tagBDSMThe Pet is Chosen Ch. 05

The Pet is Chosen Ch. 05


He continued to take His time letting my body adjusts to the size of His cock. He was taking delight in the meows that i was giving Him. i wasn't quite sure where to find my human voice at that moment. These were all brand new sensations to me and in a rather overwhelming, joyous way. He lightly bit at my neck and i squirmed more beneath Him.

"my Master where ever did You learn what would turn me into such a puddle?"

my paw goes quickly going to my mouth as soon as i spoke out loud. i couldn't help but express that question as i was so unaccustomed to everything that was happening. i was still learning what was expected of me and i hoped that i had not just overstepped a boundary with Him. As if in response, He lowered my paw from my mouth, and kissed my lips.

"My kitty you are allowed to speak this night. I want to know what you are feeling and know what is going on in that mind of yours."

i smiled at my Master upon hearing those words from His lips. my body wiggling beneath His as He slowly thrust inside of me. He ran His hand down my sides and gripped at my hips. Using His hands on my hips, He pulled me all the more closer to Him and my pussy wrapped that much more around Him.

"mmm that feels so very nice my Master. i think that this kitty could get used to such things. i did not know that this could feel so wonderful. Thank You for opening my eyes to the beauty of this."

i could hear a soft chuckle as i spoke those words to Him. He gazed down and looked straight into my eyes. His eyes held mine as He began to speak to me. Those eyes did not waver from gazing upon me.

"My kitty, I have only begun to show you its wonders. you are none the less welcome. I am happy to show this to you and so much more. And to answer your earlier question, I grew up around a woman who was much like yourself. She told me many things when I started becoming a man so that I would always know how to treat any lady properly. I am only too happy to show all that I have learned and then some."

A broad smile crossed my lips as He spoke those words to me. It continued to affirm that i had made the right choice in choosing Him. i may not have known what all this journey would entail but i could all ready see that He would take care of me. That much He had all ready proven to me.

i reached up and placed my paws against His chest. i softly rubbed them along His flesh. He smiled at me as i did this and seemed to welcome the touch as He did not tell me to stop. His nails ran down my sides and brought a deep meow-like moan to my lips.

There was no mistaking that He knew how to play my body like an instrument. i was more than content to let Him strum my strings. i was soon moving my hips to meet His movements. i was more than enjoying the feel of His cock stroking deep inside of me. my pussy wrapped snug around Him and gripped Him tightly to bring a moan from His own lips.

my eyes sparkled in the darkness of the night. There was beauty all around me but all that mattered to me right then was that moment. He leaned down and softly nipped along my shoulder which brought soft meows of pleasure to my lips. my hips arched up against His as it sent a shudder down my body.

i leaned close and tugged softly upon His earlobe and was greeted with a soft moan from Him. i nipped and tugged upon it some more and He responded by picking up the pace of His thrusting inside me. i meowed several soft moans at Him as His cock softly rubbed at a sweet spot inside me. i wiggled my hips a bit more firmly against His and He took that as further encouragement.

He took my paw and placed it between us. He started to rub my paw over my clit and i soon realized what He wanted me to do. i quickly took over rubbing my clit and it sent more shivers along my body. He leaned in and told me that He wanted for to play with my clit until i needed something more.

"What more will i need my Master?"

"Keep playing with your clit and you will soon find out My kitty."

He chuckled at me a bit as he said that to me. i was left wondering at the meaning of His words but i did not doubt that i would come to understand that meaning. i softly ran the pads of my paw over the clit. i soon found that it became a hardened knob beneath my touch as i wiggled beneath Him.

i began meowing a bit more at Him which brought a smile to His lips. He did not slow his pace when He leaned in and told me to tug on my clit a bit between two of my digits. He showed me what He meant so that there was no misunderstanding what He wanted of me. i meowed all that much louder and shuddered a bit beneath Him.

i quickly picked up a rhythm to my tugging upon my clit. i tugged when He started to move His cock back, and stopped tugging when He thrust in ward. i was taking delight in these new things that He wanted me to do. A part of me wondered what other things there was yet to learn this night.

my meows of pleasure became more and more as He moved inside of me and i tugged upon my clit. my hips moved to meet His movements of their own accord as if instinct was taking over for me. He smiled down at me as O/our bodied continued to meet. i shuddered beneath Him.

