tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 32

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 32


Chapter 32 -- A spanking for Ruth Burnside

While Lisa was in the bathroom, Dr. Halsey arrived. When she came out and saw him, she was totally shocked. He was wearing a black leather vest with matching leather boots, leather wrist-cuffs, and a leather jockstrap. It took all of Lisa's inner strength not to laugh, because to be honest, Halsey's 57-year-old body did not make a pretty sight in that get-up.

Other guests started coming in shortly after Halsey's arrival, wearing a wide variety of outfits. July 4th themes were popular, including a several partially dressed Uncle Sam's. There were several erotic Hawaii-style outfits including guys in loincloths and topless hula dancers. There were variations of summer wood nymphs, satyrs, chained slaves, and Roman togas, was well as more ordinary leather and latex fetish outfits. There was a guy in his 30's who had a really good build who came as an ancient Greek soldier, carrying a fake sword and wearing nothing but a metal helmet and Greek sandals. However, the outfit that was the funniest to Lisa was that of a very fat woman who was wearing nothing but body paint dividing her skin into cuts of meat. Painted across her shoulders was the caption: "Where's the beef?"

Burnside ordered Lisa to team up with Cherine and Bernadette to team up with Kathleen, mainly to keep Lisa and Kathleen apart so they could concentrate on the party instead of on each other. For the same reason she ordered Ken to work in the kitchen while Lisa was not working the massage station, once again to make sure he and Lisa were not free at the same time.

Using Mark as target practice, Burnside began a live demonstration of her collection of discipline implements at 8:00. Unfortunately, Lisa had to miss seeing Burnside in action, because she and Cherine started their duty on the massage table at the same time. However, Ken, Bernadette, and Kathleen stood together to watch the fearsome professor and her suffering sub.

That night Ken and Kathleen got into a conversation for the very first time. They compared notes on what life was like under Pledge Mistress Tracy versus Pledge Master Arnold, and what differences and similarities there were in their respective pledge programs. They also talked tentatively about Lisa, who Kathleen casually described as "my girlfriend". Ken took a deep breath upon hearing Kathleen talk about Lisa, because he knew that her situation was a lot more complicated than Kathleen was willing to admit. At that moment Kathleen blissfully assumed that what Lisa wanted was a monogamous relationship with her. Apparently she knew nothing about her ongoing dalliances with Ken, nor anything about their efforts to come to terms with each other.

Bernadette, meanwhile, was on the lookout for the opportunity to find a guy to have sex with her. If she could find more than one guy, so much the better. The first target of her attentions was the naked Greek soldier. She flirted with him and began touching his hand. Sure enough, he responded. Very quickly her hand moved to his chest as she cooed:

"I guess I'm just a poor little slave girl to a handsome soldier like you. Just a poor little slave girl..."

A few minutes later Bernadette and the Greek soldier were inside one of the tents, in an impromptu sexual encounter between two people who had not even exchanged their names. Upon finishing Bernadette and her lover took off their costume items and jumped into the outdoor shower to soap the sex off each other. Upon finishing she noticed it was almost 9:00, time for her to take over the massage table. She invited her momentary lover to get a massage once she and Kathleen were set up.

Once she was relieved from the massage table, Lisa took a deep breath as she contemplated the enema challenge. Already there was a middle-aged guy on his hands and knees taking an enema from Mark.

Lisa was not surprised to see Mark's bottom badly marked up from his most recent punishment. However, her interest was not in the condition of Mark but instead of her own ambition to turn the tables on her professor. With Cherine trailing behind, she nervously approached Burnside's sub and told him she wanted to compete in the enema challenge. He instructed her to get on her elbows and knees, stick her butt out for the benefit of the spectators, and wait for him to finish with her competitor.

A minute later Lisa felt the lubricant being dabbed onto her sphincter, followed by the hard plastic nozzle of the enema working its way inside her intestines. Mark released the clip to open the tube and Lisa slowly felt the pressure build inside her guts. At first the pressure was not too bad, but Lisa knew that once she stood up and the water inside her shifted, she would badly want to relieve herself. There was some clapping from the spectators as the enema bottle finished emptying into her, along with the flashes of several cameras. She felt the nozzle slip out of her anus and Mark dabbing off some of the extra lubricant with a tissue. So far, so good: she had managed to take the full amount from the bag, a requirement to qualify as an official participant in the contest.

