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The Real Thing


"They can suck my dick," she said with a saucy grin.

I scratched my head in response to that comment. It was probably just a figure of speech, but it got me thinking. What if it wasn't just a crass, if descriptive remark? As a bisexual man who had a secret fascination with transgender women, she naturally piqued my curiosity. I decided to probe a little bit, though coming across (I hoped) lightheartedly.

"Cute, if a bit impossible. I can just picture them doing that and it makes me laugh my ass off," I told the sexy brunette.

"Um, not as impossible as you'd think, sweetie," she whispered to my pleasant surprise.

"Is that so? Is that plastic or the real McCoy we're talking about here?" I shot back.

"What, are you curious? Are you hard, thinking about my cock? You can only find out one way," Kay told me, intensifying my suspense and attraction to her.

"What way is that?" I winked at her.

"Okay, are you having CRS here, Mister? You know, can't remember shit? How in the hell do you think that you'd find out? Meet me tonight outside of work. Say seven pm, if you don't forget that, too, Grandpa. I hear that you live close enough that you walk to work, so I'll go home with you tonight. I trust that you won't panic when you see it for yourself. You can decide what to do about it then," Kay leaned in to kiss me, causing me to get harder at this shock.

"As much as fun as this is, I've got to get back to work," I told her, which prompted laughter behind me as I walked out of the room. I lied about that, since I needed some privacy to get to a stall and jack off. The image of Kay with a dick made me horny as hell. Her ass also turned me on to the extreme.

I did my best to concentrate on work once I clocked back in, but it wasn't easy. I already found Kay to be a serious babe, but the idea of her as a pre-op transsexual made things worse. If she was one, her breasts were quite convincing and her figure remarkably feminine.

Finally, after I punched the time clock to leave, I saw that she waited for me right outside the door. It was fifteen past seven, but she knew the occasional delays of the job and didn't hold them against me. I naturally hoped that she would hold else something else against me, to quote the Bellamy Brothers, but there were no guarantees.

As we walked back to my apartment, Kay got friskier. It was more shameless by the second, with her hands groping my ass and guiding mine to her delightful bottom. She seemed eager to tease me and get me ready for whatever naughty plan she had in mind.

Once we got inside, Kay began undressing me. Once she had me completely naked, she took off her shoes and top. Her bra came off next. Her slacks followed suit. This left her in her panties, clearly the piece de resistance. She wanted to keep up the suspense until the very last second. I was as hard as granite by now, waiting to see her crotch and ass.

"Alright, buddy, here we go. Think that you're ready for this?" Kay tantalized me.

"Yes, by all means. Let's see what you're packing," I egged her on.

"Well, when you put it that way," she turned around and slipped off her underwear, letting me see her sweet booty. It was pale, plump, soft, and smooth. I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I reached out and fondled her buns.

Kay reacted by bending over and then I saw her crotch. It included a pussy, which was normal enough to make me think that this was a clever prank at first. My irritation was replaced by shock when I looked for her clit. She wasn't lying or joking. Instead of what I expected, there was a cock. It wasn't large, but it was definitely a dick, not a clit. I had an instant urge to touch both her boy and girl parts. I did and it was confirmed. Kay was intersexed. She wasn't a transsexual, but a hermaphrodite.

"Damn!" was I could say for a moment.

"Yeah, I'm a freak. Now you know my secret. Now you show what you're made of, Danny. What is it? Scared or excited? Told you it was possible," Kay challenged me.

I didn't say a word. Instead, I started stroking her dick with one hand and fingering her cunt. Kay pushed her ass back at me and I caught the hint. My tongue probed her crack and I began licking it in earnest. The desire to rim her was just too powerful to resist. I wanted her with such intensity right then, but I also wanted to get her off. She was incredibly vulnerable right then, though that made sense in hindsight. She feared being seen as a circus freak instead of a sexy woman.

I continued rimming Kay for a good length of time, savoring the taste of her ass as long as I could. Between that and my manipulation of both her pussy and her cock, she came on my fingers in a deliciously wet and messy manner. I licked my fingers clean and grabbed her cheeks as I put my cock in her cunt. She sighed as I started fucking her over the kitchen table.

