tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zp

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zp


The Paul and Jenny Stories: Part 42.

(c) 2004 Paul C. All rights reserved.

Rubies are Red. Part 18zn


It was getting dark as we approached the lights of the capitol. Very dark. I circled to the north of the city then looked for the docks and the entrance to the river. Louise, who had been sitting next to me for the last two hours while grandfather had rested, left her seat for him to join me.

"What's the fuel like?" He asked.

"We still have a third of a tank." I replied, looking at the dial.

"This is a good plane." He observed.

"How's Howie?" I asked.

"He'll live. He lost a fair amount of blood and that climb didn't help." He peered ahead through the windscreen. "There is fuel at the old airstrip."

"If we land there they will arrest us." I said.

"Yes. They will." He agreed.

"But we will be safe."

"We have Roddrego to think of. He's not sure what the American's reaction would be if they had him. The government would promise the Americans anything so they could get their hands on him. It might take the heart out of the revolution. Then the rebels want him as the figurehead to rally the people in revolt. So they would give the Americans anything to get him back." He was right.

"What are we going to do?" I asked.

"I think it is too dark now to risk a river landing. I think we should land out to sea and look for a place to come ashore. The American fleet will have picked us up on radar and might come looking for us."

"At night?"

"They will have all sorts of boats and helicopters. Let's go as low as we can and maybe they will not be able to pinpoint where we land." I lowered the nose of the airplane until the altimeter failed to record and throttled back. We skimmed across the surface of the sea. The moon was bright and the stars filled the sky.

"That's right." My grandfather said. "Keep it like that. If we have dropped off their radar screens, it will have been a mile or two back by now. Are you all right to land her? The sea's calm."

"Here?" I asked

"Yes. We can taxi closer to shore, perhaps find a beach."

I throttled back a little more and the plane touched the surface of the sea. We bounced. I throttled back some more and we cut through the gentle swell. The plane rocked back and forth, as we came to a halt. "Is everybody all right?" I asked over my shoulder. I was meet by a chorus of yeses.

"Can you see anywhere we can moor or beach?" Grandfather asked.

I opened my side window. The noise, even with the engines on tick-over was deafening so I closed it again. "Could there be some fuel at the docks?" I suggested.

"Very likely. That's the beauty of these engines; they will burn just about anything. Getting our hands on two hundred gallons might be the problem."

"Where should we aim for?"

"I would think Trinidad," he replied

"We wouldn't need full tanks to get there."

"Just a hundred gallons."

"There had been some petrol pumps beside one of those buildings on the docks." Louise had joined us by standing on the small ladder. "Can't you use the radio and speak to somebody?"

"Who?" I asked.

"Well somebody." She said.

"Roddrego doesn't trust anyone." Grandfather remarked.

"Let's try it. I'm worried about Howie. He says he's very cold." She did sound worried.

"Alright, switch it on." Grandfather said.

I turned the knob and we listened. Grandfather placed the pilots headset onto his head while I shared mine with Louise. At first, there was only static crackle so I turned the tuning dial. Somebody was speaking in Spanish, then English.

"Come in." It must have been the end of a sentence. The voice started speaking again. It gave the registration number of an aircraft.

"That's us." Grandfather said. I should have known.

"What do they want?" Louise asked.

"Listen." I replied. The voice started again. It was a request for us to respond.

"Should we?" Grandfather asked.

"Please." Louise urged.

"Hello. This is the pilot you are seeking." Grandfather adjusted the headset and spoke into the microphone.

"State your location," came the voice at the other end.

"You state yours." My grandfather replied.

"I have somebody here you know." There was a hissing sound for a few seconds then a voice came on.

"Is that you, Mr. Wagstaffe? This is Major Peterson."

I recognised the voice of the officer commanding the American forces at the old airstrip.

"Hello. Major Peterson." My grandfather replied. "What can I do for you?"

"You shouldn't have taken that aeroplane." Major Peterson.

