tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zg

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zg


Rubies are Red. Part 33.


I pulled the control column back, turned the wheel to the right and pressed down on the right rudder pedal with my foot. We climbed slowly into the air then started to bank to the right.

"Stay at three thousand feet." My grandfather said. "Stay on course. I need to sit down."

"Roland?" I heard Bill ask. "Are you all right?"

"I just need to sit down for a bit." He replied.

His voice was suddenly much weaker.

"What's happening?" Howie asked.

"We're going to the Ruby mine." Louise called back.

"But why?"

"I must." My grandfather replied. "I need to find Roddrego. See what's become of him. Whether he has cheated me these last few years. I might not have another chance like this. Paul's father was supposed to have come out to fly us both to the mine. He broke his ankle so we managed to get Paul to come."

"Not knowingly." I said over my shoulder.

He said something else that I missed. It was hard to hear what they were saying in the body of the plane over the noise of the engine, even harder when you had to concentrate on flying.

I had to say that this machine handled beautifully. I looked across at Louise. Her face was glowing with excitement.

"I think I should head for the country along the coast." I said, leaning across towards her.

"Don't." She replied, placing her hand on my arm. "You heard what he said. This might be his last chance."

"It will make a good story as well." "Paul." She actually sounded shocked. "As if the thought would enter my mind."

I sat back in my seat and studied the controls. I pulled back on the control column and gained a little altitude. Not that there was anything to see. An unbroken expanse of jungle lay below us.

"I need a map." I said to Louise. "What's in the bin by your side?"

She took out the maps my grandfather had removed earlier and unfolded one.

"Grandfather." I called.

I was feeling a little miffed with him. We had a heavens sent opportunity to fly to somewhere safe and he wanted to go into the lion's den.

"Yes Paul." He called back.

"I need to know where we are going." I told him. "I can't just fly a compass bearing."

"Pass me the maps." He said and Bill appeared on the ladder between us.

"Give them to me."

"Are you okay with this?" I asked her, keeping my voice low enough still to be heard but hopefully not by him.

"Yes." She smiled back. "I've had more excitement in the last forty-eight hours than I've had in the previous forty-eight years. He wants to go to the mine. Well, let's take him."

"Where's Howie?"

"He's in the back looking out of those bubbles. I think he's still in shock. Over killing those men."

"Should you talk to him, Louise?" I asked her as Bill left with the maps.

"What could I say? I can't say I know how he feels. I don't. I've never killed."

I had. I thought I knew exactly what he was going through. I could see the face of the youth I'd shot the previous day. He had looked so cheerful. On a big adventure with his friends. He may even have just fucked his first woman.

Keep busy. That was the trick. Don't dwell on things.

"See if you can get him to come up here and map-read for me." I suggested.

She looked at me then leaned across and kissed my cheek.

"You are a very thoughtful man." She said.

Not about the right things. I looked down at the top of her blouse as she climbed down the ladder. She'd lost a button. Her bra was white. Her tanned breasts darker by comparison.

She was looking at me. Holding the pose for a few seconds longer than was necessary then she was gone.

I checked the altimeter. We'd lost a couple of hundred feet. I pulled back on the control column slightly and we began to climb again. I pushed the throttle controls forward to give the engines more power and listened to their changes in noise. My driving instructor had told me that. 'Always listen to the engine. It will tell you more than any of these dials.'

It worked for aeroplanes as well.

I throttled back slightly and the engines resumed their previous regular hum.

People were talking behind me. There was the rustling of paper and Howie was climbing the ladder and squeezing into the seat beside me.

"Don't touch anything. " I said as he tried to push the control column away to make more room. "Keep your feet off the pedals. See if you can slide the seat back."

He reached down between his legs and fumbled about for a few seconds. The he straightened and strained. The seat moved slowly backwards. I could hear the metal slides protesting. It probably hadn't been moved in twenty years.

"That's a bit better." He said opening the map out over the control column and panel in front of him. "Your grandfather is going to have a lie down. He suggests you fly this route."

I looked down at the map. Howie's finger was tracing a triangular route. First south of the divide between the first mountain range and then a turn to take us behind the next.

"We are heading there." His finger stabbed at a point on the map. "If we approach from the west there is a lake before some falls about five miles away. We can land there, tie the plane up and finish on foot."

