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The Return Of The Bully


(Note:This fictional story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author's consent .This is a work of fiction, intended to entertain adult readers. It has graphic erotic scenes and offensive language. If you can't legally view this, please don't! All characters and names of the story are fictional! Any resemblance between these characters and any person is strictly coincidental.All characters depicted in sexual situations are over 18.)

Dear readers this is my fourth story , i'd like to give special thanks to my editor Todger65 who helped me with his outstanding proofreading skills to overcome any vocabulary/grammar barriers and make this story possible .

The story is a combination of Mature/Voyeur category . I might write a second part for this one.It all depends from your ratings ,comments and feedbacks!

Dear readers,i present you The return of the bully.



The return of the bully.

It was the end of November, Sarah Robinson a 44 year old woman decided to go on Friday evening to the mall in the center of the town. After spending two hours shopping she headed to the parking lot to pick up her car. It was dark outside and quiet and the last of the mall customers were leaving. As she approached her car, with her hands full of bags, a man stepped from behind her parked car and stood in front of her. He was a tall middle aged drunk thug. His left hand was holding a small knife, and in his right was a bottle of whiskey.

Sarah still holding her bags made a step back, surprised. She was terrified. Her pitch black dark eyes were widened in fear. She tried to scream, to call for help, but no voice came out.

"Hey bitch, let me hold those bags for you, and I'll take your purse too." the thug said pointing at her with his knife. Sarah was petrified. The thug saw that his victim made no move and after looking around, slowly approached her. "Now bitch, be quick or you won't be going home tonight."

Mike Thomson a 22 year old man riding his red Harley was approaching the mall. It's been four long years for him since he and his parents moved out. Many of town kids took a breath of relief when he left, the reason was that he was the most cunning, manipulative and terrifying bully. Every kid was afraid of him, and what he may do if an unfortunate teenager crossed him. The thing with Mike Thomson was that he was not the usual stupid and ugly bully type, he was strong. He had a light muscled body, but he was of medium height and not very imposing; his piercing deep blue eyes, his short blond hair and the beautiful face, the sweet talk and the quick charming smile gave him an angelic appearance. That's why nobody believed those who accused him. Many fell for his act and the results were the usual. Broken noses, shattered teeth and broken ribs for the guys and wild fucking for his many girlfriends.

During the four years that he was away, he gave a deep thought to all of his past acts and he worked his issues; he believed that he was a changed young man. He was working hard as a car salesman of expensive European cars and because of his appearance and his smart attitude he was very successful. He could easily manipulate and convince the rich clients to buy, especially their wives; his boss loved him. Money was not a problem for him. So after his last days work, a sense of nostalgia overtook him and he decided to take a couple of days leave and visit his old town, friends and girlfriends.

He was approaching the mall's parking lot to visit a friend who worked there, when his eyes caught a strange scene. A tall woman dressed in a red coat frozen in place holding her bags tight, and a man approaching her slowly holding something. As light reflected on the object he immediately understood what was going on. His Harley roared as he turned and picked up speed.

Mrs. Robinson and the thug turned their heads to the loud roar of an engine approaching. The rider of the motorcycle hit the brakes hard, dismounted and ran fast towards them. He was wearing a black leather coat and a black helmet.

"What the fuck!" said the thug surprised, and threw his bottle in panic. The rider took it on the helmet without making any attempt to avoid it and kept coming with his fists clenched. The thug turned to Mrs. Robinson with his knife at the ready and made a move to grab her purse. The rider put himself in front of the stunned Mrs. Robinson and grabbed the hand that was holding the knife and twisted the wrist hard breaking it. The thug screamed in pain, and then a head butt broke his nose. The thug collapsed on the pavement.

Mrs. Robinson was like waking from a nightmare. She couldn't believe what just happened to her. She turned her eyes to her savior. He was talking to her.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt? Answer me Mrs. Robinson?" Sarah shook her head. "Yes, I'm ok, who are you? How do you know my name?" Sarah asked with fear in her voice.

"No, don't be afraid Mrs. R, it's me Mike." the young man said as he took off his helmet and exposed his face.

