The Secretary


Neither Brett nor I quite knew what had happened but a day or so later Emily spoke with Brett saying that her mother wanted to talk with him on Saturday, would 10 o'clock be convenient. Brett asked if he was to face both of them, apparently Emily was visiting her father. According to Brett, Madeline didn't want to drag Emily into the conversation.

"When I turned up, Madeline was wearing that sexy dress with the top two buttons undone, makeup on her face, including rosy red lips. She asked me in and invited me to sit on the sofa, then sat opposite me with her legs crossed. Her dress being extremely short Madeline was showing a little flesh above the stockings and provided me with a glimpses of the supporting strap of her garter belt. She said that she wanted to see me to explain what happened between us."

Madeline began the conversation by saying, "First I want to apologize for what happened I really wanted us to be together, but not having been with a man for so many years I panicked. I shouldn't have told Emily and was very cross with her when she told me what happened between you two, and she was very upset that you dumped her, but I do understand why you did."

"Madeline moved over to sit next to me, saying, 'I like you Brett, I want to be with you, and to make things awkward Emily also wants to be with you. As you said I am a mature experienced woman, Emily is an inexperienced young woman, I suppose she could be considered as a young girl, an inexperienced girl.' Madeline took my hand and placed it on her breast.

"I want you to feel the woman, I want you to touch me, kiss me and undress me, I want you to seduce me and sleep with me. The problem is Emily also wants you as I do, but has agreed that I should talk to you this weekend and tell you of our discussions. You've already had an effect on our lives which, depending on how things work out this weekend between us, depends on whether or not we tell you of our decision. I want you to take me to bed now and make love to me."

"Madeline took my hand and led me up to her bedroom where I just rolled onto the bed. Madeline ask me if I was going to undress her, I told her no, I didn't want a repeat of the last time she wanted me to undress her, so suggested she do a striptease for me. Madeline began to sway seductively humming the strippers tune as she slowly unbuttoned her dress. Having unbuttoned it she teased me by opening it up as if she was going to take it off, then pulled closed, slipping it off one shoulder to expose the top of her breast then covering herself again. But eventually it came off, she then carried out similar movements to remove her bra, but taking her panties off was probably the sexiest thing that I had ever seen. It wasn't the actual removal of her panties I enjoyed, it was as she bent over attempting to remove them while she continued to dance. I was mesmerized while I watched her tits as they dangled down, flopping all over the place. In the end she succeeded to stand in front of me naked asking if I was going to undress, I just said you do it.

"We stood in front of each other naked, I fondled her tits and ran my fingers along her slit, she held and gently stroked my erection, resting it against her pubes as she closed the gap between us, so that she could place her arms around my neck to initiate kissing. Eventually crawling beneath the covers we embraced and kissed for some time, while I fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples, she stroked and massaged my erection. Having taken a nipple in my mouth and slipped my fingers inside her I suckled and work her vigorously with Madeline trying unsuccessfully to synchronize her body movement with my fingers. Her first orgasm came as a surprise, she gave me no indication that she was that close. Slipping down her body to lie between her legs I performed orally hoping that I could induce a second orgasm.

"It didn't happen not while my tongue was performing inside her but it did happen when we made love. Even as I lay on top of her with me fully penetrated, she was able to arch her body lifting me and herself off the bed as she convulsed in ecstasy, both experiencing the pleasures of love making. It was mid-afternoon before we were both finally sated, we lay in each other's arms our bodies snuggled together with Madeline hinting for complements from me about her body and performance. I more than satisfied her curiosity telling her how fantastic her body was especially her tits and that she was the sexiest bitch I had ever met. She cooed like a dove, knowing that she enjoyed being talked to like that, having said several erotic things to her during our love making which seemed to increase her arousal. I asked her what had happened between her and Emily, what had they discussed, and what had they decided. Madeline was reluctant to tell me however when I threatened to leave she relented. Madeline said."

"It was late in the evening on that day Emily challenged you and she had been quiet all night, I asked if there was anything wrong, but she said there wasn't. However just as I began to get ready for bed she asked if we could talk. She told me what had happened between you two, I was furious with her and told her that it was none of her business and wished I hadn't told her. I began to cry and run out of the room and up into my bedroom changed into my nightdress and threw myself onto the bed sobbing. About ten minutes later Emily walked to say goodnight having changed for bed. I was still sobbing so she climbed on bed, wrapped her arms around me, trying to console me. After what you had done she asked me why I was so upset. I told her I was lonely and instigated the seduction but panicked just as we were getting to the sexual part, because I hadn't been with a man for so many years.

