tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18ze

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18ze


Rubies are Red. Part 31.


The cook smiled broadly at Louise and myself as he spooned our breakfast onto our metal plates. Every time I looked around the room while we ate I could see the eyes of the soldiers sitting at the other tables upon us. They were all smiling as well.

Louise's knee touched mine throughout the meal and I noticed she didn't lift her head very often.

I gave the inside of her thigh a reassuring squeeze part way through the meal. It felt soft and warm. I could feel my prick respond and hurriedly pulled my hand away. I didn't need a hard on at that precise moment.

We were each given a packet of dry rations for our lunches after breakfast as the kitchen stoves were switched off just after first light.

We were warned about moving about the camp too much during daylight hours but apart from that there weren't any other restrictions placed upon it.

Louise asked to have her camera back was firmly told no. She would be allowed to keep any rolls of film she had taken before coming to the airfield when she left. She wasn't happy at that. She had a brief discussion with the Commanding Officer about the rights of an American citizen, which she lost.

"Well. How are we going to spend the day?" Howie asked as we made our ways slowly back to our tents.

"I'm for taking a look at that airplane." Grandfather said, nodding towards the Catalina.

Having nothing better to do we all followed him.

Some half logs had been sunk into the side of the riverbank to give the plane a way up onto land. I could by the marks on the ground that it had used them many times. It was pointing back towards the river and a quick look showed what an ideal site this was for a flying boat to land and take off. The river widened just down stream to form a small lake. It didn't look natural somehow. But it would have been effective.

"We started having the river widened here back in the twenties." My grandfather said. "It was hoped that flying boats would be the way ahead for passenger transport. And for a while they were. Then after the Second World War land planes had the range to fly from continent to continent and seaplanes and flying boats went into decline. Although there will always be a use for a vehicle like this one. The air equivalent of a Land Rover. It can land just about anywhere."

He ran his hand along the side of the plane. Caressing it almost. He walked beneath the high wing and placed his hand upon the handle to the door into the fuselage.

"You've flown one of these before, haven't you?" He asked, looking over his shoulder at me.

"Not one of these but a flying boat yes. Crashed it as well." I replied.

"You did well to keep it in the air that long on one engine." Howie said.

"You did, Paul." Louise joined in.

"But I did crash it." I pointed out.

I always felt uncomfortable when people sang my praises.

"What's all this about?" Bill asked.

"It was just after my wedding in Jamaica." Howie started to explain.

"His wife was giving birth and Paul had to fly this aeroplane away from an Island we had stopped at." Louise helped. "There was a hurricane and I had been shot."

"Sounds like it was an interesting time."

"Oh yes." Louise smiled at something. I wondered if it was the thought of me kneeling between her legs, licking her to orgasm. It did restore her power of speak after all. So it wasn't just for pleasure. "It was very interesting."

Grandfather had already climbed aboard and one by one we all followed. There were two Perspex bubbles at the tail end of the fuselage. I'd seen pictures of them being opened when this type of plane was used in an air-sea rescue role.

Three banks of pairs of wicker seats and been bolted to the floor for passengers. There was a fold-down table where the navigator must have sat. It was folded up out of the way. There were three steps on a ladder up to the flight deck where there were two sets of controls. Grandfather slowly climbed up and took the pilots seat on the left.

"Come up here a minute please Paul." He said.

I climbed up and sat in the co-pilots seat. There was a musty smell in the air. I placed my hands on the half-moon steering wheel on the control column and looked around. I recognised all the major control dials.

Grandfather was pulling out some maps from a bin by the side of his chair. He was reaching further into the bin. He grunted with the effort then straightened and sat back in his seat. There was a smile on his face and a key in his hand. He inserted it into its slot and turned it. The needles on the dials in front of me began to move and some lights came on. He turned off the key but not before I had noticed that the fuel gauges read over three-quarters full.

"My friend said he'd leave the spare here, just in case." Grandfather said looking at me.

"That was nice of him." I replied. "We won't need it now with the Americans taking us away tonight."


There was a light of anticipation in my grandfather's eyes. There was no need for us to try to fly the aeroplane anywhere. We were going to be taken away by the Americans.

I looked over my shoulder at the others. They were all in the rear of the aircraft looking out of the Perspex bubbles. Louise's ass was prominent as she bent from the waist. I wouldn't mind standing close behind her at that moment. I could feel my prick rising again.

