tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18y

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18y


Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

All events and characters are fictitious.


Somebody hurt.

It was me.

I opened my eyes. The room was full of dust and smoke. Yet strangely quiet.

The building was rocked by another explosion. More dust and smoke.

I looked around. Heather's backside was about three feet from my head. It twitched. Then moved away. She was turning to face me. There was blood on her face. One little stream was running down her cheekbone. Her eyes were full of tears. I sat up and pulled her towards me and held her tight.

There was a rumbling in the background and a lot of hissing. I looked around the room. Grandfather was sitting with his back to a wall with Bill across his legs. Howie was staggering to his feet beside him. The beds were lying on their sides and Louise's head appeared from beneath one of the mattresses.

I heard somebody screaming. The sound of more explosions from outside. I closed my nostrils with my thumb and forefinger and tried to breathe out hard through it. My ears hurt as the pressure inside them changed. I repeated it.

That was better. I could hear again.

"Is anybody hurt?" I started to ask but had to stop as I was hit with a burst of coughing.

I tried again.

"Is anybody hurt?"

"What was it?" Louise asked in reply.

"The building has been hit by an Artillery shell." Grandfather replied. "Possibly two or three."

Bill was moving, sitting up by his side.

"We have to get out of here." I stated the obvious.

There was a high pitched whistling sound coming from overhead followed by the sound of an explosion.

I looked at Heather's face then ran my fingers as gently as I could through her hair. She grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away. There was a pained looked on her face.

"You're cut." I told her.

"Yes." She smiled weakly.

"We need some water."

I looked up at Louise standing over us.

"Are you okay?" I asked. "Heather's been cut."

"Let me look at it." She said kneeling down by Heather's side. I let Heather go and got slowly to my feet.

Another whistling sound overhead and another explosion behind the hotel in the direction of the government buildings.

I walked to where the French windows had stood, crunching over the glass on the carpet and looked out into the street below. There were bodies of at least three soldiers lying on the ground. All three vehicles lay covered in rubble. I could hear voices from below. People crying. Somebody was shouting further down the street. Further up the street I could see a number of people lying on the ground with others milling about them. There was a lot of smoke and dust in the air.

I opened the door to the bathroom. If he had been able to the Minister could have walked away though the next hotel bedroom. He lay half in the bathtub covered in bricks and masonry. I could see into the next room through where the dividing wall had been. Most of the floor was missing.

"Can everybody move?" I asked. "We have to get out of here."

I stepped out into the corridor and looked in both directions. It was empty of people but full of dust and debris.

The door to the room opposite still stood open and I crossed the corridor and looked inside. My stomach knotted at the thought of what I would see.

The two girls still sat on the bed with their arms around each other. Apart from a fine covering of dust nothing appeared to have changed.

"One of the girls looked up at me."

"Where's our mother?" She asked.

"I don't know." I replied. "She was downstairs."

The second girl, the younger by a year or so, sniffed.

"Daddies dead."

I didn't know what to say so I hurried to the staircase and looked down. I couldn't hear anything so I crept down to the first floor and listened again. There was some groaning and moaning and someone was crying. I went down the first half flight and peered around the corner into the foyer.

I heard a movement behind me and turned and saw that the two girls had followed me. Then the others appeared headed by Louise.

I slowly walked down the stairs into the foyer with my revolver held out in front of me.

It looked as if the foyer had taken the direct blast from the shell. There were bodies and body parts everywhere I looked. A bed had fallen through the ceiling above and lay half over the reception counter.

A soldier's rifle lay on the ground in front of me and I bent to pick it up. The woman's leg that was touching it moved as I lifted it. It moved again and I could look between her thighs and see her knickers. I knelt beside her and lifted the blood soaked arm of a soldier from her breasts. Her eyes opened.

She coughed and tried to sit up.

I helped her.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"What happened?"

"We think it was an Artillery shell."

"My daughters." She tried to get to her feet.

"They are fine." I assured her.


One of them cried out and I was barged to one side in their haste to get to her.

I looked around and saw Louise and Bill going to the bodies of the casualties. Heather supported my grandfather and Howie stood looking down at the revolver in his hand, he carried the small briefcase in his other. It looked to be fuller than before.

People were coming in through the hole where the front doors of the hotel had been. I could hear a police or ambulance siren in the distance.

"We must go." I urged the others. "There will be plenty of help for them now."

"Where will we go?" Heather asked.

"There is a man I know." Grandfather spoke slowly. "I saw him on Monday. If he is still there he will help."



The room was spinning as I lay down. I don't drink a lot at the best of times. Shirley shouldn't have opened that second bottle.

