tagMind ControlThe Power of Touch

The Power of Touch


I had awoken from the dream with the biggest erection I had had in a while. Morning wood, there was nothing better. At first I chalked it up to me having to pee, but then the dream came creeping back into my consciousness. The dream read like a porno. In the dream, I had adopted the power to control people with the touch of my hand. All I had to do was touch any part of their skin, no matter how minuscule and they were instantly connected mentally with me. The weird thing about the dream was the deep, melodic voice that started and ended it. It sounded like the voice was reciting a piece of poetry.

My time on earth is nearing end,
A gift to you I bequeath my friend.
The power of touch with which to control,
The huddled masses, the world whole.
Their minds are yours to twist and bend,
Under your control, the women and men.

The dream after that became more like an instructional video. Instructing me in ways I could manipulate people to bend to my wishes. All I had to do was touch their skin, and then I could imprint myself into their minds. I thought nothing of the dream, other than it being one of the most erotic dreams I had ever had. Women and men were doing as I wished. Women were sucking my cock, while men worked for me, and so on. I beat off while lying in bed, the dream fresh in my mind. After I was done, it didn't take long I was that turned on, I looked at my bedside clock. The glowing green numbers flashed seven o' four back at me.

"Fuck me," I muttered. I was going to be late for work again if I didn't hurry.

I climbed out of bed and made my way quickly to the shower. Cum was hanging from the hair surrounding my belly button. I didn't feel ashamed per se, more disappointed in myself. I had no ambition, couldn't keep a girlfriend if my life depended on it, and just generally felt like a loser. Working full time in a convenience store at twenty seven will do that to you. No female in her right mind would even look in my direction. I got in the shower and quickly washed up. As I got out and dried myself I heard my mother from upstairs.

"Jeff! Hurry up; you're going to be late again!" She yelled.

Late again, I just couldn't break out of my slump.

"Yeah, yeah!" I yelled back, fully aware of how much I must look like a failure to my parents.

Ah, fuck it I thought. My turn will come. As I poured myself a cup of coffee, I thought something has to change. I can't keep living like this. Someday, just not now. I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door; the bus was going to be here in minutes. I ran the two blocks to the bus stop, but, just as I got to there the bus was pulling away. I pounded on the side but it kept going.

"Son of a bitch..." I mumbled to myself.

I pulled out my cell phone and called home. My dad answered.


"Hey dad, can I get a ride to work? I missed my bus again."

A long sigh on the other end.

"Jesus Jeff, when are you going to grow up and take responsibility for your life?"

"Ok, dad, never mind. I'll just run."

With that I angrily snapped my cell phone shut and started the long jog to the store. I had to get out of that house. I knew my parents were extremely disappointed in me, and rightly so I guess. But still, I was constantly butting heads with them over the most trivial things. But with my convenience store income, I couldn't afford rent anywhere.

After a twenty minute run, I arrived. With minutes to spare I got the store ready for a day of business. My first customer was a douche bag. Some guy who thought he was hot shit. Fuck I hate those people. The second customer was a pleasantly plump housewife with two kids. She looked to be in her mid thirties, and weighed around two forty. She had a pretty face, and shoulder length chestnut hair. As I handed back her change, my hand brushed hers. Instantly I knew her information.

She was Faye Duncan, and lived at 612 Pike Place. She was thirty six years old, weighed two hundred and forty two pounds. Her bra size was 44 C, and she stood 5' 6". The kids' names were Raymond, and Anissa, ages six and eight respectively. Faye was taking them to school. Her husband of nine years, Rick, was a Captain with the Marines currently on deployment overseas for the next five months. She was a devoted wife, who loved her husband dearly.

How the fuck did I know that? This was scary. She was looking at me when I got up the courage to say.


"Yes," she smiled, "do I know you?"

She responded with a smile, so I knew I didn't offend her. I returned the smile and just said,

"I guess I know you from somewhere."

"Ok, we'll I have to get the kids to school now." she said pleasantly.

"Oh yes, of course. Well, bye then." I said.

"Bye." She replied softly.

"The power of touch with which to control, The huddled masses, the world whole."

The phrase from my dream washed over me like a tidal wave. I suddenly felt nauseous and excited both at the same time. I watched Faye leave with her two kids; she had a pair of jeans on that stretched tightly over her ass, accentuating each cheek. It was a nice round ass, not your typical large woman's ass.