Sarah looked the young man up and down. At first she couldn't place the face or the name, and then a light of recognition brightened in her eyes. She recognized the young man's beautiful face and her son's most hated enemy.

"Mike Thomson? Oh my God, you saved my life, Thank you, thank you my sweet boy," she said in relief as she hugged him tight and kissed him on the cheek.

Mike held her, trying to calm her with a soothing voice, as with one hand he was tapping her back and with the other slowly, lightly tapped her ass. Mrs. Robinson's huge round breasts with hardened nipples pressed into his chest. He couldn't believe, even in his wildest dreams that a drunken thug would offer him the chance he always desired since he saw this woman years ago. He wanted to feel her body mould into his own; his body followed his thoughts as his penis stood erect through his pants.

After a while of hugging and sobbing Mike took Mrs. Robinson on his bike to her home. She invited him in. He sat in the living room as she went to prepare them something to drink. When she returned Mike's blue eyes took in every detail of her tall figure. She had shoulder-length black, curly hair and pitch black eyes, full sensual lips and high cheek bones that gave her face a strange hard beauty. The tight jeans that Sarah was wearing were pointing out her many advantages. For a 44 year old woman she had a tight and strong body, with curved hips, flat stomach and long well shaped legs. But it was her breasts that drew Mike's attention. They were round and massive and he could see clearly the pointy nipples through the fabric of her blouse.

They both sat and begun to talk; Sarah was very shaken. Mike tried to calm her down and begun talking about his life so far. Why his family moved out of the town and his job as a car salesman. The alcohol helped Sarah to relax and she began to talk about how she and her son Tom were doing. The real good news for Mike was that Mrs. Robinson divorced a year ago from her husband. As Sarah talked, Mike's mind was racing. His old cunning and manipulative self was back. The road was clear; with the husband gone Mrs. Robinson would need some comfort and Mike needed to fuck this cougar. He wanted to master the hot Milf's body and put his hard cock between those two huge milk bags of hers. There was only one small obstacle, her son; he wondered if Tom was still a geek. He decided to ask her about her son.

She smiled and said. "My Tom is the same as you remember. He's twenty and he likes reading comic books, playing video games and staying alone in his room for hours. He has a few friends that share the same interests. How I wanted to see him with a girlfriend but unfortunately he is a shy young man. He has a part time job in an electronic store." Sarah was interrupted when she heard the front door opening.

Tom Robinson was 20 years old of medium height. He was very skinny, his pale face was full of freckles and he wore glasses that made his black eyes look huge like dark caves. He had a sharp mind, especially where mathematics and computers were involved. His high school days were the worst time of his life, as he became a target of every bully.

As he opened the front door and walked into the living room he froze. His eyes widened in surprise, his face got paler, terror, anger and a feeling of dizziness overwhelmed him. There in his living room, very close to his mother sat his worst nightmare, his tormentor, the reason that he hated waking up every morning to go to school. The reason that most of his classmates were laughing and making fun of him. The disgusting pranks, the punches on his stomach, the countless pairs of broken glasses. All that had a source. A name; the bully with the angelic face, the infamous Mike Thomson.

"What....?" Tom tried to ask, but his mother stood up, ran toward him and hugged him.

"Oh my sweet boy, you wouldn't believe what happened to me, how terrified and helpless I felt, thank god that Mike was there and saved my life." Sarah said sobbing. Tom turned his huge eyes to Mike to see he was already approaching him, with an innocent smile on his face and his hand extended.

"Oh, it was nothing Mrs. Robinson, just a drunk thug! How nice to see you again after a long time Tom. "Mike said smiling.

Tom looked at the extended hand and then at Mike, and shook it reluctantly. Tom was confused; he couldn't understand what was going on. How was his bully involved in all this? All three sat down and his mother started to recount the events of hours ago. Meanwhile Mike was smiling in pride and Tom couldn't believe what he was hearing. His beloved mother was in danger and his bully was her savior. He found it very hard to believe that he owed his mother's life to this asshole.

Mike was in heaven, the hero that saved the day by coming to the rescue of a Milf queen on his metal horse. He saw how Tom looked at him, full of suspicion, hatred, fear and doubt.

