tagErotic HorrorThe Perfect Perfume

The Perfect Perfume


"It's called 'Valengasus SaVantera' or the Nightflower."

I slapped at the mosquito on my neck. Looking back I still was not impressed.

"Really Martin? Really? Two planes, a jeep ride through hell and a five hour slog through rain forest for this?"

Martin smiles at me. His big toothed grin, which shows how badly he needs to see a dentist.


He tries to hand me a small tin. I look at him sharply.

"I really don't think a breath mint is going to help my attitude, Martin."

He chuckles. He takes a sip from his canteen. The smell of tequila wafts over to me. Not helping my mood at all. He lifts the tin to where I can see it and opens the lid. Inside I see a light blue paste almost the exact color of the flower. So far that beautiful color is all this small plant seems to have going for it.

"Natives in the jungle make this stuff. You give a smell." He grins at me again.

I swat away a cloud of gnats and reluctantly take the tin. Lifting it to my nose I slowly sniff.

The scent catches me off guard. It's strong but not over powering. Warm, lush, ripe. Flowery, fruity? Nothing describes it right.

I notice my breath quicken. I pull it away from my nose. Almost immediately I want to bring it back. I really have to fight the urge. It's stronger that a drug craving. With hands that are close to shaking I hand it back.

Martin nods at me. He looks impressed.

"Not bad. I had my nose in that little box for an hour when I first smelled it. Hell of a thing no?"

Working for the perfume industry for twenty years I have developed a very good 'nose'. I can tell what animal a type of musk came from at a whiff. Roses by type. Bitter bases notes from fragrant top notes across the room.

I have never smelled anything like this! But then again it almost feels familiar. Like a scent from your Mom's house that would bring back memories without knowing what it was.

"Woman in village no having kids. Maybe the man's fault? They have no high price doctor to put things up her snatch to tell them that." Martin plucked the blue flower, small hardly bigger than a daisy. He lifted it to his wide flared nose. He shuddered and smiles.

"Women...old women of the village they get together. They go to her house late at night. When she sleeping. They grab her, drag her off. The men folk tie the husband up. They cover the girl in this stuff and then turn her lose in big hut full of all men in village. She gets the hell fucked out her snatch. After that they watch. She no get pregnant she have to leave. She get pregnant, child be special. Child of the Nightflower powerful person in village. They say is most fertile person in whole village. If male all women want to marry him, if girl all men want to marry her. Big magic to them this flower."

"It's an aphrodisiac?" I ask. My hands are shaking. I want to smell it again. Just the flower near by is hard to ignore.

"You already knows that." He says pointing at my crotch

I nod. I've been half hard sense the first whiff.

"So you like no?"

Nodding I look at the flower. Small. Looks like it might be easy to transport.

"Anymore like these near by?"

He grins that shit eating grin.

"Oh yea man. Many as you want."

* * *

It took weeks of work in hot houses and Martin had to make more than a few trips back in, but we did it. We got them growing.

It took the lab boys a few weeks of testing to get to the answer. Mostly because they didn't look in the right places. When the answer came it was a shock. The Nightflower by some freak twist of nature copies the human pheromone most often associated with sex. To a near miraculous degree.

As the top for a perfume it's like sex appeal in a bottle. Plus it makes Viagra look like candy. Your own cologne would have you hard. Her perfume would keep you hard. My god it was fucking beautiful man. Everyone was going to want it for their perfume. We owned the patent on it.

The first weekend we sold only about two thousand bottles nation wide. Average sales for a high dollar perfume. The next weekend we had an order for a million bottles go out! Then twice that by midweek! After that we stopped counting bottles. We counted truckloads!

And money! I was a millionaire in side of a month! In two months I was on top of the fucking world, with a sex goddess to suck my cock whenever I got a whim for her too. I just knew that in two years I would have Donald Trump polishing my shoes and Bill Gates networking my home computer.

It's funny who would have thought a little blue flower would bring about the end of the civilized fucking world.

