The Perfect Game

byTx Tall Tales©

The game moved along smoothly, with few questions and no need to review the rules. We'd already been around the whole group about 5 times, and we all got three Color cards pretty quick. Only a few of the 'penalties' were doled out, several drinking challenges (which made up almost a third of the early challenges) one declined penalty involving fingers and noses, a personal question ("When was the last time you peed your pants!") and a silly act, ("Bark like a dog."). The game wasn't taking long, with a large number of the Challenges being word types, and either answered or not in just a few seconds.

On Denise's next turn, she went for an Impersonation and failed on Tom Selleck. Her penalty was the first that was moderately interesting: she had to spin the wheel to select a 'master'. She was a dog and the master had to scratch her belly. Her spin landed on Cheryl. She good-naturedly took up her role on the floor, and Cheryl kneeled down beside her and rubbed her belly. Denise was wearing a loose T-shirt, and as she started kicking her leg out like dog getting scratched Cheryl really got into her part.

"Good girl, that's right, good girl. Momma loves her little puppy, oh yeah." As she rubbed, her hand slipped under the t-shirt caressing Denise's belly. Denise started panting like a dog. "Such a good girl, oh yes. You like that don't you? I know you do. I know what you like. Good girl. Momma's good girl."

It was all supposed to be pretty innocent, but I was pretty damn sure that I'd gotten confirmation that Denise was not wearing any panties under her shorts. It was enough to get my blood flowing. Dave called time after 60 seconds. With a laugh Denise rolled over onto all fours, and started back towards her seat, Cheryl gave her a pat on the rump like a dog, and Dave, Beth and I applauded their efforts. Denise was smiling a big silly grin, while simultaneously blushing.

We answered a few more questions, and after some sketching and miming, Dave failed on his Trivia question. He had to tell us about his first hot kiss, in detail. He didn't fail to deliver.

"I was 14," he started, "and visiting with my cousins Virginia and Patty, and my cousin John. The girls were about two to three years older than us, and had just gotten home from a party where there had been some drinking and they were both pretty drunk.

"We were in the basement, with the house to ourselves; the parents were all at my Uncle's across the street. The subject turned to games and the girls showed us how to play spin-the-bottle. They laughed at our feeble attempts at kissing, then turned down the lights, and gave us a lesson in French kissing. We took turns with the two girls for over an hour. I fell in love with Patty that night; she even let me put my hand in her shirt and feel her breasts. I swear I carried a torch for that girl for years." He finished with a far-off look in his eyes.

"Don't kid yourself," Denise chimed in, "you're still in love with her, and everyone in the family knows it!"

We all laughed at Dave's expense, and continued play. A few more rounds, some more silliness including prank calls, play-acting, and of course more drinking, and we were nearly through the deck. We'd been playing almost an hour and a half, and the time was flying, everyone appeared to be having a great time. We had tried all the various types of puzzles, including a couple of "mystery" challenges, one of which had to do with humming a tune and another that was a word jumble. No one was feeling any pain by now and we'd gone through at least three more drinks each just getting this far. Beth had been drinking pretty hard, and mixing. She was new to drinking, and I encouraged her to slow down. Luckily the frozen drinks weren't too strong up until that point.


The deck was down to less than a dozen cards when Beth commented that it was probably time to shuffle in some more. I grabbed the next set, which included several more "intimate" penalty cards, still nothing even remotely naughty, but involving more personal interaction and some kissing.

Most of us had 4 colors at this time, but it was getting harder to get the colors we needed, when we ran out of cards. I passed the Challenge add-in deck to Dave, and kept the Payoff decks to myself. As we shuffled in the new decks, I pointed out that the Payoff deck was labeled "TEASER", and that I wasn't sure what the name stood for. I added a few more specials to the deck and shuffled them all together. Drinks were refilled once more, as well as a couple of potty breaks taken, and then we started back to play on Beth's turn.

Beth completed her challenge, and drew her card. It wasn't a color she needed, but I saw her read the penalty with interest and a quirky smile before finally discarding the card.

Cheryl failed her Word Meaning question, and had to massage the shoulders of someone not her partner, for one round. For a second I thought Denise was going to get the massage, since she was so accessible next to her on the couch, but Cheryl passed by her and went to Dave. She stood behind his chair while we played the next four turns, paying off her card. He got a fairly good rub, nothing too titillating but nice none-the-less. Denise and I both got our 5th colors that round, and we were starting to distance ourselves. Beth and Cheryl still only had four, and Dave only had three.