"My grandfather couldn't walk five miles in his condition."

"I told him that." Howie was studying the map intently. "He says he can if we do part today then part tomorrow."

"He can be very stubborn and determined."

I looked back over my shoulder. He was lying down on some canvas bags and blankets in the rear of the fuselage beneath the Perspex bubbles. I smiled.

I'd have to get him there.

I checked the fuel gauge. It had hardly moved in the thirty minutes we had been airborne.

"These are the approximate headings." Howie said quoting first one then a second bearing.

I banked slowly to the left watching the compass needle. I settled the plane back on its new course and adjusted out altitude.

"I must learn how to do this." Howie said watching my every move.

"Quite simple once you are in the air." I told him. "Place your hands on the wheel."



"Don't tell her anything." Matt warned as he stuffed his prick back into his trousers.

I could taste his come in my mouth as I sat up in my seat. Like it was a spoonful of salt on my tongue. I swallowed twice. I could still taste it.

I opened my car door and stepped out into the rain. Shirley was walking back towards the classrooms. Her shoulders were shaking. I ran after her.

"Shirley." I called. "Stop. Wait for me."

She ignored me so I ran to her side and took her by the arm. She stopped and turned towards me.

"Well?" She asked. There were tears running down her cheeks. "What do you want?"

"I'm sorry." What could I say? If I told her why then he might tell Paul about Ron and I. "It shouldn't have happened. I'm sorry."

I felt sick. Apologising for what that bastard had made me do to him.

She took her handkerchief from the pocket of her coat.

"Wipe your face it's covered in spunk." She said, holding it out to me.

I did as I was told and offered it back to her.

"No thanks." She waved it away. "You keep it. And him."

"I don't want him." I protested. "He's yours. I'm sorry it happened."

I didn't have to lie about that. I could still taste him. I needed a drink.

"Let's go home." I continued.

She looked around. I followed suit. There were faces at the windows of some of the offices in the big house. Matt had disappeared.

"I think I had better move out." She said.

"No!" I exclaimed in surprise. "Don't do that. It won't happen again."

Not if I had anything to do with it. How would I explain Shirley moving out to Paul.

"Look." I pleaded. "I'll go down to Somerset for the weekend. Let's talk about it when I get back. Don't rush into this. Please."

She looked at me for a few seconds.

"All right. I'll stay over the weekend. I won't change my mind though."

I led the way back to the car and sat behind the steering wheel. I couldn't see my knickers anywhere. At least it meant I wouldn't need to explain to Shirley why I wasn't wearing them. It did mean, however, that the bastard Matt had kept them.

I switched on the engine and pulled away while Shirley was still fastening her seatbelt.

"Matt told me you told him about Ron and me." I said after ten minutes uncomfortable silence.

"Did he. He promised he wouldn't mention it. Sorry."

She was looking at me I could tell. I kept my eyes on the road ahead. I could feel a tear forming in one eye. It was running down the side of my face.

"What else did he say?" She asked.


There was another couple of minute's silence.

"There is something. What happened?"

"Nothing. I told you." I snapped.

I wanted to tell her. Tell somebody. "Right." She turned her head away and looked out of the window.

Let her. I needed to think myself. I could still taste him on my tongue. I wanted to throw up.

Neither of us said a word until we pulled up outside the house.

"I might not be here when you get back." She said, her hand on the door handle.

She didn't wait for a reply and opened the door and hurried to the front entrance.

I locked the car and followed. Inside the house I could hear her in the bathroom upstairs. I went into the kitchen and put on the kettle to boil. I should have thought to stop at the fish and chip shop by the pub at the top of the road. I wasn't going back for any now.

I took some mugs from the cupboard, filled one with water from the tap and swilled out my mouth. I re-filled it and took a drink. That was better. My mouth felt fresher now.

The heard Shirley flush the toilet upstairs and her footsteps coming down.

"Did you enjoy it?" Shirley asked, standing in the doorway.

"Not particularly." I replied pouring hot water into the teapot.

But I had. I didn't want to admit it but I had. He had a great sense of feel. He hit just the right spot on my clit to bring me off despite the soreness of my fanny and the fact that he was forcing himself upon me. And when I'd taken my head away part way through from sucking him off he hadn't needed to force me too hard to resume. I swallowed it all as well if Shirley hadn't opened the door when she did.

