The Reawakening of Dr. Clark Ch. 12



"I want you cum on me. On my tits, my stomach, my legs above the boots...everywhere but inside me or on my face. I want to be able to put my coat and drive home covered in your cream without anyone have a clue."

"Damn! Fuck! You're so dirty!"

"You like that, don't you? That I'm a nasty little slut that has all these filthy thoughts in her head that she can't keep to herself?"

"You know I do."

"I guess that makes you pretty dirty, too, doesn't it, Doc? Fucking a teenager in your office, in her apartment, in CHURCH, in your own bed next to your sleeping wife!"

"Yesssssssss," he hissed.

Then, she abruptly stopped riding him. "Rule 2!" she proclaimed, "You answer every question I ask. As long as you keep answering, I keep riding. Anytime you don't or won't or hesitate or try to avoid, I stop. You do it too much, you piss me off enough, I jump off this table and leave you rock hard with no release. Understood?"

Greg's anxiety rose again but, once again, he was far too turned on to let cooler heads prevail. He acquiesced.

Mallory then began to ride him slowly, undulating her body to emphasize the suppleness of her body, the contraction and relaxation of her muscles that she knew the Doctor found hypnotic and arousing. It was also allowed her to grind her clit and g-spot briefly against wherever she could find purchase, keeping her plenty turned on while allowing her not to completely lose her mind. She needed to save that for after she had all her questions answered.

"Let's start with," she quickly found that she had to parse out each questions slowly to keep some semblance of normal breathing going, "How did you fuck your wife last night?"

"What?" Greg gasped, moved by both surprise at her question and the exquisite of a talented coed's pussy flexing around his rigid prick.

"Sorry," Mallory replied, voice dripping with as much sarcasm as her short breaths could manage, "I forgot she's too proper for such coarseness. How did you make love to your wife last night?"

"How do you—"

She slowed her pace to punish him for avoiding the question and answered his, "I pay attention. I am sure you guys have sex at random times...I witnessed it once, as you recall. But I do know for sure, every Thursday is sex night."

"Fine, fine. Are you jealous?"

She slowed down even further, "I told you before. I'm not jealous, I'm competitive. Now remember, I'm the one who asks the questions. Answer mine."

"What was it again?" Greg joked.

Mallory playing it unamused, pulled herself off him, hovering just above. The sudden shock of cold air made him whimper, "Please don't stop..."

"Answer," she demanded, simply, in response.

"Fine!" he grumbled, giving in, "Missionary, okay?"

She dropped herself down hard on him, almost squealing in pleasure as she felt him thrust into her.

"Fuuuuuuuuck," Greg moaned, "Feel so good."

"You like that?" she moaned, beginning to ride her employer, "You like fucking me?"


"Better than 'making love' to your wife?" Mallory let the making love part of the question drip with barely concealed condescension.

"I—well—it's different."


"Uhhhhhh...yes, a bit."

"Wetter?" she gasped, rotating her hips at the end of each downstroke.

"Oh god," he mumbled, "yes. You know you drive me crazy when you do this?"

She allowed herself a smile, "Why do you think I do it? So...missionary? No oral?"

"I...went down on her."

"She didn't suck that big hard cock of yours, though?"

Quietly with a trace of disappointed embarrassment Greg replied, "No."

"You didn't get to fuck your wife's pretty face?"

"Haven' years. And never 'fucked.'"

"Rrrrrrrrrright. Did you cum?"

"Yes," he admitted, feeling increasingly weird which, in turn, made him more turned on, which made feel even weirder and so on.

The babysitter could feel his cock jump inside here with the question and delighted in how he enjoyed her pushing his boundaries. She smiled and whispered in her sexy voice, "Where?"

"In the condom?"

"A condom!" she exclaimed, stunned, "Your own wife makes you use a condom?"

"Y...yes. Doesn't want use birth control."

"And how do you fuck me? Do I make you wear a condom?"

"N...nooooo," he admitted as she began to ride him harder.

"And I let you cum anywhere, don't I?"


"Tell me where."

"On...on...your face. Your tits. Your stomach. Your legs. Your back. Inside you. God!"

"That's right. Anywhere. You know why?"

"I...I don't."

"Because I'm a slut. A dirty, naughty, teen slut. Aren't I? A fucking whore! Just a filthy little girl. A seductive homewrecker, right?!" she rode him ever harder, cumming as she denigrated herself.

