tagMind ControlThe Power Ch. 01

The Power Ch. 01


When Michael woke up he felt different. As his mind emerged from the murk of sleep, he tried to put his finger on the change. The memory of a dream drifted speedily on the periphery of Michael's consciousness and was as quickly gone completely. Michael continued his morning preparing for work. Everything was as it should be on a Monday morning, the routine timeworn and mundane. Although everything on the surface seemed normal Michael knew this day was different and that he was different.

The drive to work was much better than usual. Although nothing specific was different, everyone seemed to behave a lot more courteously on the road. Pedestrians and cyclists, who often seemed to behave as if Michael wasn't there, today made a distinct effort to prevent getting in his way. Other drivers let him out when it was their right of way. In fact, Michael got to work ten minutes earlier than usual. The strange feeling remained.

Michael sat down in the open plan office where he worked and smiled at the woman opposite. Terri was a beautiful 22 year old with long perfectly pitch black hair and with probably the most amazing ass that Michael had ever seen. She smiled back but her smile dissolved slightly and she looked across her desk with a slightly puzzled look on her face.

"Hi, Michael," she said, "You look different today. Did you get a haircut or something?"

"It must be the new make-up I'm wearing," Michael joked.

Michael noticed Terri laughed a little too hard at what was a fairly weak joke. He quickly dismissed it as evidence that Terri was drunk from the night before. Often, during the long days at the office, she regaled him with stories of her drunken exploits. He suspected that he only heard the tamer stories and there were more that she didn't tell him.

The work day passed and Michael started to notice that things had changed. He first noticed it when he asked his best friend at work, Matt, to get him a coffee. Every day Michael would wait until Matt got up from his seat to go to the coffee machine. He would then take the opportunity to ask Matt to bring a coffee to his desk. Matt would comment on Michael's laziness and whine and complain before eventually giving in and getting the coffees. It always made Michael laugh to see Matt throwing his arms around in fake anger at his friend. Today, however, there was no complaint as Matt brought the coffee.

When questioned all Matt said was "You asked me so I got the coffee for you," like he had always done it without complaint.

All day Michael noticed people were doing exactly what he asked of them. When he asked for file to be brought to his desk, no one said they would do it in a minute or when they finished what they were doing, the file was on his desk as quick as they could bring it. When he phoned someone from IT to install new software on his computer, someone came straight away. Usually, he was lucky if it took a week.

As the day passed Michael started to suspect that he had a new power. He thought of numerous scenarios, mostly involving his female co-workers that would prove or disprove what he hoped were true. The more he thought about it the more he dismissed the ideas. If I'm truly to test this, he thought, I can't do it here. If he asked a woman here to take off her panties or flash him their tits and the new power was just in his head, if he weren't reported for sexual harassment, he would instantly become known as the office pervert taking over from that guy who had set up his camera to video the ladies' bathroom.

What Michael decided he needed was a guinea pig. He needed someone who he didn't know and if she thought him a pervert or a madman then so be it, it didn't matter. He needed to pick up a stranger.


Michael was relieved to see that he didn't know anyone at the bar. He had driven quite a way to find somewhere where he was sure he wouldn't bump into someone he knew. The bartender brought Michael his drink promptly, although Michael put this down to the bar being fairly empty rather than his new power. He scanned the bar looking for likely guinea pigs. He had to admit it was fairly thin pickings. There were a few couples consisting of overweight men and women with make-up caked on so thick they might as well have been wearing masks. There were a couple of hairy bikers in the corner and a group of kids who looked barely old enough to buy a goldfish, never mind drink in a bar.

He was just about to give up when the waitress asked him if he wanted another drink. Intent as he was on checking out the other drinkers he hadn't noticed that the most attractive female in the place was working rather than drinking. She was only small, about 5' 4", but she was perfectly formed. She had blond hair in a bob and she had an innocent look about her, which Michael instantly found sexy. Her ample breasts strained against the white material of her blouse and her black skirt had a slit in it that showed off the smooth creamy skin of her leg.

"No, thanks," Michael replied to her question, lifting up his half full glass of whisky. "I'm Michael, by the way."

