The Recruitment of Agent Kira


Kira was indignant. How dare some jumped-up civil servant, no matter how handsome and probably well hung, insult her by suggesting she become a whore!

Although, she wondered to herself, why were her pussy feeling so creamily damp and her nipples as stiff as bullets? It must just have been the highly physical presence of Booker. It certainly couldn't have been the prospect of using her trim athletic body sexually to manipulate evildoers and achieve good on behalf of her country.

Kira was eventually released from the hospital after having been thoroughly briefed by the police about what she could and couldn't say. Her name had been kept out of any media communication so she wasn't expecting any publicity about her role in the incident which suited her very well.

Back in her inexpensive but clean hotel room, she spent an hour contacting her family and friends to check in and reassure them that she was ok and no, they didn't need to rush to New York to rescue her, that she'd be home at the weekend as planned.

She was just thinking about how she would turn in for an early night when there was a knock at the door.

Very rarely did Kira feel intimidated by the beauty of another woman but the gorgeous young lady who was waiting outside took her breath away.

"Hello, my name's Erica," she smiled. "I work with Director Booker at Whore Division. Can I come in?"

Kira nodded, wide-eyed with admiration for Erica's pale-eyed good looks and tall slender body. She seemed so elegant and assured even though she was only perhaps slightly older than Kira herself.

Erica settled down in the only chair in the room while Kira sat on the bed.

"Sorry to come and see you unannounced but Booker thought it would be worth you meeting with a new operative, someone who joined Whore Division relatively recently, just so you can find out what it's really like."

"I'm sorry but there's no way I'd ever become a..., well do what you do!" Kira said emphatically.

Erica giggled delightfully. "You mean become a professional whore? It's really not so bad. I only whore for the good of humanity and frankly I love it. I've always loved sex and now I get to do it as part of my job and do good at the same time. I mean, don't you love the feel of a fat hard cock in your mouth? I know I do," she said unashamedly, licking her lips.

Kira moaned involuntarily, her nipples stiffening at the thought of a big dick sliding down her throat. "I, er, um..."

"Please, Kira. Let me tell you about what we do. There's no pressure. If you don't want to join us then you don't have to. But something tells me you'd be a fabulous whore."

Kira nodded uncertainly. "Ok then."

She listened in initial disbelief and then growing excitement as Erica described her initial training at Whore Division and then the kinds of missions with which she might one day get involved.

"You get a broad programme of tuition on international criminal law, fellatio, counter-espionage, comprehensive fucking, practical lesbianism, hand-to-hand combat, anal attendance, weapons handling and group service dynamics, which is basically how to take on several men at once," Erica explained to Kira's mounting moist-mounded arousal. "Of course as a trainee you have to do some of the less glamorous work like sucking off some of the guys around the building but I enjoyed meeting people so I never really minded."

As Erica continued expounding the life of a Whore Division operative, Kira asked several questions until she was thoroughly satisfied that this was a seriously professional organisation and that, if she were to join and successfully graduate to full agent status, she would become a walking talking sexual weapon.

Erica carried on. "And when you're ready for field work, you start off nice and slowly probably with a few suck-and-fetch missions: you know, perhaps blowing a mid-level criminal in return for intelligence. Only when you've got some experience would you move onto more highly sanctioned missions where perhaps you'd offer up a fuck or even, in very rare situations, anal. You have to remember that the mouth, pussy or arse of a full agent is a precious commodity, only to be used in return for proportionate gain."

"Wow!" Kira exclaimed. "I've never taken it up the butt before! I'm not sure I could."

"Oh, you'll be surprised at what you can fit up your arse after some practice!" Erica laughed. "So are you interested?"

Kira knew she should say no. Although she loved both sex and pleasing and rewarding men using her body, turning her hobby into a profession just seemed morally wrong.

But then again, she'd be taught to become even more sexually proficient. And she'd get the opportunity to suck a lot of cock as well as plenty of international travel. Impulsively, she made up her mind.

"Yes, I'm interested!" she suddenly blurted. "I want to join Whore Division! What do I need to do to enlist?"

"Fantastic!" Erica said, clapping her hands together girlishly. "I was really hoping you would. You need to pass the interview of course but I'm certain you'll fly through. The Director has asked to interview you personally and, having met you, I can see why: you're smoking hot, my dear."

Kira blushed delightfully. Praise from such a beautiful woman was stirring indeed.

When the time for the interview came, Kira was nervous. She had prepared carefully knowing that she was very likely to be asked about her sexual predilections as well as perhaps demonstrate her sexual abilities.

She was wearing a smart business suit, charcoal grey with a subtle salmon stripe, comprising a tailored jacket and a scandalously short skirt. The jacket buttoned across an off-white blouse cut low to show a little cleavage nicely generated by an excellent push-up bra and the skirt stopped just below the tops of her cream hold-ups. To complete her ensemble she was wearing a delicate silver chain, elaborate stud earrings and beautiful knee-length black calf-skin boots with high stiletto heels.

She'd also had her hair done and her legs and pussy waxed, remembering Booker's indecent parting comment.

Her initial impression of the Whore Division building was of busy activity, a kind of controlled chaos. She had to go through various thorough yet polite security checks at reception after which Erica came down to meet her and take her to the Director.

As they walked through the offices, Erica introduced her to various people, all of whom seemed friendly yet professional. In fact it just seemed like a normal office until Kira turned a corner to see a gangly bespectacled south Asian man leaning back in his chair whilst typing one-handed on a laptop, groaning whilst holding a kneeling young blonde's head by her pony tail, insistently pumping her pretty face up and down on his long penis.

Kira stopped dead in shock at the incongruous sight and waved tentatively back at the girl who smiled affably around her mouthful of cock.

