tagHumor & SatireThe Power of a Witch's Circle

The Power of a Witch's Circle


Never doubt the power of a Witch's Circle, I know now that I never will. Let me tell you why and about what happened to me on a late afternoon in mid-spring a few years ago.

I'm an average looking guy, about average height, 5-foot 7, average build, average everything and happily married for many years. I just happen to be involved in the Renaissance Fair community. Not the large, famous Ren Fair here in Southern California, but with the smaller fairs that were springing up all around So. Cal.

There was this informal group that I often work with and we were collaborating on a project for an upcoming small Ren Fair. A few of us were supposed to visit the park where the next fair was going to be held so we could check out the site and finalize the plans for our project. I called my wife at work to let her know where I was going and to see if she wanted to meet anywhere for dinner. However she had some upcoming deadlines and would certainly be working very late, so she told me not to wait for her and just go ahead and have dinner with our group.

When I arrived at the park, I didn't see any of my people right away, but I did recognize a car as belonging to one of our ladies. I pulled up to the curb behind her little blue import and started hiking over to the fair area, looking around to try and spot them. It only took a short walk before I caught sight of the owner of the car, but she was alone. Obviously, no one else had shown up yet. Oh well, this was pretty typical of our freewheeling group.

She was easy to recognize from a distance, physically she was one of those ladies that's several pounds overweight. The type that's easily overlooked in normal clothes but was transformed by her Ren Fair garb into a saucy, buxom, lusty wench. Her extra weight was evenly distributed, giving her full hips, a slightly rounded tummy and very large, beautiful breasts. In her costume, she would usually go without a bra and cinch up the bodice nice and tight, pushing her breasts way up and showing lots and lots of splendid cleavage. This did very good things for her generous figure, attracting a lot of male attention. I had seen a few fair guests hit on her, but she usually ignored them. I didn't even know if she had a boyfriend outside of fair and I had never seen her with anyone steady at fair. She often hung around several of the guys, sharing a drink or a laugh or even the occasional kiss, but she didn't seem to be serious about anyone. Light brown eyes in a round face sprinkled with subtle, almost invisible freckles and a head of chestnut-colored hair, very straight down past her shoulder blades completed her look.

We walked around the site for a while, trying to get a feel for the layout and waiting to see if anyone else would show up. When it started to get dark, I offered to treat her to dinner since my wife was working late and I was on my own. She mentioned a pub that was popular with the renaissance crowd, which wasn't very far away and off we went in our separate cars. While dining on fish and chips, we continued to discuss the upcoming fair and skim the event newsletter.

"Look at this," she pointed at a page of the newsletter with several ads, "why are there so many Witches at the fair?"

I pulled the newsletter over to my side of the table and looked. "I never could figure that out, either. There's a bunch of stuff about Wicca in here."

"Wicca? That's a type of Witchcraft, isn't it?" She asked.

"Yeah, I think it's one kind of Witchcraft. British or something."

"I've heard a rumor that they do their rituals in the nude." She had a sly smile on her face and arched an eyebrow at me.

"I doubt it, this ad is for a open Beltane ritual at a public park." I showed her the ad. "I don't' think they'd go bare naked in a public park. I don't even like to go regimental in my kilt if the public has free access to the site."

"The date is for tonight. Want to go see it? I've never seen a Wiccan ceremony."

"We'll have to hurry, that park is a few miles away and the ad says it starts in about ten minutes."

"If they're anything like the fair, then they'll start late anyway."

I paid the bill and we hurried out to our cars.

"It'll be quicker if we go in one car." I suggested. "I'll drive."

"Okay, just let me grab my cloak out of my car." Like most renfair folk, she had a cloak along with her for warmth, even when wearing everyday clothes. So did I, a cloak makes a pretty good emergency blanket or rain gear. She tossed hers into the back seat of my car and climbed into the passenger seat.

We made good time getting to the other park, where there were several cars still left in the parking lot. We couldn't see the ritual circle from the parking lot, there was a large hedge between it and the rest of the park. I would be thankful for that hedge later. I pulled into a parking space and we both grabbed our cloaks, not only for warmth but we thought it would make us look a little more "witchy." We only saw the ritual area after walking around the end of the hedge, about two dozen people standing in a large circle. The nearly full moon clearly outlined them against the backdrop of trees. Most of them were in all black clothes, it looked like casual slacks or black jeans and tee shirts. There were a few people in renfair or gypsy type clothes, including the woman conducting the ceremony. Her assistant was one of the black jeans and tee shirt guys. Unfortunately we had arrived too late, the ceremony was already well under way and it seemed like the Priestess didn't want to interrupt the proceedings to let us in. We were effectively ignored. We spent the next half-hour standing just outside the circle, observing.