"Hi, Michael," the waitress replied, smiling warmly. "I'm Emma. You on your own Michael? Sorry that's none of my business."

"That's all right. I'm on my own at the moment. You'll have a drink with me though, won't you Emma?"

"Sure, I'd love too..."

At that point the bartender interrupted. "No you won't, Emma," he said. "Your shift doesn't finish for another hour."

"Come on, man," Michael said to the bartender. "She's worked hard. She deserves the night off."

"Ok, no problem," the bartender said. "Have a good time, Emma."

The bartender walked to the other end of the bar. Michael mentally filed the 180 degree turn from the bartender in the evidence cabinet as proof of his new power. It was only circumstantial but the bartender changed his mind pretty quickly.

"I'll be back in a minute," Emma said and disappeared through the bar.

Michael reminded himself that he had to be more forward. So far he was behaving like he wanted a date. He didn't want a date, he wanted a fuck. And he wanted proof that he had the power to get that fuck from anyone, anywhere. He had to focus.

Emma sat down beside Michael. "So, Michael, are you gonna buy me a drink?"

Michael took a deep breath. This was the point of no turning back.

He whispered in her ear "Can we go somewhere and fuck?"

She beamed a smile at Michael and grabbed him by the hand. She dragged him out the front door and pulled him into an alley next to the bar. Emma grabbed his head and pulled him towards her. Their lips locked and they kissed passionately. Emma's tongue flicked out and Michael responded in kind and their tongues entwined. As they pressed and grinded against each other, Michael's manhood stiffened.

"Wow," gasped Emma, breaking the kiss. "That feels big."

She reached down and unzipped Michael and fumbled around releasing his cock to the open air. Licking her lips greedily, Emma quickly dropped to her knees and took Michael into her mouth.

Michael groaned as he felt the wetness of her mouth cover his cock. He looked down and he could see the lust in her eyes as she looked up and watched his reaction to her tongue as it played along his shaft. Her lips stretched as she continued to take more of his cock into his mouth. She sucked and slurped on Michaels cock noisily as she moved up and down his shaft.

"God that feels amazing," Michael said. He gently laid his hands on Emma's blond hair and encouraged her to continue her expert blow job.

Emma picked up her speed and took Michael deeper and deeper. He felt his cock begin to touch her throat. Before long he was ready to explode.

"I'm gonna come down your throat, baby," Michael moaned. At that point he felt his balls emptying and his spunk filled his new lover's mouth. She happily drank down the outpouring.

"That was amazing," Michael said as Emma got off her knees and put her arms around him.

"We're not finished yet," Emma said with a devilish smile on her face. "You said you wanted to fuck and that is what we're going to do."

Again the pair kissed. Michael tasted himself on her lips and quite enjoyed the feeling. Emma gently pushed Michael away and leant against the wall behind her. She lifted up her skirt slowly revealing her red panties. She slipped her hand inside and began playing with herself, pushing two fingers inside her pussy. Michael had already begun to get hard again.

Michael pushed himself against Emma and started unbuttoning her blouse. He started kissing down her neck softly planting his lips on the curve under her chin slowly working down to her beautiful firm breasts. He took one nipple in his mouth and ran his tongue around the nub as he felt it harden against his lips. He moved across to other nipple and gave it the same attention.

Emma continued to gasp and moan at Michael's attention. He reached down and replaced her fingers with his own on her pussy and realised that it was oozing with desire. He easily pushed two fingers inside and started to fuck her with his hand.

"I want that gorgeous cock in there, baby," Emma said between moans. By this time Michael was fully aroused again and his cock was aching for pussy.

Michael ripped off Emma's panties to reveal her shaved, dripping and completely fuckable pussy. Emma wrapped her legs around Michael's ass and impaled herself roughly onto Michaels cock. Both lovers moaned as they became one. Michael roughly pounded Emma against the wall of the alley. Emma lost what inhibition she had left and began screaming in pleasure as she was entered again and again as Michael thrust into her.

"Come for me, baby," Michael whispered.

At that point both Michael and Emma erupted in a powerful orgasm, as his juices entered her pussy and her juices flowed round his cock.

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