Dave almost wrecked a table with a somersault challenge, and I decided to pass on a 'foot-licking' penalty and had to confess that the wildest sex I ever had was in a busy public park, under a footbridge, while people walked by overhead. Cheryl turned bright red, and everyone guessed who my partner had been. There was a general clamor for me to provide more details. Beth offered to give me the "Chicken-Out" she had, since she was NEVER going to use one, if I would tell some details. I looked to Cheryl, who to my great surprise nodded her assent.

"Ok, I was horny as hell, and suggested that my 'friend' and I slip under the bridge. We had only been intimate for a short while, and she was undoubtedly the sexiest, hottest person I had ever been with. She agreed, bless her heart, and when no one was in sight, we scrambled down an embankment, and under the bridge. It was pretty private; someone would have to leave the path and scramble through the woods to see us. I just lifted up my 'friend's' skirt, pulled her underwear completely off and put them in my pocket. She bent over at the waist, and what I thought would be a two-minute wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am became a 10 minute protracted pounding with an incredible blow-job finish." I smiled realizing the several 'drink' challenges must be doing their job, as I was feeling little pain, and probably said a little more than I should have.

We were missing more challenges now, and we were choosing more questions than actions. Dave and Cheryl both drank, Dave having to 'finish' his drink. Denise pulled a challenge, and hesitated.

"So what is it?" Cheryl asked.

"Kiss someone, not my partner." She confessed, looking up.

"C'mon, that's not so bad is it? Just come here and give me a kiss on the cheek." I offered. "I'm not that scary, am I?"

She laughingly came over and leaned over to give me a kiss. I turned my face away offering her my cheek, but as she slowly leaned down, at the last second I spun my head around and caught her lips with mine. Her head snapped back in surprise, and we all laughed. She smacked me on the shoulder, but gave a good-natured laugh as well.

Dave got a challenge and had to remove Beth's shoes and rub her feet. Not too difficult a time, since she wasn't wearing any, having shed hers as she entered. He did an artful job but I don't think anyone missed the growing lump in his shorts. I think that Denise got a little irritated at that one. I realized that pretty soon we'd be removing pieces of clothing, and I did a private mental inventory.

Beth, beside me, was dressed in tight jeans, a simple school T-shirt, and socks. I could see she was wearing a bra. I had to assume she had on panties as well.

Cheryl I knew was wearing a sleeveless scoop-neck tee, baggy shorts, panties, and slippers. She'd passed on the bra earlier, which I was hoping might have some interesting consequences. Her long hair was pulled pack in a ponytail.

On the couch beside me Denise was outfitted in t-shirt and gym shorts that showed a lot of leg, and some big fuzzy slippers. I still hadn't verified it, but I was pretty sure there wasn't a whole lot on under that.

Dave was dressed similar to me, in shorts, shirt, and socks, no shoes. I would have hazarded a guess that he was also wearing underwear.

Denise got lucky and pulled her sixth color on her turn after sketching a steer. The picture she was drawing got a little graphic when everyone kept yelling cow and she added on his naughty bits.

I pulled a penalty, pretty much on purpose, and I was wondering if anyone else was doing that. When I drew my card I pulled the Judge off the bottom of the deck, where I'd placed it earlier. It allowed me to set the card aside, and draw again for my real penalty. I had to kiss my partner, but I had to spin to see where. Cheryl was standing in front of me doing a little pirouette, while I spun. Wouldn't you know I had to kiss her butt? It wasn't really an awful chore, but again, probably the raciest thing up until then. I made a big deal of it, grabbing her hipbones, and placing dozens of little kisses across both cheeks.

Afterwards there were some questions about the card I'd gotten, and we discussed the various 'special' cards we'd gotten so far, even though we hadn't used too many. I don't think they minded my being the Judge, since I was the only one who had really read the directions.

There was a round of harmless Payoffs, and a couple of completed challenges, where Beth and Cheryl each pulled their fifth. Dave did a 'palm reading' for Beth, and it was back to me, giving the smallest person present, in this case Beth again, a piggyback ride. It only went as far as the kitchen where I refilled my drink.

