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The Replica


My name is Jessica and I am a happily married mother of three. I used to work as a cosmetologist but have been fortunate enough to stay at home and take care of my kids since early on in our marriage. You could say I married well, not because my husband is a doctor but because he exudes love in all he does and still gives me lascivious looks on a daily basis. He is not blind but he does not have wandering eyes when we go on vacation to places filled with beautiful gorgeous women. He often says that he only has eyes for me and I believe him! He will notice a very pretty and sexy woman and he will comment to me about it but he doesn't ogle them. rather, he ogles me...

We have always had a great sex life. We are both very sexual and have desires that are tempered only by his responsibilities at work and our schedules with the kids. My youngest is now 4 and I have been teaching Yoga and Zumba for the past year. I have a flexible schedule which allows me to take the kids to school and pick them up after school and spend meaningful quality time with them. You would think I'd have lots of time to myself but between the kids, the house and a husband with a busy demanding work schedule our lives are often quite hectic.

One thing we learned early on, is that we had to make time for each other. We have planned dates and always make time after everything in the house is settled to share a glass of wine, chat and catch up with each other and have "adult conversation." The other nice part, is that at 48 my husband has the energy and stamina of guys half his age! I don't view myself as a goddess by any means, although he frequently tells me that, but I am in "marvelous" shape for my 32 years. I credit having to carry my kids around but the Zumba and Yoga haven't hurt either. At any rate, my husband is a very visual sort and all I have to do to turn him on is to take off my make up in a thong or, his favorite, string panties. I have B cups that were almost a C when I nursed but now they are perky Bs on a good day. Fortunately for me, it is my derriere that turns him on. I mean, all I have to do is shake a little bit of tail or show some ass, and he's like a reliable Pavlovian conditioned dog! Something that I have learned to take advantage of...

André and I have great chemistry! Oh yeah, André is my husband... We have always had great sex even if it was just missionary. I like the way he smells, the way he moves, the way he tastes, how he touches me and his sexy slightly accented voice. André is French born and although he came to the US when he was 19 and speaks fluent English he retains a very slight, impossible to place, accent that gives him that je ne sais quoi! André's accent gets heavier when he is in bed and becomes very noticeable when he is more aroused! I have always wondered if it was the diversion of blood flow to the brain that made him revert to his French accent! Whatever the case, when he talks to me during sex , whispers things in my ear or tells me what to do, he reliably brings me to orgasm! I don't think he knows how much his accent turns me on, and I've never told him because I don't want him to use it around the cute nurses at work...

One Valentine's day, André comes home with flowers and a package. We went to dinner, he gave me a white gold necklace with a heart shaped diamond and we had a lovely time. We were driving back home and I noticed the larger package still in the car. I asked, "What's the package, Honey?" He merely replied, "Hmmm..." I had the sense that he had something up his sleeve. I didn't want to be presumptuous and think that I had another present coming but I did think that he had a surprise for me.

We got home and while he paid the sitter, I quickly peeked in on the kids who were sound asleep. I then put on white stockings and a garter belt and a see through nighty that I had picked p at Victoria's Secret. I heard a cork pop in the kitchen and then André comes into our bedroom with the open bottle and 2 champagne flutes. He also had the package under his arm.

We kissed a long lustful kiss and then toasted our glasses! He kissed me behind the ear and his hand made their way down to the small of my back and caressed my ass. He ordered me to get on my knees on a cushioned footstool that he moved to the edge of the bed. He kissed my ass cheeks and started caressing my hips and my thighs. His tongue licked me and he parted my panties to the side and started licking my pussy. I started moaning as I liked that which is something he was fond of judging by how often he would "order" me to assume that position.

André was sticking his tongue in my pussy which was dripping wet and I started to rub my clit as I thought I heard him fumbling with something. André's tongue then moved to my ass and he licked me and would stick his tongue in my ass. I kept rubbing my clit and my pussy was dripping wet. André backed away and I knew he was about to penetrate me. I felt his hard cock slip inside of me but then something totally unexpected happened. I felt his tongue back on my ass! Then I knew that the package must have been a dildo that he was fucking me with. His tongue licked my perineum and he slipped it into my ass and pushed it inside of me as he continued to fuck my pussy with the dildo. I kept rubbing my clit circling two fingers more vigorously and getting lost in all the activity going on in and around my perineum. The sensation of having my pussy filled while my ass was being tickled and probed with his tongue while all the while I rubbed myself was simply too much. I tried to hold off as long as I could but soon I was asking André if i could come. He moved his tongue away from my ass and I felt his breath between my cheeks he continued to fuck my pussy with the dildo and said in his by now accented English, "Come for me, Baby! COme, Jessica!" He then slipped his tongue into my ass and I just made guttural sounds as I climaxed into a most intense orgasm. I had stopped rubbing myself and was just holding pressure against my clit but André was not letting up. He kept fucking me with the dildo and licking my ass. My orgasm was not letting up and it was so intense it was almost painful. Like a huge tidal wave of muscle cramps showing no sign of relief!

