tagNonHumanThe Rebirth of Anne

The Rebirth of Anne


Armand sat next to Anne on the couch as she finished her drink. the warmth from the fire was soothing. Anne snuggled in close to him. He put an arm around her and though about how bad her life had been a year ago.

Anne had tried to destroy her self. He felt an unimaginable trail of sadness one night when hunting and it led to her apartment. Anne had slashed both wrist and was unconscious on the floor. He saved her life but the depression was still eating away at her.

Anne had unbuttoned Armand's shirt and was kissing his chest. He looked so young and had a feline grace. His black hair hung mid way of his back and set of his sharp green eyes.

Armand lifted her face so that her eyes met his. "Anne, if I were to ask you to stay with me forever would you?" Anne gave him a soul shattering kiss and answered, "I never want to leave."

He swept her up into his arms and carried her to his bedroom, where he laid her on the velvet bed. He undressed her. caressing her with his silky hands. She unfasten his trousers and went to her knees. She took the head of his stone phallus into her mouth licking around it then slowly took in as much as she could. Bathing it with her tongue and sucking it in and out.

He pushed her away and helped her back onto the bed. He parted her legs and lapped at the juices there. Then kissing and teasing her pleasure core brought her into an orgasm, but before it was over he found the femoral artery inside her thigh and sank his fangs into it driving her wild with passion as she archer her back and screamed out loud. Taking all the blood that he could he sat up pulling her to him, and impaling her on his phallus. He sliced his neck and as she drank his vampiric nectar they rocked together and came together as Anne's body died.

He held her close to him and soon she gasped loudly as she opened her eyes on her new existence like a beautiful butterfly shedding a cocoon. They made love over and over locked together in the blood exchange and finally slept in each others arms in the deathlike slumber as the sun rose in the heavens above.

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