* * *

I look out my office window, down into hell. The streets below are clogged with thousands. They pull and tear at each other. Dragging down one of their own at random. Like a pack of dogs they encircle that one. Looking into the center of that and you see a naked mass writhing. Screams echoed up to me.

Are they pleasure, or pain?

I shudder.

The longing is there again. I reach down to stroke myself.


The flesh is so raw! I try, but I can't do it. I hurt too much for the pleasure.

But I know.

Soon the longing will go beyond the pain.

I look at my desk. The pale blue bottle sits there looking so very innocent.

Willing rape in azure glass as one of my more poetic colleagues called it. Before he shot himself. I grab it from my desk and stuff it into one of the drawers. Sitting down, my bare ass cold on the leather chair. I've stopped wearing pants. They get in the way when the longing hits and I'm too sore for cloth to touch me. I look again at the papers on my desk.

Lab reports. Endless lines of data all showing the same thing. The death certificate for human civilization.

The lights flickered, they had been doing that all afternoon. I knew that soon they would go dark forever. No one was there to keep them going. Like all the rest they were naked in the streets. Fucking like animals!

Grabbing the papers I throw them across the room. Scattering the useless things like snow. I grab my chair and smash it into the window! The tempered glass shatters, but doesn't fall. The chair crashes to the floor from my limp fingers as I slide to the floor, back against the side of my desk.

I sit crying. The longing is so great now. I can't help it, I grab my cock.


Screaming in pain I yank at myself. It feels like my skin is pealing off, but I can't stop.

I can hear them. They're in the building! We tested the perfume here. Once you're around it, you can recognize it anywhere. That was part of what we loved about it. How easily you could recognize someone wearing it.

I hear screams in the building now. My lab people probably. We sealed the building thinking we would be safe. With cases of the vile stuff stored here we thought somehow we would be safe.

What fools.

Put a fox in to guard the chickens you'll have cock for dinner everytime. Haha.

The need to cum again was over powering. Dehumanizing.

But that was the sick horror of it. Even when you cum it doesn't help. The need comes back within minutes or with a single whiff of the blue flower.

We soaked the world in it! Draped ourselves in it like kings of old. The first weeks were wonderful. Walk into a crowded bar. You could take your pick. One, two, hell a dozen if you wanted. Before the night was out they would beg to do anything you could think of. Any perversion.

And the more times you put it on the stronger the effect!

Oh dear god what have I done?

I hear movement in the hall. I pull myself to my feet. Still holding my cock I reach into my desk. I pull out the pistol. The end of the barrel is still bloody from when my friend shot himself.

The steel is cold against my temple. Breathing hard I yank on my cock. Come on, once more. Just one more time!

I smell the flower!

My hand shaking as I bring down the gun. It drops unheeded from my fingers as I bury my nose into the skin on the back of my hand. Oh god yes!

Looking in the drawer I see a small pool of light blue liquid under the bottle I had tossed inside. Oh god no!

I hear my door take a hit. They could smell it!

I grabbed up the bottle trying to close it. My irrational mind thought that would help. As I pulled the bottle out the top comes off completely.

I feel the liquid splash my chest, my legs. As I fumbled for the top it covers my hands.

I hear cries of lust and watch as the doorframe starts to splinter.

Dropping to my knees hunting for the top! Had to get it closed! Had to close the bottle!

I might as well have been trying to close the gates of hell by throwing snowballs at them.

I was kneeling down on the lab reports laughing as the door shattered. The smell of the flower covering me, filling my nose. I look up as they poured into the room. Dozens of them,

They rush at me. Their eyes wild with lust, with need. Their bodies naked, dirty, scratched, they fell on me. Hands tearing at my skin, holding me down!

I welcomed it. A just reward for my crimes.

I heard myself scream as a cock pushed its way into me. Another cock driven into my throat choked off the sound. Thrusting, hard, smelly flesh filled my mouth making me gag and retch around it. I sobbed from the pain of the cock tearing my ass.