When André finally stopped licking my ass I just squeezed my thighs together and fell exhausted face down on the bed. André laid beside me but partially on top of me. His hand was still between my thighs and he was making a point of keeping the dildo in me. It was a good sensation for being so exhausted. André started kissing me and nudging me behind my ear as he moved my hair to the side. I caught my breath and noticed that while kissing me André was now lubing my ass and probing my sphincter with his finger as he spread the lube around. My pussy was still filled with the dildo and, as he moved to straddle my back, he told me that the dildo in my pussy had been made of a cast of his erect cock!!! I giggled and was about to ask for details as I felt him started to apply pressure with the head of his cock in my ass!

We have had anal sex on several occasions, usually on special occasions, and although my ass is very tight André is always very patient. I felt his pressure and he said, "Squeeze against me, Baby!"

I did as I was told and then he said, "Now breathe in and relax, Baby!" I did and just then felt his cock go in a bit farther. He waited without moving and I felt my sphincter gradually relax to the pressure of his hard throbbing cock. We repeated the whole squeeze-breathe exercise and in a few minutes he was inside me. I have discovered that when done in this form, having a cock in my ass is quite pleasurable and it gives me a very intense orgasm. However, this was an entirely new feeling!!! His other cock, the "replica" as it came to be known, was still filling my pussy. I felt wonderfully filled and I said, "Oh André that feels so good!"

"Do you like that, Baby?" asked André.

"Oh yes, Sir! I do! I really do!" I said gasping!

"Are you gonna be my naughty slutty girl, Baby!" he asked.

"Yeah... yes!" I said with hesitation...

André smacked my ass hard and said, "I asked you a question! Are you gonna be my naughty slutty girl, Baby!"

"Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir, I will be your naughty slutty girl, SIr!" I said with confidence.

André caressed my hair, kissed my neck and cheeks and said, "That's my Baby! That's the good naughty slut that I love to fuck!"

It's so cute when he talks dirty with his accent. It turns me on and he can just take me anyway he wants so long as he keeps talking to me like that! Also, I know that what he means when he asks me that question. He wants me to come again! So, being his obedient slut, I started to rub my clit. André fucked my ass and started to thrust the replica inside my pussy. Wow! Being marvelously filled like that was amazing! I started to do the circles around my clit and just enjoying both of André's cocks inside me. He would fuck me faster in the pussy and slower in the ass.

"Are you gonna be a good naughty slut for me, Baby?" André asked.

"Yes, Sir!" I replied.

He repeated the question in a more forceful tone as he fucked my pussy more vigorously, "Are you gonna be my naughty slut?"

I gave him a more enthusiastic, "Yes, Sir! I am your naughty slut!" And I started to rub myself more vigorously.

He continued fucking me mercilessly and I felt myself coming close to climax. I asked, "Sir, may I cum?"

André said nothing. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

I asked more earnestly, "Please Sir! May I cum now, Sir!"

"Are you gonna be a naughty slut, Baby?" he asked with his forceful tone.

"Oh, yes Sir! Please Sir! I will be your naughty slut! Oh please Sir! Please let me come, SIr!" I begged moaning!

His rhythm sped up and he said, "Come for me, you naughty slut!"

"I'm gonna fuck you like the naughty slut that you are! Come for me now, Baby!" he said in his most accented English of the night!

I may have been thinking, "Oh my god!" but what came out was just some loud guttural shouting and screaming. André kept doing his fucking of my pussy with the replica while fucking my ass. He was pulling my hair so hard and I was still in the height of my orgasm when I felt his throbbing cock squirt a load of hot juices inside my ass. This simply prolonged the peak of my orgasm.

Finally, he collapsed on top of me and I was never so relieved to have a let up of that most intense orgasm sensation. André started to caress and kiss me and we just cuddled there regaining our breath and strength for a few minutes. Then, I got up to go pee and let some of that cum out of my ass! I returned to the bed and we both drank some more champagne, cuddled and talked.

André showed me the replica and it was remarkable! He asked, "what do you think of my cloned penis, Baby!"

"Oh my god, Love, that was incredible!!!" I said. "It felt amazing!!!"

"Baby, I hope you like it because I had the most fun I've ever had in bed!" André said. Then he looked at me and winking he added, "And I'd love to do it again with my naughty slutty girl!"

I giggled and said, "Oh my gosh, Love, this was by far the most intense orgasm experience that I have ever had! I thought I was having a seizure or something!"

He was pleased. He caressed me and said, "Oh, Baby, I love you so much! I am crazy about you! I could have sex with you for another thousand years and never tire of my goddess!"

"Good!" I said and added, "Oh André! The things you do to me! I love you so much! Thank you for my Valentine's day gifts!"

We kissed and fell asleep in our favorite position which means I stick my ass out against his still swollen cock as he spoons me.

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