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The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zj


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Rubies are Red. Part 36.


I could feel his eyes on my backside as I led the way up the stairs to the main bedroom. A backside he had been holding thirty seconds before as we had kissed again after he had hung up his coat.

I could feel his need for me pressing into my stomach through his trousers. My own need had pressed back against it.

He had looked up stairs and I was now leading the way.

We had hardly spoken. One good morning and a couple of mumbled sighs.

My anus was itching. Did I really want to take him that way? How could I bring up the subject? 'Do you fancy an ass fuck?' Or, perhaps, 'I'm told that it is very nice to do it this way?'

I went to the front window of the bedroom and closed the curtains. I felt him close behind me. His hands closed around my breasts. I leaned back against his chest and felt his warm breath against my forehead, cheek and ear. I pushed my buttocks back against his groin, swaying them gently from side to side. He was moving against me. I could feel my nipples hardening. Oh, I could stay like this forever.

He broke the spell by starting to unbutton my blouse. Pulling it free from the waistband of my jeans. I leaned forward so he could get to the clasp of my bra then help him take them off. I turned to face him, unbuttoning my jeans as I did so. I let them fall to the ground and stood in front of him wearing only my thin white panties.

His hand reached out and felt the front of them. Squeezing my pubic mound. His other hand joined the first in feeling my fanny then in stretching the elastic of my panties and pulling them down.

He knelt before me I could feel his breath was warm against my thighs. I opened my legs willing him to place his mouth between them. He didn't. He stood up. He took my hand and led me to the bed before I could start undressing him.

"I don't have much time."

He spoke softly as I lay on my back. He climbed onto the bed, knelt between my legs and began to unbuckle his belt.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"We have visitors coming for lunch. Family." He was unzipping his trousers and pushing and his underpants down his thighs. "I'm not sure when they will be leaving."

He pulled up his shirt and jumper to above his ribs and moved above me. I could feel the tip of his prick knocking at my hole.

"You don't mind? Do you?" He asked, pushing forward.

It hurt, trying to get inside me like that. And I did mind. I wasn't there to just be used.

He was pushing again. I was opening to him. I couldn't take him like this. He was pushing my fanny lips up inside me.

"Hold on a second." I said, reaching down between our bodies with my hands and holding myself open with one, guiding him in with the other.

I cried out loud as he entered me. He was so big. I grunted and groaned as he stretched and filled me, pulling almost out to enter me again. I held his sides as he built up his pace. I looked up. I could see his dog collar in front of me. His chin, his mouth and his open nostrils.

I gasped as he thrust particularly hard inside me.

What was I doing? Letting him fuck me like this.

His strokes were shortening, quickening. It was beginning to hurt. I was drying up. He gasped as he came. I could feel him jerking inside me.

It hurt again as he pulled it out. Then he climbed from me and stood at the foot of the bed adjusting his clothing.

"I'll try to get over tonight?" He said, tucking in his shirt.

"Don't bother." I said, closing my legs, tucking them up and turning onto my side with my backside pointing towards him. "My sister will be here with me. She's staying the night. She stayed last night."

He looked about him with a scared look on his face.

"Don't worry." I continued. "She's out with Steve."

I watched him over my naked hip.

"I am sorry."

He did look so.

I turned onto my back again and opened my legs. I was going to give him a last look. I was determined he would never fuck me again.

"What about tomorrow?" He asked.

He rubbed himself through his trousers.


I felt sticky. I needed a bath. Wash him out of me.

"My sister will be here. I'm taking her back to Gloucestershire."

He looked at his wristwatch. His prick was growing inside his trousers. I could see its outline. Well he wasn't putting that inside me again.

I got off the bed and picked up my clothes.

"I'm going for a bath." I told him, holding my clothes in front of my body. "I think you had better go."

I could hear the sound of a car pulling up on the gravel outside.

"Someone's coming." I told him. "Go downstairs, quickly."

He was moving before I had finished. I pulled on my blouse and jeans, doing up a couple of buttons and tucking it in as I walked out onto the landing.

Mary stood at the bottom of the stairs. She looked at me.

"Ron told me he was here to ask if you had anymore news."

"Yes. He had to go."

"He did seem in a hurry."

"Have you heard anymore?" I asked.

"No. Not a thing."

