tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zq

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zq


Copyright 2004 by Paul C. All rights reserved.

Rubies are Red. Part 43.


I rubbed my eyes and stretched. It was daylight. I glanced down at my wristwatch. It was nearly seven-fifteen.

I was hungry. I also needed a shit.

Roddrego was sitting in the open doorway of the plane, his head on his chest. I could hear my grandfather gently snoring in the pilots seat. Louise was curled up on the floor beside Howie. I could see no sign of Bill.

"Hi Paul." Howie said sitting up.

He looked better. Some sleep and some fruit had done him the world of good. He still looked pale and weak. He did look better though.

"I need the bucket." He said.

I didn't know how nurses did this for a living. I collected the bucket at least it was empty and took it to where he was struggling to his feet.

"What?" Louise mumbled then opened her eyes.

She smiled at me then at Howie.

"I need to go," he said undoing his trousers.

"Let me help you." Louise said reaching for his button and zip. "Paul, will you help steady him?"

We got Howie into position over the bucket.

"Sorry about this." He said as his bowels opened.

I turned my head away but there was no escape.

"There's no paper, I'm afraid." I pointed out.

"He must have something." Louise said. "He can't lie there like that."

"Wait a minute." I said and tore part of one of my shirt sleeves off. "If we wet this."

"Thanks buddy." Howie smiled.

I took one of the bottles and poured some of the water onto the piece of cloth. At least Howie managed to do that part himself and I heard it fall into the bucket.

"That's better." He said. "I'm hungry."

Looked into the seat where we had placed the fruit we had collected the previous day. There wasn't much there. I took a couple of the better looking pieces and offered them to him as he lay on his back fastening his trousers with Louise's help.

"Thanks." He said taking the fruit from me and, splitting one open with his fingernail, sucked on the contents.

He threw the skin into the bucket and started on the second piece.

"I'll empty this." I said as the second fruit skin landed in the bucket.

I carried it the open doorway and shook Roddrego gently on the shoulder to awaken him.

He lifted his head and snorted.

"Did you see which way Bill went?" I asked as I dropped to the ground.

"No." He replied, handing me down the bucket.

Louise followed me down onto the ground.

"I need to." She said in a low voice.

"So do I." I replied, throwing the contents of the bucket out to sea and rinsing it in the surf.

I handed the bucket up to Roddrego.

"Were off to do something." I told him. "We won't be long."

He nodded and I saw him head inside the plane in the direction of my grandfather.

I could see Bill coming around the headland from the direction of the freshwater pool. She was carrying a rifle and a water bottle.

"I thought I'd fill this while I was out." She said as we met.

"You didn't find anything to eat I suppose?" Louise asked.

"No." Bill smiled ruefully. "I can't see any place we can climb out of here either."

A movement out to sea caught my eye.

"What are you looking at?" Louise asked as I shielded my eyes with my hand for a better look.

"Can't make it out." I replied. "It might be a passing ship."

I could feel the pressure building in my bowels.

"We had best get on." I said to Bill. "We won't be long."

I started off in the direction of the pool with Louise by my side.

"You go that side," I said, pointing to the boulders on the far side of the stream, "and I'll go this."

I quickly scrapped out a shallow hole in the sand, dropped my pants and trousers and crouched above it. The fruit I had eaten the previous day had certainly done its stuff to my insides. I needed something to clean up with afterwards. I tore off the remains of my sleeve, tore it again into strips and used two of those.

I looked out to sea as I stood up and dressed. There were three, no four black dots on the horizon. They were coming closer. They weren't very big.

I crossed the stream with a jump and walked to where I imagined Louise to be.

I could see her. Still crouching. She saw me and waved me away.

"Go away." She called.

Women can be funny.

I turned my back. My stomach gurgled. I was hungry. I could do with a drink as well. I crouched where the stream appeared from beneath a boulder and scooped up a palm full of water. I had some more. Then some more. That felt better.

I stood up and looked towards Louise. She had her back to me and was doing up her trousers. I walked over to her. She stood still as she heard me approaching so I moved in close and placed my hands upon her breasts.

"Do you think we should?" She asked as I unbuttoned the few buttons that remained on her blouse.

"If you want to." I said, pulling her blouse from her trouser top.

"What if someone comes?"

"Nobody else is going to walk down here." I assured her, undoing her trousers.

They needed help o get past her thighs so I knelt behind her and pulled them to the ground. I pulled her panties down next. She didn't say a word. I felt her ass cheeks then pulled them apart. I could smell her. All of her. I kissed the bottom of her spine then each ass cheek in turn.

My prick was hardening inside my trousers so I took off my gun belt and undid them, pushing them down to my knees together with my underpants.

"Will you kneel down?" I asked, nuzzling her ass cheeks and holding her by the hips.

"If you want me to." She replied and dropped to her knees before me leaning forward and offering up her ass cheeks.

I shuffled closer, feeling between her thighs for her fanny lips and holding them open as I placed the tip of my prick between them. I heard her grunt then gasp as I pushed my prick inside her. Women are funny. Only a little over twenty-four hours before she'd been upset because I'd fucked her from behind and now here she was letting me have her doggy fashion.

Now wasn't the time to bring that up. I pulled it almost out then pushed it back inside. It felt good so I did it again. And again. So good. Too good. I was coming.