"I continue to sob, repeating myself by telling her I was so lonely and wanted to be made love to, wanting to feel a man's lips on mine, his hands and lips exploring my body. Emily pulled me close I could feel my breast squashed against hers as she kissed me on the cheek, she slipped a leg over mine. She continued to kiss me, my cheek, my nose, my forehead, my neck, my chin, finally my lips. All the time she was kissing areas of my face I only wanted her to kiss one area, my lips. We began to kiss passionately, I could just perceive her rubbing herself against my leg, her knee came up and pushed against me again and again, she was working me then stopped. Her hand slid up my leg under my nightdress until she touched me, her sweet fingers fumbling around finally finding their way inside me. My hand found its way to her breast and gave a light squeeze. Emily began to ease my nightdress up and whispered 'Madeline take this off' calling me by name sounded so nice and as requested pulled my nightdress over my head, Emily removed hers as well.

"There we were two naked bodies huddled together with no place that our hands or lips were forbidden to trespass upon. Emily said that although she had no experience she would perform oral sex if I so wished.

I said to her oh darling please do it for me but turn around and let me do it to you as well. We ended up in the 69 position trying to satisfy each other. Emily's orgasm hit her hard and quick, probably due to her inexperienced, because it was all new to her, she was easy to get off, me that was a different matter. She asked if there was anything else she could do, I said yes but suggested that she might not want to do it. Emily kissed me and said whatever it takes. I went to my closet took a box out from the bottom opened it and pulled out a strap on dildo. Emily's eye lit up and said she would wear it providing I fitted it to her.

"Kneeling in front of Emily having secured the last strap, with my hand wrapped around the dildo giving it a final adjustment, looked up into Emily's eyes and asked if it was ok. She said it felt fine and told me to suck it. I wasn't prepared to suck it and told her so. She grabbed my hair pulled my head towards her and pressed the dildo against my lips saying, 'suck it bitch.' Emily had become aggressive and demanding and there was not a lot I could do apart from submitting. The rocking movement of her hips had this thing sliding back and forth in my mouth continually knocking me off balance making it necessary to place my hands on her hips to steady myself. Deeper and deeper she worked the dildo down my throat telling me that when we were finished she would rub it between my tits.

"Back on the bed she straddled me and rubbed the dildo back and forth between my breasts while she squeezed them together. She called me babe and regretted that she couldn't cum over my tits and my face like a man, suggesting that I would have enjoyed it. Finally she slipped down my body inserted the dildo ramming back and forth like mad. All the time she was talking to me, saying things like, 'babe you are so beautiful with a fantastic body, and with those lovely big tits you are such a sexy bitch and love what I'm doing and how I'm treating you. Tell me you love me, tell me you love me fucking you and treating you the way I do; tell me you want more of me.' I told her everything she wanted to hear and begged her to kiss me. We spent most of the night making love to each other using the strap on, Emily enjoying the experience as much as me, there were other devices we could use but they would have to wait for another day.

"Emily and I now sleep together we talk freely and have both agreed that we both still need a man, and you in particular. Our discussions regarding you is, providing you agree, you can have us both, either as a couple or a threesome, three in the bed is our preference. It certainly gives you the opportunity to get back at Emily, after the way she treated you."

He considered Madeline's offer of having two women together, it was something he had never experienced but thought he could get a little more out of them, well out of Madeline anyway.

Brett said, "If I agree to a threesome there is something I want you to do for me."

According to Madeline it depended on what he wanted her to do.

He went on to say, "Since you seem so keen to sleep with women I want you to seduce my mother. Madeline said, 'what if she is not interested and refuses to cooperate I can't force her.' No, but you are persuasive and she is submissive so you could at least try. Phone her tell her you would like to talk to her about me, she'll receive you, and while you're there tell her I suggested that she show you her bedroom, then you can take it from there." I was shocked when Brett told me of the arrangements, and the fact he wanted to watch us, well he wanted me to record everything, making me promise to cooperate with Madeline in every respect.

I watched her car negotiate the driveway and park outside the house. The long legs and short skirt was my first glimpse of Madeline as she got out of the car, the came her breasts. No wonder Brett liked her they looked even bigger than mine. She knocked on the door.

