tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Power of Three Cunts

The Power of Three Cunts


Chapter 1

Prue Halliwell stepped into the dark house. Pulling off her jacket and putting her purse and keys on the table she looked around. "Where is everybody?" She wondered as she walked past the solarium towards the kitchen. At 24, she was the oldest of three sisters. Her sister Piper was 22 and her youngest sister Phoebe had just turned 20. Prue turned on the kitchen light and looked around. The room was empty and there were no notes on the fridge saying the girls had gone out. "Well where the hell are they?" She wondered out loud to the empty room.

She turned off the light then made her way upstairs. She was about to head into her bedroom when she heard strange noises coming from Piper's room. Moving quietly, she stopped outside the door and put her ear against it. She heard moans coming from the room and felt her pussy starting to heat up. She knew she should go to her own room and take care of the problem but her curiosity got the best of her. She slowly opened the door and peeked inside.

Piper was lying in the middle of the bed naked with her legs spread and the head of her husband Leo between her spread legs. Prue couldn't see what Leo was doing but from the moans that were escaping Piper's lips, she had a feeling he was doing a good job eating her sister out. "Eat me Leo; oh fuck your tongue feels so good." Piper moaned lifting her hips against Leo's face.

Leo drove his tongue deep inside her as he reached up and took her clit between his fingers, pulling on it. Piper was humping against his mouth as her head whipped back and forth on the pillow and cries escaped her lips. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum." She cried slamming her pussy tight against his face.

Leo tongue fucked her faster, driving his tongue deep inside her as he pulled and twisted her clit. When he suddenly dug his nail into her clit, Piper let out a loud scream. "I'm cummminnnnngggg..." She cried coating his tongue and mouth with her juices.

Leo dug his tongue deeper inside her trying to get all the juices she had pouring out of her slit. He continued pulling at her clit as he tongue fucked her hard and fast.

Prue stood at the door and knew she should go away. Her sister would freak if she knew she had an audience but she couldn't seem to make her legs work. Instead she opened her pants and slid her hand inside brushing her finger over her own clit. She bit back a moan as electricity shot through her body and she rubbed her clit furiously as she watched the action going on inside the room.

Leo continued tonguing her as Piper started writhing on the bed. "Ugh, oh god, eat me." She cried grabbing his head and holding him tight against her hot snatch. "Make me cum again baby." Leo drove his tongue deep inside her, working it in and out like a small cock. He pulled at her clit as she went crazy. Piper humped hard against his face as she tried to get off yet again. He had already pushed her into two orgasms and she was nowhere near finished yet. She wanted Leo to get her off at least once more before she got his big cock lodged deep inside her. "Ugh, suck on my clit baby, make me cum." She cried slamming her pussy tight against his face.

Leo pulled his tongue out of her slit and replaced it with three fingers that he drove in hard and deep. She squealed as she felt his fingers impale her and slammed her pussy tighter against his face as she held tight to his head. "Eat me baby, oh god eat me." He locked his lips around her clit sucking hard on it and was rewarded with her coating his fingers in her juices as she came once again.

Piper clawed at Leo's head and arms. "Fuck me Leo, fuck me good." She begged.

Leo pulled his mouth away from her pussy and moved up over her. He pushed her legs wide apart and lined his 8 ½ inch cock up at the entrance to her body. He brushed his cockhead against her clit and she whimpered in need. "Is that what you want love?" He asked teasingly as he rubbed his cock against her clit."

Piper moaned hotly and shook her head back and forth against the pillow. "No... it feels good but I need your cock inside me. Fuck me Leo. Fuck me now."

Leo lined his cock back up with her slit then pressed his hips forward, burying half his cock inside her on one thrust. "Fuck, oh god yes, fuck me." Piper moaned lifting her hips to pull him deeper inside her.

Leo thrust forward with his hips, burying the rest of his cock inside her. Piper squealed as she felt him fully fill her. "Oh fuck yesssssssssssssss..." Leo pulled out until he held just the head inside her then slammed his hips forward impaling her once more. Piper squealed and lifted her hips against him. "Oh yes, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."

