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The Photo Album

byAll Red©

There was something vaguely familiar about the lady sitting with her back to the wall at the corner of the bar. I almost recognised her but I couldn't quite think from where. As our eyes briefly met she smiled gently. I smiled back.

She was wearing a figure-hugging silver-blue full length dress with a deep plunging neckline and dark blue shoes. Her shoulder length jet black hair was thick and wavy. As she sipped the remnants of her drink through the cubes of ice in her glass I noticed a large diamond ring on the middle finger of her right hand. I guessed that she was in her early thirties and her very slim body looked as though she kept it in very good shape. As she placed her glass onto the bar she smiled again. I couldn't help smiling back, she looked so sexy.

I'm not normally attracted to older women and have only ever fancied girls of my own age, not that I have ever acted on any of my fancies. But for some unknown reason this lady was different. The attraction was instant.

"Would you like to join me for a drink?" she asked in a very familiar voice which again I couldn't quite place.

"Actually, I was about to leave," I replied, knowing that it wouldn't take much to persuade me to stay a little longer, "My friends are all with partners and I'm beginning to feel a little left out."

"All the more reason to join me for a drink then." She said.

She turned to the barman. "Could I have the same again please?" she asked, "and give Zoe whatever she would like."

I ordered a glass of red wine and wondered how she knew my name.

"Make that a large glass please, Keith." She added.

"Should we go and sit on the comfortable chairs?" she asked, "Keith will bring our drinks over."

With that she slipped off of her stool and leaned forward to pick up her handbag. My heart skipped a beat as she very nearly gave me a glimpse of her ample breasts in the process.

She beckoned me towards a pair of leather high backed chairs that were facing each other over a low table, two of several that were scattered around the bar area.

"Are you a friend of the bride or groom?" she asked.

"The bride," I answered, "she is my cousin."

"That makes us almost related now then," she observed, "the groom is my nephew."

As we sat down I noticed that the top of her dress plunged even deeper that I had first thought. In fact it almost exposed her navel.

"So tell me Zoe, have you enjoyed the day?" she enquired.

"Very much," I replied, "I thought the service was lovely, and the young bridesmaids looked so cute in their sweet pink dresses. Kerry looked gorgeous in her wedding dress as well." I was again intrigued by how she knew my name, but I wasn't kept wondering for much longer.

"I'm sorry," she said, "I don't want to embarrass you but, do you know who I am?"

"I'm afraid not," I replied, "I do recognize you from somewhere but I can't quite work out from where."

"Well," she told me with a smile, "you are not the only one. Brian Parsons and Billy Steele have both been trying to chat me up all day and neither of them have a clue either."

I smiled. They were both friends of Dan, Kerry's new husband.I also worked with them and knew that both considered themselves as 'the bees knees' when it came to the ladies.

"My name is Jo," she continued, "and that is what I would very much like you to call me, even after I have told you what I'm about to. Although I'm very defiantly a Miss, you know me as Mrs Bryston."

Keith brought the drinks and Jo lifted her glass to her lips.

"I only know one Mrs Bryston," I replied, "and she owns the company that I work for. But she is rather straight laced, has long, straight light brown hair and wears thick rimmed glasses. What's more, she certainly wouldn't be seen wearing such a revealing dress as yours, as beautiful as it is."

I instantly knew that I might have said the wrong thing when she moved her glass away from her lips, smiled and then gently winked at me.

"I'm only like that when I'm working darling." she said, smiling again.

"Oh please, I hope I didn't offend you." I said, suddenly realizing that this was indeed THE Mrs Bryston, "I didn't mean any offence."

"Absolutely none taken honey," she replied, "I purposely dress and act down for work. Otherwise half the men would be taking half their time trying to get inside my knickers rather than doing what they are paid for. Not that any of them would actually stand any chance at all of getting inside my knickers."

Just at that point Brian and Billy came over to our table and asked if we would like to dance. Slow, romantic music was wafting into the bar from the dance floor and I knew that if I were to dance with either of them I would have to put up with my bottom being groped and would also have to fight to stop having a tongue rammed down my throat.