"Mrs. Preston good afternoon I'm Madeline Hopwood I'd like to talk with you about my relationship with your son."

I invited her in we had coffee and she talked about their relationship inasmuch they were sleeping together but avoiding most of the details. Even though I was listening to her I was waiting for the coded signal.

"Brett said you have a lovely bedroom and thought you might like to show it to me."

She followed me upstairs still clinging to her purse. We entered my bedroom, having previously switched the cameras and recorder on. Madeline sat on my bed and began to talk about Brett.

"You know Mrs. Preston, Susan isn't it, your son is a real stud, all the girls are after him, and I am not so naive to think that I am the special person in his life. I'm happy to be with him and accept that he looks around and goes out with other girls and possibly other older women. When you look at him, what do you think about, do you worry about other girls taking him from you; sooner or later I expect him to marry someone nearer his own age. Whoever he marries will be a lucky woman, because as you probably know he is a very experienced lover. I wouldn't be surprise if you didn't fantasize about him, have you teased him with your body, does he lie on your bed?" I hesitated stumbling for words.

"Susan from your reaction I can tell he's been on your bed, has he seduced you, have you slept together, you have, I sense that you and your son have been lovers, perhaps you still are."

Madeline could read me like a book, I never could suppress my feelings. She wanted to know how it all started and what I was wearing and wanted me to change into those clothes. She went into the bathroom while I changed into the same panties, tennis skirt and boob tube. I called her when I was ready, she had me sit on the bed to replicate the couch and sat beside me. She put an arm around my shoulder and kissed me then pulled me onto the bed and continued kissing me. Her hand went inside my boob tube and began to fondle my breasts and by the time her hand went up my skirt and inside my panties I had become completely aroused.

She pulled my boob tube down around my waist and began to suck my nipples, her fingers found their way inside me and she began to work me over like no one had before. My hand went to her breast, she stopped suckling lifted her head and looked me in the eyes and told me to undo her blouse.

"Come on babe get your hands inside my bra and squeeze my tits."

I did as she asked until I could stand it no longer, I pushed her bra up over her breasts, moved down the bed encouraged her to turn around and position herself above my head. It was a sort of short 69 position which allowed me to suckle on her breast while she suckled on mine. Madeline dragged her nipple from my mouth and moved further down my body to execute the usual 69 position, the only problem being we were still wearing our skirts. I could feel Madeline undoing my skirt pushing it along with my panties down my legs. Unfortunately I was unable to return the complement her skirt being more difficult to remove.

Madeline moved back down the bed pulled my skirt and panties off removed her own clothes dived down her purse pulled out a strap-on and slipped it on. There we were, both naked, her with this thing sticking out from her body, with me mesmerized, watching it bounce around as she approached; anticipating the pleasure it would bring. She straddled me and began slapping the dildo forward and back across my face, and did the same with my breasts before forcing it between my lips to suck, just as Emily had done to her. Finally she positioned herself and rammed the dildo inside me, working me into a frenzy while squeezing my breasts and kissing me. We spent the rest of the afternoon making love to each other, changing our role play from man to woman and back to man again. Madeline left before Brett arrived home, who was attending swimming practice at college, he was late home that day.

When Brett finally left college he joined the military and was training as a fighter pilot. Initially we corresponded by email, which covered the everyday mundane side of our lives, however we also wrote and sent love letters to each other, which revealed the intimate side of our relationship. He would always begin his letters, "My darling Susan" telling me how much he missed lying beside me and what his plans for me were when he came home on leave. I would write back, "My darling Brett," telling him how much I missed using his body for my own satisfaction and my mouth for his satisfaction. Then came the letter I was always dreading, but knowing sooner or later it was bound to come.

"Dear Mum." He told me he had met a girl, an officer, a qualified fighter pilot, apparently all the men have been chasing her, but she wasn't interested in any of them, they wondered if she was a lesbian, but Brett assured me she wasn't. Apparently the first time he asked her out she accepted and now they had been together for a couple of months. He sent photographs of them together in various stages of undress and poses, and of course she has large breasts, we look similar in size. I was sure Ellen, that's her name, wasn't aware he sent me copies of those pictures of them together. He said he would bring her to visit when he could, it sounds serious and I wondered if there would be the patter of tiny pilots. I missed him terribly while he was away, but now it looks as if I will be losing him forever. Really, I should consider myself lucky, having had both security and passion in my life, although not with the same person, but there's always Madeline and Emily.

The End

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