The Seduction of Amy


As soon as he left the room, John turned to Amy and kissed her passionately. She moaned as his tongue went into her mouth. Without thinking, she moved the hand covered with Thomas's sperm over and captured John's wet penis. John realized what was happening right away and he began to get hard again.

"My but you're horny tonight," Amy whispered as she ran her hand up and down his growing erection. The sperm from Thomas mixed with John's as she caressed his now hard penis again. Suddenly, Amy dropped her head and before John could stop her, she took his cream covered penis into her mouth. She moaned deep in her throat when she tasted the mixture of the two men's sperm.

John pulled Amy's head from his now pulsing penis and covered himself with the afghan a second before Thomas returned.

"Well... I guess I'll get going," Thomas said. He stepped over, kissed Amy's cheek, and said goodbye to John. They shared a conspiratorial smile.

"See you tomorrow at the course," John replied.

"See you tomorrow," Thomas smiled and headed up the steps.

Thomas was barely at the top of the stairs when John was pushing Amy onto her back. She opened her legs and grasped his hard shaft. She directed his penis into her more than ready hole. Just as he slid into her, she realized that John still had some of Thomas's sperm covering his penis. She wrapped her legs around her husband and began to climax as his penis went all the way into her throbbing hole.

Chapter 9

On Sunday afternoon the telephone rang at the Slater household.

"Amy! Thomas is on the phone," John yelled with his hand over the mouthpiece. "He was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner on Wednesday night since I won't be home?"

Amy was in the kitchen when she heard John call out his question. "Uh... uh... I uh," Amy stuttered.

"It's fine with me Amy, I told Thomas to look after you," he added with a smile.

"Well, I... uh... I guess it's okay. If... if it's okay with you." Suddenly, Amy's heart was pounding with excitement. However, she also felt a little pang of dread. She knew that it was going to be very difficult to be alone with Thomas.

John removed his hand and told Thomas, "Yeah man, Amy said she would love to have dinner with you."

Wednesday night...

Amy stood in the bedroom staring into the mirror. She had on a sexy black chiffon dress. It had tiny spaghetti straps holding up the slinky low cut top. The bottom was full and hung sexily from her hips. Underneath, she had on a pair of black thigh high nylons. She bit her lip in indecision then reached over and picked up a pair of black silk panties. A little sigh escaped her lips as she pulled the tiny panties up her thighs. Before they covered her crotch, she looked one last time at her smoothly shaven sex lips. John always wanted her to shave but she had refused until now. She wasn't sure what had gotten into her tonight but when she was trimming her pubic hair, she couldn't seem to stop until everything was gone. Now she sighed and let the dress fall. She turned and started to walk away from her dresser, then stopped. Her hand was trembling as she picked up the little bottle of perfume Thomas had given her. She slipped her hand under her dress and sprayed two sprits of the sweet smelling liquid onto her thighs.

Amy had been nervous all week. She was looking forward to tonight with excitement but her conscience was still bothering her. She knew that all the things she and Thomas had done were very wrong but somehow she justified it because they hadn't gone all the way-besides, John hadn't suffered at all.

Now she was going to be alone with him in an empty house. The temptation was making her stomach do flip-flops. She knew that she had to make a decision. If she let her libido lead her, she would be in the bedroom in a couple of hours with Thomas between her legs. She was in a quandary. Amy had even gone so far as to ask Jill what she should do. However, she hadn't been much help-she kept saying, "Just go for it." Amy sometimes thought that Jill would feel better if someone else did what she was doing.

The chiming of the front doorbell startled Amy. Her heart started to race as she walked down the steps. When she opened the door she saw Thomas's handsome face and her racing heart fluttered. He was wearing a gray sports coat, blue turtleneck shirt, and black slacks. He had one red rose in his hand.

"Hi!" he said in a half-whisper, handing her the rose.

"Hi," Amy answered almost shyly. "Thank you."

"You ready?"

"Uh... yeah... sure," Amy said, feeling like a high school girl again.

Thomas took Amy to a fancy restaurant where they had a wonderful meal. Thomas was a gentleman all through dinner. When they finished their second bottle of wine, he asked her if she wanted to go to a nightclub.

Amy thought that was a great idea-she was okay with anything that delayed them being alone in her house.

Thomas took her to a quiet downtown nightclub that was famous for jazz. It wasn't crowded on a Wednesday night so they got their choice of tables. They found a booth in a quiet corner near the dance floor. When the band started playing, Thomas took Amy to the dance floor. The lights were low and there was a large reflecting ball refracting colorful rays around the almost deserted dance floor.

"This is so nice," Amy sighed as she held Thomas tight.

"Yes it has been," Thomas answered as he pulled her tightly to him. He bent his head and kissed her neck.

"Thomas," Amy breathed and shivered. She could feel him becoming excited. Her own groin began to heat. Suddenly, their lips were together and she was welcoming his tongue into her mouth.

Thomas moaned and slowly slid his hands down the open back of her dress to the swells of her buttocks. He moaned again as they slid over the silky material of her dress and then pulled her into his groin, his hands squeezing her fleshy cheeks.

The room was spinning almost out of control for Amy. She held Thomas tightly, her arms around his neck, her chest pressed to his. When their lips parted, they were both breathing heavily.

Thomas led Amy back to the booth. He let her slide in and moved over close to her, putting his arm around her back. Almost immediately they were locked in an embrace again.

"Um... um..."

Amy and Thomas pulled apart and saw a pretty waitress looking at them.

"I'm sorry to disturb you two but would you like another drink," she said with a smile.

"Uh... yes, another rum and Coke for me and a wine please."