Kay was remarkably tight. I couldn't believe just how much friction there was and how much she squeezed my cock with her pussy. I couldn't help but rub her dick again while I fucked her. I wasn't sure how it would affect her, but I played with her cock constantly. She soon responded to this by moving her hips faster back at me. She was in serious heat and it became apparent after a few strokes. I wondered if she cut off all blood flow to my cock, simply because it was that small a space. Were it not for her orgasm earlier, she would have been even tighter.

I couldn't restrain myself any longer and my load spurted as deep as I could go inside Kay. I knew then that she had been a virgin. Something clicked in my head, as I could now think with my regular brain. I had stretched her, too. There hadn't been a hymen at all, but I was her first, at least in that hole. I didn't feel bad, especially since at her age, losing her cherry had to be good news. It was overdue. I knew from experience that losing it later in life could be a real burden.

"That was your first time, wasn't it?" I asked her as I withdrew, stalling as I recovered my balance.

"Yes. Thank you, Danny. You did what I wanted," she started sobbing.

I grabbed Kay and turned her around, honing in on her face to look her in the eye.

"What's wrong?" I wondered, truly confused.

"You wanted me that way after seeing me. You didn't throw up or run away from me. What could be wrong about that? I'm not upset. Far from it, Danny. Can I spend the night with you? I'm tired of being lonely. I play it cool and get flirty with the guys, but no one wants to sleep with me in any sense when they see my secret. That's why I was a virgin. It wasn't a choice.

"I think that I'm gonna want it more from you than just this once. Where else am I going to get it? Who else would fuck me like you did? I don't know or care if you could be better. Maybe you could, maybe not. I have nothing to compare to it. I just know that I have needs and you're the only guy I've known who's willing to do this for me. I need you, at least as a booty call, Danny. I don't have that many options. I want to stay here with you tonight and have you fuck me as many ways as you like.

"Teach me. Fuck me raw. I want you, Danny. I want to be desired. Other girls might complain about guys lusting for them, but they have no idea how lucky they are. They have the luxury of griping and taking it for granted. Guys like me until the last moment, and then they suddenly panic at the sight of my dick. I can get as far as sucking them off, but no further. Eat me out? Hell, no! They can't stand to go near my crotch by then. Their skins crawl. They run and hide. They avoid me whenever they see me and won't look me in the eye. They seem to think that I'm a guy or a freak of nature, anything but a woman with needs.

"Please don't lose interest in me. Not yet. Maybe not ever. I could live with being your friend with benefits, if necessary. It beats the alternative. There's no promise of a wedding and a groom for me. All I have is the eye of one guy who wouldn't run away from me. I don't care what I have to do. I need this. Love would be nice, too, don't get me wrong. But since love is a distant hope, I'll take sex with a friend. It's up to you, but I'm begging you for this," she cried on my shoulder.

My guts tightened as I held this petite lady with dark hair and sad blue eyes. She was in very real pain and rather lonely. She needed it. More to the point, she needed me. It felt good to my ego, but it also hurt me to know that this babe really suffered that much from the attitudes of close-minded guys. Surely, there were other men with a more enlightened view of things, but convincing Kay of that would be an uphill climb. Like it or not, I had committed myself to a more permanent situation than I planned.

For a man who had sworn off most long-term relationships since my divorce, it was a rude awakening. Then again, Kay was a far nicer woman than Sherry and she wasn't likely to hold my sexuality against me. My ex had done everything possible to wreck my life, including a serious blow to my career in the Navy. That I pulled off an honorable discharge was because my superiors liked me. Still, she forced them to take official notice of my sexual orientation and I was out well short of my retirement and pension.

Of course, Sherry's spite came back to bite her in the ass, as it made me too poor to pay her alimony. Not to mention that the judge was a Navy veteran and saw only a fellow sailor. She got most of the existing assets, but no maintenance. I ended up in an apartment with no company but my own. Roommates came and went, mostly junkies whom I gave the boot when they stole from me. Video cameras such as the one my best Navy buddy gave me (he wanted to help an old friend out), despite being old and cheap, still worked for that.

