tagFetishThe Pissed Off Nurse

The Pissed Off Nurse


"We're going to be late!" My mom screamed as she raced the car around the corner.

It was almost 4pm, and I was due for my shots as I was traveling to Brazil for school. My mom had left everything until last minute.

"Damn!" She hissed, as we got caught by a stop sign. I really wanted to get the shots myself, but the doctor's office had said that the typhoid and yellow fever shots would make my arm too sore to drive.

Finally, the clinic was in sight. My mom stepped on the gas and roared into the parking lot. Damn, the place was full. She impatiently raced around the lot and I gripped the door handles, worried that she'd hit someone.

Suddenly, we see a spot open up, but there's already a car waiting, signalling to park.

"Hang on!" My mom says.

"Mom, please! Don't do it!"

"We're late!" she steps on the gas and roars into the spot. The other car leans on their horn but my mom and I are already running into the clinic. I'm too embarrassed. I keep my head down and follow her in.

My mom practically stamps her feet when we arrive at the waiting room - packed. She grabs a number and we sit. She's muttering about wasted time, waiting time, and how we're going to be late for our next appointment - the travel agency for me to get traveler's insurance.

"Mrs. Clark?" the reception announces.

"Here!" My mom jumps up.

"You and your son, Jeff, can go in now."

We walk down the hall and are signalled to go into an examination room. It's small and square, with an examination table, a privacy screen, and a little counter with a sink. On the wall are posters about heart diseases and lung disease.

We sit there for another eternity, but finally a nurse walks in wearing a white uniform. She looks like she's in her late 30s, brunette, in a bad mood.

"I'm Nurse Levy." She looks at her clipboard. "Jeff?"


"OK, I'll be administering the shots. Could you come back behind the examination screen and undress?"

I walk over. "Why do I have to undress for shots?"

"You're getting an examination as well since you're traveling. We want to make sure you don't end up with any skin parasites!"

I grumble as I strip to my boxers. My mom is sitting impatiently on the other side of the screen, texting my dad that we're running late.

Nurse Levy brings out a tray with a couple hypodermic needles. She motions for me to sit up on the examination table. She takes my pulse, she listens to my chest. She feels under my ears.

"Sorry I kept you waiting." The nurse says. I shrug.

"OK," she says. "Please drop trou."

Shit. I don't like doctors at the best of times, but this was really unexpected. I drop my boxers and look at the wall, ignoring her.

I hear my mom on the phone. She's talking to the insurance agent that we're running late.

"Jeff, could you bend over please?" The nurse has her gloves on, and to my surprise, she's dabbed the fingers of her right hand with lubricant.

"What's this for?" I ask.

"Oh, don't tell me a strapping 18 year old man is afraid of a prostate exam? Bend over!" She commands.

I bend over and immediately feel the warm stickiness of a finger up my ass. Then she pushes in both fingers and I gasp as it hurts.

"The surface of the prostate gland seems smooth." She says. "I was saying, I'm sorry I was late. Someone took my parking spot."

At that, she pushes her fingers knuckle deep. I gasp again, it hurts like hell, but one of her fingers is rubbing urgently inside, stroking my prostate. To my horror, I feel I'm getting a boner.

The nurse is standing behind me as I'm bent over with my legs spread. She's reading off numbers, while she has 2 fingers in my anus. I almost jump when I feel her other gloved hand weigh my balls. I can't say a word because my mother is seated on the other side of the screen.

"There we go," Nurse Levy says. "Wait, is this a contusion?" She works her fingers around the rim of my asshole. Then she reaches between my legs with her other hand to confirm what she had forced to power. She grips my erection.

The nurse taps the underneath of my shaft. "I think your reflexes are normal. But I think we need to check muscle tone. You're going into Brazil in their monsoon season."

She starts stroking me, and for a split second, I think about jumping away, but it feels too good, the warm lubed fingers massaging my prostate and the other gloved hand squeezing my dick.

She works away at the prostate and I'm pushing my big dick in her hand. For every thrust, I'm squeezing her fingers in my ass. And for every squeeze, it feels as if she's pushing her fingers deeper.

Suddenly, my mom yells out, "Everything OK there? We're late, Jeffrey!"

The nurse calmly says, "Almost finished! Almost finished!" She strokes me faster and just when I'm ready to cum, I bury my face into the examination table and practically cram a wad of the liner paper into my mouth.

"Ow, ow, ow" I say, as I spray my load.

"Don't be a baby!" My mom yells from the other side of the screen. "It's just a shot!"

It's a shuddering orgasm - Nurse Levy steps back to watch. I look at the spray of cum on the table and look back at her. She looks at me with a strange blank look. Then, she takes the needles and administers the shots in my ass - it's over in seconds.

"Get dressed, Jeff. You're all done."

I reach down to pull up my shorts, but then Nurse Levy grabs my dick and whispers in my ear, "Next time, don't be in such a rush and steal people's parking spots!"

I nod but whisper back, "I didn't drive - my mom did."

"Oh really?" She lets go of me to finish dressing.

The nurse steps around the screen to my mother who is already standing impatiently. "Mrs. Clark. Your son is ready to go. Very nice meeting you."

She extends her hand, and instinctively, my mom shakes her hand and then jumps back, "Oh, your glove is sticky!"

The nurse smiles, "So sorry!"

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