The Ring of Cronus Pt. 11


"Oh God! I can't seem to stop cumming and I can feel you shooting that hot lava inside me. It's so hot, Oh don't stop, don't stop Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

John felt the fertile sperm surge up as he released another load of rich fertile swimming spermatozoa into her; the ring pulsed ensuring her impregnation was completed. Her eyes flew open as the heat spread inside her. John could see in her eyes that she knew she had been fertilised as she gasped and screamed,

"Oh Fuck that made me cum so hard, I can feel it deep inside my womb."

John pulled out of her and she just lay there completely exhausted making no attempt to cover herself until she had fully recovered from their combined onslaught some 30 minutes later. She showered and dressed as she was leaving, sore but satiated, she said softly and not without some reservations that it would not be later that evening.

"Ring for me if you need anything more."

After a sound sleep John woke and had breakfast served in the suite. He rang the office and asked Jenny to arrange for a laptop computer with a fast G4 internet modem to be delivered to him. Next he spoke to Miriam using her cell and asked how she was and she replied that she was recovering and went on to say that her two friends, Terry and Susan, had said they would like them all to have coffee together. John invited them to the hotel for lunch and Miriam requested that it to be an early one as she was on duty at the hospital at 2.00 pm. John agreed and rang off.

The laptop was duly delivered and John hooked onto the internet using the dial up business facilities in the hotel suite. He checked to see if Charlie had done any work on the program he had subliminarilly instructed his mind to develop and put into operation and was rewarded when he saw that money was going into the Swiss accounts John had given him details of and that shares were being purchased using the designated nominee shareholders. John was still unsure why he had done this at this time all he did know was that he did not want it known that he was buying shares in the corporate sector, especially SURECO.

John then rang Amanda because he had missed their morning session and she had told him that Jim, her husband, seemed no better and the doctors were mystified at the strange illness he had contracted, they were completely bewildered as to its origin or how it would develop. She said that she too had missed their early morning get together and would try and get away for a few days if things improved. When John put down the telephone he glanced at his watch and noted that the time was now 11.30 am and time to go down to meet the girls to join them for the pre-arranged early lunch. When he arrived in the lobby Terry and Susan were already there waiting for Miriam to arrive. The ring glowed with an expectation of things to come. They embraced and sat down in the restaurant to wait. John pushed into their minds that after lunch they should adjourn to the suite and see where things developed from there. Miriam arrived and they ate a light lunch. Miriam had to leave, before coffee, to get to the hospital. John invited the two girls, Terry and Susan, to the suite for coffee and they readily accepted. He poured coffee and liqueurs, and that on top of the wine they had consumed had made them feel tired and relaxed. John initiating the rings power pushed into their minds the thoughts that they should each go through to a separate bedroom and lie down to remove the effects of the alcohol, mentally instructing them to remove their clothing as they went. Each rose and walked towards a separate bedroom undressing, casually dropping garments n the floor as they went.

John walked through to where Susan lay completely naked on the bed and quickly raised her sexual arousal. She lay there expectantly, and seeing him come into the room she ran her hands over her breasts tweaking the nipples and making them hard. John stripped off his clothes and swung her legs around towards him and placed his hand between her legs easing up until he was gently stroking her pussy. Not a word had been exchanged since he had entered the room. She looked at his penis as it hardened and said,

"What are you going to do with that? I have just the very place for it."

She sat forward and placed the tip between her breasts and pushed them together trapping it between her mounds. John pushed it up and down giving her a view of the tip and of the now wet eye of the swollen phallus, as the pre-cum was being leaked. She put her tongue out and licked it before putting it in her mouth and sucking it. John pushed forward and felt it at the back of her throat and she was almost choking, John reached into her mind, using the rings power, relaxed her gag reflex as it slipped down the back of her throat. She gulped it down and John began to thrust in and out feeling it descend further and further down her gullet. John watched as she gradually went purple before her pulled it out to allow her to breath; as it was now very wet John dropped it between her legs and rubbed it over her pouting labia. The lips parted willingly and easily, giving John a view of her inner lips leaking sweet honey. John moved it up and rubbed it over her clitoris as the hood moved back giving him a peek as it emerged. She breathed heavily as it touched her hardening nub, and then as her need was so great she placed her hand partially around its girth and gently eased the swollen phallus inside her vagina.