Her stomach now swollen with water, Lisa carefully stood up and took her place next to the unoccupied medical seat. When she finally sat down to relieve herself, her audience would see everything, because the hospital seat was little more than an open toilet seat with legs and a large bedpan set on the grass underneath to catch whatever came out of the contestant's body. Lisa winced as her intestines shifted and showed the first signs of cramping. She took a deep breath and glanced at her competitor.

There was nothing more to do than wait and hope that her intestines could hold out longer than anyone else's intestines. Waiting...that was the hard part, and, as the minutes dragged by it seemed to get harder and harder as the seconds passed more and more slowly. Lisa had done what she could to get ready to hold her water, but the cramping and increasing pressure made her wince and perspire as she hoped that the guy standing next to her would give out first.

Finally, after 15 very long minutes, Lisa's competitor suddenly sat down on his toilet seat and grunted. As the splashes from his bedpan filled Lisa's ears, Mark turned off the guy's clock. Lisa looked up. The clock read 17 minutes and 23 seconds. Her clock only read 15:14. At least two more minutes to go. Shit! Literally, shit!

Lisa's intestines began cramping in earnest and sweat rolled down her cheeks as the seconds slowly ticked by. Meanwhile, one of Mark's friends replaced the bedpan and cleaned the seat for the next contestant. Lisa's next rival was a middle-aged woman dressed in a Hawaiian hula skirt. The woman glanced at Lisa and at the first contestant's time as she took off the skirt and got on her knees. She seemed very nervous, and at that moment Lisa could tell that her newest rival would not last very long.

The seconds ticked by: 17:20...17:21...17:22...17:23...

Yes! At least she had defeated the first contestant! She took a deep breath and continued to struggle against the mounting pressure as the seconds continued to slowly pass:


Lisa gritted her teeth as her new rival positioned herself to receive her enema. By now sweat was trickling down her body, but she was determined to stay as long as her new female rival stayed. She realized that if she could outlast her new rival, probably no one could beat her and she would be the night's winner.

18:23...18:24...18:25...Lisa gasped, but she now was a minute over the first contestant's time record. The newest contestant was not holding up well at all. Lisa calculated she might last another 30 seconds, if she was lucky. Sure enough, less than two minutes into her time Lisa's second rival gave up and dropped onto her toilet seat. The clock stopped a second time and a second bucket of human discharge was taken out. At nearly 25 minutes, Lisa was still standing. It had become obvious that she was the one to beat for anyone who still hoped to win the enema challenge.


Half an hour. She had made it a full 30 minutes, but now she had to pee as badly as she needed to dump. Finally Lisa couldn't stand the self-torture anymore. She had made it 30 minutes, but couldn't go any longer. She barely made it to her toilet seat when her intestines exploded and the soiled water poured into the waiting bedpan. She grunted and expelled a second time, hugely relieved that the pain in her guts finally was subsiding now that the horrible pressure was taken away. She nearly fainted as her spectators loudly applauded and her third rival looked at her final time in dismay.

Lisa was very unsteady as Mark helped her to her feet:

"Let's hear a round of applause for Lisa!"

There was a lot of loud clapping and cheering. She swooned and nearly fainted again, but Mark caught her and guided her to sit in the grass. Lisa finally was coherent enough to look up at her time. Mark had hit her clock's stop button at 31:03, for a final competition time of thirty-one minutes and three seconds. He commented:

"Anyone who can beat that record has guts of steel!"

Still somewhat wobbly on her feet, Lisa had Cherine help her get up so she could shower and clean herself off. She and Cherine would have to be back at the massage table within a few minutes, to relieve Kathleen and Bernadette. Still, Lisa had something to look forward to. If no one managed to hold their enema for more than 31 minutes, at midnight Dr. Ruth Burnside would go over her lap for a nice long public spanking.