I remained kneeling, still joined to her as I finished coming then I pulled it out. I stood up and pulled up my pants and trousers.

I looked at her as she dressed. She was right in what she had said the day before. She could have been nearly anybody at that moment. If she had been Heather I would have done the same thing.

Her face was flushed as she stood before me.

I kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Let's get back before we are missed." I suggested.

What was I to do about Louise and Heather? Grandfather and Roddrego had said something about us flying to the Virgin Islands so that Roddrego could address his people by radio. Perhaps he was going to be a statesman after all and broker some sort of cease-fire before the hostilities started up again. The Virgin Islands seemed a little far to me but local radio stations were prone to jamming from both sides and the surrounding countries didn't want to be seen taking sides until they knew who the winner was going to be.

Whatever happened I could be home in a matter of days once we were in Miami. There was of course the matter of some fifteen hundred miles to fly. Apparently Roddrego had insisted that we fly on to Miami. Repeating history, he said. He had been flown out by my grandfather when he had been forced to flee with his parents in nineteen twenty and now my grandfather was going to fly him out again this time to regain what he considered to be his birthright. If I could get to Miami then home then I'd be safe. I wondered if I could persuade Jenny to come away with me for a few days. Just to be alone with her would help me sort things out in my mind.

Oh, why was it that every time a girl opened her legs in front of me I had to fill her?

We turned the headland and could see the plane ahead of us. And a lot more. There were four flat-bottomed boat pulled up on the beach. I could see men in army uniforms standing on the wings of the plane filling the tanks with fuel that was being passed up to them by others below. Grandfather, Roddrego and Bill were sitting on the sand. They were eating.

"They're eating." I said.

"Let's run." Louise gasped breaking into a trot.

I followed suit, feeling the revolver banging against my thigh.

"Mr Wagstaffe and Miss Wolfenstein." Major Peterson said as we stopped before him. "Just in time for breakfast."

I couldn't speak so I dropped to the ground and hungrily accepted the plate of rice and meat in a thick sauce slightly reminiscent of stroganoff. Louise was sitting by my side. I should have waited for her really.

I finished and burped.

"We've put some tins on board Major." A sergeant reported. "And water."

He looked down at my gun belt.

"I'll trouble you for your weapon. Mr Wagstaffe." Major Peterson said. "We can't have you invading United States territory armed. Help yourself to some more."

I handed over my gun belt and did so while the others talked. I hadn't realised just how hungry I was. I lay back on the sand when I had finished. This was the way to start your day. Some good food and a good fuck.



I turned over in my bed and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It was four-thirty. I got out of bed and visited the toilet then I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on. It was no good I just couldn't sleep.

The plane didn't leave until three in the afternoon. What was I going to do until then?

I made myself a cup of tea and carried it into the lounge. There was a three in one music/tape/radio centre on the sideboard so I switched on the radio and found the world service of the BBC.

There was a news round-up programme on. There was unrest in a dozen countries and out-right war in ten. The Russians and Americans were holding high-level meetings, as were the French and Germans. Nobody was interested in what we had to say anymore.

I heard Roddrego's name. Apparently he would be addressing all the peoples of his country later today. I hoped that meant all the others were safe as well.

The cease-fire was holding the commentator said. It was as if both sides had run out of ideas. Some former General told how hard it was to fight major actions in the middle of jungles and how difficult were the logistics. They were silly to start it then.

I sipped my tea. I wondered what Paul was doing. Probably soaking up the sun on some beach if I knew him. I should really talk to Shirley before I left. Should I tell her I only sucked Matt off so we could keep our places at training college? Would she believe me? What if he were back with her? No. That wasn't likely as she was on her period. My own was due to start in four days. I'd best keep taking the pill and postpone it for a week or so. But that would mean I was on over Christmas.

I'd let Paul make that decision.

It was a pity we didn't have the time to go away together for a few days. Nowhere fancy. Perhaps just stay here. We could go a see a show. Stay in bed for hours in the morning. He could drink some beer at lunchtime in a pub. We could be tourists. Go and see the Tower of London.

We were due to visit his parents over Christmas and mine over New Year. W would have three or four days to ourselves in-between. I was supposed to use it to move my things down to Paul's grandfathers house where I would be staying whilst I worked in the village school. Paul could stay there with me and drive up to Bristol to work each day. I could let Shirley borrow my car so she could stay at the house.

It could all work out very nicely especially if Roland went to stay in his Spanish Villa. I loved his house. Paul had spent a lot of his childhood there. I knew he regarded it more as his home than his parent's house in Taunton.

Yes. I would like to live there when Roland passed away. Not that I wished him dead. Perish the thought. But it was a lovely house and it could be made even nicer. I remembered the evening Paul and I had sat around the kitchen table making plans. Paul had drawn a plan of what he wanted. A room for a full size piano. Two or three extra bedrooms. I questioned him closely about how many children he was expecting to have and he had shown me how he was intending to make them.

Afterwards we had decided on a larger drawing room and a proper dining room. And we would throw in an extra bathroom or two.

I'd enjoyed that evening. Just the two of us being silly making plans. Paul had enjoyed showing me how he intended making babies. So much so that he showed me again when we had gone to bed.

I missed him so much.

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