I could hear her bed protesting as she made love. She hadn't been expecting Matt to come tonight. Well he was certainly coming now.

I wished I knew where Paul was and that he was all right. The news that evening had talked about the rebels shelling the capitol with Artillery pieces they had either captured or had deserted to them. The position was very confused. All the experts had said how the leadership of the Army's Generals had been inept. Reports coming out of the capitol had spoken of widespread looting and rape. The President had appealed to peace-loving nations to come to his aid. Nobody seemed to want to take him up on that.

The bed across the hall stopped squeaking.

I shouldn't be-grudge Shirley her fun. It had been fun with Ron.

I turned onto my side and pulled the bed-covers tight about me. I wondered what we do the next time we met. I smiled at the thought of how his prick had filled me. I wanted it again. It or him?

It was raining.



It was raining.

The sun had gone done quickly as it did in this part of the world.

At least the shelling of the city had stopped. I wished we had some decent information as to what was going on. The odd radio news bulletin we had manage to catch as we moved through the city streets had been full of statements from the President about how near they were to victory and that people were to stay indoors and not panic.

A curfew was being introduced after dark. How that was to be enforced with the thousands of people on the streets from outside the city I couldn't think.

"We must stop, Paul." Louise said. "They need rest and shelter."

I turned around and looked at the others. Howie was half supporting half carrying my grandfather. Bill and Heather were helping the woman, Gillian. Her daughters, Mandy and Kate brought up the rear. I don't know why I thought of them as girls. They were both past that stage, in their mid-teens or a little older. It had been a struggle to get them to come with us. They had all wanted to stay with the body of their father and husband.

I shivered. The rain had lowered the temperature considerably. I sneezed.

"Excuse me." I said.

We were somewhere in the southern suburbs of the city. There were still a lot of people on the streets all heading towards the city centre. The fine, tall buildings of the centre had been replaced by prosperous looking dwellings at first and now by older, dirtier, more ram-shackled affairs. Some had been broken into while some were boarded up. There was a fierce-looking dog standing by the open door of one. I dreaded to think what he might be protecting inside.

Suddenly the streets were emptying of people. All of the houses were in darkness. The flames of a hundred fires that reflected back from the low clouds coloured everything a dullish red. It looked weird.

There was a low wall ahead and set back from the street a low long building. School. The sign above the door read.

"Stay here." I said to the others and walked across the rubble-strewn playground to the front doors.

I wouldn't need a key. Others had already been in there. Most of the windows had been broken and there had been a number of fires started. Still it had a roof.

I hurried back outside.

"Come on." I called softly. "We can shelter here."

I helped Howie with my grandfather and we led the way inside the building. I choose one of the classrooms at the rear of the school away from the direction the rain was coming from. I looked outside. There appeared to be wasteland beyond which I could see the high derricks and cranes of a docks lit by the flames of a number of fires. One by one the fires were dying down. Whether by human hand or the rain I couldn't tell.

"We need a fire." Louise said standing close to me. "And some food and water."

"All right." I replied. "I'll go."

"I'll come with you." She said.

I knew I should tell her to stay behind but I didn't really want to go alone.

"Howie." I said abruptly. "See if you can start a fire. Louise and I are going to look for some food."

Howie looked up at me from where he was sitting crossed legged, trying to re-assemble the sub-machine-gun. He had carried it in the briefcase. I hadn't realised that.

"Sure thing, Paul." He replied, continuing his work.

"We won't be long." I said to the others.

Louise placed her hand in mine as we walked back to the main street. Which way? Left would take us in the direction we would be travelling in the morning. Right went back towards the city centre. I could hear the dog barking at something.

"Let's go this way." I said, turning left.

At least the rain had stopped. The road was deserted and very quiet. I could hear a low rumble of noise from the centre of the city occasionally but apart from that we were alone in the world.

The first house had already been ransacked so we moved on.

Three more ransacked houses and we were at a road junction. The sign post gave a road number and pointed left to the Docks. To the right the signpost told me how many kilometres it was to the next sizeable town. There was a dirt track opposite that headed off into some thick scrub land.

There were some quite large houses on the far side of the road leading towards the docks.

"Let's try there." I suggested.

The first one was fitted with shutters that were locked closed. A car had been set alight in front of the front door and the brickwork was blackened by smoke. I tried to pull the shutters open but could get no purchase for my fingers. We moved around the side of the building then finally the back. Still no luck. Whoever owned this house didn't want anybody to get inside when they were not at home.

"Let's go and try somewhere else." Louise said.

She was acting a bit fidgety.

"Is there anything wrong?" I asked.