The next customer came in five minutes later, he came up to buy cigarettes. As I gave him his change I brushed his hand with mine.

He was Lloyd Fennel, a contractor working on an office building renovation down the street. He was thirty two years old. He was married for two years to Sandra, a medical assistant at Maplewood Clinic in the city. She had smaller breasts than Faye, 36 B's, and weighed 140 lbs. They lived at 1410 MacDonald Street. That was enough. I had what I wanted. What the hell was going on? I had this crazy dream, and suddenly I'm able read people's minds? My mind was racing. I was trying to recall what else the voice told me in my dream.

"Their minds are yours to twist and bend, Under your control, the women and men."

Control! Is that what this is about? Why was I elected to hold this power? Not that I was complaining, mind you. I needed to investigate this further.

My manager finally showed up. She was wearing faded jeans and a light pink blouse. I could see the faint outline of her white bra underneath. Ready to test my new power, I feigned being sick. She shot me a look that could freeze fire. I hated her, she was such a bitch. I never could understand how she had a boyfriend. Sure, she was pretty enough. She was a petite brunette, with a nice ass and average breasts. I had beat off to her on numerous occasions. But she was still a bitch.

"I told you last time, Jeff, that the next time you asked I would fire your ass." She said seething.

"But I am sick. I've got the shits, and I'm sweating like a bastard." I lied easily.

"Fine, go!" She said disgusted by my visual. "But this is absolutely the last time. Next time, you're gone!"

I reached out and shook her hand "to say thanks". With just a touch, I knew she stood five feet tall, weighed one hundred and twenty pounds, and had a 32A bra size. Her address was apartment 102 - 310 Old Telegraph Road. She lived with her boyfriend Alan Leitch, a security guard at Indian Head Shopping Center.

"Pam?" I asked.

"Yes Jeff?" Her look inexplicably softened.

Here goes, I thought. I swallowed nervously and asked.

"How would you like to float me some cash? You know so I could get to the clinic?"

She just looked at me. Fuck, I thought. I pushed too far. I knew I should have taken it easy, tried this on someone like my parents first.

"Sure, how much would you need?" She asked softly.

Holy shit! This was going to work! I thought frantically, how much should I ask for?

"Umm, how much do you have?" I asked.

She opened the till.

"No, not the till Pam. How much do YOU have?"

Pam picked up her purse from beneath the counter and looked inside. She rummaged around and came out with ten dollars and fifty seven cents.

"I have about ten dollars. But you can take my bank card. The pin number is 0573, and there is a daily limit of five hundred dollars. But I think there's only three fifty in the account. " She told me sweetly as she handed over her bank card.

I took the card and walked over to the ATM in the corner of the store. Apparently she had more money in her account and I withdrew four hundred dollars. I returned to the counter where she had resumed her managerial duties. I returned her card, and turned to leave, ecstatic with my new found power. Then I changed my mind. I turned around and walked over behind Pam. She had put her purse back under the counter and was just standing up. I was right behind her.

"Turn around Pam." I ordered.

She obeyed, "Yes Jeff?"

I stepped toward her and grabbed one of her breasts. She let out a gasp, but made no move to remove my hand. I fondled her breast for a while. She just looked up at me . "Do you like that?" I asked her.

"Yes" she whispered.

"Whenever you see me from now on, you will love me." I ordered.

"Oh, yes Jeff." She breathed heavily.

My hand moved to the front of her blouse and opened two of the middle buttons. Sliding my hand into her blouse, I slipped her bra up, freeing her breasts. Her nipples hardened under my palm. My other hand moved over her ass, beneath her jeans. She was wearing a thong. I could feel her smooth ass cheeks on either side of the small strip of cloth. I leaned forward and kissed her. My lips brushed against hers for the first time. Pam looked up at me as our lips met, her eyes getting a soft look. She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed me hungrily. Pam moved her hand behind my head to pull me closer. Her lips were cool as they pressed against mine. My tongue penetrated her lips, and she repaid me the favor. Just then the door chimed, and Pam broke off our embrace. She quickly replaced her bra, and did up her two buttons. She quickly composed herself, and turned to face the business at hand.

"Oh, and by the way Pam, I quit." I said with finality.

With that, I turned and left. Pam watched me the entire time, a longing in her eyes. I looked at my watch. It was ten minutes to noon, and I had an idea.