"Why not. I own it. Harry was in the employ of the mine for part of the year. We let him use the plane for the rest of the year to make himself a living."

"We were looking after you."

"But you were not helping my friend."

There was a pause. "Is he with you?" Major Peterson asked suddenly.


"We would like to speak to him."

"What is going on?" Roddrego asked from behind Louise.

"We have the Americans." Grandfather said. "They wish to speak to you."

I climbed out of my seat, climbed down the ladder to make way for Roddrego and followed Louise into the body of the plane. They had made a bed of sorts for Howie in the rear of the plane beneath the Perspex domes. He was asleep. Louise felt his pulse. She lifted her head and smiled at me. "I'm glad he's sleeping." She said as I helped her to her feet. "He needs it."

The plane started to vibrate as grandfather adjusted the throttles and we increased speed. I sat in one of the wicker seats opposite from Bill and Louise sat on my lap. I could smell sweat on her body and clothing together with squashed fruit and toilets. I must smell the same. Her hair was tangled. She'd have a job getting a comb through that. I pulled a small piece of twig from it. She turned her head to look at me so I showed it to her.

"I've got half the forest in there." She said ruefully. "I need a nice, warm bath."

"We all do." I agreed. We were quiet for a while. Then Louise left and sat in the chair in front. Grandfather and Roddrego were still talking on the radio. I leaned my head against the fuselage. It had been a long day.

"We're going to the shore." Grandfather called from the front jerking me awake. "I see a beach. Hold on. It might get bumpy." I looked at my watch as I heard the machinery in the hull that lowered the wheels clank into life and there was a sudden slowing of the plane. We lurched from side to side before coming to a halt. It was nearly two o'clock in the morning. Grandfather switched off the engines and the sudden quietness was momentarily overwhelming. I yawned and stretched.

"Paul." Grandfather called. "Take a rifle and have a look around outside. See if you can find some water."

"I'll come with you." Louise said, grabbing some of the empty bottles, which had once held water. I opened the door in the fuselage and jumped onto the sand below. Louise handed me a rifle and the empty bottles that I placed on the ground; she lowered herself backwards into my arms. I placed her feet onto the ground rewarding myself with a good feel of her breasts. I quickly let them go as my grandfathers face appeared in the doorway.

"Empty this before you go," he said handing me the bucket we used as a toilet. I walked to the edge of the sea about fifteen yards away and threw the contents as far away as I could. I rinsed out the bucket a couple of times and handed it back to him when I returned to the plane. "Don't go far and don't be too long." He said. "You will need some rest. We might have a long flight tomorrow."

I pondered what he meant and asked Louise as we walked along the shoreline. "I don't know." She confessed. "To tell you the truth it wouldn't bother me if I never got back inside that plane again."

"She's a lovely plane to fly."

"I don't care." Louise wasn't happy. "She's uncomfortable and noisy."

"Hello," I said, "what's this?"

"What?" She asked.

I pointed to a small stream cutting through the beach in front of us. There was a steady flow of water heading out to sea. I knelt, collected some in the palm and tasted it. It was gritty but not salty. "Fresh." I said over my shoulder to Louise. "Let's see where it comes from." We followed the stream away from the sea until we came to some large boulders. I could hear the sound of falling water.

"Let's see if we can find a way around or over." I said. There was a mass of rocks and boulders on both sides where there had obviously been a substantial collapse of the cliff face at some time in the past. I looked up at the cliff face and could see a fissure cutting into it about twenty feet from the top and a steady flow of water was falling from it. "Up here." I said to Louise and climbed a steep bank of sand and rubble. At the top, it was an equally steep slide down the other side to a small pool pounded from the bedrock by the force of the falling water. The water bubbled and foamed.

I knelt and tasted it. It was cold but clean tasting. I took one of the bottles from Louise and filled before handing it back and taking the second. I drank from it and refilled. Louise was kneeling by my side doing the same. "It looks inviting." She observed.

"It'll be cold." I assured her.

"Have we time?" She asked. "I need a wash."

