tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zi

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zi


Copyright 2003 by PAUL C. All rights reserved.

Rubies are Red. Part 35.


Louise walked ahead of me next to Bill. Howie and my grandfather led the way. I stumbled along at the rear.

At least I could watch Louise as we walked. She had a nice ass. High and firm. Even in her once white trousers that were now a multitude of shades of brown it still looked nice. Very nice in fact.

I daydreamed about putting my prick up her ass. I imagined how it would feel. Nice and tight, I bet myself.

Once her hand had reached behind her back to scratch an itch on one of her ass cheeks. She did it without thinking, I knew, but it had look sexy. I had felt my prick respond inside my trousers and given it a rub.

It had looked very sexy. That must have been what had started my fantasy about ass fucking her.

I wondered what had upset her earlier. Perhaps it was because I hadn't made her come? I would have done if he she hadn't started going on like she did and awakened the others. A pity she'd done that. I would have enjoyed fingering her and rubbing her clit until she came.

She was saying something to Bill.

I didn't catch it.

Bill was an interesting lady. She must be in her late fifties. Carrying a few extra pounds. Quite a few extra pounds if the truth were told.

Grandfather had mentioned that she had known my father. That must have been during the Second World War when my family had spent quite a lot of time in this area. My grandfather and Great Uncle Alistair would spend months at a time away from England and their wives.

I wondered if my father had shagged Bill. Their age differences weren't that great, only about five years or so.

Louise was older than me, two years almost and I went with her. So if it were offered I'm sure my father would have gone with Bill. He would have been about my age then.

I realised my thoughts were starting to wonder and turned my concentration back to Louise's ass cheeks.

Yes, I bet it would be nice up there.

I could feel the pressure building in my bowels again. I needed another shit. Should I stop the others and have them wait for me? No, there was no need to draw anybodies attention to it. I could just slip off the trail, do it and catch them up before they knew I was gone.

I spied a gap in the undergrowth and stepped through it into the jungle proper. The plant growth was thickest by the side of the trail where more light penetrated. Once through that the ground was covered with centuries of leaf debris and tangled knots of saplings waiting their turns to shoot up into the canopy above.

I scrapped myself a hole and dropping my pants and trousers crouched over it. This evacuation was like firing a machine gun through my ass hole. My hole felt sore when it finished.

I looked around for something to wipe it with. I scooped up a handful of leaf litter. It felt cold and damp. There was some insect crawling through it. I didn't fancy the thought of any of them ending up inside me so I let it fall.

My earlier crap had been much more solid so the need for toilet paper hadn't been so pressing. This was a different matter. Why had I swallowed that mouthful of water we'd had for breakfast? It was very brackish. Grandfather had warned us to only wash out our mouths if we had to.

I had given Louise my handkerchief to wipe herself two nights before. What was I going to do? Crouch here until it air-dried? That would take too long. The others might have missed me and started looking for me. That would hold them up not to mention cause them to worry.

I wished now that I had told them what I wanted to do.

I looked down at my underpants and trousers lying about my ankles. I could just pull up my underwear and have done with it. My anus was starting to itch. It needed scratching.

Trouser pocket. There was nothing in my left one and only my keys and some change in my right. I tore furiously at the seam of the left hand pocket. It didn't want to give. I took my bunch of keys from my other pocket, selected the sharpest looking one and dragged at the material until it gave. Putting the keys away I tore at the hole I'd made.

Finally the pocket gave away. I reached behind myself and touched at my anus with the material. It still felt sore. I looked at the material then dropped it into the hole, stood up stiffly and adjusted my clothing.

I kicked some more leaf litter over to cover what I'd done then looked about me. It looked the same in every direction. I couldn't see any marks on the ground to show the way I'd come.

Which way should I go? I looked about myself. I strained my ears to hear if anybody was calling my name. There were noises aplenty but none I recognised.

I needed to think. Was I facing the way I was going when I had made my hole in the leaf litter or had I turned around? I closed my eyes and attempted to re-trace my steps in my mind.

It shouldn't be this difficult. I must only be ten or fifteen yards from the trail.

I remembered now. I had circled the tree and crouched on the far side from where I'd come.

I stated walking away from the tree, through the tangle of saplings. It was definitely thicker here. I pushed on and out onto the trail.

I looked both ways, feeling the sense of panic rising within me again as, for a moment, I wasn't sure which way I was to go. It was so easy to become disorientated in this place.

