tagBDSMThe Pet is Chosen Ch. 04

The Pet is Chosen Ch. 04


"I need for you to understand that this night is not about inflicting pain. This night is about making you Mine in every sense of the word. I am going to show you what is that occurs between a man and a woman. I do need to ask you a few things first though kitty. I need you to answer Me clearly and with all honesty. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. Will you do this for Me?"

"Yes, my Master, i can answer Your questions with honesty."

"Were you given a talk when you came of age so that you would know about what goes on between a man and a woman?"

"i may yet be a maiden but i am not completely ignorant about what goes on. my still being a maiden at my age has been a personal choice. i did not wish to cause harm to those around me who did not understand that about my people and the urges we can sometimes get my Master."

"What urges would that be?"

"It was explained to me that we might wish to bite or scratch our partner during an orgasm my Master."

i could not help but blush as i talked. It had been a long time since such a frank conversation had taken place. Neither of my parents had held back information from me when i had questions. They had always felt that being honest and open was better than sweeping such things under the carpet. i had heard what happened with zara and that boy in the stable. zara didn't know it was a natural urge and Lord Ulrich had punished her for it.

"My kitty does blush nicely. Does this make you uncomfortable to talk about it?"

"No, i am not uncomfortable. Both of my parents had discussed it with me on more than one occasion and i was always permitted to ask questions my Master."

"Have you ever brought yourself to orgasm kitty?"

i blushed even more at that question. i knew that my Master wanted to know things about me and i knew why He was asking such things. i shifted a bit in His lap. His hand was lightly caressing my back just below where the whip had not that long ago broken my fur. It was a comforting touch and i was relaxing against Him.

"i have brought myself to orgasm before. It is not something that i do often but it is something i have done from time to time to keep my urges from becoming a problem my Master."

"Why would it become a problem?"

"i never wanted to get carried away in the heat of the moment with someone who didn't understand the risk they might be taking my Master."

"I take it that you had heard what took place between zara and that stable boy then?"

"i know of very few people who don't know what had taken place my Master."

"I had thought that over time people in Lord Ulrich's lands had forgotten about it. Does that worry you? Is that why you are still a maiden? Afraid of harming someone and being punished for something you can't really control?"

"Very few people where i grew up really understood fully what i am. i didn't want to hurt anyone and none of those in my village really took the time to get to know my family. i am sure that my Father would have spoken with someone i was interested in. None of them really thought much beyond me being a novelty so i never allowed things to go beyond friendship my Master."

"What has changed your mind about being a maiden?"

"i figured that You know enough and will be wise enough not to let me cause You any serious harm. You are not some young boy. You have lived life and i owe You for saving my life, my Master."

"kitty, I need you to understand something. I do not wish to take your maidenhood for repayment of a debt you somehow feel you owe. I will stop things right here and now if that is what you are truly thinking and feeling. I want it to be because you are ready to leave that behind and am trusting of me to show you a new world."

"i do trust You. i trusted You when You took me prisoner. i trusted You when You bathed me in the river that night i trusted You when You whipped me. i trusted You when we lay in the wagon hurt and with fever. i trusted You when i was near death. i trusted You as we have traveled. i trust You even now. If this was just about repaying a debt i would not have told You the other night that my mind was not yet made up my Master."

"From your answer I know you have thought about this decision. That pleases Me."

Master leaned in then and kissed me. He pulled me tight against him and i could feel His heart beating as fast as mine. i started to purr softly as his tongue flicked across my lips. He softy ran His hand his hand along my fur and softly stroked it. i was enjoying his touch and softly ran my paw along His chest.

i let out a soft meow as His hands continued to run over my fur. He drew my tongue into His mouth and sucked on it. my eyes widened a bit as i had never experienced that before. It was a pleasant sensation and made me squirm a bit upon His lap. my tail curled and uncurled as if not knowing what to do.

"I take it that kitty is enjoying what she is experiencing right now. Has anyone ever kissed you so or touched you other than to offer comfort?"

"i have experienced clumsy kisses but nothing that every made my tail curl. There have been a few clumsy touches as well but i never allowed it to go on for long. i was too afraid of losing control of myself, my Master."

"Are you afraid now?"

"i am not afraid now. i trust You my Master."

"I want you to trust Me and know that I only want you to experience joy this evening. If that means taking O/our time and letting you adjust in stages then so be it. Feeling you experience pleasure brings Me pleasure as well. I do not want you afraid tonight brie."

