knew just how powerful he was as he had thrust in and out of me.

I slowed for a second to allow the first peak of pleasure to subside then started again.

What would we have done if Shirley hadn't come home when she did? Could he have done it a third time? I wondered if he'd ever been inside a woman's anus. I could feel my own contract tightly at the thought. Taking him could hurt. Especially as I hadn't done it for a long time. Paul didn't seem to want me there anymore. Would Ron be shocked if I suggested it?

I could feel the pressure building inside myself again. I could see Ron's face looking up at me as I rode him. He was smiling. Then Paul's face appeared, he looked worried. Now Ron was back, that was better.

I rubbed harder. Keen to finish it. I gasped twice. There.

I relaxed in the warm water feeling the tension start to leave my body. Paul. Was he in danger? I wished he would phone. I felt my body tense again.

I climbed out of the bath, dripping water onto the bathmat and took Paul's bathrobe down from its hook behind the door. Could I smell him on it? I looked around the bathroom as the water emptied from the tub. I couldn't see any of his things. There was only mine on the stand above the sink. Only his bathrobe there.

A feeling of panic came over me and I suddenly felt very guilty.



Heather dropped the sub-machine-gun onto the bed beside her and leapt at me.

I tried to hold her, kiss her and keep my revolver pointed at the minister at the same time.

"This is my grandfather." I said to Heather as Louise helped him to sit on the bed.

He picked up the sub-machine-gun and looked at the minister. For a moment I thought he was going to shot him.

"Where's Howie?" Louise asked Heather.

"What happened here?" I asked. "A group of men came up the stairs. They were dragging women out of the rooms. They shot people if they tried to stop them." Heather looked around the room wide-eyed.

I could imagine what she must have felt like. I thought about the blond woman who had been dragged off the previous night.

"They came next door. We had agreed to keep a low profile but when we heard the screaming and the shooting Howie opened the door and fired at them. I don't think he hit anybody but they did run away. The man, they shot him. We tried to do what we could but it was too late. Howie kept swearing and blaming himself. Said it wouldn't have happened if he'd done something sooner."

"Where is he now?"

"There was more shouting and shooting from upstairs. He went upstairs to see what he could do. There was some shooting. He said I was to stay here. It's been quiet for a while now."

"There were people in the foyer when we came in." I said. "No sign of any other men. Will you look after the minister?"

I said the last to my grandfather.

"I'll watch him." My grandfather replied.

"Just give me my property and I will leave." The Minister said.

"When I get back." I replied.

"I'll come with you." Louise said. "Howie's my brother."

I was going to argue but the look on her face told me I needn't bother.

"Let's go." I said and led the way to the staircase.

I could hear voices arguing below. Some were speaking in Spanish and one in English.

I didn't have time for that now. I just hoped they kept the Minister's men too busy to come up and see what was keeping him.

I stopped at the next floor and looked slowly into the corridor. Two rough looking men lay dead on the floor. One had been hit over the head and the other shot in the chest. Somebody was crying a few doors down. I edged my way towards the noise stepping over one of the bodies as I did so. The sobbing stopped then started again.

"There, there."

I heard Howie's voice, speaking very gently, as if soothing a child. I stopped at the door to the room. They seemed to be bodies everywhere. A man and a woman lay together arms wrapped around each other. There were at least four other men in the room. Two were naked from the waist down.

Howie was sitting on the bed with his arms holding a naked girl. He looked up as we entered and reached for a revolver that lay on the bedside table.

"Paul." He almost shouted. "Louise."

The girl lifted her tear-streaked face from his shoulder and looked at us then burst into another round of sobbing.

"What happened?" I asked, stepping back and looking out into the corridor.

Other doors were slowly opening. People were looking out. "I came upstairs." Howie explained, gently passing the girl to Louise. "There was a man at the top of the stairs. He had a woman. I hit him with one of the metal plant containers. I took his gun. Another man was dragging a young girl into a bedroom. I shot him. I heard the screams from in here. They were taking it in turns to rape her. I'd picked up the second man's gun and just walked in and shot them all."

He spoke slowly, matter of factly. He might have been describing a trip to the shops.

"It was so easy." He continued. "I just walked in and killed them. I never gave them a chance."

"What is your name?" I asked the girl in Spanish.

Again there was the pause while she tried to understand me then she answered.