The ceremony itself was stately and full of sexual symbolism. It was a ritual celebration of the sexual union of the Goddess and God that was intended to bring fertility to the land in the spring and coming summer seasons. While the Witches weren't nude, there was definitely some sexual energy being raised, I could feel a slight stirring in my pants. Good thing I was wearing my cloak, no one would notice a slight bulge in the front of my jeans.

After the ceremony was finished and the circle broken, my friend said that she wanted to ask the Priestess some questions. She pulled me along with her into the space were the Witch's Circle had been only moments before. As we entered that space, I could feel a dramatic increase in the sexual energy. Again I was thankful for the cloak that concealed the front of my pants as I increased to about half staff. My friend gave a little gasp at the same time, but I thought she was just clearing her throat to get the attention of the Priestess. The two women chatted, while the Priestess' assistant, I assume he was the Priest, gathered up all their candles, incense and other paraphernalia to pack in their car. I just stood there listening and observing. The Priestess was petite, maybe 5 foot 2 and slender and athletic with dark brown hair and she was wearing a low-cut gypsy blouse that showed off her cleavage quite well. Even though she was by no means as generously endowed as my companion, I still enjoyed the view. Actually with all the sexual energy I was feeling, there was no way I could keep my eyes off her breasts, and this served to keep me in my halfway aroused state

They finished their chat and the Priestess dashed off to her waiting car, leaving my friend and I quite alone in the darkened park. There were very few people left in the park, and the closest were well over a hundred yards away.

"Thanks for bringing me here, this was very interesting." She turned to me and grabbed me in a full hug. That did it. The scent of her hair and the softness of her breasts and belly against me made Mr. Happy spring to full attention. There was no way that she couldn't notice my hardness pressing against her, even with my jeans and her slacks as a cushion. I let go of her and stepped back, embarrassed, and mumbled some sort of apology.

"I caused that? That's okay, actually it's a compliment." Even in the darkened park, there was enough light to see her wide grin and the unmistakable look in her eyes.

She put her arms around me again, this time under my cloak and our lips met. My arms went around her, too and I opened my mouth against hers. Our tongues intertwined, circled around and intensely explored each other. One part of me was trying to get me to stop. What the hell was I thinking? I'm married, for pity's sake and I shouldn't be doing this. But there was something wrong with my thought processes and I couldn't stop kissing her. I moved my hand down her back, stroking her spine and part of her plump, round bottom. I don't know how long we stood like this, exploring each other's mouth. The cloaks were long enough that they concealed us very well. Anyone walking by would just see two people sharing a hug.

But I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for her. She grabbed my right arm and moved my hand onto her full, heavy breast. I could feel her hard nipple even through her embroidered blouse and bra. That was something, she was wearing a pretty substantial bra because of the size of her breasts, so that nipple had to be very hard. Her other hand moved down and cupped my behind, squeezing it through my jeans. I moved my hips rubbing my hardness against the front of her slacks, a sensation that I enjoyed. I think she enjoyed it too, at least she was making happy noises. I stopped thinking about anything else and released her breast to unbutton her top. Moving both hands across her ribs to her back I slowly undid the heavy-duty clasp of her bra. Circling my hands around to her front again, I lifted the bra up, releasing her breasts into my eager palms. I took a moment to savor their weight, the softness of her skin covering the firmness underneath before moving my hands. I teased her a bit, tracing around her aureoles by feel, since I couldn't see them. Then I started on her nipples. Don't let anyone tell you that large-breasted women don't have sensitive nipples, she was squirming with pleasure at my touch.

She pulled away from me. "Wait a minute," she breathed, "hold my cloak for me so it won't slip off." Under the cover of the cloak, she slipped out of the bra and back into her blouse, leaving it unbuttoned. Even in the dim light, I caught a brief glimpse of her splendid breasts. They were as beautiful as I had imagined with wide dark aureoles and nipples as big around as my middle finger. She tucked her bra into my back pocket as we continued our kissing and fondling.

Soon she moved her hips away from me and rubbed the front of my jeans with one hand, while trying to undo my belt with the other. She fumbled with the buckle for a bit, then used both hands to undo everything and drop my jeans and underwear around my ankles. I returned the favor and her slacks and panties were soon around her ankles, too. Instead of reaching for her pussy immediately, I pulled her close into a hug and rubbed my hardness against her sweet lips, getting some of her juices on my shaft. But it wasn't time to enter her yet. I just wanted to enjoy the feeling of our two nearly naked bodies against each other. Part of me wondered what happened to my polo shirt. I didn't remember taking it off, but it was gone anyway, I could feel her generous breasts against me, her hard nipples digging into my bare chest.