I headed to 612 Pike Place. When I arrived, I saw Faye's minivan in the driveway. Standing in the road I looked at the house. It was a nice place, white with blue shutters on the widows, a nice porch off the front with two chairs side by side. Opening the gate, I walked up the steps and rang the doorbell. Faye answered; she must have been doing some house cleaning. She looked a little sweaty, and disheveled.

"Yes?" She asked.

I tried something new. I was going to try using my mind. So, I implanted an order in Faye's mind.

Let me in Faye.

Faye stood aside and motioned me in. I couldn't stand it, I needed to touch her. Here she was, mine for the taking.

You are absolutely in love with me, and you will call me by my name. You will satisfy my every need.

Reaching out, I caressed Faye's cheek with the back of my hand; her cheek was soft and warm. Faye closed her eyes and pushed her cheek into my gentle caress. My hand moved under her chin, where I placed my thumb upon her bottom lip. My thumb gently pulled Faye's bottom lip down and let it spring back into place. Faye allowed her mouth to be opened. Leaning in. I softly kissed her lips, a trail of tender, little kisses leading up to her earlobe. Upon reaching her earlobe, I took it between my teeth and tenderly nibbled until she sighed. With my hand under her chin, I raised her beautiful face up until she was looking at me. I moved my lips closer to hers, Faye slightly opening her soft, beautiful mouth to accept my kiss. When our lips met for the second time, I heard a soft, satisfied sigh escape from her. I reached up under her shirt and held a breast. Her bra was tight against her breasts. She kissed me harder now. My other hand found its way around her back and squeezed her ass. Her lips, cool at first, were now getting wet and hot. Faye grabbed my arms and pulled me in closer, holding me tightly against her. I pulled my hand out of her shirt and held her in my arms; I could feel her breasts press against my chest. Her tongue gently entered my mouth and she lightly licked my top lip as she let herself go with the passion. Her mouth tasted heavenly, and as our lips locked, Faye was letting out muffled little moans, and grunts. As I looked down at down at Faye, I saw her eyes were closed as she became enraptured with the moment. I gently pulled away, and her eyes slowly opened. I looked Faye in the eye.

You will always be truthful with me. When I ask you a question, you will answer. No matter how embarrassing the question is. Do you understand?

"Yes Jeff. Of course."

I reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head. She raised her arms to aid in the removal of the garment. She had a light film of sweat on her cleavage and swollen belly, and was wearing a white padded bra. I reached around her back and unclasped her bra. As I pulled her bra off, her breasts gave a little bounce. I inhaled deeply, her breasts were beautifully pale. Her areolas were large, with a brown tinge to them. I almost came in my pants, as I took in her exposed breasts. How erotic was it that I had made this woman, who was totally devoted to her marriage and family, essentially give her body to me. My hands caressed her breasts. I hefted her left breast in my hand; it had a nice weight to it. My hands moved to the side of her breasts, and I gently pressed them together. Moving my hands underneath, I lifted her breasts as I leaned in the kiss them. I could smell the faint smell of soap, as my mouth closed around one of her nipples. Sucking deeply on her nipple, I could feel it harden in my mouth. While I sucked on Faye's nipple, I would pull away holding it gently in my teeth, stretching it out from the breast. My tongue traced the areola, around her erect nipple, Faye sighed contentedly. I felt her hand move to the back of my neck, as she pulled me in closer to her breasts. She didn't want me to stop. My attention eventually made its way back to her mouth. She looked up at me again, as my lips grazed hers, I grasped and unfastened the button on her jeans and undid her zipper. I could see her panties, they were pink and cotton. Reaching down her pants, I could feel her pubic hair pressing against the fabric. I reached further down, into the damp warmth of her vagina. Breathing heavily, I started rubbing her through her panties. Her hips started gyrating slightly, as her panties got wetter. This was awesome.

It was 12:55 p.m. now, and I was hungry. I stopped massaging Faye's vagina, I knew I would have all day, and night with this woman.

"Why don't you go make us some lunch Faye?"

"Sure Jeff, what would you like?"