"I was going to have a bath. My sister came last night. Boyfriend trouble."

"As long as that is the only trouble there is."



I stopped running. We didn't have any weapons. That shot would mean the others had run into trouble.

I stood still and listened as hard as I could. I couldn't hear anything. Should I stay on the track or leave it and try to make my way through the jungle.

I thought back to the panic I'd felt a few minutes before when I'd thought myself lost in it. Then the noise I would make moving through it. Then back to the feeling of panic.

I crept forward slowly. I could only see about twenty yards or so front and back and feet to the sides. It was very quiet. And hot. I could feel the sweat running down my spine. I took the Indian blanket we each carried from around my shoulders and pulled my shirt from my skin. The khaki coloured material was almost completely black in places where it was stained with my sweat.

There was no air here. No breeze. No noise.

I stepped from the trail and crouched low. I could hear something now. Something rustling in the undergrowth. Something that coughed which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and my sphincter tighten.

I looked about myself but the undergrowth was too dense where I was. I needed to move away from the trail.

I heard another noise. This time from the trail. The sound of people moving. Talking in soft voices.

The sound of the cough came again. It seemed closer. The footsteps had stopped.

There was a rustling from behind me and the sound of something squealing. Like a pig in pain. More rustling. More squealing. The sounds of laughter from the trail. Nervous laughter. They were moving away. Quickly. In the direction I had come.

The squealing had stopped. I stepped out onto the trail and hurried on. Away from the noise in the direction the others should have gone.



Mary had finally left. For a moment I'd thought she was going to go up to the main bedroom and inspect the sheets for stains.

I couldn't make church the next morning. No. I was taking my sister home.

Sod Steve. If he hadn't fucked her by then it was his tough luck.

What was I saying? I didn't want him to fuck her. I didn't want anybody to fuck anybody. Ever a fucking gain.

Except Paul. I wanted him.

I went back upstairs and into the main bedroom. I wished I'd put my knickers on. The uncovered denim was rubbing my fanny sore. I was going to have a bath. A nice long soak.

I picked up my bra and panties and looked down at the bed. It was a good thing she hadn't come upstairs and inspected the sheets. There was a small stain where I had lain. I had seen worse or better after a good night with Paul. I smoothed out the sheet and made the bed. It will have dried completely by the time I went to bed.

I undressed and laid my clothes out on the bed. Then I walked naked to the bathroom. I Sat on the toilet seat for a few seconds, then wiped myself.

He didn't have a bath in the house. He'd had it taken out and replaced with a shower a few years back. And I had used the shower earlier. My mind must be going. It must have been to go with Ron in the first place. And again, by sucking off Matt like that. What had I been thinking of? Nothing. That was the answer.

Then I would have another shower. I had the need to wash. Especially between my legs.

I stepped into the shower cubical for a second time that day and turned on the water. The first few seconds under the shower at home was always ice-cold. We were forever having to warn visitors.

I soaped myself again. Working up a lather with my hands and cleaning thoroughly between my legs. I rubbed my anus. It still itched. Paul could have me there when he came home. I wouldn't have to spell out to him what I needed.

The phone was ringing when I switched off the shower. I picked up a towel and went downstairs rubbing my hair.

"Hello." I said, picking up the receiver.

"Jenny? Is that you?"

It was Carole's voice. She was shouting into the phone at her end in America.

"Don't shout Carole." I said, speaking in a normal voice. "I can hear you fine. Have you heard anything?"

"Not for a day or so. Harve is pulling some strings to find out what's going on. They still have some hotel rooms booked in Miami. I'm going down there and wait for them."

"I wish I could." I said.

I did as well. To get away from the mess I'd made here.

"Why not?"

"What do you mean?" I asked. "I couldn't just leave here."

"Why not?"

"I would need plane tickets and hotel rooms."

"I have already spoken to Harve. There is space on tomorrows plane to New York. We could both stay at his hotel there. He has arranged for his private plane to take me down on Monday."

Could I do it? What about Mandy? Steve could take her home. I could phone Hudson in the apartment in London and stay there tonight. Or I could drive up and leave my car in a car park at Heathrow on Sunday.

"Well?" Carole asked.

"I'm thinking."

"This call is costing a fortune."

So it would be.

"Alright. I'll come."

"I bet they'll be surprised to see us when they get back."

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