tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zf

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zf


Rubies are Red. Part 32.


I climbed into my car and locked the door behind me. I could really do with a cigarette now.

I shouldn't have gone inside the lodge. What if Matt was shagging Susan? It was none of my business.

And now that I knew what was I going to do with the information anyway?

Should I tell Shirley? That would probably cause more problems than it solved. But she was my friend and she had a right to know.

It was starting to rain. I looked at my watch. Shirley would be another thirty minutes. She might not want a lift home. Oh yes she would if I told her.

I could see Susan walking quickly away from the lodge. Her face looked red. She was looking in my direction then she was gone, inside the main building.

Matt was coming out of the lodge. He wasn't wearing a coat. The front window was getting steamed up so I gave it a rub. He must have noticed my movement as he was coming towards me. It was raining heavier. He stopped by my window. I wound it down a little.

"We have to talk." He said, rather breathlessly. "Let me in."

"Alright." I replied.

I wound up my window and leaned across the passenger seat and unlocked the far door. He opened it and climbed it, dripping water.

"You're not planning on telling Shirley, are you?" He asked. "That might not be wise."

"What do you mean?" I asked in return. I could feel the anger rising inside me. "She has a right to know. You're a bastard. Does Susan know about Shirley?"

"It's nothing to do with her."

"Of course it is."

"She'll still get what I give her. She'll have nothing to complain about."

"You can't keep them both on at the same time."

"Unlike you? I suppose?"

What was he getting at?

"You and Ron. You a married woman as well. That Shirley can be quite talkative."

I needed to think. I hadn't thought Shirley had told him.

"He's very big. She told me that. Do you like a big one?"

His hand was on my thigh. I closed them tightly. His other hand caught my wrists as I tried to push him away.

"Don't scream." He ordered as I opened my mouth. "What would people say if it all came out into the open? It would be the end of your marriage and I would suspect both yours and Shirley's chances of becoming a teacher."

I stopped struggling. His hand forced its way between my thighs.

"You would lose your job." I pointed out.

"I've lost jobs before." He released my wrists and started unbuttoning my coat. "I'll get another. Open your legs."

"No." I squeezed them even more tightly together. "You can't."

"You wouldn't want Paul to find out, would you?" He was looking into my face I turned it away from him. Where was Shirley? "Some home-coming that would be."

His hand was moving again, between my thighs. His other hand was feeling my breasts through my jumper.

"Come on." His voice was gentler this time. "Open them."

I needed time to think. I allowed my thighs to flop open. His fingers were on my naked thighs above the tops of my woollen leggings. He touched my knickers where they covered my slit.

"You're wet already." He said.

Damn my thoughts about Shirley earlier.

"Don't worry." His tone of voice had changed to that of a man coaxing a reluctant lover. "I'm not going to hurt you."

His touch was surprisingly gentle. He ran his finger along the length of my slit pushing my knickers inside me slightly.

He pushed harder.

"Stop." I snapped, pushing his hand away. "That hurts."

I was still sore from the hammering I'd taken from Ron the previous evening.

He re-placed his finger.

"No. I said. It hurts."

"That Ron must be big."

I turned my head away from him. I could feel it turning red.

"Let me have a look at it." He said, gently.

He had both hands under my skirt, pulling at my knickers.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked.

I wanted to cry. I shouldn't let him. I knew that. But I also knew that what he had said would be true as well. Neither Shirley nor I would be accepted as teachers if this came out.

Then there was Ron. He would get into all sorts of trouble with the church authorities. Then there was his wife. And last of all there was Paul.

Paul. What would he say? The stupid bugger would probably stand by me. Let's fight them together, he'd say.

"Lift your bum."

Matt's pulling at my knickers was becoming insistent. He'd tear them the way he was going.

I lifted my backside from the car seat. It hurt when the material was pulled out from where he had pushed it inside me.

He had them around my ankles then he was holding them in his hand. He held them to his nose. It was always a little sexy when Paul did that. This time all I wanted to do was throw up.

He pulled open wide my coat and lifted the front of my skirt above my waist. I could feel his eyes upon me. His hand was on one of my thighs pulling them even further open.

"Don't touch me." I hardly spoke above whisper. "Please."

His hand was on my pubic mound. Pulling at my hairs. Squeezing it. His finger was feeling for my clit. I jumped when he touched it.

"That's not sore. Come on now."

"Please don't."

His fingertip was slowly massaging it. Pushing it gently from side to side. I took a deep breath.

He was trying to make me come. Alright. I would. I had faked it for Paul a few times when I thought that it would please him to think I had come.

I started to breathe heavily. I lifted my backside from my seat, twitching the insides of my thighs as I did so. He rubbed faster and harder.

Despite my loathing for the man I could feel the pressure building inside me. The itch that needed to be scratched. I didn't want to come for real. He would have won. Oh no. I was coming.

I closed my thighs tightly about his hand.

He pulled his hand away. I turned my head and looked at his face. He was smiling.

"You liked it? Didn't you?" He asked.

I turned my head away. I was confused and embarrassed. That shouldn't have happened.

"Go away." I said.

"Not yet. I haven't finished with you yet."

"What else do you want from me?"

He wasn't going to fuck me.

"I didn't get to finish with Susan."

He was undoing the belt about his trousers, unzipping himself. I couldn't stop myself I had to look at it as he pulled it free from his underpants.

I looked down at it. It was already hard. Paul's was bigger.

"Come on." He said grabbing my wrist and pulling my hand onto it. "We haven't got long."

I closed my fingers about it and held it away from his body. If I was quick it wouldn't last long.

I stroked it. Slowly at first then faster. Then faster still.

"Slow down." He gasped. "Not that fast."

He placed an arm around my shoulders feeling for my breast. He groaned. Then gasped again. His hand moved up to the back of my head. He was pushing it towards his prick. I resisted. He pushed harder.

"Come on. You cow."

I adjusted my position in my seat.

"You'll leave me alone then?" I asked.

"Come on."

I lowered my head and felt the tip of his prick against my lips. I worked up some saliva and let it dribble onto it.

"That's good." He said as I used my tongue to coat it.

I opened my mouth and took the head of his prick inside. It didn't taste very fresh. That would be Susan's juices. I could feel his foreskin against my lips and tightened them about it. The head of his prick pulled free and banged against the roof of my mouth. I gagged.

"That's right." He urged. "Take it all."

I began moving my fingers around the base of his prick again. His hips started to buck. His hand was pulling up the back of my coat and skirt. I could feel the cool air on my ass cheeks. Ass cheeks he was pushing apart, feeling between with a fingertip. It touched my anus as his other hand pushed down on the back of my head.

I could feel the sense of panic I felt when that happened building inside me. I managed to pull my head away, fighting for breath.

"Don't hold me." I gasped.

He took his hand away and I lowered my mouth again. He was rubbing hard at my anus. His hips were bucking. I felt the first load of his sperm hit the back of my throat and swallowed. He was trying to get his finger inside me. The second load filled my moth. I swallowed the cried out. My anus was on fire. I was too dry. I tried to pull my head away and push his hand away at the same time. There was come on my face. I could feel it.

Then a blast of cold air as the passenger door opened.

More come hit my face. My anus was throbbing.

"Jenny. Matt. How could you?" Shirley was shouting.

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