"Surprise me." I replied

Faye walked away clad only in her exposed breasts, and unzipped pants. I walked into the living room and saw the vacuum sitting there idly. She was cleaning when I got here. My fingers smelled of Faye's vaginal juices as I brought them up to my nose. I could hear commotion in the kitchen as Faye prepared our meal. The rest of the house needed exploring, so I set out. Down a hall, I came across a bedroom. It appeared to be a little girls' room. Anissa's. Right next door was Raymond's room. Across the hall was a bathroom with a nice shower in it. At the end of the hall, was the master bedroom. I entered it, leaving the door open behind me. There was a king size bed, two dressers, a mirror, and a chair facing the bed with Faye's pantyhose draped across the arm. I opened one of the dressers. It was Ricks. So, I went to the next one and opened the top drawer. There was Faye's underwear drawer. Rows of neatly folded panties greeted my eyes. I pulled a pair out and opened them. They were white cotton briefs. I could picture them stretched tightly across Faye's large, round ass. I got hard thinking about her in just her underwear. I opened the next drawer; there were socks and three more bras in it. I picked up a bra. It was a black one, padded like the one she was wearing now. She had no real sexy underwear. I was disappointed to see that. Then I remembered the four hundred bucks that Pam "gave" me. I had an awesome idea.

"Jeff, lunch is ready." I heard behind me.

Faye was standing in the doorway, still dressed the way I left her. I should have been embarrassed, rummaging through a woman's underwear drawer, but oddly I was not. I put the bra back, and closed the drawer. As I came up to Faye, I kissed her on the lips and caressed her breasts, and then took her hand.

When we got back to the kitchen, there were delicious looking sandwiches on the table. I motioned for Faye to take a seat beside me. She wordlessly obeyed. We ate quietly; I kept looking at her breasts.

"What time do you have to pick up your kids?" I asked.

"I have to be there for three thirty." She replied.

It was one thirty now. That gave us almost two hours. That would work. We finished up our sandwiches and Faye went to clean up the dishes. I told her not to. We had to go shopping. We made our way to the front door, where she retrieved her shirt, and bra. Once in the van Faye asked me where we were going.

"Where do you buy your clothes?" I asked her.

"Usually Wal-Mart or Target." She replied.

I could tell.

"Ok, not today. Let's go to Lane Bryant."

"Ok." She said.

As we were backing out of the driveway I noticed a neighbor taking notice of Faye with a stranger in her van. Hmm, I'll have to take care of that later. About ten minutes later we arrived at the strip mall. Faye parked her van right by the front door. Once inside, I led Faye to the intimates section. There I started picking out sexy bras, panties, and other lingerie for her. I like lace, so a lot of what I was picking out was just that. I could see Faye was getting a little uncomfortable . "What's the matter Faye?"

"I can't afford all these things you're picking out, Jeff." She said.

"You don't need to worry about that. I'm buying." I replied.

"But there's almost four hundred dollars worth of stuff here." She protested.

"And? It's not a problem." I replied coolly.

Faye leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"Thank you Jeff. I love you, and I can't wait to try these on for you." Her lips grazing my ear as she spoke.

"Neither can I Faye."

We went to the till and paid. As I was getting my change I made sure to touch the cashier's hand.

Donna McMillan, aged twenty seven. She weighed one hundred and fifty pounds, and stood five foot five. Her bra size was 32B. She lived in apartment 332, 201 King Street. She wasn't married, but she did have a long term boyfriend named Carl, who worked as a plumber for a contracting company. They lived together. I love this new power.

We left the store and went to pick up her kids from school.

"If anyone asks you Faye, I am your brother Jeff, just in from L.A."

"Ok Jeff."

We pulled up to the school with ten minutes to spare. No one really paid us any attention. Eleven minutes later, her two kids came bounding out of the school toward the van. They slowed down a bit when they saw me, but came none the less. As they got in the back seat, Faye introduced me.

"Ray, Anissa? Meet your Uncle Jeff. He's my brother from Los Angeles." Faye lied.

"Hi Uncle Jeff!" They yelled in unison.

I turned around in my seat.

"Well, it sure is nice to meet you two." I said as I stuck out my hand.

They were both polite and quickly grasped my hand to shake it. Two more people were mine, and in that instant they had known me for years. Faye pulled out into traffic and we made our way home. Once we pulled into the driveway, I saw the nosey neighbor poking her head through their curtains.

"Who's that?" I motioned with my head towards the neighbor.

"Who, oh her? Yeah' that's Marcie. She's the neighborhood gossip." Faye responded.

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