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The Redneck


** This is Part 2 of a longer story. **

As if on cue, a big redneck looking guy walked over to our table. He was wearing a baseball cap with a confederate flag on the front and, no kidding, overalls.

"Red" (we never actually learned his name) told us that he had overheard our conversation with J.T. He put two and two together when the three of us went into and then left the shower a few minutes later.

"I bet you didn't get your money's worth," he said Carrie. "I'm no two minute wonder, if you ever want to come back."

I shot a knowing glance in Carrie's direction. I was still horny and in no mood for blue balls on the ride home. Carrie was basking in the glow of our crazy adventure. At least, that's my excuse for our eagerness.

"Why wait," I asked?

"Hell, I'm always ready for that kind of action," Red said starring at Carrie's tits.

I stood up, grabbed Carrie by the hand and walked back toward the showers. We still have that shower for another 20 minutes.

Back in the shower, I had decided that nothing was going to get in the way of me coming this time. I was more than just horny now. Watching my wife get manhandled and completely used for sex put me in a different mood. I didn't want sex; I wanted to fuck.

"This little slut likes to have both her holes filled at the same time," I said to Red. I didn't know if Carrie really wanted to try double penetration with this guy; but our last conversation in the diner got me focused on getting two cocks in Carrie at the same time.

"God damn, you are a little slut aren't you?" Red asked, since Carrie didn't object to my statement.

Again, Carrie didn't respond, except for a slight smile. I took Red's comment to mean that he was also ready for some hardcore porno movie-like action. I know I was.

In the shower stall, Carrie stood in between us. She placed one hand one each of our jeans, just inside our thighs. She slid her hands to the bulges in each of our pants before giving a gentle squeeze.

"Ooooo", she purred. "You guys are hard for me already, I see."

Carrie turned to give me the fullest French kiss I've ever had. Our tongues intertwined passionately. I wrapped her long blonde hair into my hand making a fist, holding her head still. Carrie began to moan.

Red placed his hands on her ass, reminding her that he was there too. She unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled her ass out over the top of her tight pants revealing her garter and stockings.

"Wow," Red said without even realizing it.

I don't know if it was Carrie's great ass or steamy outfit that triggered Red's surprise. Red pulled her jeans all the way off before he placed his hand on her smooth thigh and slid it up between her legs. He began kissing the back of her shoulder as he pressed his fingers against the outside of her bare pussy.

"She's fucking wet," Red exclaimed, rubbing his fingers against the outside of Carrie's pussy.

I reached up and cupped one of Carrie's breasts with my right hand. From behind, Red caressed her other breast with his large hand, increasing the volume of her sensual moaning. Carrie spread her legs wide to allow Red's fingers better access to her freshly shaven pink folds. I think he slipped a finger inside her, pushing it in up to the knuckle in her tiny wet pussy. Carrie gasped as his finger entered her, breaking our kiss momentarily. I began kissing Carrie's neck in a straight line down to her tits. I unsnapped her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor. I began to lick her areolas making tiny circles with my tongue, eventually lightly sucking and nibbling on her breasts.

Carrie was running her hands through my hair and gritting her teeth as I sucked her nipple into my mouth in rhythm to Red's finger in her pussy. I returned to kissing Carrie's neck, moving upward so I could gently nibble on her earlobe, before returning to her cheek and lips.

Red pulled his fingers from my wife's pussy and offered them to her, glistening with her own wet juices. Keeping her eyes fixated on me, she sucked each finger into her mouth one by one. She could now taste how wet she was for our cocks.

"Mmm," she said as she finished licking her love juice from this stranger's fingers. "Who's going to fuck me first?" she asked.

Red jumped to pull off his overalls, almost tearing them in the process.

"I guess that answers that question," I replied.

Red sat down to finish pulling off his clothes.

"You ready for a rodeo?" Red asked. "Come on up here if you wanna ride the bull, darlin'" he said as he slapped his thighs to signal where Carrie should sit. All I could think was, "Jesus, what a redneck!"