My grandfather was looking at me.

"She's a nice girl." He said.

I remembered our talk after he had caught me fucking Heather two nights before. I'd have to tread carefully.

"She is." I agreed. "I've known them both for years. Her and Howie."

"Oh yes." He looked straight ahead. "Of course."

I looked out through the windscreen and wondered how Heather was doing. Then, rather guiltily, how Jenny was as well.

I hoped she hadn't been worrying too much. The Commanding Officer had assured us that the message to our families that we were safe had been passed successfully. I wondered how her exams had gone. I hoped she wasn't too lonely. Suddenly I missed her.

"What are you thinking about?" My grandfather asked.

"Jenny." I replied.

"Good." He said then started telling me of the technical details of the plane.

Take off speed, optimum cruising altitude and speed. Then fuel consumption. Then the points of reference to look out for when landing. It was very interesting but hardly necessary.

"Get the feel of her." He urged, climbing out of his seat. "I need to speak to the CO."

He climbed stiffly and slowly down the ladder. He was starting to look every one of his seventy-five years. I worried for him. After my grandmother had died he seemed to lose all interest in life. He hadn't kept up his hours to keep his private pilots licence. I should have made him come with me when my father had made me keep up mine.

I did what I was told and remained in my seat familiarising myself with the controls.

"Can I come up?" Louise asked in her mid-Atlantic accent.

"Of course."

I watched her ass cheeks closely as she slid into the pilots seat. I could feel my prick growing and reached down and gave it a rub to ease the building tension.

"Pleased to see me?" She asked looking down at my hand.


She smiled then looked about her at the controls and dials.

"What does everything do?" She asked.

"Well." I replied. "Those are the engine throttles and that's the airspeed indicator. The altimeter is above that. That's the fuel gauge."


"There's more." I assured her.

"That's enough for now. Where did your grandfather go?"

"He wanted to see the CO."

"He went back to the tents."

"Maybe he needed something from them."

"There's precious little in them." She remarked. "Which makes it all the stranger."

She looked out of the window by her side. "Here he comes now. What's he carrying? He has the oil lamps from the tents."

The door opened and my grandfather passed up the oil lamps.

"Stow these somewhere Howie." He said and his head disappeared from view.

I looked out of my window and saw him pulling the chocks away from the wheels then release the rope that held the far wingtip to a large rock on the ground.

He climbed in, closing the door behind him.

"Start the engines, Paul." He said looking back out of one of the window in the door. "We have to leave. The CO told me they are moving out. He was worried about what to do with us but I told him you would fly us out in this."

"When did he say that?" Louise asked.

"No time for that." He snapped. "Come on Paul. Not like that. Pump them."

I turned the key and pumped the starter. First one engine then the second fired into life.

"Into the water." Grandfather urged. "Slowly."

I caught the sight of people running towards us out of one eye.

"Never mind them." Grandfather said from his position on the ladder between the seats. That's right."

We moved forward then down the riverbank. The plane rocked gently from side to side as we settled on the water.

"Open her up." Grandfather ordered. "That's right. Lift the undercarriage. Those switches. There."

I switched the switches upwards. There was a whirling sound from the sides of the plane as we began moving forward.

We were picking up speed.

"Watch the airspeed indicator." Grandfather coached. "More power. That's right. Feel it lighten. Now pull back."

I pulled back with both hands on the control column. The plane lifted then dropped. More power. Keeping the stick back with one hand I moved the throttle controls forward with the other. We were lifting now, up between the lines of trees that flanked the river and into the bright sunshine. I blinked and pulled down the eye shield in front of me.

"Fly this course." My grandfather said giving me a compass bearing.

I looked down at the one between the two seats.

"But that's in the other direction." I said.

I looked at Louise. She looked down at my grandfather and then at me.

"It looks like we are going Ruby mining." She smiled.



Was I glad that was over and done with? I supposed I would have to get used to speaking in front of other people if I were to become a teacher. I stepped outside. I wished I'd still smoked now. It was at a time like this I could have done with one. But Paul didn't smoke and I didn't want to if he didn't.

I wrapped my coat around myself and pulled it tight. There was a definite nip in the air. It had been turning colder. The clouds were getting lower. I wouldn't have been surprised if it snowed.