"If...if you say so."

"Tell me what I am!"

" know..."

She stopped abruptly and began to climb off the title. He felt his anger flash and grabbed her hips, pulling her back.

"Bitch!" he grunted.

"Yessssssssssss," she moaned. "More!"

"Slut!" he shouted, now actively pulling and pushing her up and down on his rigid member, "Dirty, fucking whore!"

"Oh god Doc. Do you kiss your wife with that mouth?"

"Stop asking me about her!" he demanded.

"Do you eat her prude cunt with that mouth, Greg?"

"I told you to stop!" he yelled her.

"It's too bad she's such a damn bore, Doc, because she has a great body. I tell you, if I could get her to loosen up, trim that pussy up....Mmmm, the things I'd do to her for you. Would you like to see that; to see me seduce your frigid wife?"

Stop..." he moaned it now, his conscience losing to his libido.

"Answer me."

"She'd never go for it."

" I'd have to be forceful then? Would you like to see that, me raping your respectable wife, make her into my little lesbian slave? Break her until she's just our little fuck toy?"

She could feel him grow even harder, heard his breathing become irregular, his stroke become more insistent.

"Nevermind," she moaned, "I can feel how hard it makes you. Are you picturing her face glazed and dripping with my juices while she begs you to cum all over it to, fingering herself the whole time?"

"Pleeeeeeease," he begged, "stop."

"Tell me the truth!"

"Yes! Ok! Yes! I want to fuck you while we make her suck your tits and rub your clit. I want to tell her how hard you make, how good you fuck, what you do for me that she never would. Ok?"

Mallory came again, breathe rattling out of her as she shook. Gasping, she told him, "Oh, Doc. That would be amazing. I'd love to make that come true for you."

"Never," he stressed, bitterness seeping in to his tone, "happening."

"Remember that night at my apartment? With Brenda?"

"Yesssssss," he groaned, the sight of them swapping his cum flashing in his mind.

"I want do that again. But all the way. I want you to see me go down on another girl, make her cum all over my face. I want to grind my pussy against hers. I want you to fuck her from behind while her face is buried in my cunt. I want to do it all. With anyone you want. I bet I could convince Brenda to be our little plaything. Or someone else. Would you like that?"

"God!" he exclaimed after her nasty diatribe, "Yes. But you don't..."

"Stop!" she ordered, "I'm not her. I'm not scared of what you want. I'm just as filthy as you are. Worse even."

"Oh! Fuck! You feel so good. I'm so close!"

She leapt off the table and dragged him to the floor with her. She grabbed his slick cock and began to stroke him hard and fast.

"Remember your promise?"

" all over you?"

"Yesssssssss. Coat me!"

" dirty!"

"Mmhmm, your nasty little slut."

She noticed he had his eyes shuttered tightly and demanded, "Look at me! Please. I want you to see what you are doing to me! How depraved you are! What you've done to me. Made me a whore. Filthy, slutty garbage."

"Fuccccccccccccccccck!" he screamed and let us a torrent of cum splashing first against her tits. She angled him downward and subsequent streams landed across her toned tan abs, coated her navel, and glazed the area above her vagina. She moaned and cooed as he groaned and thrashed in her hands.

Finally satisfied he was spent, Mallory let him go and Greg flopped on the floor next to her.

"Wow..." he groaned, "I know a good feminist like myself shouldn't be okay with the things you say, turns me on so much."

She idly played with the hot cum slowly cooling her stomach, "Don't worry, Doc, it's our secret. Besides, I'm a fourth wave feminist...I say if it feels good, and believe me it does, then any words you want to use are fine."

She stood then and Greg watched as sauntered around the room naked to collect her coat. He saw small streamss of his cum drizzle down her legs, some over her boots, as she put on her coat.

"Like what you see there Doctor Clark?"

"Love it," he confessed.

"What a sweet thing to say to a girl like me," she smiled. She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. Before she straightened up she whispered in his ear, "Now, tonight when you go to bed, just think of me driving home, naked but for my coat and boots and covered in your cum. Think of that as your wife sleeps peacefully next to you and try not to jerk yourself off."

With that, she stood, spun about, and strutted out of the exam room, into his office, then into waiting room and beyond.

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