tagMind ControlThe Ring of Cronus Pt. 11

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 11



The Customs and Immigration formalities seemed to take forever, despite the VIP status of the fight, after all this was Zambia and all African government departments are notoriously inefficient. Eventually they left the airport and John said goodbye to the crew who asked if he would book them for his return flight if possible.

Miriam met them in his new 6 series BMW and they dropped off Jenny at her flat. The two lovers then drove to Miriam's house where she took him in her arms and kissed him as she dragged him unresisting to the bedroom where she stripped him and herself and they dived onto the bed. She sheathed his raging erection with her willing mouth sucking and swirling her tongue to heighten his excitement. Whist she was doing marvellous things with her mouth John quickly scanned her mind to discover that she was aware the she could well be pregnant her period was considerably overdue, being a nurse she was quite aware that having unprotected sex could well result in her present state of probably being pregnant, what she could not understand was that she had not missed a single day taking her pill. Miriam realised that if she had had an upset tummy the pill could well have been swept through her without the chemicals being absorbed. She had, after all, never allowed any one but John to have unprotected intercourse with her, but she had made up her mind that whatever the outcome she was not going to tell him. She came from a well to do family and could well afford to have a child and raise the child herself. John's mind was elsewhere he suddenly felt the first surge erupt down Miriam's throat; recovering quickly, he held back allowing only a few spurts to surge down her oesophagus and as he pulled out and she said,

"You seem to have grown longer and your scrotum seems larger, you have developed your chest and abs, and you look very fit. Have you been working out?"

John nodded his head in reply but did not tell her it was from almost constant fucking of almost every woman he met. John began sliding his mouth over her nipples, encouraging them to hardness and grazing them gently with his teeth, which in turn, caused her to take a sudden intake of breath. He continued his way down her body to feast on her now wet labia. When he inserted his tongue, Miriam willingly and eagerly parted her legs giving him more access. John moved his tongue to her hardening nub and inserted two fingers. Her first climax washed over her and she clamped onto his thrusting fingers. Allowing her to relax and moving up until his throbbing penis was at her entrance and gazing into her eyes he inserted the oozing crown into her paring vagina and thrust into her soft and encompassing slick soft sleeve of her pussy. He felt her cervical entrance as his penis lengthened and thickened stretching her wider. Miriam bucked upwards as he began his usual urgent rhythmic thrusting rapidly bringing her quivering and gasping to her second orgasm.

Oh John! I've missed you so, she wailed.

Her spasming body still in the throws of orgasmic pleasure.

"I've been waiting for you to arrive all day."

Miriam kept thrusting up as John continued to pleasure her gripping velvet interior; he rode on ever thrusting into her heat. Her third orgasm hit and her clutching and rippling muscles pulled at Johns swelling pulsing prick and he felt the usual pressure start to build in his scrotum. John's penis swelled and he suddenly felt his sperm race up and thick spurts exploded inside of Miriam's convulsing vagina. John's surging sperm shot against the entrance to her womb containing her growing foetus. She felt the heat spread and bring her now familiar warmth pulsing deep inside her interior. She jerked up with pleasure as each spurt splashed against her cervix. She screamed in the euphoria shouting,

"Oh God fill me; fill me with your seed. I don't want you to stop. Keep shooting that lovely sperm into me. Oh fuck me. Fuck me hard, don't stop I need another orgasm."

John continued to plough into her, never faltering for a moment, gradually building her to another even more intensive orgasm. Her muscles kept sucking at his penis as it continued to excite her more and more. John felt her start to grip tighter as she thrust her hips high off the bed ensuring that at the point of her climatic surrender he was held hard against the opening to her developing uterus. John came again; rich fertile sperm began flooding deep inside her filling her to capacity and they both felt the hot excess spurt out of the outer lips of Miriam's saturated spasming sex. She screamed at the extreme shuddering erotic pleasure as it ripped through her rippling, clenching vaginal walls. She lay back and said,

"God John I can never get enough of you. You are absolutely amazing; I love having you deep inside me and can't resist the feel of your creamy sperm inside my vagina. Please fuck me again."