This reminded me that I needed to tell Kay about the cameras, which I'd forgotten. I had unintentionally recorded us fucking, not considering that in the heat of the moment. This would be very awkward, but I owed her the truth.

"Kay, I, um, forgot something. If you're mad at me, I'll understand. I had cameras installed in every room of my apartment a long time ago. I didn't mean to tape you, but we were caught on camera having sex. There. I'm very sorry," I told her nervously.

"Danny, do you mean to tell me that I have a sex tape? That is so fucking hot! I never dared to hope for something so wild. I'm not the stuff that porn stars are made of, you know. As I said, I'm a freak," she said with a kiss born of a passion that exceeded her tiny frame.

"Not a freak, but a very unusual woman. In a good way, Kay. There's nothing wrong with you. Those other guys lack taste. Tell me, do you have a lease or do you live in a house?" I asked her.

"I live with my parents. What else is there for me? Are you offering to let me live with you? I'll gladly help you pay rent. Whatever you want. I just want to have some prospect of a better future than my present, Danny. If you're asking me to share this apartment with you, you'll be very happy that you did. Hell, I can even cook. It will be almost like we're married," she encouraged me.

"Yes, I'm making you an offer. I might be crazy, but I doubt it. You're a keeper. If I weren't such a weird guy, I'd probably let myself fall for you faster. I'm only holding back because I'm a little strange. I don't know if you're ready for the kind of long-term relationship that would be acceptable to me. This deal is still unorthodox enough to appeal to me. I guess that I'm the freak, if anyone is. You'll understand when you get to know me better, Kay," I warned her.

"Hey, I'll sign on for what I can get. Yes, that makes me desperate. Can you blame me? I don't care. I'm already happier than I used to be. Trust me on that issue. I must be as screwed up as you are. Then again, I like how odd you are. If you were normal, you'd have kicked me out instead of fucking me. Tell me more about the real Danny Stern. Other than sharing a name with a B-movie actor, that is. Jewish?" she engaged me in conversation, while I tried not to stare at her jaw-dropping body.

"A lame excuse for an observant Jew, even by Reform standards. I haven't been to temple in three years and the high holy days have passed me by without notice. To think that my parents wanted a rabbi. What a joke! About the only things Jewish about me these days are my bris and my fondness for good bagels. Then again, the Faith doesn't exactly embrace my sexual preferences. I'm bisexual, Kay.

"My ex found out and dumped me for it, along with ruining my naval career. I barely pulled off an honorable discharge. That's why I work where I do. That bitch! Sorry, but what kind of girl drops a guy for telling the truth? I didn't cheat on her with guys or girls, though I had plenty of temptations to do so. Oh, I fooled around once we were separated, but that was a technicality. The State is always a bit tardy to pronounce a marriage dead when it should already be buried. After that, I told myself no more traditional marriages or relationships. Open marriages or relationships only, with lots of candor between us.

"Now, however, I think that I'll just stick to the friends with benefits thing. I won't make promises that I can't keep, Kay. I can't expect you to agree to swinging when you lack confidence that you'll get any strange tail of your own. I think that you underestimate your own sex appeal, but I understand if you don't believe me, given your past experiences.

"In any case, it's safe to say that I'll let you stay as long as you wish. Yes, that means that I'll keep fucking you, too. Speaking of which, I'm more than willing to do it again tonight, but I can switch the cameras off if you're tired of being an amateur porn star. There is also the small matter of supper. I'm hungry. How about you?" I assured her.

"It sounds as if I'm not the only one here with some scars. Very well. Let's just make a deal to let things happen naturally. No pressure. All I need right now is to get laid and have a man around me for a change who isn't my father. If I start to fall for you, don't be shocked, but I won't nag you about it. Just to be clear, however, I don't care about other women or men. You're the first guy to accept me as I am and I would be a raving lunatic not to return the favor. That will not change if we tie the knot or become boyfriend and girlfriend. You're wonderfully different.

"You're the real thing, a guy who actually gives a damn about me. If I gave you up because society disapproves, that would make me a fool. Mama didn't raise no fool, as the saying goes. Now, as to supper, let me cook your first of many nice dinners. It's late, I know, but I can still make a mean stir-fry. If you don't mind Asian, that is," she suggested.