"i understand Your words and i willingly give You my trust my Master."

With that said Master leaned in and started kissing me once again. The kisses were soft and undemanding at first. His hand slipped between my legs and rubbed along the fur of my nether lips. There would be no hiding that i was aroused by Him now. One finger traced along the lips moving slowly back and forth. i wiggled more in His lap and couldn't help but move. He didn't tell me to remain still but i did try as i wanted to experience the sensations He was bringing to me.

my tail wrapped itself around His leg and lightly tickled along His inner thigh. His hand reached and uncurled my tail and He brought the tip of it to His lips. He softly bit down and a soft growl escaped my lips. It was not a growl that said don't do that but rather one that hinted of pleasure. i could feel myself getting even more wet. His finger began to circle around my clit. He was drawing pleasure out of me and i was at a loss of what to do.

As if He sensed that i was restless with not knowing what was expected of me. He leaned in and nipped on my neck. His grip was firm and it certainly got my attention. If i didn't know better i would swear that He understood what turned on someone like me. Your average human would have yelped out in pain and begged for Him to stop. To me this was very pleasurable. In my mind, He was marking me in every way possible as His.

i could tell that this was exciting Him. As i squirmed a bit in His lap i could feel His hardness. i was not familiar with how to touch a man but i was sure that He would instruct me on how to do just that. i blushed a bit as i thought about that. A small grin crossed His face as He caught me blushing. He could only wonder what it was about but i suspect that He had a very good idea of what had caused it.

my attention was brought back to His handiwork on my nether region as He rubbed His finger lightly over my clit. His other hand was alternating between cupping my breast and softly pinching my nipple between two fingers. This caused me to move a bit more in His lap. This time when i squirmed in His lap, He pinched my clit. That brought a moan to my lips and i stilled myself in order to enjoy the sensation.

He leaned in close and nibbled upon my ear. One hand pinched at my nipples slowly and softly making then rock hard and aching for His touch. The other hand pinched at my clit and spread my wetness onto His fingers. i had never known myself to be this wet or this wanting. i didn't have a word for what it was that He was making me want. All that i knew for sure was that i did not want for Him to stop.

"My kitty, I am going to slide a finger inside you now. I need to see how tight you are so that I will know how gentle I should be with you. Do you want me to continue?"

"Yes, i want You to continue. Please don't stop my Master."

With that said He slowly slid a finger inside my pussy. His finger slid up close to the barrier that kept me a maiden but did not go further for now. As if reflex i tightened around His finger. He wiggled it a bit and kissed me. This distracted me and i loosened my grip upon His finger. He slid the finger back and forth inside me. It was making me squirm in His lap and He did not tell me to be still. This felt so wonderful and i did not want it to stop.

He picked me up from His lap and set me upon the ground. He softly motioned for me to lay back and He curled His body next to me. His cock rested upon my thigh. He returned once again to bringing those new sensations to my body. When He thought i had adjusted well to this He asked me to raise my hands above my head. He pinned the two wrists together and held them.

"I will ask you one last time. Are you sure that you wish to serve me and give up being a maiden? I can stop now and you will as you have been."

"Please Master, i wish to be Yours in all ways. Please don't stop my Master."

With that said He made sure His grip on my wrists was firm. He motioned for me to spread my legs for Him. He used part of His body to pin me a bit to the ground. He kissed me as He slid two fingers inside of me. He stopped at the barrier and paused a moment. He continued to kiss me making sure that my focus was on that. His kisses were making me wet and it ran over His fingers.

With that distraction making me squirm and wiggle, He shoved both fingers deep into me piercing the barrier. my scream was muffled by His kisses. A few tears ran down my face as the bit of pain was not expected. He released my wrists and held me close to Him. His fingers were still inside of me but were still. He brushed the tears from my cheek with His free hand.

"I am sorry that I had to cause you this pain. It was the only way. I preferred that the pain was caused this way. I do not want you to associate the things that are yet to be shown to you with pain of this nature. I had to break the barrier that kept you a maiden."

With that said He wiggled His fingers a bit inside of me and then slowly pulled them out. He was not surprised to see that there was some blood. He stood up a moment and motioned for me to remain where I was. He washed His hand in the bucket and then gathered me in His arms and took me back down to the water. He set me down in the water and gently washed me.

He ran His hands over my body and whispered things into my ear that made me blush. It was not easy to see that i was blushing but i knew that He could sense that i was. When i started to squirm against Him i could hear a soft moan cross His lips. A part of me instinctively knew that He was in need but i was unsure of what to do.