"I'm ready," Carrie responded as she encircled her lips around the tip of his cock. Sucking softly, she looked up at him as if to ask, "Do you like that?" Placing a hand on Carrie's head, he urged her to take more of him into her mouth. Her eyes looked down as if to focus on the task at hand. Red pushed his cock through her lips and into the back of her throat. As he held her by the hair, he withdrew, his dick glistening wet with my wife's saliva.

"Oh yeah darlin'," Red moaned. "Suck my fucking cock good, baby."

Carrie moaned in approval, urging him to continue his dirty talking. Red grinned as he was was enjoying her mouth, pumping in and out in a steady rhythm as Carrie passively allowed him to use her lips for his pleasure. He was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth using both hands to hold her head in place.

Seeing my wife getting facefucked again reminded me not to enjoy the show too much or else I might miss my opportunity, again. I reached down and started to grope Carrie's ass. I gently caressed her hot wet pussy lips. Carrie moaned around Red's cock and pushed her ass out, raising it up into the air. I ran my hands all over her ass, letting my fingers touch her smooth pussy lips.

I ran the head of my cock up and down Carrie's glistening wet pussy lips to get it wet. Her tight little hole was dripping with wanton lust as I parted her lips with my rock hard cock.

"Uhhhhhh," she blurted out with a muffled gasp as he thrust into her from behind pushing her forward. Red forced Carrie's head back down onto his cock, this time deeper down her throat.

"Oh yessss," she said eagerly and with a prolonged sigh as Red released her head and withdrew his shimmering cock from her lustful mouth. As she did so, a sticky trail of saliva dripped down her chin and onto her breast.

"You like that baby," Red asked as he ran the head of his slippery dick over Carrie's red lips. "You like getting fucked from both ends?"

"Yes!" she gasped again as I grasped her ass and began to slide my dick in and out of her pussy.

Red grabbed a handful of Carrie's hair again and began slapping her lightly in the face with his cock.

"Tell him why you like getting fucked from both ends," I ordered.

"Because I'm a fucking little slut!" Carrie blurted out.

"You've sucked three cocks in half an hour, haven't you," I asked.

"Yes," she said staring up at Red with a lustful stare. "Now stick that cock back in my mouth!"

Red slipped his dick back between her lips eliciting a appreciative moan from Carrie's cock-filled mouth. I had to admit, I never would have thought that either of us would ever say any of these things, let alone be in this crazy situation. God, she looked hot bent over with my dick in her pussy and her face full of cock.

She had quickly resumed sucking, but now she was doing all of the work. She bobbed her head up and down, sliding her pursed lips over the shaft of his cock each time.

Carrie then lifted Red's cock and tongued his balls causing him to toss his head back in pleasure at the feel of her soft wet tongue. Her body was lurching back and forth as I became increasingly excited and forceful, thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. Carrie moaned as she realized how expertly she was sucking Red's cock while I took long strokes in and out of her pussy.

"Suck it you filthy little slut!" I commanded. "Suck that fucking cock you little whore!"

I have no idea why I was talking so dirty to her. I didn't know if she was into such rough treatment, but she seemed to really like it. I felt a rush of eager horniness and a bit of anger that I hadn't come yet. I didn't want to wait any longer.

"I thought you wanted to fuck her first," I asked Red.

"Yeah," Red said, "I think it's 'bout time for me to see what that little pussy of yours feels like, honey."

Carrie was just as eager to suck cock as she was to ride it. Red was still sitting down on the edge of the white tiled alcove in the shower stall. Carrie stood up, facing him, and straddled Red's waiting prick. He positioned his cock at her warm, wet opening. My heart raced as I came to the realization that this stranger was about to fuck my wife. The first time went by so quickly, I hadn't had time to fully appreciate what was happening. This time I realized it. My wife was about to get fucked!

"Oh, your pussy is so nice," Red said as Carrie lowered herself onto his cock. She leaned forward and began to rock her body up and down over his cock.

"Damn you feel nice," Red reiterated.

"Slide out a little bit," I said to both of them. "I'm going to fuck that tight asshole before this rodeo's finished."