While Piper and Leo were getting into a fucking rhythm, Prue was beside herself with lust. She flicked her finger roughly over her clit but it wasn't enough, she needed more. Slipping her hand down further, she slid three fingers inside her sopping cunt. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning as she watched her sister. Pushing the door open a bit more, Prue gasped softly, at the angle she was standing, she could see Leo's cock slithering in and out of Piper's cunt. Prue had seen Leo's cock once before when she accidentally walked in on Piper and Leo in the shower. She had admired his cock then but watching him thrusting hard and fast into her sister was driving her crazy. She put her hand in her mouth to stifle the moans, as she slammed her fingers hard and fast in her hot cunt. She kept her eyes locked on the action in the bedroom and as she heard Piper squeal that she was cumming, Prue went flying over the edge as well. She moaned hotly into her hand as her pussy clenched around her thrusting fingers.

Prue pulled her fingers out of her clenching cunt and sagged against the doorframe. Leo was breathing hard and Prue had a feeling he wasn't far from cumming deep inside her sister. She knew she had to get away from the door before the couple realized she was there. She pulled the door closed as quietly as she could then made her way to her own bedroom to get herself off once more.

Leo and Piper were so engrossed in each other; they never heard the door close. Piper was thrusting her pussy hard against Leo's cock as he drilled hard and fast inside her. "Ugh, oh god, I'm cummminnnnngggg again..." Piper cried as she coated his cock in her juices.

"That's it baby, coat my cock." He growled fucking her faster. He fucked her so hard that the bed squeaked in protest. "Ugh, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." Piper cried slamming her body tight against his.

"Oh fuck baby, I'm cummminnnnngggg..." Leo cried slamming hard inside her as he let go, his cum splashing all over her insides.

"Oh yesssssssssssssssssss... I'm cumming again." Piper cried as she felt him shooting inside her.

The couple's cries filled the air as each found release. Then Leo collapsed against her and kissed her softly. "I love you honey." He said with a grin as he pulled out and rolled over onto his back.

Piper smiled as she leaned over his chest and rested her head there. "I love you to. More than anything."

While Piper and Leo were resting, Prue was furiously pounding her cunt. She had gotten so hot watching Piper and Leo fucking that just getting off once wasn't enough. She needed a hard cock plowing deep in her pussy but all she had at the moment were her fingers. She thought about calling her boyfriend Andy but remembered he said he had to work late tonight. She slammed three fingers into her sopping hole as she pulled at her clit with her other hand. "Ugh, oh god, so close." Prue exclaimed as she lifted her body against her thrusting fingers. "Need to cum so bad."

Prue slammed her fingers harder inside her as she twisted her clit ruthlessly. Suddenly without warning she went flying over the edge and screamed as her body convulsed. "Fuck, oh god yesssssssssssssssssssssss..." She screamed into the empty room. She kept working her fingers inside her and sighed as she felt her orgasm rising once more. "Oh god, I think I'm gonna cum again." She panted lifting her hips furiously against her hand. Prue battered her fingers furiously in and out of her cunt as her breathing became labored. She pulled and twisted her clit so hard there was little shoots of pain shooting out of it but she just kept doing it as she pushed herself towards another climax. "Fuck, I'm cummminnnnngggg..." She screamed as her body spasmed once more.

She fingered herself through the orgasm then slowly pulled her hands free and collapsed back against the bed. "Oh fuck, that was hot." She growled softly as she closed her eyes and slept.

Phoebe Halliwell let herself into the quiet house and ushered the guy with her in before quietly closing the door. She had picked up Hans at Quake, the restaurant where her sister Piper worked and decided to bring him home when he had kissed her and she felt the proof of his desire against her body. Hans was 26 and from what Phoebe felt well hung. At 5'9" and maybe 160lbs, the biker had been eyeing Phoebe ever since she walked into the restaurant. Now that they were at her house, he hoped to actually get into her pants.

Hans followed her up the stairs to her room and smiled as she led him inside then closed the door behind her. She stood back against the door and unzipped the leather shirt she was wearing. She slipped it down over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Hans's mouth watered as he stared at her pert breasts. "You have a beautiful body Phoebe." He said softly reaching up and wrapping his hand around one of her breasts.

"Wanna see the rest of it?" She asked breathlessly as she felt his hand caressing her breast. When he took her nipple between his fingers and squeezed it lightly, she moaned.

"Later." He growled leaning his head forward and taking her nipple between his lips. He sucked on it like a baby sucking on a bottle and wrapped his tongue around the hard nub. "Oh yeah, that feels good." Phoebe sighed pressing her head back against the door.