"Please show me how to serve You my Master. Yours can tell that You are in need but she does not know how to please You. Please teach her so she may see to Your needs my Master."

"I will show you soon enough how to properly serve Me. Tonight I wish for you to simply enjoy. I can feel the struggle within you. I know that you want to run your paw over My body and touch its every contour. Am I not right?"

"Please may i my Master?"

"May you what? Even now you will ask for what you want and there will be times that you will beg for what you want. I may not always grant your request but you will ask or beg for it non the less. That is the most important lesson that you will learn from Me."

"Please may i explore and touch Your body my Master?"

"No, you may not My kitty."

my face immediately contorted into a frown upon hearing those words. i wanted to touch my Master and learn His body as He was learning mine. i didn't understand why i was being denied that chance. i started to open my mouth to speak and He placed a finger upon my lips as if to say "Silence".

His one hand rested upon my left hip and help me tightly against Him. His other hand explored my breasts. He softly teased each nipple between His finger tips. His lips brushed along the fur of my neck and i could feel His warm breathe against me. i could not deny that my body was responding to Him.

He wiggled His lower torso against me. i could feel His hard cock rubbing against my butt cheeks. A part of me wondered if it hurt Him to be hard like that. It was not a question that i had bravery to ask that night. i would save it for another time. i wiggled my butt back against His body and smiled at the intake of breathe that created.

"My kitty, I fully intend upon finishing what I have begun this night. I will try to be gentle with you as possible. The most painful part is behind you, but I can not guarantee that there won't be a bit of discomfort. Do you trust Me?"

"i do trust You. Every part of my being tells me that You will not purposely hurt me my Master."

With that said He lead me from the water and back into camp. He told me to lie down upon our sleeping mat and He soon joined me. He brought His lips to mine and was kissed me. His one hand sought out my nether lips. He soon parted them with His fingers and ran His nail back and forth gently over my clit.

The sensation was unlike any thing I had experienced before but i was thoroughly enjoying it. my body arched to meet His hand. He kissed down my neck, down my breasts, and stopped to flick His tongue back and forth across my hardened nipple. i wiggled in His arms knowing that i would need something more soon. He took one of my paws and placed it around His cock. He told me to slowly and softly caress it within my closed paw and showed me what He meant by that. He moaned at the feel of my paw wrapped around Him. i let the pads on my paw softy rub along the underside of His cock.

While i was temporarily distracted by having a task in which to do for Him, He began to softly pinch then pull at my clit. my first reaction was to tighten my grip around His cock which drew another low moan from Him. He softly whispered to me to be careful with how tight i gripped Him and i nodded back that i understood. Words were not coming to my lips at that moment as the sensations were playing with my mind and body.

He released His attentions upon my clit when i began to softly meow that it was beginning to be too much. Another day He would see me past that feeling but tonight was for baby steps into such things. He wanted for me to remember this night as pleasurable and not one of pushing me too hard too fast. i was going to be a fast learner but there was plenty of time for all that there was yet to be learned and taught.

"What do you need My kitty?"

"i am not sure my Master. i do know that my body wants more of what You are showing me but i do not know how to put it into words or requests just yet. Will You please show me what it is that i need my Master?"

"I will show you all that and more My kitty."

With those words said He took my hand off His cock and He slowly repositioned Himself so that He was once again above me. He did not pin my arms above me this time. He looked into my eyes to make sure what He was seeing was need. He knew within Himself that it was there but He wanted to gaze upon it this newborn beauty.

Having seen the need that He knew was there, He slowly teased my clit with the tip of His cock. i squirmed beneath Him and was in total joy at the sensations He was creating within me. If this was what mating was like, then i began to wonder why i had waited so long to experience it. Before i could let my thoughts wander too far along that track i could feel the tip of His cock at my opening.

A small part of me wanted to protest that it was much too small for that. He sensed that i tensed up for a moment and showered me with kisses to reassure me that this was a pleasurable thing. It was long before i was relaxed once more and i began to feel Him slowly sliding His cock inside me. He took His time and waited for my body to slowly open to Him.

i wiggled a bit beneath Him when He began to fill my body with His cock. i was feeling some discomfort. He seemed to know and leaned in to whisper into my ear that in time the discomfort would pass. He softly caressed and teased my body as i adjusted to Him. Soon i was back to meowing and wanting more than what i was being given.

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