"Hello Maria." I replied. "My name is Paul and this is Louise. This is her brother, Howie."

Maria sniffed. Louise gave her a hug.

"I think we should be getting out of here." I said, looking at Howie.

He was turning a revolver over and over in his hands. He was muttering something.

"It was so easy."

It sounded like.

"Come on Howie." I said quite roughly. "We are going to need you to get out of here."

He looked at me as if I had just rudely awakened him.

"You don't understand."

"What don't I understand?"

"I killed them."

"And a bloody good thing too."

I looked around the room at the couple whom it looked had died in each other's arms and thought of the blond woman again.

"I didn't give them a chance."

"Come on." I urged. "Snap out of it. We've got to go."

Louise wrapped a bed-cover around Maria and I took the lead back into the corridor.

"Does anybody know this young lady." I called out in Spanish.

"I do." A young man said running towards us. "We are to be married. What happened to her?"

"You bastard." Howie shouted grabbing him first by the shoulders and then by the throat. "You let them have her like that."

"Howie." I said, pulling at one of his arms. "Leave him. There was nothing he could do."

Howie slowly released the man and started walking towards the staircase.

Maria started crying again. I thought it best to leave her there with her fiancée. Grandfather was right. You can't look after everyone.



I walked down the stairs wrapped in Paul's towelling bathrobe as the phone rang. I reached it half a pace before Shirley and held the receiver to my ear as I said, "hello."

"Jenny, its Ron."

"Hello, Ron." I said so that Shirley could hear.

"I'm sorry."


"About your friend. Did she see? Will she tell?"

"No, she didn't see." I lied.

There was silence at the other end of the phone.

"I must see you again." He suddenly said.

"Can you come here tomorrow?" I asked.

"No. I'm sorry. My wife."

Another silence.

"Can you come here?" He asked.

I did have Paul's keys to his grandfather's house. It was only an hour or so to get there. I could be there for five or six.

"I could come down. To Paul's grandfather's."

"Would you?"

He was almost begging. I could feel myself becoming wet. Too be wanted so much was very arousing.

"Yes." I said softly.

"I mean? You really want to?"

Now he wasn't believing me.

"Yes." I repeated.

Shirley passed on her way into the living room carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"About six?" I suggested.

He mumbled a hurried goodbye and the line went dead. I replaced the receiver and walked into the living room. Shirley was curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine on the coffee table beside her. The TV was on.

"There's a bit about that country where Paul is about to come on." She said.

I sat in Paul's chair as the presenter began a history of that part of South America. I wished Paul would phone. I suddenly missed him a lot.



"What are we going to do?" Grandfather asked as we all sat or stood around the bed.

The Minister we had placed in the bathroom while we discussed or plans.

"What was your plan?" Grandfather continued.

Everyone looked at me.

"I thought that the Minister must have a plan for getting out of the country." I said. It was the first time I spoken it out loud and it really didn't sound like much of a plan. "I thought we might make him take us with him."

"I don't think he will be too keen when he finds out that most of his money is still in Miami." Louise suggested.

"No." Grandfather said. "I think you might be wrong there. Once he gets his money he would be more than happy to see us all dead I'm sure. Whilst we still have it then we have some power over him."

"Why did he have the money sent over like that. I don't understand." I said. "He surely didn't think they were going to loose against these rebels. And wouldn't it have taken him a certain amount of time to gather these funds together. And some of the people in London must have known what was going on."

"You must understand the politics of this country." Grandfather went silent for a few seconds then spoke again. "You are right there. He must have known what was going to happen a while ago. We need to think about this. What if he isn't going anywhere?"

"You mean if he knew about the rebellion?" Louise said.

"That would mean the money isn't for him." Bill joined in; she must have sobered up at last.

"It would ease the passage of a number of officials." Louise looked at me. "If it were to be used to bribe senior officials or even Generals. They could make bad decisions about how they deployed their troops."

"They would not be very happy either if their money wasn't available." Bill was warming up. "I thought that it was a mistake to send the bulk of the army through the mountain gap and into the forests. But if it were to ensure a short war. They have been rather cleverer than a lot of people think they could be."

There was a loud rumbling noise from outside. The room shook. It was repeated. The room shook again. The noise was sharper.

"That is Artillery fire." My grandfather said. "They are shelling the city."

The room shook again. Pieces of plaster fell from the ceiling.

There was a sudden deafening noise.

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