"My kitty I want you to cum for Me. I want for you to cum for Me now."

As if my body knew exactly what He was talking about my body shuddered and quaked beneath Him. i meowed loudly as my body felt absolute bliss. i couldn't speak beyond that meow as my body gripped Him tightly and spasmmed around His cock.

"Ahhh yes, you are such a good kitty for Me."

my body continued to spasm and tighten around His cock and soon He joined me in cumming. i could feel each spasm of His cock as He released His seed within my body. my pussy gripped and milked each drop from Him. He held on tight to me as His body slowly began to come down from His orgasm.

"Yes, kitty milk Master's cock of every drop."

i did as Master asked of me. i wanted so much to please Him and have Him happy with me. i was finding these new things to me very delightful. i soon found my voice once again and finally spoke to Him.

"Thank You my Master, kitty has never felt that with another person before."

Master chuckled a bit at me and i looked at Him a bit puzzled. He kissed away my puzzled look and slowly stopped His movements within me. He slide from my body and rested beside me on His back. He caught His breathe as i slowly adjusted to all these new found sensations.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to Him. He had me rest upon His chest and ran His hand through my hair. It was soothing to me as i came down from my orgasm. He pulled the blankets over us and indicated that it was time to sleep now. i was in agreement as i was so relaxed and ready to be curled up next to Him.

"It is time to sleep now My kitty. W/we have some riding to do tomorrow to make up for some lost time."

*speaking dreamily* "Yes, my Master. i am ready to sleep."

i slept that night curled up next to Him. i had never felt more alive or more relaxed in a very long time. i knew within my soul that this felt so very right. This was where i needed to be. This was who i belonged to and where i would remain.

That night i dreamed for the first time in a long time of home. i was talking with one of the Elders about a feeling i had and amazingly enough it was the feelings i was experiencing. i found solace in that fact that my dream was mirroring my life. It told me beyond a shadow of a doubt that i had made the right choice.

i was home with this man i now called Master. i smiled in my sleep and curled a bit closer to my Master as we slept. i knew this was really just the beginning of a bright and wondrous new journey. i was not clear of the path ahead but knew and trusted the man i had chosen to take me on it.

The night seemed to go by much too quickly. In the morning, i awoke shortly before Master. i went about picking things up from the night before and made preparations for breakfast knowing it should be quick and ready for when Master awoke. He awoke that morning to the smell of coffee, biscuits, eggs, and meat from the previous night.

i admired His body as He rose to put some clothing on. He saw the look i gave Him that morning. He chuckled and told me that there was not time this morning for us to partake of one another but promised that if continued to be a good kitty something would be done about it before the day was out. i blushed hard as He spoke those words to me.

W/we packed camp quickly after cleaning things up from breakfast. There was much riding to be done if W/we were going to keep ahead of Lord Ulrich's men. i didn't want to encounter them on the road. Going back to that cruel man was not something i wanted. i had the only Master i truly wanted.

Master and i rode most of the morning and well into the afternoon. He lifted me off my horse and onto His in front of Him when it was getting to evening. He wanted time with me but W/we would need to keep going if W/we were going to by-pass the next village and stay ahead of Lord Ulrich's men. He tied my horse to His pommel and settled me against Him.

"kitty W/we are going to ride through the night tonight and I want you to rest against me for the next few hours. I'll wake you when it is your turn to lead the horses. I'm doing this to avoid getting lax and behind."

"i understand my Master. kitty will rest now."

"Good girl, now close your eyes and get some shut eye."