Beth, following me, had to show everyone the color of her underwear. Her pants were so tight I suspected she'd have a hard time pulling them down, but she just opened the top button, pulled down the zipper, and spread the opening apart. She had to pull pretty wide, her underwear was riding really low, but she made sure everyone could see they were baby blue. She zipped back up, but I don't believe she ever rebuttoned her pants.

Obviously things were heating up a little. There were fewer drink cards and more action cards that included physical contact. There was no longer any doubt that both Beth and Denise were definitely drunk, and Cheryl and Dave were not far beyond. It seemed every few minutes Cheryl was flashing an enormous grin at everyone present as if she had a private joke she was sharing with no one. I looked at the clock and realized is was after eleven and we'd been playing for well over 2 hours, and the game was still going strong, if anything, it was getting louder, rowdier and stronger.

After Dave got his question right and got his 4th color (finally), and Cheryl got a drink card that required her to lie down in someone's lap while they poured a shot of drink in her mouth, it was Denise's turn again.

Denise failed to act out "Horny" and pulled a penalty.

She pulled a card that required finishing her drink, and announced she was getting full, and so she opted for a new card.

She said the requisite phrase "I'm not THAT drunk yet," took a sip, and read the Penalty Question - "How many partners have you slept with?"

"Seven", she answered carelessly and grabbed a new card, which she read out loud. "Kiss all the other players, 10 seconds each." She looked a little stunned. "Do you think it really means ALL the other players?"

Dave answered, "I would think so, all the other penalties have been pretty clear so far."

I could see her trying to decide if she'd say no. She had a Chicken-Out she could use, but only the one. I don't think she wanted to be the first to use one. She finally said, "What the Hell," and turned to Cheryl on the couch beside her and gave her a very chaste kiss that we counted down for her. I expected her to turn to me next, since I was next to her, but she got up off the couch went over to Dave.

He gave her a deep kiss and a whispered encouragement before she turned back, walked around Beth and came and stood next to me.

She was blushing deeply. She leaned over and put her lips on mine. I kept my mouth closed, waiting for any encouragement at all. After a few seconds, again counted out by our partners, I felt the tip of her tongue nudge my lip. I answered in kind, just gently probing. During the last few moments I was on the receiving end of a very nice kiss, not too intense, but really nice.

I followed her with my eyes as she turned around and sat on the arm of my chair, facing Beth. I knew I'd have a great view of the action from my front row seat. She leaned across, and with a big open smile Beth leaned forward and met her halfway. Beth turned her lips away for a second, putting her mouth near Denise's ear, only inches from me, and whispered "I've never kissed a girl before." Then she pulled back a few inches, her lips right in front of Denise's.

I was mesmerized as their lips touched and their eyes closed. Dave was counting down the 10 seconds and I put my finger to my lips hushing him. He stopped counting around 5 or 6, and the kiss must have lasted at least 15 seconds. I know that according to Cheryl, Denise had never had any girl-girl experience, and I suspected that Beth hadn't either. You'd never know from that kiss. By the time their lips separated, I had to remind myself to breathe, and I had a hard-on that could pierce steel.

As they separated Dave started clapping and I cut him off. "Hey watch it Bub, that could be US next!" The girls got a kick out of that, and it broke what might have been an awkward moment.

It was my turn next, but I noticed we were down to maybe a dozen cards. The game had advanced almost perfectly according to plan, taking just a little longer than I had expected. It was a great test of my concept, now the question was, did I try to push it to the next level, or did I count myself lucky just to get where we had. This time the little head won out.

"We're nearly out of cards again. Shall we do the next deck? I know that Denise only needs a couple of more colors, and Cheryl, Beth and I are just behind her." I told them, picking up the next deck of Pink Penalty cards and shuffling them.

"Of course," Dave answered from the kitchen where he was opening his next beer. I'd lost count at a six-pack.

Cheryl looked at Denise and me, and answered with a smile. "Why not, it's been pretty fun so far, and I still want to see you and Dave go at it."

"HEY!" Dave yelled from the kitchen, "Let's be nice!"

Beth said, "We're this close to finishing we may as well go all the way."

I thought to myself, "That's exactly what I'm hoping."

Denise was giggling, "Sure why not. What does the winner win, anyway?"