John, always aided by the power of the ring, started to fuck her again and felt her arousal as she clamped her legs tight around him as he rhythmically plunged in and out of her in a frenzy of speed. Her body clasping his ravaging prick ever urging him onward and upward into her eager pussy. The sperm and her vaginal flow of her cum creaming at the point of their meeting until it had formed the usual thick cream ever lubricating their meeting flesh, the constant slapping sound resounding around the room each time John 's prick nudged her cervix and their soaking bodies met. She screamed as her orgasm washed over her and she clamped down trapping his penis hard against her cervix. John knew the ring would not fail him and he felt his scrotum fill as the thick fluid moved up his penis as he shot another load of sperm into her clutching, convulsing pussy; he felt her shudder in ecstatic delight as she slipped quietly into semi consciousness induced by the sheer ecstatic pleasure. John continued to unload thick sperm laden seminal fluid deep within her spasming core, until the flow finally ceased, and he lay inside her enjoying the satisfaction of post coital pleasure.

She came to and found John still hard inside her stretched and filled to overflowing pussy. She lay back and enjoyed the feel of a satiated, sperm filled vagina, still full of hard erect muscle. They lay together until they fell asleep only waking many hours later with John's penis still inside her. John felt her move under him and his penis hardened in response; they fucked once again before John rose up with her impaled, on his ring induced, thick hard cock as he carried her into the shower and they cleansed themselves under the steady stream of water. After the water had rinsed them free of the amazing amount of sperm they both realised that they were still in a high state of arousal and as she reached up their lips meeting and she parted her legs as the hardened muscle pushed upwards between their bodies; at which point John took her again entering carefully into her sore and puffy pussy; holding her against the side of the shower, he moved in and out slowly, before at her urging, he speeded up his rhythmic movements until with a cry of desperation their joint climax peaked and John's erupting penis began depositing yet another dousing of thick sperm as Miriam climaxed again and again. They separated as John extracted his sperm covered prick from her red and tender vagina; the rapidly cooling water washed the excesses from their satiated bodies; they finally stepped out of the shower and John gently and tenderly dried her ravaged body before drying himself; they dressed. John was aware of her tenderness around her vagina and using the rings healing powers he mentally eased the pain from her sore and tender breasts and labia before going down stairs for a drink. The ring warmed around John's finger.

John left and drove home; only to find that whilst he had been away his house had been ransacked and most of his possessions stolen, he realised he had left his cell phone at Miriam's. He went to his neighbour's house and asked Julia, his neighbour's wife, if he could use the phone she nodded and he rang the police and reported the incident, not that he expected any urgent response, as the constable on the desk informed him they had no transport; but gave him a police report number for the insurance company.

The ring felt hot as he had been speaking and turning he found Julia very close to him, explaining that she had not seen or heard anything during his absence, but she and her sister would have been unable to do anything but call the police. John felt her push up against him and run her hand up his thigh and rub the rapidly growing erection John recalled the commands he had implanted in her brain the last time they had met, his own body reciprocated and he slid his hand under her dress and up between her thighs. Julia memory banks had been triggered by his close proximity and she remembered the mentally implanted instructions he had left in her mind, she was therefore not surprised when she spread her legs and allowed him to pull her moist panties to one side giving him free access to her wet pussy. She quickly unzipped him and unclipped the waistband of his pants which dropped to the ground. She pulled down his designer shorts, her excitement rising swiftly as she began feeing the girth and weight of his engorged penis.

John removed his fingers from her dripping sex; pulled down her gusset soaked panties pushed her back against the wall and raising one of her legs causing her to moan as he was spreading her pussy wide open and easing the hard knob of his swollen prick between her swollen outer folds he entered her slick inner entrance. The thick engorged penis thrust into her welcoming heat. She gasped, as it reached her inner limit and began to pump in and out of her.

"Oh John, my sister's here we will be caught for sure, I'm glad my husband is away again I would not like him to catch us like this," she stammered,

John hesitated and she quickly murmured,

"God don't stop its wonderful. I want you to cum inside me and fill me over and over again".