While Lisa and Cherine were at the enema contest station, Bernadette and Kathleen gave erotic massages to a total of three guests, all of them men. They had their routine well-established for a 20 minute massage. The first 15 minutes were spent relaxing their subject's muscles, and the final five minutes on giving him an orgasm. There was a stack of clean washcloths to catch semen, and a basket in which used sheets and washcloths were deposited. Bernadette was in charge of the first guy's orgasm, but to her surprise it was Kathleen who volunteered to bring the second subject to orgasm.

The third guy out of the batch was Bernadette's Greek soldier, a guy with whom she had enjoyed sex but still had not exchanged names. Given that their shift would end as soon as he was aroused, Bernadette decided that no, he would not get an orgasm from her on the table. An orgasm from him was something for her to enjoy after her shift ended; another round of sex in one of the love-making tents.

Bernadette paid extra attention to her partner, making sure he was full of sexual desire by the time she finished with him. When the moment came for her to "finish the job", instead she whispered in his ear:

"I think it's time for this little slave-girl's soldier to show her what a warrior he really is."

A second later he was off the table and had disappeared with his masseuse into one of the tents, leaving her bewildered fellow pledge standing alone at the table. A moment later Lisa and Cherine showed up, leaving Kathleen to look for something to do. She worked her way through the crowded back yard to the living room, where she could hear the CRACK!...CRACK!...CRACK!...of an ongoing whipping on the punishment stage. She saw a middle-aged man tied over Burnside's punishment bench, with the professor and her lover both hard at work flogging him with martinets. Both Burnside and Halsey had taken off their tops and sweat was running down their bodies.

The man on the bench clearly was in a lot of pain, but the flogging continued until his skin developed blisters that risked breaking. Once the punishment was finished, two of Burnside's friends, one of whom was a professor Kathleen recognized, unbuckled the sub's restraints, pulled him off the bench, and deposited him on the floor. Kathleen noticed three other party guests waiting to be punished. They were lined up on their knees in front of the platform; all of them were completely stripped.

Burnside's next punishment subject was the fat woman with the "Where's the beef?" slogan written across her back. Burnside took a quick look at her and realized that she couldn't go over the bench, because her weight would make it hard for her to breathe. No problem, because the resourceful professor always had a solution ready for any difficulty. She ordered her newest discipline subject to position her hips against the punishment bench, but extend her arms up to the ceiling. One of Burnside's friends quickly cuffed the woman's wrists to chains hanging from the ceiling, while Halsey ordered her to spread her feet so he could cuff her ankles to the legs of the bench. Thus the woman was immobilized and bent over, but no pressure was being placed on her stomach or chest.

The fat woman had the largest breasts Kathleen had ever seen in real life. Her over-sized breasts fascinated both of her disciplinarians as well. Before the punishment began, they fondled the sub's breasts, slapping and massaging them and cruelly pinching her large nipples. Finally having satisfied themselves with the humiliating preliminary to the punishment, the two professors began flogging their newest volunteer. Burnside decided the punishment would be quite severe and would cover the woman's entire body in the back with welts. She had a very large area to work on, and began by hitting the woman's huge buttocks with a wide strap. Before long she was crying, but the punishment continued with blows to the thighs and shoulders with a pair martinets wielded by both professors. Of course the professors were up to the challenge; within a short time all of the victim's massive body was covered in welts and her skin had gone from pale to vivid pink and red.

Kathleen was deeply moved by what she was watching. What was happening to that woman was by no means something she wanted done to herself, but she found the entire spectacle fascinating and in its own way deeply erotic. At that moment she noticed that Ken was standing nearby, watching the punishment with his penis fully erect. Seeing Lisa's ex-boyfriend in such a condition put Kathleen into an even stranger mood; she felt an urge to touch his penis, knowing that it was the same penis that had gone into her lover before they had met. Kathleen imagined Lisa, and then imagined herself as Lisa. She knew that Lisa had beaten Ken, just like Burnside and Halsey were beating that fat woman...and then had sex with him. She wanted to know what her lover's life with him was like. What was it like for Lisa, to make love to that gay guy? She wanted to find out.