There was a few seconds silence.

"I need the toilet." She replied.

She sounded embarrassed.

"Just go the end of the garden." I suggested.

She looked at the distance to the end of the plot.

"Not on my own."

"I'll come with you." I gave her hand a squeeze. "Don't worry. I won't look."

"I haven't any paper."

I took my handkerchief from my trouser pocket and offered it to her.

"Here. Use this."

"You promise you won't look?"

"I promise." I said, taking her hand and leading the way.

The cloud cover above was breaking up and the moon broke through. It was a little easier to see. There were some shrubs and the far end of the garden and a small shed. The door of the shed was still locked. I threw my shoulder against it. Then a second time. The lock gave and I stepped inside.

I heard the hiss of Louise's piss from outside the shed then heard her grunt. She must be having a crap. I could do with going myself now.

I was dark inside the shed. I could feel a small workbench on one side cluttered with tools. My fingers closed around what felt like a chisel then a definite hammer. They could come in handy. There was also the pages of a newspaper. I could make use of that as well.

I stuck the hammer into my belt and the chisel blunt end first into a trouser pocket and felt my way back to the door.

"Have you finished?" I hissed.

"Yes." She replied in a low voice.

"Just one minute." I said stepping out of the shed and moving along the row of shrubs. "I need to go."

I dropped my pants and trousers and crouched with my ass in a shrub. That was better. I used some of the newspaper to wipe myself when I had finished. I pulled up my pants and trousers as I stood up. Louise had moved closer to me and only stood a matter of yards away.

I stepped away from my mess and reached out for her hand. She took mine and moved close. I placed my other arm around her back. She lifted her face so I kissed her.

As our lips parted She rested her head against my shoulder. We just stood there for a few seconds. I could feel my prick growing. So must she for she moved gently from side to side, rubbing her pubic mound against it. She sighed gently as I listened intently for any sounds in the darkness.

"We must get on." I said pushing her away gently, my fully hard prick was throbbing. "The others will be getting worried."

"The others?" She spoke in a low husky voice. "Of course. What are we going to do?"

I knew what I wanted to do.

"I'm going to try to break into the house through the back door. It might be our best hope of getting something. The fire out front might have made people passing by think that the house had already been looted.

"Okay." She agreed.

I rubbed my prick through my trousers as we turned towards the house. I glanced at Louise. She was watching me, smiling.

I suddenly wanted to fuck her really badly.

Instead I took a deep breath and hurried to the back door. It was solidly built with a heavy coat of varnish on it. I imagined it to be some manager in the docks house. It took me ten minutes to chisel out the lock. Ten minutes and two blisters. Finally the door opened and we stepped inside. It was dark. It took a few seconds before I could see anything but gradually I could make out a sink unit and a large table. We were in the kitchen.

Louise took my hand in hers.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Just a little frightened." She confessed. "It's very dark."

"Do you want to stay there while I look around?"


I placed my arm around her waist and she leaned her head against my shoulder.

"Do you think we will get away all right?" She asked.

"If this friend of grandfather's is still there."

"What if he isn't?"

I pulled her close and cuddled her.

"There is going to be a lot of fighting around here." She continued.

Yes, what if he wasn't there? What if we were still here when the rebel troops arrived? We could hardly go back into the city and ask the government troops for protection. One of their senior Ministers had died in our company. Other members of the government and Army were probably waiting for a share of the bonds with which to make their escapes with. They wouldn't be pleased when they found out that the bulk of the bonds were in a hotel safe in Miami. Then there were the women and girls.

Then there was my prick.

It was growing again. Sticking up hard. Louise pushed herself against it.

"We can't." I said as she pulled my head down to her own.

"Please." She urged in a whisper as our lips parted. "I want you to."

I could feel her fingers on my zip. My own hands had already moved down to her ass cheeks without any instructions from me. There was an urgency, a need in me stronger than anything I could remember feeling before. I wanted to take this woman.

I pushed her back against the table and helped her lie down upon it. She lifted her legs as I undid her trousers and almost tore them from her. Her panties came next. I threw them to the ground behind me. I pushed two fingers inside her, ramming them in and out. She cried out loud once then reached down between her legs and pulled me towards her by my prick. I moved forward and pushed it inside her. She moaned out loud as I thrust in and out of her. Her fanny lips gripped me like her fingers had a few seconds before. She came before I did. Just. I pumped my come into her then stood still, breathing deeply.

She gasped as I pulled my prick from her hole. I put it away inside my trousers and helped her to sit up. I placed my arms about her and hugged her.

We remained like that for a minute. Neither speaking. Just holding each other.

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