"Shit, I should fucking marry you already! You're the most enjoyable woman I've ever known, in every meaning of the word. How about that for a proposal, if you're serious about accepting my nature? That was the only thing that stopped me from asking you, love or no love. People married for worse reasons in the old days and still do. I sometimes think that love or infatuation is a lousy excuse by itself for a motive, if you consider the instability of such passions. Not that love is bad, but as the sole reason to marry, it doesn't make much sense. Then again, I am rather weird, as we've agreed. Maybe I'm wrong," I rambled, stopping only when Kay kissed me again.

She had to stand on the tips of her toes to do that, of course. I didn't mind that or having to lean to kiss her back. I wanted Kay now, so badly I could taste her. I wanted to fuck her again and again, all night long. I wanted to play with her little dick and drive my hard cock into her pussy with the maximum force. I wanted to fuck her in the ass, too. I wanted to lift her short body and plant it in my bed. I wanted to pin her down to the bed or the floor and pound her holes with my dick. It was affection, lust, frustration, and my aggressive, dominant side coming out to play at the same time. I wanted to take her and make her mine.

"Supper can wait a little longer, Kay. I want your sweet ass in my bed, where I can fuck you until my dick is too sore to keep going," I brazenly told her, wondering what she'd said about that shocking admission.

"Then do it. Fucking take me already and make me your woman! If that was a proposal, I accept it on your conditions. Take me and fuck me now!" Kay became downright obscene with her language, but that just turned me on more. She always had a dirty mouth, which I loved about her.

I was more than happy to oblige Kay. I picked her up and realized just how small she was. Despite being somewhat plump, she was easy to carry to the bedroom. The only problem was that I found the contact with her skin to be distractingly sensual. That was particularly so when it came to her ass, of course.

Pushing Kay down on the bed, I entered her doggie-style and shoved my cock in and out of her as I pleased. If she minded being used as a sex toy, she didn't act like it. Of course, my hand vigorously stroking her own dick didn't hurt when it came to persuading her. She moaned, hissed, and screamed as I plundered her cunt. Kay came rather early and seemed to cum repeatedly, but that could have just been one long orgasm. I couldn't tell which it was. I was just so engrossed in fucking her that it didn't matter. I went deeper than last time, much to her joy as well as mine.

This even wilder encounter made it obvious that Kay and I were two of the same kind. We both liked it rough. We also both had strange needs as well as unusual and unconventional attitudes about sex and other things in life. We had much the same sense of humor, naturally. We also both had higher than average sex drives, as it turned out. Once she became sexually active, Kay was more than capable of meeting every need but quantity and variety. She was the kind of woman that some men would mistake for a whore. That just made them fools for not seeing the great girl she was.

I thrust so hard into Kay that if she were taller, she would have bumped her head on the headboard of the bed. As it was, I worried about crushing her underneath me. She was mine now and I wanted to protect her. It was funny how my attitude toward her had changed in just a few hours. She wasn't a colleague anymore. She was my lover, my partner, and my mate. It was a radical, one hundred eighty degree turn for me. This was just a fling when we started, a curiosity on my part. Now I realized that I was falling for her after all.

When I came in Kay's pussy for the second time, it was during this epiphany about me. After all of my verbal wrangling, I had feelings for this girl. Deep, intense, powerful emotions passed through my brain. I didn't even want to think about how close I came to never getting to know her intimately like this. My life had turned onto a far different path and all because of her dirty comment and my witty comeback. I was such a lucky bastard and I knew it. The rest of my colleagues could suck my dick, to use Kay's own words, if they didn't like it.

As Kay and I staggered to the kitchen (hey, we'd burned some serious calories that evening, on top of working our jobs), I faced up to the fact that I was in love. I loved this sultry little hermaphrodite with the potty mouth, sassy attitude, and serious rejection issues. Then again, I was an emotionally scarred mess, too. I guess that folks like us were bound to get together, as long as the right events lined up. If curiosity killed the cat, it made the man a very happy SOB. Maybe God wasn't so bad after all, even if I still differed with his fans. At the moment, I had no complaints at all.

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