"Oh my god man, you're still the same geek. You still wear the same clothes and the same glasses, even your haircut is the same. It's like no time passed at all. Yes, come on, hear what your mother says, don't spoil this opportunity or I'll make you pay." Mike thought as he had an innocent smile on his face and looking at Tom. Tom was hearing his mother talking but he was looking straight at Mike's face. The expression of innocence, the shy smile all that were well known to Tom but his piercing deep blue eyes were sending him a warning.

Mike looked at his watch; it was time to leave, "Nice meeting you again Mrs. Robinson, Tom my man. I'll stay in town for a while, if you want to catch up the old days I'll be staying in the hotel, here's my cell phone number."

"My dear Mike I have no words to thank you and please call me Sarah. Why don't you join us tomorrow night for a dinner? Please this is the least I can do."

"That would be great Sarah, I'd love to." Mike said as he was on his way out.

Tom was following him. They stood for a while outside the house. "Hey man thank you, you saved my mother." Tom said.

"Don't mention it, look, I know that in the past I was mean to you, I'd like to apologize, I was an immature son of a bitch. Let's leave our past behind and start over; time and circumstances change people. Are we cool?" Mike said and extended his hand.

Tom looked at the person who gave him nightmares for many years and now the same person was the savior of his mother. "Ok Mike, we're cool for now, but don't ask me to forget the things that you did to me, that will take time." Tom said as they shook hands.

"I understand Tom, that's all I ask." Mike said and turned to leave. Then he thought as a wolfish smile spread on his face "But still, you fucking geek consider your mother fucked."

Later that night Tom and his mother talked for a while with more details about what happened and Mike's involvement. After their discussion his mother went to bed tired and in desperate need of some rest. Tom sat alone in the living room thinking. How time changes things, the one person he hated for many years, rescued his mother and seemed a changed man. All this could be an act; his bully was a cunning person but still the fact that his mother was in her bed and not in hospital or worse was Mikes doing. Where was his stupid father now when his family needed him? Probably he was fucking the ass of his young secretary and with these thoughts he went to his room.

Meanwhile Sarah stood in front of her bedroom mirror thinking. The events that took place this day shook her deeply. She recounted her past. How she, Sarah Robinson, the hottest and sexiest captain of her cheerleader team, the queen of her high school, a party animal, the bitch that made all the boys dicks to stand at attention, fell in love with a man and then married him and stayed with him for twenty years. A jealous asshole whose only concern was to criticize the way she dressed. He hated it if her skirt was too short for his tastes; he questioned her about why she delayed in the gym, or why she was talking to this man or this woman. How she wanted to punch his face, but she had to put up with all this for one reason. Her son, her Tom.

She was a faithful wife and a good mother. Her life and her son's life changed a year ago when one afternoon she caught her husband in his office fucking his slut secretary. The fucking hypocrite. Finally she divorced him, and took much of his money. Her son supported her with her decision and stayed with her. Since then she was just a housewife with no financial problems. But still something was missing in her life. She wanted her old self back. She wanted to be a sexy bitch again, to dress in her short skirts, to go out and dance, to fuck somebody.

She'd had two years without sex as her husband was always tired for her. But she had her son to consider and what his friends or the neighbors will say or gossip. Today's events led her to a decision. She will change her way of life, little by little and get most of her lost time back. She was forty four and still desirable, with a body that a twenty year old would be jealous of. Why keep it hidden under long dresses and jeans. Her son was old enough to make his own decisions, to live his own life so she would live hers, to hell with what other people would say. She realized that today's rush of adrenaline made her feel a little aroused.

As she lay in her bed she thought about her young savior. She knew him from her son's school, many kids were complaining about him for being a bully, but she'd had her doubts. He was a beautiful young man. Then her thoughts went to the moment in the parking lot after she hugged him, she felt something hard poking her at that moment but she didn't give it any thought before but now she understood that the young man had an erection.