She opened the fridge door and took out the milk bottle bending from the waist with her backside towards me. She'd changed into her jeans. She certainly filled them. The seam was darker then the surrounding material and disappeared between her cheeks.

What was I thinking?

She straightened and threw back her hair. Her nose was thin and straight as if it had been sculptured from marble. Her eyes were red. She had been crying.

I turned away from her and poured some tea into the mugs. Without a word she handed me the milk. I stirred her mug and handed it to her.

"Thank you." She said accepting it.

She turned without another word and left the kitchen. I heard her sniffing as she made her way back upstairs.

I sat down at the kitchen table and sipped my tea. It was hot and almost burnt my lips. I blew down upon it then tried again.

It was no good. I didn't really want it now. I carried it back to the sink and poured it away. Turning on the tap I rinsed it and placed it on the draining board while I took the tea-towel from its hook beside the back door. I looked out past our outbuildings over our little garden to the fields beyond. It was grey and dull. Quite dark for two in the afternoon. It would be dark where Paul was. I really did miss him.

I would have a busy few days. There was Ron waiting for me forty miles down the road. Then the mess with Shirley to sort out on Monday.

Why did Paul have to go?



It was very dark. Hardly any moonlight filtered through the thick canopy above us. All I could see was the vague shadows surrounding us and the lumps and bumps of the bodies of the others as they lay beneath the blankets we had carried from the plane. There had been half a dozen in the back of the plane and grandfather had insisted we each carry one. Howie had made half a dozen trips back and forth from the bank in the end, carrying the others to shore and the blankets.

In the jungle the sun had disappeared long before it had left the sky above. I was wet. Cold and wet. Cold and wet and tired. The blanket made a difference but as the ground we were laying on was damp it was fighting an unequal battle.

The plane flight had proved completely uneventful. Grandfather had sat with me for the last thirty minutes giving me course alterations as he saw landmarks he recognised from the sky.

He had talked me through the landing and apart from a couple of bumps we settled onto the lake readily.

Immediately I could feel the tug of the water making its way towards the falls but he had pointed out a pond of calmer water by the rivers bank and I taxied to it. Howie had jumped out waist deep into the water and secured the plane to tree by a rope through the mooring hook in the nose. He clambered back on board and we had all eaten some of the lunch packs we had been given that morning. Grandfather pointed out that it was all we had to eat until we reached the mine next day so if we wanted to eat later in the day to save some.

We had already found some bottles of water earlier on the flight. Again my grandfather warned us to drink sparingly. It didn't taste all that fresh so we didn't need to be told twice.

We discussed our plans.

Grandfather wanted to leave Bill and Louise behind. There was never any chance of them agreeing to that.

I locked the door to the plane after the others had all made their ways ashore helped by Howie and dropped into the water and waded ashore myself.

I was still wet three hours later.

I heard Louise sneeze.

"God bless you." I said.

She moved closer. I reached out my hand and touched her shoulder then her breast and finally a hand.

"Are you alright?" I asked as she settled down beneath my blanket and I helped her spread her own out on top of mine.

"Cold," she mumbled through a blocked nose.

"Howie and I should have made this trip alone." I told her, placing my arm around her shoulders.

"Now you say it."

She laid her head upon my chest. I ran my hand down her back and felt for her ass cheeks. She lifted her top leg and lay it across my thighs. I tried to push my finger between her ass cheeks and feel for her anus but her trousers were too tight so I contented myself with her top-most cheek. It felt nice, firm but soft. And warm.

Howie's matches had gotten wet in the river so we had no means of lighting the lamps so they remained on the plane or of starting a fire if we could have found anything dry enough to light.

There had been a well-worn track beside the river as grandfather had told us that he had flown in many times in the past delivering supplies. And his friend had continued to do so for them when he wasn't in the country.

Most of the heavy supplies had been delivered by mule train from a town some fifteen miles further down stream. Recently that had been the favoured route and his friend had told my grandfather that his services hadn't been required for the past nine months or more.

Louise snorted. She was falling asleep. I reach across my chest and held one of her breasts. That felt nice as well. I slipped my hand inside her blouse and bra and felt the soft warm flesh. I felt her flinch at the touch of my cold fingers.

I kissed the back of her head. I was feeling better.

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