Hans continued sucking on her nipple as he brought his hand up and cupped her other one. He caressed the hard flesh between his fingers and squeezed her breast making her whimper as she pressed her breasts against him. "Oh yeah, suck those hot breasts baby." She purred wrapping her fingers in his hair and holding him tighter against her. He sucked at her breast until her nipple was a hard little rock then he pulled his mouth away and moved to the other tit giving it the same treatment as he wrapped his hand around the previous one caressing and squeezing it.

Phoebe was going crazy, his mouth felt so good against her breast but she wanted him to touch her pussy as well. She reached down and undid her jeans, pushing them down her hips. She pushed them down as far as she could without bending over then grasped Hans head again. "Touch my pussy baby." She purred holding him against her.

Hans let his hand drift down off her breast and slipped down over her rib cage, he squeezed her rib cage then continued his downward search. He moved his hand down over her stomach as he heard Phoebe's breathing starting to become labored. He slipped his hand over her leg then slid in between them until he came to her shaved pussy. He brushed his fingers over her pussy lips and heard her moan hotly. He pulled his mouth off her breast and smiled at her. "Shaved huh? Very nice."

Phoebe pushed her pants the rest of the way down her legs, and kicked them off, then she leaned back against the door again. "I like how it feels against my clothes." She said with a grin.

Hans let his hand drift over her pussylips, then slipped inside and brushed against her clit. "Oooohhhhh..." Phoebe moaned pressing her hips forward.

"You are a hot one aren't you?" He asked kissing her hard as he flicking his finger over her clit a couple more times.

Phoebe wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him back and pressed her body tight against his. "Touch me, make me cum." She begged as he broke the kiss.

He smiled as he flicked his finger over her clit again. "Like this or you want more?"

Phoebe moaned hotly against his mouth. "M...more please more."

He moved his hand down until he reached her slit. "Fuck, you're soaked." He growled feeling her juices coating his hand.

He teased her slit with his fingertip as he kissed her again, this time harder than before. He drove his tongue into her mouth as he let his finger slip inside her. "Mmmmmm..." She moaned against his mouth as she felt his finger slide inside her.

He slowly sawed his finger in and out as he brought his thumb up to her clit and started pushing on it. Phoebe moaned against his mouth and pressed her body tighter against his. "Touch me," She purred.

He lowered his lips to her neck, biting gently at her flesh as he slowly fingered her. "What do you want baby?" He asked softly.

She threw her head back against the door as she closed her eyes. "I want to cum. I want to cum all over your hand.

He slid a second finger in beside the first and she whimpered. "Is that what you want?" He growled lowering his face down to her breast and gently nuzzling the flesh as he continued to saw his fingers slowly in and out.

"Y....yesssssssssssssss..." She purred gripping his head in her hands.

He shook her hands off his head and continued kissing his way down her body. He kissed her rib cage with open mouth kisses and she gasped as she felt his tongue brush against her skin. "W...what are you doing to me?" She asked looking down at him.

He smiled but didn't answer, instead he continued his downward journey, kissing her stomach and drawing his tongue into her belly button. Phoebe squealed as he tickled her with his tongue, and then moaned as he started sawing his fingers faster inside her. "Oh, oh yes." She purred pressing her pussy down against his hand.

Hans dropped to his knees in front of her and looked at her pussy lips sparkling with her juices. "I wanna taste you." He said softly looking up at her.

Phoebe spread her legs a bit further apart and looked down at him through half closed eyes. "It's all yours lover."

He kept his fingers working inside her as he spread her pussy lips open with his free hand. He leaned forward and darted out his tongue, licking lightly at her clit. Phoebe sighed harshly as she rested her head back against the door and closed her eyes. "Oh yes, eat me, please." She begged softly.

Hans slid a third finger inside her and started furiously sawing them in and out as he flicked his tongue back and forth against her clit. He watched the small nub peeking out of its hood and heard Phoebe's labored breathing as he pushed her towards release. He lifted his eyes and looked up at her. "Cum for me baby,"

He furiously pushed his fingers deep inside her as he flicked his tongue roughly over her clit. He heard her breaths start coming out in pants and watched as she clung to the door handle to keep standing. He knew she was close; he just needed a bit more to push her over the edge. He locked his lips on her clit, sucking hard on it as he flicked it with his tongue. Phoebe cried out as she coated his fingers. "I'm cummmmmmiiinnnnggg..." She cried slamming her pussy tighter against his hand.