I looked around. There was at least an hour before Shirley finished. I could go to the canteen in the main house. Why ruin the weekend before it started? I'd eat when I got home. I still had to tell Mary I wanted to stay in the cottage for the weekend. There were only three more days until the end of term. Perhaps I should contact the college office and tell them that I wasn't coming back on Monday.

No. I couldn't do that. What about Shirley? She would need a lift. Not if Matt was staying with her she wouldn't. She might be on her period but there were other ways to please your man. And get something out of it yourself.

There was Matt now. He was heading back towards the lodge where he was living. Who was that following him? It looked like Susan. She must have finished her lesson an hour ago. What was she after?

I had nothing better to do so I followed in the general direction of the lodge. Matt had gone inside. He'd left the door open. Perhaps Susan was going to walk past the lodge out onto the main road and catch a bus. It probably was perfectly innocent.

There she had reached the lodge. She was going to walk on by. No, she'd stopped. I turned and walked down the alley between two of the classrooms as she turned to look in my direction. I stopped when out of sight and looked back around the corner. She wasn't there anymore. And the door to the lodge was closed.

I couldn't tell if she had gone inside or had walked on by and he had closed the door himself. Why would Susan be there anyway? He had Shirley. He wouldn't want her as well. Shirley did say he hadn't wanted to sleep with her while she was on. I'm sure Shirley would have given him at least a blowjob if he had. Maybe even let him have her bum. I knew she had done it that way from something she let slip one evening when we were talking over a bottle of wine. I knew Paul had picked up on it as well because I could feel his prick hardening beneath me as I sat on his lap. Shirley on her hands and knees with a man fucking her bum. I had to smile at the thought. More than that. I could feel myself becoming moist. Shirley. I'd never had a sexual thought about her in my life. She was like a sister. Her and Lynda. But then I had slept with Lynda. No, that was a lie. We'd gotten precious little sleep whenever we'd shared a bed in the past.

Shirley. So prim and proper. Elegant looking even. Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth Shirley. On her hands and knees taking it up her bum.

Had Matt already had her that way? Had he come inside her mouth? Shirley did tell me she didn't like the taste of it or the thought of swallowing. But she did do it for certain men.

I closed my eyes. Shirley had a prick in her mouth. It was Paul's prick. The mind can play tricks. Paul didn't want to have her. Well if he did he kept it well hidden. But it would only be natural if he did. She was a very pretty girl. Long light brown hair. It would touch her bum when she let it down. She used to wear it up under a shower cap when we'd shower at school.

The changing rooms at school. I'd seen her naked there. Many times as we were growing up. We'd shown each other the first signs that our bodies were changing. The slightly protruding fanny lips and the first signs of pubic hairs. The little buds where breasts were beginning to form.

What about Matt and Susan? Did I want to know? Would Shirley want to know if something was going on? Should I walk away and forget it?

My feet were moving. What would I say if he saw me? I knew. I thought Shirley had finished and I wondered if she was there and if she wanted a lift home. That would do. It sounded very plausible in fact.

I found myself walking faster. I was at the low gate that opened onto the paving slabs that led to the front door. I looked down at the flowerbeds and gravel path that ran around three sides of the building. Was it only that Monday that I had crunched around to the French windows to look inside at Matt and Shirley?

I touched the front door. It wasn't shut and swung open slightly. I shouldn't go inside. That would be trespassing or something. I closed the door behind myself and stood in the short hallway listening intently. I could hear voices. They were coming from upstairs.

What should I do?

It was nothing to do with me. But Shirley was my friend.

I found myself creeping up the stairs. Somebody was giggling. A high, girlish giggle. The one you give when you feel the finger inside you for the first time that session. There were two bedrooms and a bathroom. Shirley had told me that. The door to Matt's room was ajar. I crept to the crack but I couldn't see. The bedsprings creaked. I heard a girl moan out loud. The kind of moan you give as the prick enters you.

I touched the door. It opened slightly.

I could see between Susan's legs at Matt's prick as he thrust in and out of her. Her slit looked angry. Red. The door was still moving. It creaked. Susan lifted her head and peered over Matt's shoulder at me.

I think we both screamed at the same time then I was running down the stairs and outside.

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