Before I could say anything Jo politely told them that we were having a quiet girlie chat, catching up on things and no, neither of us would be dancing with them this evening.

Brian muttered something under his breath, something that sounded like 'a couple of dykes' and the pair turned and walked back to the dance floor.

"I wouldn't mind having a dance." Jo remarked, "But certainly not with either of those two."

"Me neither." I replied, "Maybe we can have a dance together when the band play something suitable."

"Yes, that would be nice." she replied.

We spent the next hour or so chatting. I learned that Jo, like me, was single and that apart from her cat she lived alone. She already knew that I was eighteen and that I had passed my driving test a couple of weeks earlier.

She asked if I had attended the wedding on my own and I told her that I had come with my mum but she had to leave soon after the the end of the ceremony as she had to work that evening.

She complemented me on my dress as was surprised to learn that I had made it myself. It was a full length figure hugging dark red backless affair with a single strap that tied over the back of my neck. As I only have small breasts, 34A, I could get away without having to wear a bra so had no unsightly bra shadow showing. She also complimented me on my hairstyle and said that it suited me. Until that morning my straight blonde hair had been shoulder length but I had it cut short for the wedding.

It was then that I noticed that every time our glasses were empty Keith would come over and replenish them.

Suddenly the band started to play seventies and eighties dance music. Jo asked if we should 'go and strut our stuff on the dance floor' and I eagerly agreed. We placed our handbags behind the bar and headed for the source of the music.

We had a super time, dancing for about three quarters of an hour before the band slowed the tempo right down and we made our way back to the bar where we had another couple of drinks.

I knew that I had consumed far too much alcohol to drive home and told Jo that, as it was 11.30 and taxi's cost a fortune after midnight, I would have to think about leaving. She asked me if I had enjoyed myself and I replied that I had and was really glad that I hadn't gone home like I was planning to. She then asked me if I really wanted to go home of if I would prefer to carry on partying for a while longer. I said that I would love to stay and she suggested that we stay for a while longer and then, as she only lived a few minutes away, we could walk to hers where I could stay the night in her spare room. I jumped at the chance. I was enjoying her company so much.

The band started playing dance music again and we made our way back to the dance floor. We had only been dancing for a few minutes when we both noticed Brian and Billy working their way over towards us. Jo took my hand and quickly led me back towards the bar where we picked up our bags and then made our way to the exit via the cloakroom to pick up our jackets.

We arrived at Jo's home about ten minutes later. I was very impressed as I looked towards the large house from the end of the long drive. We were in a very exclusive, and very expensive part of town, an area that I hardly ever found myself visiting.

We entered through the front door which opened into a large hallway. We took off our jackets and Jo showed me into the lounge. She immediately made her way over to a small bar in the corner and poured two large glasses of red wine. I had already drank several glasses and was by this time feeling very merry but I happily accepted the glass that she passed to me. I was beginning to wonder if she was just being friendly or if, like me, she was gay and fancied me as much as I did her. I knew that I would have to be careful, after all she was my boss. If I read something wrong into the situation I could end up with a slapped face and no job!

She walked over to a media centre and turned it on. The large T.V. screen burst into life and she selected music from the on-screen menu. A huge list of music tracks appeared and she selected a few before asking me to select some. As music similar to that which we had been dancing to filled the room I made a further selection before Jo chose a few more tracks.

We danced to a couple of tracks before Jo broke off to undo a couple of clips from the top of the back of her dress to loosen it a little as she was getting hot. We danced for a while longer, between drinking further glasses of wine. As she moved her body in time to the music I occasionally caught a glimpse of her breasts through the gaping opening in the top of her dress. They were nicely rounded and tipped with very large, erect nipples. She made no attempt to keep them covered and I knew that she must have been aware that she was sometimes exposed, albeit only for a second or two at a time. I found myself getting very aroused.

Several times our bodies brushed together and once or twice my bare arm brushed the front of Jo's dress and I could feel a hard nipple beneath as it glided across.

As well as drinking and dancing we were also talking. We hadn't stopped talking all evening. I mentioned that I liked her dress and remarked that I was amazed that it being so tight I couldn't see the outline of her panties. She smiled.