Carrie leaned forward some more and readied her ass for me. She stopped rocking up and down Red's cock, so he started lifting his hips up, pushing his cock into her waiting pussy with each thrust.

"You want my dick in your ass now," I asked?

"Fuck yes," she exclaimed. "Use me! Use me like I am your worthless little slut!"

I slide my wet cock from her lower back bown to the crack of her ass. Carrie purred as she felt my engorged head sliding back and forth over her tight little opening. She spit into her hand before reaching behind to lube up my cock as it came to rest against her tiny puckered hole.

"Do it!" she said quietly. "Put it in."

I began to push my cock into my wife's waiting asshole. It was going to be a tight squeeze, so I backed off just long enough to lube up her asshole with some more of my saliva. On my second approach, Carrie's mouth opened and a subtle moan escaped as she pushed back against the head of my cock, opening her tight muscular ring around the head of my cock, then all along the shaft until my balls were up against her ass cheeks.

"Uhhhhhhhh," she groaned as I slipped my rod deep into her tiny hole.

"Oh my fucking God!" I said, spreading Carrie's ass cheeks enough to see my dick embedded in her hole. "You fucking slut! Your asshole feels so fucking tight!"

"Then fuck it," she said insistently. "Fuck me. Fuck my fucking asshole," she repeated.

"Your pussy is even tighter now," Red said as he began fucking her harder, building up speed as he went. Carrie's mouth was gapped open, but no sound came out. She was holding still, getting her pussy fucked from beneath and her ass filled by my cock.

I grabbed her hair with one hand and her throat with my other. A new torrent of profanity began to flow from Red. He was really getting into it. He began to call Carrie every filthy, disrespectful name he could think of.

"You like that slut?" he asked, driving his dick deep inside her. "You like having your ass and pussy filled with cock at the same time?"

"Yare you my fuck toy? My piece of ass, fuck toy," I asked.

Carrie let out a meek, "yes," while I held her by the hair.

"Are you my little ass slut," I repeated?

"Oh God, yes," came her reply. Only this time more forcefully.

"Fuck," she exclaimed, leaning her head down toward her chest. "I am your little ass slut! Fuck me! Use me! Use me like the whore I am!"

Red and I took turns filling my wife with our cocks, alternating between filling her ass, then pussy, and then back again. Every thrust was in rapid succession to the previous.

"Ohhh, fuck," Red yelled as he began to jerk and sputter, losing rhythm. It was clear that Red was coming in my wife's pussy.

I grabbed Carrie's throat once again, only this time more forcefully than before. I was about to come and I wanted her undivided attention as I filled her ass with a week's worth of come.

Carrie's face was turning red when I heard a, slap, slap, slap.

In steady rhythm, Red began to slap Carrie's face while I held her head and pumped my cock in and out of her ass.

"Fucking slut", he yelled only inches from her face.

"Ohhh, ohhh, uhhh," began to come out of Carrie's throat. Every muscle in her body began to tense. The shortlived face slapping stopped, but Red groweled more obscenities at Carrie while she began to come. Sitting on top of this redneck, Carrie experienced the strongest orgasm of her life. Her body tightened up again, causing me to shoot my own load of come deep into her bowels. I released my grip on her before she finished coming.

My cock slipped out of Carrie's ass and she, though exhausted, lifted herself off this stranger's lap, barely able to stand up on her own.

We were exhausted, but anxious to get out of this crazy situation. There was then a short period of awkward silence as the three of us got dressed. Carrie made a quick excuse to go into the bedroom, while we quickly finished getting dressed.

"I have no idea what to say," I blurted out.

"Aw hell, there ain't nothin' to say." After a pause, Red added, "That sure was fun."

I hurried out the door, to get the car ready for Carrie. I knew she would be ready to get the heck outta Dodge after that.

While sitting alone in the car, I was trying to process what had just happened. "Did that really happen," I wondered to myself? Carrie looked over at me as we drove back toward the highway, "Wow," is all either of us could say for at least sixty miles.

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