It wasn't long for me to drift off like i was told to. Master was right. W/we couldn't afford to become lax just because i had made my decision to be His. He knew that Lord Ulrich wasn't going to give up until He knew that one or B/both of U/us were dead. This was pay back for what W/we had done at that dinner.

A few hours passed and kitty awoke to feeling hands running along her slit. Master had hitched my skirt up and was playing with my body. Once He realized that i was awake He swung me around in the saddle and ground His groin against me. He wanted me to ride Him while upon the back of the horse.

kitty lowered her hands and freed Him from the confines of His pants. she softly stroked His cock and looked at Him to know what more to do. she knew she wanted Him but was still too green to fully know what to do. He took the confusion from her and raised her up to lower her down upon His cock.

"That's right kitty. I want you to ride my cock. Let the horse's movement set the pace of O/our ride."

"Hmmm....yes my Master. It feels so good. kitty wants to feel good and ride Your cock my Master."

"I thought so kitty and I did after all promise you that you could have more of me later. you need to learn how to anticipate my needs and be ready for me at a moment's notice."

"Yes, my Master. kitty will do her best to learn all of those things."

"I know you will. Master trusts that you want to learn all that you can and be the best girl for me."

Master and kitty rode connected like that for a good while. Neither of T/them wanted this to end to quickly. It simply felt too good and it was something that B/both of T/them needed. kitty meowed and rode His cock as the horse plodded along uncaring about what his passengers were doing on the back of him. Master sunk her further down on His cock when He got close and He whispered in her ear to cum with Him.

kitty wiggled against Him and soaked His lap with the juices from her orgasm. Master held her tight against Him as He came inside her. T/they shared a blissful kiss as T/they came as not to frighten the horses with T/their noises of passion. T/they stayed locked T/together for a while after that as neither of T/them were quite ready to disengage.

Master reluctantly lifted kitty up off Him and turned her back around the other way on the horse. He knew that it was His turn to catch some Hz's and she couldn't very well keep the horses going on the path He indicated to her if she was turned around. Master put His cock back inside His pants and held her tightly as He started to close His eyes to catch His sleep time.

she let Him sleep a bit longer than He had originally indicated as she knew when He awoke that she would want more of Him. He had awoken in her a need and it wasn't just a sexual one. It was a need to please Someone other than herself. she was thankful to Him for that and realized that she had been missing out on a great many things by isolating her needs. It was not just sex that she had been denying herself.

"Master, it is time to wake up. It's well past dark now."

"You let me over sleep kitty. It was very naughty of you to do that My kitty."

Master softly swatted at her tush and she pulled up on the reigns of the horses. The horses slowed to a stop and Master swung down from the saddle and slowly got His ground legs under Him. kitty soon followed Him down off the horse and quietly found some bushes to take care of her business. she didn't need to be told to stay near by but she wasn't yet ready now that she was well to do such a thing in front of Him.

"kitty there is two options for tonight. One W/we keep riding. Two W/we sleep here for tonight. Either way I fully intend to keep my cock deep inside of you."


"What My kitty?"

Without saying much kitty plowed into Master and dropped Him to the ground as an arrow zipped over T/them. Someone had found T/them. Master grabbed His gun and told kitty with words to keep to the ground. He realized that she had returned the favor by saving His life in that past moment. kitty was His good luck charm of sorts.

"Who is out there? What do you want?"

"It's about time, I caught up with you Draven. I really should thank you for taking the kitty cat away from me. They are nothing but trouble really."

"Lord Ulrich, I should have guessed that you would be with your men on this man hunt."

"You are coming with us to see Lord Elrik. He has my zara."

"Sorry about the arrow. I knew brae here would save your sorry butt. Mount up Draven we have a long ride ahead of us."

"And why should I take orders from you?"

"Because if you do not come with us willing, Draven you won't live past this night. I doubt the kitty wants to come with me without you. You are going to be what keeps her safe from my lusts."

"Very well Lord Ulrich."

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