I eased my hips back and guided her hand onto my cock once more. Then I reached for her wet slit, caressing her mons and down her muff before easing my finger past her outer lips and along the source of her wetness. She took a deep breath and her head lolled backwards, so I kissed along her neck and continued exploring with my finger, heading for her clitoris. Suddenly, she jerked her hips back away from my hand.

"Stop, stop! I'm too sensitive." She gasped. "I can't even have a vibrator against my clit."

I mumbled something in apology, muffled with my mouth still against her neck and moved my finger away from her clit, confining my attentions to her outer lips and trying to be gentle. She would still jump every time I used even the tiniest bit of excessive pressure. There had to be another way to do this.

"I'm going to try to be creative." I whispered into her ear, "Trust me." I kissed her again as I moved my hand back up onto her mons. This time I didn't spread her lips, I put one finger on each side of her pussy, just outboard of her outer lips and gently squeezed them together with just a small amount of inward pressure. I moved my hand in slow circles, first one way for a while and then the other, making her squirm all over again. A few minutes of this and her breathing became ragged and her hand lost its even stroking rhythm on my shaft, sometimes stopping altogether. I hoped she was close to an orgasm and I brought my face down away from her mouth, leaving a wet trail with my tongue down her neck, behind her cloak to the valley between her breasts. I nuzzled and licked her there for a moment, teasing her as before, then licked over to one of her gorgeous nipples. Her breathing became even more ragged as I applied a bit of suction to her nipple, inhaling it deep into my mouth, making it even more sensitive to my flicking tongue. At last she took one very deep, straining breath, held it for a few seconds and threw her head back, letting the breath out in one slow, continuous moan as the orgasm hit her.

She also tightened her grip against my cock as if she were trying to crush it like an aluminum can for recycling. I was hoping it wasn't bruised and my expression must have looked a little pained when she finally opened her eyes and asked if I were okay.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just be gentle with my equipment." I gasped.

"Did I hurt you? I'm sorry." Before I realized what was happening, she was on her knees in front of me. "Let me kiss it and make it better."

She took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around and around it. All the hurt went away immediately and I got even harder than I thought possible. I threw the bottom of my cloak over her, just in case anyone wandered by, but that was hardly likely. One hand of hers was stroking my shaft, the other cradling my balls and her mouth was doing amazing things to the head of my cock. With her talented tongue she was licking around the head and across the opening at the tip, occasionally flicking it down the underside of my shaft.

"Oh that is so good, don't stop." I breathed, certain that I was going to come soon. But again she made a sudden change, grabbing my behind and pulling almost all my shaft into her mouth at once. Then she went to work in earnest. Oh My God! Talk about sucking a golf ball through a garden hose, this lovely lady could do just that. She was managing to suck, lick and scrape her teeth along my shaft all at the same time. I had never felt anything like this. In my state of excitement, I didn't hold out for long against this sensual onslaught. My own breathing became faster and faster, ending in shuddering breaths as I had one of the most intense orgasms ever. She continued her sucking until I was completely drained, swallowing everything I had to offer. When there was no more left, she let me slip out of her mouth, got to her feet and kissed me deeply with my own moisture still on her lips.

For what felt like an hour, we held each other close, our naked bodies pressed against each other under the cloaks. Finally we both caught our breath enough to talk, saying those inane little things that people tend to say in the afterglow. I started to caress her breasts again, hoping that I wasn't completely spent and could get hard enough to penetrate that sweet pussy. After a bit I did feel my member start to react, valiantly trying to rise up again. I hoped that she noticed, too, and would take advantage of it.

However, that was not to be. Just about that time, a park ranger's car with a loudspeaker cruised through the parking lot, announcing the park closing and the parking lot gate being locked in ten minutes. That meant we had been at this for a full two hours. Now I was thankful for the large hedge, concealing us from the Ranger. We hurriedly pulled our clothes back into place. She buttoned her blouse without bothering to put on her bra, which was still in my back pocket. It took me a moment to find my shirt on the grass just behind me and put it back on under my cloak. We shared one more quick kiss then headed back towards the car. I was hoping that we could find a quiet place and continue this in the back seat after we left the parking lot.

As we crossed the border of the ritual circle, there was a change, something just wasn't right. She got an almost annoyed expression on her face and suddenly I was feeling regret, too.

"What the hell came over us?" She asked, shaking her head as if trying to clear it. She turned to me. "Not a word of this, you understand?"

"I think..."

"I said not a word." She interrupted me. "To anyone! Anyone at all."

I held her bra out to her and she snatched it from my hand and tucked it away somewhere. The rest of the drive back to her car was in complete silence as we both tried to make sense of our actions this evening. Nowadays we're still friends and sometimes collaborate on various Ren Fair projects, but nothing like this has ever happened since. Neither of us ever mentions it, and she absolutely never expresses anymore curiosity about Witchcraft.

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