Just then a small ginger cat entered the room. It walked up to Jo and as she slowly bent forward the front of her dress opened just enough to expose both of her breasts. She tickled Timmy on his tummy. He let out a very satisfied purr.

"This is Timmy." Jo said smiling as she looked up to me, her breasts still exposed to my gaze, "One of the two ginger pussies that I have."

I looked around but couldn't see another. She tickled him for a few more seconds before he stood up and left the room.

We had another glass of wine and then started dancing again. The music had arranged itself so that as time wore on it was slowly lessening in tempo.

A short while later I was again treated to a glimpse of Jo's breasts. This time, as the music, and therefore Jo's body movements, were a little slower they were exposed for a good few seconds. I looked up to Jo's face and saw that she was looking at me. She must have been aware of what I had just seen. She smiled to me, reached behind her neck and undid another clip as she remarked how hot she was getting. Her dress opened a little further. I could feel my own nipples hardening.

"I can see in more ways than one that you are enjoying yourself." She said. "Are you glad you came back here?"

"Oh yes," I replied, "very glad."

As I momentarily turned away from Jo I noticed my reflection in a large mirror hanging on the wall. My erect nipples were very noticeably poking into the material of my dress. I knew what Jo meant when she said that she could tell I was enjoying myself in more ways than one. Normally I would have felt embarrassed with my nipples on show like that but this evening was different. I was getting excited by the thought and even more excited knowing that Jo had noticed.

As we danced on I continued to catch glimpses of what lay beneath the front of Jo's dress top and took every available opportunity to look. I thought it was a pity that my dress didn't have a plunging neckline. I would have loved Jo to be able to catch a glimpse of my breasts so I could gauge her reaction.

I knew that I could be treading on dangerous ground. If I made a wrong move the night would end there and then. It could just have been the amount of wine we had consumed which was making Jo appear to be attracted to me. If she had feelings for me she might think that they were not natural I told myself. It must be the drink. It had to be. So, I did the only thing I could do in the situation. I poured myself and Jo each another full glass of wine.

As we continued to dance we moved a little closer to each other. Jo looked into my eyes as she placed her hands on my shoulders and slowly slipped them down my bare arms to rest on my hands and then gently held them. We danced together holding hands for a few minutes before she let go and placed her hands onto my waist.

She then let them slowly slip down over my hips, gently feeling around my waist. It felt wonderful.

"I can hardly feel your panties beneath your dress." She said. "You feel so smooth."

As she let go I placed my hands onto her hips and repeated what she had just done to me. I couldn't feel anything under her dress and told her so. She looked into my eyes and smiled. She was very pretty when she smiled. She smiled at me again.

We carried on dancing for at least another half hour during which I couldn't gain the courage to make a move. Suddenly Jo said that it was getting very late and she thought it was time for bed.

She took my hand and led me through the door and across the hall to the staircase. I followed her up the stairs and couldn't stop looking at her petite, smooth bottom. I wondered if she was about to make a move.

We reached the top of the stairs and I followed her through a door and into a large bedroom.

"This is the guest room," she announced, "the bathroom is through the door beside the bed. There are some clean towels and a bathrobe hanging on the back of the door and, if you want them, you will find some night clothes in the top drawer of the chest on the other side of the bed."

With that she kissed me on the cheek, turned around and left the room. She also left me disappointed but I knew, deep down, that I was right not to be hasty in making a move.

The bedroom was very nice. A lush, long piled cream coloured carpet covered the floor. The bed was king-sized and the bed covers were very expensive looking.

I took a shower before I climbed into bed, all the while thinking about the two of us dancing together. I couldn't stop thinking about her.

I dozed of and then heard the bedroom door opening. I looked up to see Jo standing in the doorway naked. She looked at me, smiled and then started blowing kisses.

I jolted and woke up. I had been dreaming.

I dozed off and immediately started dreaming again. This time Jo was beside me in the bed, gently kissing me while carefully caressing my inner thighs.

My dozing and dreaming carried on all night, leaving me feeling extremely horny and my pussy very wet.