She humped against him one leg high in the air. John rubbed her clitoris with his thumb rapidly bringing her towards her climax. They paused their copulating dance, but only for a second, as they heard Janet come to see what the commotion was about. She stood open mouthed as she saw John fucking her sister hard and fast, with one of Julia's legs up in the air resting on John's shoulder, her head thrown back and moaning in ecstasy. Janet had an almost unrestricted view of John large and vein covered prick thrusting in and out of her sister's hungry pussy. The wet sucking and squelching sound of their mating was turning her on.

Julia felt her orgasm approach fast screaming at the top of her voice,

"Oh fuck me, it's even better than I remember last time. Pump that sperm into me again. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm there."

John watched out of the corner of his eye as Janet lifted her dress and pulled her panties down to fall to the floor gathering around her ankles as she began thrusting her fingers in and out of her glistening vulva, at the same time rubbing her clitoris with her thumb. Julia crashed into her climax, her spasming vagina gripping hard on John's thick hard thrusting prick; she felt the swell of his penis as each surge of rich fertile sperm began to shoot up John's swelling prick and out into her, splashing against her enlarging womb. She screamed,

"Oh fuck that's so hot I can feel every shot. Oh Fuck! Oh fuck! Don't stop."

She flopped against him as she, in her usual manner, went into a sexually induced faint and John slid her inert form off his spurting prick. He whirled around and grabbed Janet as her climax was approaching fast. He lifted her high and ensuring the spurting head of his hard prick was between the swollen lips of her sex he dropped her onto his still erupting member. It slid, spurting spunky fluid, over her mound as it entered into her, lubricating her as it pushed upwards.

"Oh God"! She said "You have not even softened. Oh fuck! I can feel you cumming inside me."

The heat of the shooting sperm brought her climax on and she shuddered with orgasmic pleasure dancing like a rag doll on the full length of his raging erect flesh. John did not allow her time to come down but laid her on the floor raising her legs onto his shoulders he continued to fuck her hard. Her clenching vagina was ravaged by his increasing speed as he shortened the stroke. The wet sounds and the slapping of his heavy balls against the cheeks of her backside were very audible, as he quickly drove his penis in and out of her spasming pussy; John, like Janet, had entered into an uncontrolled passion and their rhythmic movements accompanied by the wet sounds of their mating went on and on until her body tensed as she approached her next screaming orgasm.

"Oh fuck! You are making me cum again. Oh God! Oh God! Don't dare stop now. Fill me with your hot sperm."

She jerked on the intruding spurting prick and thrust hard with her hips as he once again gushed into her. Janet's body shuddered in ecstasy and like her sister she passed out with a moan. John pulled his prick out of her pussy with a wet sucking sound and redressing quickly he quietly left them to come round, as he drove towards the hotel. On the way he rang Jenny to make sure the company suite was booked and ready for him to take up occupation, Jenny confirmed that the suite was permanently booked in the name of the Company and she would ring and confirm that he would be arriving there shortly. John once again felt the usual warm feeling on his ring finger.

The oriental looking manageress was there; still looking stunningly beautiful; recognising him immediately her beaming smile welcoming him as she called one of the porters to go to his car and bring up the luggage. She showed him to the suite and he felt the warmness of the ring and glancing down he could see its brightness glow. John scanned her subconscious and saw her mind recalling streams of sexy thoughts of their previous copulating sex session, they were sexually stimulating her arousal without John having to use the power of the ring; which took over and on its own initiative immediately implanted the desperate desire for her to have intercourse with him once again, at the same time raised her sexual arousal to such a degree that she broke into a hot flush. She smiled up at John as she started to take off her black business suit with desperation. Standing in her very flimsy bra and matching panties she raced across to him pulled open his shirt and pulled down his pants and shorts. She then stood up revealing the swell of her sweet breasts and her wet and densely covered pubes clearly visible, despite her very skimpy underwear, and pushing her face upwards kissed him passionately. John swept her up in his arms and walked through to the bedroom. Where he laid her on the bed, watching with rising excitement as, she removed her bra and panties.