Mentally stimulating her sexual arousal further; John felt her part her legs wider to give him access to her spoils. The erect penis slid in and John felt her inner muscles stretch as the thick head moved along inside her wet vaginal cavity. John began to ease it back until the head was just inside and she said,

"Oh God don't take it out I need it fully inside me."

John pushed forward again until it was more than halfway in and pulled back again. She pulled a face and putting her legs behind him and her hands under his ass cheeks, she murmured,

"I need it all the way in now."

She then pulled him towards her until the whole length was inserted up to the hilt.

"Oh God," she said, "That's much better. Now fuck me and fuck me hard."

John started moving out and back in with long movements and each time the end of his prick collided with her cervical opening, she gasped, and forced herself up using her hips. She became more and more excited and was thrusting up harder and harder. She moaned between thrusts,

"Give it to me harder, faster I want you to pump all that wonderful seed into me."

John increased the pace and felt her urgent response she twitched inside indicating that her orgasm was not far away. He held her at the point of climax and began to thrust into her violently. She heaved and bucked hard underneath him, whatever she did however, she could not get her orgasm to climax. Leaning down John put his lips to her breasts began sucking on her hard nipples as he thrashed in and out he could hear the wet slapping sounds of their sex and he bit down on her tits and released her climax. She squealed and thrust upwards saying,

"Oh God! Fill me with that hot sperm you have waiting for me. You know I'm on the pill. I need to feel it hot and wet inside me."

John could not resist any longer as the pressure built in his balls. He felt every pulse, his prick swelled, as each wad shot along John's penile length and burst against her cervix. She grunted and gripped the erupting prick like a vice and he felt her begin to milk the spurting phallus accepting it ever deeper into her vagina as she raged through her massive pussy wrenching orgasm. John bit her nipples harder and continued to release more and more sperm laden semen deep inside her hungry pussy. She screamed,

"It's so hot I can feel it pushing right up inside me. Oh don't stop. Oh God! I've never been fucked so full."

John finally stopped pumping sperm and eased his rigid pole out of her stretched red puffy pussy as the excess thick juice bubbled out of her. John was aware that her contraceptive pill had been overridden by the ring and she would not have her next period and would soon realise she was pregnant. He got up and walked, his dripping penis standing out in front of him, bobbing up and down with each step, back through the large reception area and into the second bedroom.

Terry lay asleep on the covers, her large breasts on full show; her legs splayed revealing her vulva, which was, showing signs of her ring induced sexual excitement, and leaking rich honey flavoured juices. John swung her around and gently pushed her legs wider apart and knelt beside the bed; he pushed his head between her thighs and licked the exuding honey from her wet pussy lips. Terry moaned in her sleep and he eased his tongue into her and pushed between her inner lips. Her moans got louder and she began to respond with her hips as she pushed up against his mouth. John was sucking and licking making wet slurps and smacking sounds as she produced more and more honey tasting lubricant. John pushed his tongue over her emerging clitoris and inserted two fingers into her pussy, rapidly curling them to find the spongy G spot. Terry's climax broke and she moaned and thrust up against the thrusting fingers and said,

"Oh fuck! John I need your penis inside me. Do it now. I can't stand the wanting."

John moved up over her mound and sucked on her large breast, and brought her nipples to full hardness, before lining his still wet prick up with her pouty pussy lips He felt her hand grab the swollen gland and push in the head. He felt her muscles give way and he slid deeper into her silky soft interior. He bit her nipples and she thrust up and he felt the end of her tunnel bump against the purple crown of his swollen penis. She went wild and her movements became agitated as she thrust her hips violently up and down. John rolled over giving her the chance to ride him; Terry was delighted and her body surged up and down until he felt her vaginal muscle start to clutch at his thick penis. She rocked and she was undulating her hips, as she rose and fell, the feeling was overwhelming. John thrust up hard against the end of her love tube and she orgasmed thrashing up and down in an effort to get him deeper.