She smiled and without realizing, her left hand went between her thighs. With two fingers she slowly spread her outer lips and then brought her other hand down and gently rubbed her fingers along the inside. She found she was very moist so she pushed one then two fingers inside her pussy and started sliding them in and out. The fingers on her left hand then moved upwards and inwards until they pinched her clit. She had her eyes closed and was thinking, no hoping, that it was Mike's fingers that were working her towards her ultimate goal. Her fingers got faster pumping in and out, almost in a blur, and her other hand alternated rubbing and pinching her clit until a powerful orgasm struck her. She stopped playing with her clit and slowed her fingers in her pussy until the orgasm passed, and then went into a deep dreamless sleep with a smile on her face.

The next day around eight in the evening, Mike was standing outside Sarah's house dressed in a white suit holding a bunch of roses and a bottle of an expensive wine. Tom opened the door with a tight smile on his face and led him in the living room. Soon after the two boys heard steps descending the stairs and both turned and looked in astonishment and surprise.

Sarah was wearing a tight long red dress with a deep cleavage, her hair was in a tight ponytail and her face was glowing. Tom had never seen his mother so beautiful and stunning. Mike couldn't believe his eyes. Sarah Robinson had the beauty of a goddess and the body of an Amazon. He became more determined than ever to see this woman naked, to have wild sex with her. He immediately rushed to her and offered her the flowers. Then he kissed her hand.

"Oh my god Sarah, I have no words to describe the sight before me, you have the beauty of a goddess." Mike said.

"Mom you're very beautiful." Tom said.

Sarah blushed with the comments and said, "Thank you boys, this old lady tries hard to keep her body in shape. Oh Mike, I love roses, you're so romantic, let's all sit at the table, dinner is ready."

As they all sat down and begun enjoying their meal and the fine red wine that Mike brought, Tom noticed some disturbing details. His mother and his former bully were sitting very close to each other, Mike's compliments about his mother's appearance, her age, her dress, her beautiful face and her body started to annoy him. His eyes were constantly fixed upon his mother's cleavage, he was lightly touching his mother's hands and his mother did the same. His mother was giggling like a girl and seemed to enjoy Mike's attention; she was returning the compliments and telling Mike what a handsome young man he is and how the girls would fall for him. Every time Tom tried to take part into their conversation he was ignored, like he was invisible. That made him very angry, and after a couple of glasses of wine Tom felt sleepy and excused himself.

An hour or so later sounds of music awoke him. He opened his room door and realized that the sounds of slow music were coming from downstairs. He walked through the hall down the stairs and there, in the living room, everything became clear to him. He always suspected that Mike would try something like this. His mother and his bully were dancing together. Mike had his hands around his mother's waist holding her tight into his body squeezing her ass; his mother had her hands wrapped behind his neck.

That was it for Tom; all the anger that was held deep inside him for Mike broke at that moment.

"What the fuck is going on here? Are you enjoying yourselves? Hey Mike, I knew you were full of shit." Tom shouted his fists clenched tight on his side, his face red from anger.

Sarah and Mike were surprised, and with wide open eyes immediately broke up. Mike held his palms up and said in a low voice. "Calm down Tom, we're just dancing; we're not doing anything wrong."

"Watch your language young man, apologize immediately." Sarah said with anger in her voice.

Tom had had enough, and then he did something that shocked even himself. He approached the couple and took a glass full of wine from the nearby table and threw it in Mike's face. Then he punched his bully on the jaw. Mike fell back on the couch dizzy, with his face dripping wine.

"Leave this house now and never come back." Tom said as he turned and went to his room.

"Oh my God, Mike are you alright, are you hurt?" Sarah said in a trembling voice as she went to Mike's side to help him.

"It's ok, Sarah, I'm fine just a little dizzy, I should leave, I'm very sorry for any troubles that I might caused you." Mike said as he stood up holding his jaw.

"No Mike, please don't go. Tom was wrong, it's all a misunderstanding." Sarah pleaded.

"I'm sorry Sarah, but Tom hates me, I can't stay." Mike said and left with Sarah standing behind him apologizing to him and begging him not to leave.

On the way on his hotel Mike was fuming. Tom had surprised him. He was so close; Sarah was ready to fall in his arms and in his bed. He wanted to turn back and beat the shit out of the fucking prick.

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