She was so aroused she grabbed his thickening penis and with no foreplay required, she, opening her legs wide, pulled it into her hot wet opening. John's still thickening shaft opened her up and he entered her with ease as it continued thickening and hardening as he thrust upwards until the thick throbbing phallus was fully inserted in her willing love box. She quickly rolled over until she was astride him, and as on the previous occasion that he had had the pleasure, she began to lift herself off him and drop down. Each time she dropped down John could feel her cervix against the tip of his erection. Her extreme fitness allowed her to quickly raise her rhythm so that John's phallus, being coated with her honeyed vaginal secretions, was entering and leaving her at a rapid rate. He could feel her approach her orgasm, as he quickly pushed his hips upwards so that his thick prick was deep inside her and hard up against her womb. He still let her continue to take the lead; she rhythmically rolled her hips as she raised and lowered herself in an ever increasing urgency to achieve her orgasm. She was flushed and John could see her breasts were covered in beads of perspiration. At last John felt her start to climax releasing huge amounts of her cum down onto the base of his prick and start to run over his ball sack; John took the opportunity and quickly rolling her over onto her back, he took control. He urgently thrust up into her tightness with shortening strokes with the onrush of his own orgasm.

The surge of sperm moved up his plunging prick causing it to swell within her spasming sheath with each gush as it raced up the long swollen length, and John released the flood inside her. She was wild and thrusting her hips up against him to ensure the spurting prick was inserted to the maximum. She reached her crescendo. Her legs gripped him and her vaginal muscles worked to try and drain him dry. John's prick erupted time and time again filling her to capacity and still the eruptions continued. The sperm mixed with her vaginal secretions flooded the bed covers beneath us as they continued to cum together. John held her at climax until he had completely emptied himself and only then he let her begin to come down from her euphoric and erotic climax. He withdrew his slick coated prick from her and she was laid back with her legs splayed wide. The sperm was bubbling out of her and the bed linen was saturated. It was almost a repeat of their previous fuck

John stood up slipped off the rest of his clothing and slipped his arm around this wonderfully shaped oriental manageress and carried her to the shower at the rear of the room. He turned on the water and stood her under the hot shower allowing the warm wet torrent to wash over them. She revived quickly and positioning her back against the shower wall and pulling herself up his body using her hands on his shoulders she paced her legs around him, feeling his mushroom shaped head part her pussy lips she clamped her legs tight, and pulled him inside her gaping sex once more. John quickly thrust into her and pushed her arousal back up to maximum and the tempo increased until the movements became almost a blur. John's own climax was almost upon him when the ring pushed her sexuality over the top and she climaxed again and again until they were almost continuous, she was like a clockwork doll her body convulsing as each new orgasm climaxed within her. John's erupting prick emptied itself again and finally he withdrew it from her swollen entrance and stepped back to allow her to recover and wash off the copious amounts of sperm spurting from her overfilled orifice. She said to him as her ragged breathing returned to normal,

"What a fantastic fuck. You can have me anytime; all you have to do is ring down and ask for me; I live in the hotel."

She looked so good standing there, that John could not help himself, and using the rings power once again he raised her sexual arousal eased the soreness from her swollen pussy lips, he put his arms under her sweeping her off her feet he carried her back to the bed where he laid her face down; he then lifted her hips up in the air and spread her legs wide apart allowing him a clear view of her red vulva gaping open. John pulled her towards him as he placed the large bulbous knob inside her labia and thrust into her savagely. She bucked and pushed back against him as the thick phallus plunged into the hilt. John went wild he needed pleasuring and with little or no regard for his partner he ravaged her until felt her mentally induced climax approach; he quickly drew back before pulling out of her rippling sex leaving her pussy lips acting like a fish out of water; he flipped her over lifted her high in the air guiding her open pussy down until he felt the bulbous head of his erect phallus split her wide; he dropped her down onto his swollen penis. She screamed with pleasure as he hit hard at the end of her welcoming sheath and bending his head forward he put his mouth over her nipples sucking and biting them as she climaxed. She was crying,

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