It was not long before John felt the usual tingle in his scrotum, his buttocks began to clench sending the thick seminal fluid up swelling John's penis as if made its way; then the thick shaft began to spew thick ropes of sperm as it pumped shot after shot of highly fertile sperm hard against her cervix and she wailed,

"Oh God! Oh God! That's what I wanted. I can feel every jet spreading its warmth around my womb"

John rolled her over; just as she thought he had finished, he thrust up her again, raising her arousal once more she began to buck and thrust in time with his rhythm. John could still feel the heat from his previous outpouring into her and her silky inside which was still gripping his prick in milking motions. John raced towards another cum fest and brought her to an intense orgasm. She moaned as her muscles clamped down on him again, her movements becoming frantic as she felt another load of his seed enter her sexual centre. John continued pumping up inside her feeling, the excess pouring out round the base of his prick. He pulled out and picked her up and placing her face down on the bed he pulled her backwards and thrust into her open raw lips with sperm dripping around his rapidly refilling scrotum. Feeling his penis enter her gaping orifice, he pulled her back hard onto his still rock hard erection and rode her hard.

"Oh John give it to me, give me more," she cried out.

John brought on several more orgasms for her before he let another thick string of pearls high into her void. John pulled out still erupting and spaying over her ass before turning her onto her back and pumped load after load onto her red nipples and down her tummy and over her mound and watched it run between her legs and pool onto the bed. John got into the shower and cleaned all signs of his excesses away before he dressed. Scanning Terry's subconscious John confirmed yet another of his conquests had been impregnated, as she too had the effectiveness of her contraceptive pill neutralised, and being at the point of ovulation John's seed had once more done the trick. He went down for a well earned drink in the bar, leaving both Terry and Susan to recover, shower and dress before either leaving, or awaiting his return.

John was drinking in the public bar and chatting to a few acquaintances when the hotel public address system called him announcing that there was an urgent telephone call. He rushed into reception and took a call from Amanda. She said she was sending the company jet to pick him up as an emergency had arisen and Jim, her husband needed to talk to him as soon as possible. The plane would be with him in about fourteen hours. His mind raced ahead could he have found out that Amanda was having his child? No it was too soon. Could he have discovered he had been buying shares? No all were under nominee names. It had to be a Company crisis he had not picked up. The ring was being no help. John presumed he was too far away for it to allow him to tap into Jim's mind.

In the next fourteen hours he had a lot to do. John rang his, recently appointed, junior partner at the practice and explained where he had been and that he would have to meet as soon as possible. John would have to give him instructions and arranging that they should meet in 30 minutes at the Hotel. He rang Jenny, and asked if she knew what the problem was, but she had no details and he asked her to remain at the office and liaise with him, whist he flew to America. Next he rang Miriam and told her he would be leaving in the early hours of the morning. She was devastated and said he had only just arrived. John apologised and told her he would explain at supper, requesting that she should meet him at the suite in the hotel when she got off duty. John raced up to the suite and Susan had gone but Terry was in the shower. He ran through and told her he had to leave for the States and she asked him to join her in the shower for a quickie. It was going to have to be very quick; he had a meeting in less than 20 minutes.

He stripped off and stepped into the large shower cubical; his penis already at half mast, he picked Terry up kissing her as he did so. He lifted her by the waist and at one time she was almost horizontal her legs parted and sliding them either side of his hips until her vaginal lips were touching the tip of his, now, very hard erection. Her legs parted; her pussy opened like a rose coming into bloom. John pulled her gently arousing her as he did so. She was dripping and the water was off. The head of his throbbing shaft was inside and he roughly thrust deep into her readiness meeting the core of her centre in one go. Her legs came round his back as he pushed her against the shower wall. Her nipples were presenting themselves to his face and he eagerly sucked on each one hard, nibbling and biting her luscious breasts at the same time; she was soon humping against him as hard as she could. Her slippery vagina was gripping him tightly and the thick phallus started to drive in and out of her clenching tightness. She was going wild.