I stood and thought for a second. Then turned to the left and stated walking at a brisk pace. Well as brisk as I could with a hundred plants gripping my feet at every step. Grandfather had said that if it were not used then the track would disappear for good in a few more months.

I heard some noises from ahead. The sound of a shot followed by a scream from Louise.



I turned over in the large bed and touched the body of the person lying next to me.


I moved closer rubbing my pubic mound against the warm buttocks that pointed towards me.

The body moved.

It felt different somehow.


I pulled back and sat bolt upright. Mandy moaned and turned onto her back. The light from the window, even through the curtains made it light enough to see by. Her eyes blinked as she opened them. I looked at the dial on the alarm clock on the bedside table.

It was nine-fifteen.

I threw my feet from the bed and putting on my dressing gown opened the curtains fully. The room brightened. I looked at Mandy still lying in the bed. I could see one of her nipples showing through the 'v' in her nightdress's front.

"Hungry?" I asked.

She sat up in the bed, stretched and yawned then pushed her breast, which had fully escaped back into place. My youngest sister wasn't a virgin any more. To tell the truth I'd thought she'd lost it years before but apparently not.

It hadn't been the loosing of it that had concerned her as much as the boy who had done it telling all his friends. Making her out to be an easy lay. She could feel them all looking at her when she walked into the bank where she worked each morning.

Then there were the other men paying her attention. More attention than she wanted. She had had to get away.

What could I say? I'd lost mine beside a riverbank in Northern Ireland. All my friends had been pleased it had finally happened. "About bloody time." Lynda had said.

I had been over 18 nearly nineteen when I had lost mine. It hadn't been as magical as I had hoped. But then it hadn't hurt as much as I thought it would either. I thought of what it would have felt like had it been Ron's prick. He would have torn me in two.

What was I to do with Mandy? I suddenly needed to see Ron. Feel his prick inside me. I couldn't tell her that. She would tell our sisters. No, I couldn't tell her.

"We had better see about getting you on a train back to Gloucester." I said, lifting my arms and stretching.

"Why can't I stay here with you?" She bleated.

"Because I have things to do."

"Yes, Shirley did say something?"

"What did she say?"

She wouldn't have. No. Not Shirley. Not even after catching me sucking Matt off like that. She wouldn't.

"She didn't think you were going to be alone. That's all."

"Of course I'm going to be alone. I'm waiting for Paul."

"Why here?"

Mary had asked me that the previous evening before I'd sucked Ron off then driven to the railway station to collect Mandy. I hadn't an answer then. I didn't really have one now. I should be at home waiting or in the apartment in London if they were on their way home.

"I wanted to get away from Shirley for a while."

It was the best I could think of.

"What did she mean when she said you might not be alone?"

"I don't know. Perhaps she thought they were on their way home."

"Oh yes. Can I have a bath or shower?"

She stood up from the bed and pulled my spare nightdress over her head. I had to look at her. She was filling out very nicely. Her breasts were already bigger than mine and her ass was more rounded. She still had some 'puppy-fat' about her middle but that would soon go.

She had more pubic hairs than I had. A much thicker bush. Paul would love it in there, with his flask and sandwiches while he was exploring. I smiled.

"Is there something wrong?" Mandy asked, inspecting her ass cheeks in the full-length mirror on one of the wardrobe doors.

"No. Nothing. You look very nice." I assured her.

I could hear the front doorbell ringing.

"I'll answer it." I said, throwing on my dressing gown and tying the belt as I hurried down the stairs.

I opened the front door and stood by the porch door. I could see the outline of a man through the frosted glass. He was smaller than Ron.

"Who is it?" I called through the door.

"It's Steve." Came back the voice of one of Paul's best friends. "Let me in it's starting to rain."

I unbolted the door and let him follow me into the house.

"Where are the towels?" Mandy called from the top of the stairs.

We both looked up. She stood there, naked.

"Sorry." She said turning her back to us and giving us full view of her back and ass cheeks. "I didn't know we had company."

"In the cupboard by the bathroom door." Steve replied.

Mandy opened the door, took hold of some towels and disappeared into the bathroom. I thought I caught the sight of some pubic hairs between the tops of her thighs as she moved.

"Who was that?" Steve asked.

I resisted the temptation to lift his chin back into place.

"My little sister, Mandy." I replied.

"She's not so little."

"No she's growing up. Are you still seeing Sally?"

"Hmm. She is. Who? Oh Sally. I see her sometimes."

"Does she have a boyfriend?" He continued.