"Ok." I said looking around. "It'll have to be a quick one."

She was already unbuttoning her blouse and unhooking her bra. In for a penny, I thought so I followed her example and stripped off. I looked at her back and ass cheeks as she leaned forward to remove her trousers and panties. Bruised, scratched and stained with fruit juice and other things, I glanced down at my own body. It looked much the same.

"It is cold." Louise said dipping her toe into the water.

"Best not to think about it and just get straight in." I said, pushing her from behind.

She screamed as she hit the water. "It's freezing." She said, floundering on her back.

I jumped in beside her. She was right. It took my breath away and I could feel my balls trying to climb inside my body for warmth. "Keep moving." I said, helping her to her feet and briskly rubbing her arms. The water didn't quite reach her fanny so I had full view of the front of her body. I rubbed her stomach then concentrated on her breasts. She began rubbing me in return. "Feeling better?" I asked.

"A little." She replied and looked at my hands on her breasts. "I think they are done now." I sniffed and moved closer to her so I could run my hands down her back and onto her ass cheeks. I pulled them apart and placed my fingertip on her anus. "That's cold." She said squeezing her ass cheeks back together.

"It'll soon warm up." I told her, worming my finger back between her cheeks.

At first, she resisted then she relaxed and I could feel her anus. I explored it gently, feeling the tight folds of skin contract at my touch. She had her hands on my shoulder blades as she did when we made love. I looked into her eyes. They were wide open and her pupils enlarged to capture all available light. She smiled at me so I kissed her. Her mouth opened and our tongues fenced gently. She moved closer and pushed her pubic mound against my prick. I could feel it responding, getting larger by the second. I pushed back against her. I could feel her nipples hard against my chest.

We kissed again, harder this time. I lifted one hand from her ass cheeks and moved it up her spine until I held the back of her head. I kissed her cheek and licked at her ear. She sighed. She rested her head against my chest as I moved my hand from her ass and between our bodies to her fanny. She rose on tiptoe as I rubbed her slit then pushed a finger between her fanny lips. I worked it in and out feeling her lubrication increasing then searched through her folds of skin for her clit. Her gasp told me I'd found it. It was hard, longer than Jenny's. I rubbed it gently from side to side. She threw back her head so I kissed her throat. I felt her legs open and moved my other hand to her ass cheeks feeling for her fanny lips from the back. She lifted a leg pressing the inside of her thigh against my hip. I felt her fanny lips open and pushed first one then two fingers inside her as I continued my movements on her clit.

She was beginning to breath heavily. So was I. I wanted to be inside her. I took my fingers from her hole and my other from her clit and taking an ass cheek in either hand lifted her from the water. She giggled as she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my back. I could feel the tip of my prick against her fanny lips and tried to manoeuvre it into place by bending my knees and moving my hips. I could feel her opening. I swivelled my hips. It was inside her. We remained unmoving for a few seconds then I began to move, thrusting with my prick whilst lifting her up and down by her ass cheeks.

She groaned into my ear and helped by lifting herself. I tried to quicken. It was difficult. I could feel her fanny tightening around my prick as she came. I kept on moving trying to increase the length of my thrusts while she followed my movements with her fanny. It wasn't working for me so I stumbled to the side of the pool feeling her come again around my prick. I rested her ass cheeks on the edge and pushed her back onto the bank. I lifted her legs and rested her heels against my shoulders as I began moving in and out of her again. Her eyes half closed, there was a smile on her face. I thrust harder and faster. She was starting to look serious. I moved faster still feeling the cold water splashing against my balls.

Her eyes and mouth opened as if she had been shot as she came again. I was nearly there. The end of my prick was feeling warm. I placed my hands on her breasts. She covered them with her own to hold them in place. Two more thrusts and I was there. I moved slowly in and out, as I came inside her then I stopped. Her eyes opened and she looked at me. She smiled.

"I enjoyed that." She sighed. "Thank you."

I looked down at her fanny as I pulled my prick from it.

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