"Oh fuck". She said as he continued to plumb her depths "Oh fuck! Fuck me hard. I want you to cum high inside me, give me more of your hot sperm. Oh God let it shoot into me".

Her urgent desires for fulfilment were making her wilder and wilder and her clamping spasming muscles were pulling John's penis harder and harder against the very entrance of her womb. She screamed as her back arched up taking John deeper the crown entered her open cervical entrance.

"I'm there. Fill me. Let me feel you cum."

John felt his own climax start and he let thick gouts of semen out of his pulsating penis and into her. She cried,

"Oh God I can feel it spreading like hot fire. Give me more. Oh fuck. Oh fuck."

John's thick prick thrashed in and out like a demon doing a dance for the devil, she climaxed and shook like an epileptic having a fit. John could not stop and she suddenly went limp as the climax reached a new level, its intensity was unprecedented and far beyond anything she had ever felt before, she body shuddered as it received sensations she had been totally unprepared for. John's fertile sperm continued unloading into her until he finally emptied himself once again. She hung completely exhausted on his rampant prick which was still embedded deep inside her. Her nipples were showing signs of the brown hickies to come, and her pussy was dripping thick sperm. John turned on the water and let it wash them clean and she gradually came round. She moaned,

"Oh John you are getting better and better. I have had the fuck of a life time and you are still hard inside me. I can't take any more. Let me get off."

John slid her off and she looked open mouthed at the size and said,

"Oh God! Did I take all of that, no wonder I'm so stretched and sore?"

They dried and dressed and he used the power of the ring and eased her pain around her sore sex, she reached up and kissed him on the lips and said, "

I hope I'll see you when you get back". With that she dressed and left

A few minutes later Vincent his partner, arrived and reception sent him up to the suite, as he entered, he said, looking around the luxurious suite

"Very nice John, does this go with your new position?"

John nodded saying,

"Seemingly and I'm assured there's one in most capitals as well."

They sat down and John asked Vincent to take over his clients, at the same time, giving him mental information about each. He agreed that he would be pleased to do so and John instructed him to take on another CA to assist. He readily agreed and then looking at his watch said he would have to go he had arranged to meet his girl friend later that evening. John asked if he knew her and her said that her name was Susan and that she lived with her friend Terry. John delved into his mind and sure enough it was the same Susan John had fucked stupid earlier that afternoon. John's Partner said he would like to offer the position to his friend who had qualified with him. John asked a few details and they seemed OK when he broke the next bombshell. He said that his friend Mark was going out with Terry and they both planned to ask them to marry them that very evening. John was relived in a way because having impregnated both of them he could relax in that they would be married when their children arrived. John hoped they did not want to fuck them that night because they would find them both stretched, sore and full of his fertile sperm. They parted and John said he would be in touch. He felt the ring had played a part in the conversation as it felt warm and it was bright.

He had no sooner left when reception informed him that he had a lady guest who was on her way up. Miriam walked into the room apologising for the fact she was still dressed in her nurses' uniform, and that she had not come dressed for dinner, as she had come straight from work. John told her she could use the shower in the master bedroom and as she disappeared. He rang and ordered dinner for two from the a la carte menu and asked for it to be served in the dinning room of the suite in one hour. The manager said it would be done, asking if he wanted to select a wine. John replied that he would select one from the suite bar. John heard Miriam call and as he went through she said,

"It looks as though you have showered recently, I was going to ask you to join me."

"It doesn't stop me taking another," John said quickly pulling off his clothes.

As he walked to the shower his ring empowered erection was hardening and standing proud in front of him. Miriam looked and pointing to the now full erection said

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