Hans pulled his fingers out of her spasming cunt and replaced them with his tongue. He locked his lips around her slit as he drove his tongue deep inside her drinking up all the juices she was spurting out. "Oh fuck yesssssssssssssss..." Phoebe moaned feeling his tongue driving deep inside her.

He worked his tongue in and out like a small cock as she humped her body against his mouth. "Fuck, tongue that pussy." She growled grabbing his head and holding him against her.

Phoebe held his head tight against her pussy as she felt her orgasm rising once again. "Tongue me, I'm gonna cum again." She begged panting heavily as she rode his mouth. Hans brought his hand up and flicked his nail against her clit, making her shiver with desire. "Yes, oh yes, I'm there don't stop." She clung to his head as he made her cum again, this time harder than before.

When Hans finally pulled his mouth away, Phoebe slid down the door to the floor breathing hard. "Oh yeah, that was great." She grinned.

"We aren't done yet little girl." He growled pulling her to her feet and locking his lips on hers in a brutal kiss. She kissed him back with as much passion as she felt in her body. When he pulled away her breathing was labored again.

Hans looked at her with a smile as he opened his pants and pulled out his 9 inch cock. Phoebe looked at it and whimpered with need. Dropping to her knees before him she took the head into her mouth and sucked greedily at it, whipping her tongue all over the head and into his piss hole. "Fuck yeah, suck that cock." He growled tangling his fingers in her hair and pulling her down over his cock until she had half of it in her mouth. Phoebe started bobbing her head back and forth over his hard steel as he moaned and closed his eyes. "Fuck yeah... oh fuck." He growled as he started fucking her face like a maniac. When his cock slipped into her throat, Phoebe breathed heavily through her nose trying to get enough breath to breathe. She sucked hard at his cock, whipping her tongue all over him as he fucked her face. "Take it bitch," he growled holding tight to her hair and forcing her head back and forth over his cock. Phoebe moaned hotly around his cock as she brought her hand down between her legs and started fingering her hot cunt again.

Phoebe's fingers flew in and out of her hot cunt as she sucked greedily at his cock. She wanted his cum in her mouth; she wanted to taste the salty goodness she knew he had for her. Precum filled her mouth and she drank it down greedily but wanting the real thing. She whipped her tongue over him and heard his cries of pleasure. When she nibbled at his flesh, he cried out and shoved his cock down her throat again. "Mmmmmmpppphhhhh..." Phoebe moaned as her body spasmed once again in release.

"Oh fuck, yes I'm cummminnnnngggg... drink it all up baby, drink up all that luscious cum."

Phoebe swallowed as shot after shot of cum shot violently into her mouth. When he slowed to a dribble, she dug at his piss hole looking for more. When she was sure she had it all, she let his still hard cock slip from between her lips. "You taste yummy." She said with a grin.

Hans pulled her to her feet and locked his lips on hers once more; he drove his tongue into her mouth, licking around as he searched for any leftover cum she had missed. When Phoebe realized what he was doing, she moaned and pressed her body tight against his. When he broke the kiss they were both breathing heavily. "Get on your hands and knees on the bed." He growled looking at her through lust filled eyes.

Phoebe moved quickly onto the bed and up on her hands and knees. She wiggled her ass as she looked over her shoulder at him. "Fuck me." She purred smiling hotly."

He moved up behind her and slammed his cock deep inside her pussy giving her all 9 inches in the first lunge. "Oh fuck." She moaned feeling him fill her. "God you're huge."

Hans groaned as he started fucking her hard and fast, driving deep inside her at an alarming rate. Phoebe just purred and moaned as she slammed her hips back against him taking his powerful lunges and begging for more. "Fuck yes, plow me with that huge fuck stick." She growled as he slammed hard and deep inside her.

Phoebe dug her hands into the mattress as she slammed back against him, feeling him deep in her body. "Fuck, I'm cummminnnnngggg..." She screamed as she coated his cock with her juices.

"Oh yeah, coat that cock. Cum all over that huge stick." He growled leaning forward and grabbing her swinging tits. He held tight to her tits, using them to pull her back against him as he plowed deep inside her body, his cock was squishing in her juices and the bed was protesting the powerful strokes he was giving her. Phoebe wasn't complaining though, she loved being rode hard and Hans was giving her the ride of her life. She felt her orgasm rising once more and squealed as she went flying over the edge for the second time.

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