"That's a great question. I just assumed they "won". I guess we could decide on some kind of prize. How about this? We all write down what the winner should get on a piece of paper, and we toss it in a hat. At the end the winner draws the sheet to decide the prize."

That idea went over pretty well. It wasn't part of my original plan, but what the heck. I passed out notepads and pencils and we all wrote down our idea of a winner's prize. There was quite a bit of snickering and giggling going around, and Denise and Cheryl were whispering too much and laughing too hard for my taste, but we soon had the selections filled in, folded and set aside.


After potty breaks, refreshed drinks and settling back down, it was my turn. I had shuffled in the new deck, as well as the "Specials", and we were all ready. I failed my challenge, what a surprise, and my first payoff was a steep one. Remove one article of clothing.

"Oh, things are getting a little wild I see. Better hurry up and win Denise," Cheryl teased.

"I'm not worried," Denise bluffed, which got us hooting.

I removed my socks, leaving shirt, sweats and underwear.

Cheryl and Dave each actually completed their challenges, and Dave finally got his 5th color. Denise decided to do an impersonation, and chose me to do the guessing. I guessed correctly Marilyn Monroe (Happy Birthday, Mr. President) and we each got a card. Much to her chagrin, I got my sixth color, leaving us tied, and leading the pack.

On my turn, I got a chug penalty after failing my question.

Dave and Cheryl got back-to-back strip cards. Cheryl removed her slippers. Dave claimed his feet were cold, and took off his shirt, to the expected chorus of hoots and whistles. I almost wanted to give him a kiss, taking one for the team like that.

It was interesting. The stripping didn't seem to be bothering anyone, and I realized that since stripping wasn't the object of the game, and getting naked wasn't the obvious final goal, then losing an article or two, was just another embarrassing dare on the way to trying to win. This was working out even better than I'd hoped. The same girls who had both vetoed Strip Poker several times, were laughing as we undressed.

Denise on her turn tried for a True/False and missed. She got a 'whisper' penalty. "Whisper in the ear of the person to your left. Tell them what you like best about their body and why. You have sixty seconds. Use all of it."

She surprised me by climbing in my lap, before placing her lips against my ear.

"Go!" said Dave, after flipping the timer.

"I guess I like your hands the best. You have strong looking hands. They look clean but hard. I...I can imagine you holding me with those hands and I couldn't get away, no matter how hard I tried. When you shake my hand, or hold my arm I can feel the calluses on your fingers and it gives me shivers. I know those hands are strong and could protect me, or control me."

As she whispered into my ear, I let my hand fall into her lap on the outside of her thigh, my thumb in the valley between her legs, and gave her leg a squeeze. I left my hand there, high on her thigh, holding her leg firmly. She gasped when I first grabbed her leg, and then kept going.

"When you touched me while kissing me I loved it. I kind of was hoping you'd pull one of those massage penalties and massage my shoulders and back, or maybe my feet like Beth got. You have really sexy hands."

"TIME!" called out Dave.

Denise pulled back and looked away from me, too embarrassed to look me in the eye. I had never really considered my hands sexy, but was glad I kept them neat, the nails trimmed short, and clean.

We were almost exactly three hours into the game, and everyone was pretty drunk. There was some slurred speech going on, and I was concerned with how much longer the game could actually last. Nobody seemed inclined to quit, but they must be getting tired, and if Beth, Denise or Dave got any drunker I thought they might pass out.

On my turn I decided to gamble. "I'll take the mystery category." I announced.

"Oooh," Dave exclaimed. "This could be interesting!"

I read the card aloud. "Blindfolded, line up X players, spin for X, and identify them by touch in under 10 seconds." I spun a 4.

Cheryl laughed, "I guess that's all of us; let me get a blindfold." And she headed back to the bedroom returning a few seconds later with a sleep mask.

Beth sputtered, "What kind of challenge is that? He gets ALL the luck!" but she couldn't help but giggle herself as she stood up, a little shakily, with the others.

I was soon standing waiting, blindfolded. There was far too much giggling at my expense going on and a lot of rustling and moving around. I had no idea what was taking so long. When they finally thought they were ready, I was told to count to 20 and start with the person directly ahead of me, then work my way to my right. I was also told to wait until the end to make my predictions.

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