It was almost a week before I saw Jo again. A week in which I spent continually thinking about her. I just couldn't get her out of my mind. I wondered if she had thought about me.

Just after I arrived for work on Friday morning Brian Parsons walked over to my desk and passed me a note telling me to go and see 'Mrs Bryston' immediately.

"You must be in for the high-jump," he commented, "Being summoned to Her Ladyship's office is, to the best of my knowledge, never a pleasant experience."

I began to wonder what I had done wrong.

Brian accompanied me as he had some files that he had been asked to take. I asked him if there was anything in those files that affected me and he replied in the negative.

We reached Jo's office, Brian tapped on the door and a very annoyed sounding voice shouted for us to enter.

Brian passed Jo the files and she then asked him to leave.

She sounded so angry that I was beginning to wonder what on earth I had done to upset her.

She started to sift through the paperwork only pausing for a second or so to ask me to sit down. I watched as she carried on. She looked so different to the way she did on the previous Saturday evening.

Her hair was a mousy brown, tied up in a bun. She was wearing her trademark thick rimmed glasses, a plain grey suit with a high necked, darker grey sweater beneath.

After a couple of minutes her mood changed entirely, she put the files to one side, smiled and then asked if I would like a cup of coffee.

I answered that I would and added that I felt a little relieved.

"Relieved?" she asked, "Why do you feel relieved?"

"I thought I had done something wrong." I replied.

"No, you haven't done anything wrong, it's Brian who has got my back up." she said as she walked over to the coffee maker behind her desk. "He's too busy trying to chat up the new temp rather than getting on with his work. He has missed chasing up an overdue account that now means we have got to start the process all over again and wait at least another month for our money. He makes my blood boil at times."

She passed me a cup before she continued.

"Can I ask you something personal?"

"Yes, anything,"I replied. "I don't think that there is anything about me that you either don't already know or I would prefer you not to know. I don't have any secrets. Well apart from," I paused before continuing, "I have kept secret how much I enjoyed myself last Saturday evening and obviously I haven't told either Brian or Billy who the gorgeous lady was that I was with. That, as they say, is our little secret."

We both laughed.

"Gorgeous lady?" Jo enquired.

"That's what both of them keep asking me, "Who was that gorgeous lady you were with?" I just tell them that she is a very close friend who wouldn't be the least bit interested in either of them."

"Well, you have just saved me the trouble of asking you the question." Jo announced. "I was going to ask you if you enjoyed my company that evening."

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself." I replied. "I honestly can't remember when I last had such a good time."

"Doesn't it bother you that I'm almost twenty years older than you?" she asked.

"Firstly," I replied, "I didn't even realize that you were that much older and secondly, no, it doesn't bother me in the least. I don't actually know how old you are, I just consider you as a friend who is a little older than me."

"I'm forty two, which makes me twenty four years your senior. Does it bother you now?"

"No, it makes no difference whatsoever." I replied in all honesty.

"That makes it so much easier to ask you something".

"And, what would that be." I replied.

"I've been invited to another wedding, my aunt is getting remarried and I wondered.....", she paused for a few seconds before continuing, "I wondered, would you like to accompany me?"

"Would this be as a friend, or an employee?" I asked.

"A friend of course" She replied.

"In that case," I said, "I think we should end this conversation here."

Jo didn't respond but her face showed her reaction to my statement, it was full of sadness and disappointment.

I sipped my coffee.

"Do you like chicken?" I asked, "And mushrooms?"

She replied with a simple "Yes."

"And are you free this evening?"

Again her reply was simply "Yes."

"That's good," I said, "My place at seven then?"

Her face lit up. "That sounds like a plan to me." she said, with a broad smile. "But tell me, why the drama?"

"It's not a drama." I replied. "It's more a case of complications and survival. I want to keep our friendship as just that, a friendship. I want to keep it well away from work. While we are here you are my boss and I am just another employee, and that is how it should be. We both know that one day, if we discuss personal plans at work someone is sure to overhear and that could make my working life very difficult. It will be much better to keep our personal relationship strictly between ourselves, well away from the working environment".

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