A mouth hot, wet enclosed my cock. Sucking fiercely at the raw flesh. Teeth raking skin already sore beyond enduring,

I couldn't move away from the painful sucking.. Held in place by hard hands. Nails driven into my skin, fingers gripping my hair by the roots! A whimper was the only sound my throat could produce around the foul tasting flesh that plugged it. I wanted to scream as the mouth sucked harder and harder.

I gagged under a hot deluge in my mouth. Turned loose I fell forward retching. My face came to rest in wiry hair. A pussy, wet and opened from multiple fuckings lay under me. The smell of it and the flower together was madness!

I cried out in agony as the cock in my ass began to pulse. I felt every shot. Hot hands holding my hips pulling hard to drive it deeper!

I buried my face into her cunt licking at the wet flesh the filthy tasting fluids that oozed from it were like honey to my tongue. She moaned and sucked all the harder at me.

I clawed at her thighs, pulling them up. Digging my fingers into the wet gash I screamed as a second cock hammers into my ass! In pain filled lust I took her clit into my mouth, sucking the salty thing in. She screamed around my cock as I bit into her! Holding her in place with my teeth as I lick her clit raw.

Somewhere at the back of my mind I knew this woman. I was lapping at her like a dog drinking water. She was a lab tech. Her name? I couldn't remember it, but I had gone out to dinner with her once. She had been a fun date, but nothing had come of it. Now I lifted my head and cried out in blessed relief as I flooded her mouth from some endless supply I must have. I wept at the relief as I came for the seventh time today. Twentieth time in the last two days. Maybe hundredth time this week?

Hard hands tore me from her. I soon heard her cries of pleasure as she was filled. Rubbing against my chest had covered her with the scent!

For a second before my vision was blocked I saw the circle around us. The ones waiting. The tears ran down my cheeks in horror, as the smell from my chest hit me. I felt my cock rising again.

Filled with strangers, gasping for my every breath, my mind, what was left of it stepped away from the tortured flesh. I heard glass breaking down the hall. The storage room doors. Predictably the howls of pleasure and pain grew to unholy levels. I could hear running feet in the hall. Then screams grew even louder if that was possible.

No those were mine.

Battered, bloody, wanting to die, but begging for more I endured the slow turn of hours. They were never ending in their need for my body to slake their pheromone driven lust. Gender of the body no longer mattered just warm flesh and the scent of Nightflower clinging to the skin. After hours or maybe days for all I knew, they began to drift away. The sweat and rubbing of hundreds of bodies had finally stripped my skin of that hated scent.

I lay on the carpet. A forgotten piece of meat abandoned for other flesh down the hall. I could smell smoke. The city was burning, but no one cares. They would die fucking all the harder as their flesh blistered and their lungs blackened.

Looking from where my head lay my eyes fell on the blue bottle lying under the corner of my desk! Near death with exhaustion I crawled to it. The craving for it over powering the destruction that had been done to me.

I felt a hand on my thigh. Then a tongue licked at my hip. Across my ass, towards the blood and semen encrusted crack. I tore myself away with the last of my strength.

Picking up the bottle I rolled over to see it was the woman. She was barely recognizable now. She leaned in licking at my inner thigh, her mouth almost gently kissing my leg. Then her head came up like a snake. Her eyes focused on the blue glass I held. Drool fell from her lips to land on my cock. I burned like acid!

I splashed the last few drops on her. I watched as she screamed and shuddered in orgasm. She pawed at herself trying to drive fingers inside herself.

I lifted the bottle to my nose. The unholy reek of that devil flower tore at my mind. Reaping away at the last bits that were me.

I tackled her, wrestling her onto her back. I drove my cock, now bloody from use into her. Her screams joined mine and ours joined the rest of humanities.

I cried with every thrust. I had fallen with the rest of our race. I no longer felt guilt at what I had done. That part of my brain had burned itself away in fires of lust.

My last conscious thought as a man, not a beast was that I couldn't remember my name, or what a name was for.

The howls, as I filled her with cum, were no longer human.

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