"She did. She's come here to get away from him. Go into the kitchen and put the kettle on while we get dressed."

I left him standing at the foot of the stairs still staring at the bathroom door and went back upstairs to get dressed. Knickers and bra, jeans and a blouse and I was ready to face the world. I pulled on some white ankle socks and slipped my feet into my shoes. By the time I had finished Mandy was back in the bedroom.

"That's Steve, isn't it?" She asked, drying herself in front of me.

"Yes, that's right." I replied.

"I don't see what everybody sees in him."

"Neither do I." I agreed.

I didn't either. But a lot of girls and women did see a lot in him. Even Shirley. She admitted to me once that she just couldn't stop herself when she was with him. Paul's father must have had the same effect on her. To be seeing them both at the same time without the other knowing. That must have taken some nifty footwork. But who was I to criticise? I was in the same position. "He's making tea." I told her, trying not to watch her dress.

My thighs never seemed to fully fill the trouser legs of my jeans. Hers certainly did. They also showed the highness and tightness of her ass cheeks off as well. Mine seemed to hide mine.

She pulled on a thin v-necked sweater, without a bra and led the way downstairs. The kettle had boiled and Steve was pouring out the tea into mugs.

"What brings you here?" I asked him pouring milk from the bottle into my mug.

Mary phoned my mother and told her you were staying. My mother asked me to drop in and see if you needed anything."

"That was nice of you." Mandy said.

Steve turned to her and smiled his little boy lost smile.

"Oh it's nothing." He said had his voice dropped a key? "How long are you staying?"

"Jenny wants me to go home straight away." Mandy used her 'please be on my side voice.'

"But you have only just got here." Steve protested, glancing at me then turning his eyes back to the 'v' in Mandy's sweater.

"Jenny wants to be alone."

"Well, that can be arranged." Steve's smile broadened. "I could take you out for the day. We could go down to the pub tonight for something to eat. They do a pie and chips or a cold salad."

"That sounds like fun." Mandy said. "Are you sure you want to be here alone?"

She turned to me.

"I'm sure." I replied.

I wasn't sure I wanted her to spend the whole day in Steve's company.

"The pub tonight sounds good." I continued. "I would like to go there."

Steve looked a little down for a few seconds then seemed to brighten.

"That's okay." His smiled broadened again. "We'll take you. Are you going back to Gloucester?"

He directed his question to Mandy.

"Yes. I'm not sure what the trains would be like on a Sunday though."

"I could always drive you there." He said. "It won't take that long. Not with the motorway open all the way."

"Would you?" Mandy asked, excitedly. "It is a long way."

And I had a pretty shrewd idea what he would want as fare.

"That's alright. I like driving. Where shall we go today?"

It was none of my business after all. Mandy was certainly old enough. It might do her some good to go to bed with Steve. He was quite experienced. From what I had seen that time in the cricket changing room between him and Sally he certainly knew where to put his prick where it would do most good. And he had followed it up a number of times that night in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Followed it up very well from the sounds I'd heard.

"I don't know." Mandy replied, "you decide."

I looked down at the tabletop. I could only see one hand from both of them. Bloody hell, he was a fast worker.

"What about breakfast?" I asked.

"I've already eaten." Steve replied.

"Oh I never eat breakfast." Mandy chirped.

That was a change. Mandy always used to like her food.

I needed the toilet.

"Well I have things to do." I said standing up. "If you're not staying to eat then I'll see you later."

I headed up the stairs as quickly as I could without actually running. I heard them call there goodbye's to me as I closed the bathroom door behind me. I pushed my jeans and knickers to my ankles and sat down. Not a moment too soon. I let out a huge sigh.

That was better. Should I shower? When would Ron be around?

I undressed sitting on the toilet seat. Wiped myself and stepped under the shower. The waters struck my skin like a thousand needles. I reduced the pressure and adjusted the heat. That was better. I shampooed my hair then I soaped my body. I rubbed my anus then pulled my cheeks apart to let the water rinse away the soap. Then I pulled my fanny lips apart. They felt better. Not sore at all now.

I switched off the water and looked around for a towel. Mandy had used all the ones she had taken from the cupboard. She had left them in the bedroom. I walked out onto the landing, dripping water, and took a towel from the cupboard. Back in the bathroom I dried myself and dressed.

Breakfast was called for so I walked down the stairs rubbing at my hair.

The doorbell went as I reached the bottom.

I opened the door and looked out through the frosted glass. I could feel my fanny getting wet before I opened the porch door.

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