Kathleen did something that she never could have imagined doing even a few seconds before. She slid next to Ken and grabbed his penis. He was totally shocked, but so full of sexual energy that he had no desire to make her stop or take her hand away. Kathleen and Ken, both of them Lisa's lovers, both of them cut off from her at that moment, and both full of desperate unfulfilled sexual desire, had lost touch with their normal thought processes and inhibitions. The moment Kathleen's hand touched Ken's penis, their sexual drive took control of both their souls. How little they were thinking straight was obvious by where they went; not to one of the love-making tents, but to Burnside's guest bedroom, which had been declared off-limits. They pushed the door shut and Kathleen immediately went on her hands and knees. Ken kissed her bottom, not realizing that having her backside touched drove Kathleen's sexual drive more than anything else he could have done to her. She flexed her backside, silently begging him to kiss and touch her bottom-hole. Ken, used to doing the same thing to Lisa, complied, first by kissing Kathleen and then by inserting his tongue. Kathleen gasped with pleasure and became wet with desire.

A few seconds later Ken put his hands on her hips and guided himself into her. He thrust...and thrust...and thrust... Oh this was good! He had not had the opportunity to enjoy an orgasm for over a week, while Kathleen had not been entered by a guy for over two months. She squealed with delight, her mind not on Lisa, or even on Ken for that matter, but on the simple physical enjoyment of the moment.

What Ken and Kathleen, as well as Bernadette and Lisa, did not realize that what was happening to them was something Burnside had wanted. She purposely left them sexually aroused going into the party with the hope that they would walk away from inhibitions and experience something they would never have dreamt of trying otherwise. With all of her subjects the professor had succeeded. Bernadette's lack of inhibitions led her to make love to a total stranger, Lisa was the likely winner of the enema challenge, and, driven by lust and desperation, Ken and Kathleen had shared an experience that they never could have shared under normal circumstances. The other Tri-Alpha pledges had comparable experiences as well, making love to various guests during their time off.

Ken and Kathleen separated and caught their breath. Then it hit them what had happened and what they had just done. They stared at each other, not having a clue what they could possibly say.

There was one thing Kathleen realized, however. As much as she hated men, she couldn't blame Ken for the encounter. It was she who had initiated it. He had done nothing wrong to her; all he did was simply go along with what she wanted. There was another important detail. She had enjoyed having sex with him. For the first time in her life a sexual encounter with a male left her physically satisfied.

Lisa's two lovers continued to stare at each other until Ken finally suggested:

"I...I think you ought to go out...first, you know...and get cleaned up...and I'll...come out in a minute...you know...once you're done."

"Yeah...I guess you're right...and..."

"...and we won't..."

"...say anything...no...definitely not."

Kathleen got up to leave, but she gave Ken a quick smile before leaving the room. He sat waiting to give Lisa's lover a head start on the shower, but wondered what that smile from her could possibly mean.


As midnight approached, Lisa watched Mark administer several enemas, although most of the people getting them were doing so for fun, not because they hoped to hold their water for a half an hour. There was only one guy who seriously attempted to challenge Lisa's record. She watched with concern as his clock approached and passed the 30 minutes mark, but he fell short by 40 seconds when he collapsed on the hospital seat and expelled. His final time was 30:21, which left Lisa with the longest record and the ultimate winner of the challenge. At the end of the night she would leave Burnside's house with the dubious honor of being nicknamed "Pledge Iron Guts".

At midnight there were two events for the entire party. The first was the annual birthday spanking for Jim Halsey, which was to be administered by Burnside. Both professors approached the platform still sweaty from spending the night flogging guests, and neither had bothered to put their tops back on. Burnside's large breasts, unencumbered by her top, wobbled seductively as she settled on a chair to await her lover.

Lisa now realized why he had worn a leather jockstrap, because he needed to have his bottom uncovered for his annual spanking. However, this year's spanking would be a bit more severe than normal, because Burnside needed to get even for the double birthday spanking he gave her during the Marti Gras party back in March. She ordered him to stand in front of her and pulled his jockstrap down to his ankles. He had expected her to spank him harder, but instead she would get even by spanking him in the nude.

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