"That's Akhil from Accounts being sucked by Marie. She's a trainee agent. It's just one of the perks for the guys who work here but it does keep the apprentices in practice."

Feeling slightly aroused at the straightforwardly sexual scene she'd just witnessed and the matter-of-fact way it was regarded, Kira followed Erica into Director Booker's office where she was left with the big man.

The interview started much like any with Booker giving her a brief of the Sexual Intelligence Agency and Whore Division's role within it before asking her more probing questions about her experience, motivation and sexual history.

Kira, still feeling slightly intimidated by Booker's size and assertiveness, swallowed a strange combination of nervousness and sexual excitement and did her best to answer his questions honestly and proficiently.

She obviously did a reasonable job because after an hour and a half, Booker leant back, nodding in apparent approval.

"Kira, I like you. As I suspected you have what it takes to join this great institution and excel as an agent. I just need to check personally that your sexual skills have got the potential we need to turn you into a fully qualified sexual professional. You have thirty minutes to show me what you can do."

Kira hesitated only briefly, a sudden wash of stimulation racing through her as she strode around Booker's desk, unbuttoning her jacket and carelessly dropping it over his in-tray. She leant over him, kissing him deeply as he grabbed her head with a big dark hand and slipped his thick tongue into her mouth.

Kira moaned, pressing her lithe body against him as she straddled his lap, her short skirt riding up over her thighs to expose her stocking tops, feeling the dangerous bulge of his crotch against her pussy.

After a few minutes of allowing him to squeeze and fondle her perfect arse as he snogged her, Kira pulled back, remembering she had a job to do. She stood to slowly unzip her skirt and unbutton her blouse, seductively stripping for him as she stared through her dark eyelashes at him with sultry eyes. She left on her black boots knowing they'd contrast beautifully with her cream bra and thong set. Booker growled in appreciation at her lightly tanned body and almost fully exposed perfect butt.

Kissing him lingeringly she slid down his body to kneel in front of him until she was finally confronted by the substantial presence of his erection tenting his trousers menacingly. Looking up at him with glowing eyes and licking her lips, she reached to release him.

Booker's cock, much like the rest of him, was huge and thick just as Kira had dreamed. She was fascinated by how darkly rigid and veiny it felt in her tiny pale hands as she stroked him. His testicles were massive too, hairy and promising substantial quantities of ejaculate.

Making sure she maintained eye contact, Kira mischievously leant forward to bring her mouth close to his angrily dark pink glans, teasing him with her warm breath and causing him to twitch powerfully in her hand.

After pausing just for a moment she peeked her tongue out of her open mouth to flick it over his pee hole, causing him to groan blissfully. And then Kira gave Booker the blowjob of her life.

She began by continuing to flicker her tongue over his colossal plum-like knob before licking up and down his mahogany shaft and slurping on his monstrous balls one by one, her open palm sliding down him to smear his pre-cum along his length. Then she kissed her way up his pole before gradually taking him into her mouth, her lips stretched wide around his titanic dick.

Slightly nervously but knowing she had to impress him, she slowly pushed her face down his lengthy shaft, pausing only briefly as he hit the back of her throat before plunging down to swallow the remaining few inches until her nose was pressed into his pubes. And then, just to amaze him even more, she forced her tongue out from under the base of his cock to flick her tongue over his balls. She knew she had affected him when he moaned her name out loudly and grabbed her head in ecstasy.

She allowed him to fuck her face, deep-throating him as he thrust his hips up and pushed her head down, feeling herself get wetter between her legs as she sucked on him proudly. However, conscious of time, she knew she had to show him what else she could do before he came insider her mouth.

Reluctantly she pulled her face off him and stood up, kissing him voraciously before standing back to pull off her sodden g-string.

"Oh, that's nice," Booker said in his deep voice as he reached down to touch her pretty pink pussy, her lips exposed and moist. He slid a thick digit into her, fingering her as he played with her small sensitive clit with his thumb, causing her to bite her lip in pleasure.

Trying to keep control, Kira reluctantly pulled his hand away and straddled him, directing his shaft towards her excited cunt. She sighed loudly as she slid down him until he was fully inside her, her arse resting on his powerful thighs, never having felt so full before.

Pausing just briefly, she began to slowly move herself up and down him, gradually moving into an assured rhythm, knowing her tight pussy must feel wonderful for him. Certainly, his vast cock was getting her more and more aroused as she rode him.

She slowed briefly to allow him to reach around her to unclip her bra, exposing her pert milky tan breasts and small pink but very erect nipples, which he hungrily began to nibble and lick as she bounced up and down on his lap.

Despite doing her best to restrain herself, Kira quickly felt herself approaching orgasm until she began to helplessly grind her pussy down on him until she yelped ecstatically, climaxing violently.

She came again three or four more times as Booker took over, effortlessly lifting her up and down on his fat black dick until she could sense that he was about explode.

Collecting herself, she slid off him and knelt down again to suck on him frantically using both hands to jerk him off into her mouth until Booker bellowed incoherently as he spunked an enormous spurt of semen into her mouth.

Kira swallowed rapidly before finishing him off over her face and breasts, keen to provide an added visual treat for the Director. Finally, once his extended orgasm had subsided and she was thoroughly glazed with his emissions, she carefully licked his cock and balls clean before wiping his sperm off herself with her fingers, slurping every drop down with huge satisfaction.

Once she was done she stood and sat down in front of him on his desk. She smiled at his very contented expression.

"So do I get the job, sir?"

Booker looked up at her and grinned broadly. He held out his hand to shake hers and nodded before saying, "Welcome to Whore Division, Trainee Agent Kira. It's going to be an absolute pleasure to have you on board..."

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