When the waitress left, Thomas turned to Amy and smiled. "You've gotten me very excited lady."

"Really? I never would have guessed," she said with a smile and then looked down at the tent in his expensive slacks.

Thomas saw her eyes and smiled, pulling her back to him for another kiss. "Thomas, mmmmpppphhhh," she moaned as he covered her mouth with his.

When they pulled apart, Thomas whispered, "Are your panties wet?"

Amy's face flushed and she looked down shyly. She paused, her mouth suddenly very dry. "Yes," she finally whispered in reply.

"Let me see."

Amy looked up with wide eyes.

"Take your panties off. I want to see how excited you are."

Suddenly, Amy's heart was pounding in her chest. "Here?" she asked, glancing around the room.

"Yes. There's no one around."

Amy looked around again and saw that they were quite alone. Her hands began to tremble as she lifted up slightly and reached under her dress. Slowly, she slid her panties down her thighs. Then she held them out to Thomas, refusing to look into his eyes.

Thomas took them from her hand. Then he opened them so that the crotch was exposed. He almost gasped when he saw the clear sex juice covering the gusset.

Amy turned to Thomas. Her eyes couldn't have gotten any larger as she watched him bring the sodden cloth to his lips, stick his tongue out, and lick them. She felt her swollen sex lips pulse with excitement and squeezed her thighs together. "God Thomas," she sighed.

Thomas laid the panties on the table and brought Amy to him again for a kiss.

As the two lovers kissed, the waitress returned with their drinks. She stopped suddenly as she started to place their drinks on the table. At first she thought her eyes were deceiving her but there was no doubt-on the table was a pair of panties lying open and the crotch was shiny with juice. Her breathing increased and her heart started to beat hard. She had been watching the couple since they arrived. She had seen them kiss and fondle each other on the dance floor. Now she stood in front of them and her knees felt weak as she stared at the black panties. When she looked back at the kissing couple, she saw them part and look at her. She stood frozen, unable to move.

Thomas smiled at the shocked waitress then turned back to Amy. He kissed her lips and heard a moan from the young girl as his hand went to Amy's thigh. He pulled her leg toward him, making her dress slide up her thighs.

A little gasp escaped from the waitress's lips as she stared at the black hand moving up the soft white thigh of the woman. Then she moaned as she saw the woman's bare, swollen sex come into view. She couldn't believe that she was standing here watching this. Yet, her legs wouldn't move. Now her breathing was coming in great gasps as she watched a finger slide into the wet hole.

Thomas smiled to himself when he felt Amy's soft sex lips with no hair anywhere to be found. She was ready, he thought.

Amy moaned and lifted her hips from the seat. She opened her eyes as Thomas continued to kiss her and saw the waitress still watching them. An electric shock of exhibitionist pleasure ran through her and she spread her legs a little further apart. She felt like such a slut but she couldn't help herself. A moan escaped her lips as Thomas added a second finger.

Finally the waitress took one of the drinks and set it on the table. When she put the second one down, she almost spilled it, clinking the glasses.

Thomas pulled away from Amy, leaving his fingers inside her as he looked at the waitress. However, instead of leaving, the waitress stood there. "Oh," Thomas finally said and pulled his fingers from Amy's dripping hole. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a twenty-dollar bill. He held it out to the waitress. As she took it, Thomas rubbed his wet fingers across her palm. "Kept the change," he said with a smile.

The waitress stood for another moment, staring at the shiny juice on her palm. "Uh... uh... thanks," she muttered and then rushed off.

She was probably running to the ladies room to masturbate! Thomas thought. Then he turned back to Amy and began to kiss her again. When his hand went back to Amy's thigh, he felt her open her legs wide. Slowly he kissed up her neck until he was at her ear. "Let's get out of here," he said.

"Thomas," Amy breathed. "I... I... don't know what to do. I'm scared."

"Amy, you know I would never do anything to hurt you," Thomas said.

"I know. I'm not afraid of you Thomas; it's me that I'm afraid of."

"I'll tell you what. Why don't I take you back to your place and I'll eat you."

Amy sucked in her breath, not sure she had heard Thomas correctly. "What?" she said.

"Listen Amy, I know you're worried about going all the way with me. If you're not ready, then that's okay. We can just go back and I'll eat you."

Amy's could feel her swollen sex lips quivering at the thought of Thomas's mouth on her. "Okay," she whispered.

"Okay what?" Thomas asked, knowing what she meant but wanting to hear her say it.

"Okay, you can... you can take... take me home and... and eaaaaatttt me!" Amy hissed in nervous excitement.

"Well, since you asked real nice, let's get out of here," Thomas said with a smile, pulling Amy out of the booth. They walked out of the club, leaving Amy's panties on the table.

Chapter 10

Thomas broke a few speed laws on the way back to Amy's house. Fortunately, he didn't get any tickets. When they were finally inside the door, Thomas pulled Amy to him and kissed her passionately. Their bodies pressed together tightly. Suddenly, Thomas pulled away.

"Are you sure about this sweetheart?" he asked.

"Yes... uh... you're just going to... to, you know, eat me right?"

"If that's all you want, yes."

"Okay," Amy said as she looked into his eyes and trembled. Then she took Thomas's hand and led him toward the living room. When she got to the foot of the stairs though, she looked into the living room and then upstairs. She looked at Thomas and then at the stairs again with indecision. With a sharp intake of breath, she turned and began to walk up the stairs, pulling Thomas behind her.

Thomas wanted to scream, "Yes!" but instead, he followed quietly, watching Amy's sexy butt as it swayed in front of him with each step. His half-hard erection was now fully hard. His heart was pounding and he felt like he was in the biggest football game of his life. The score was tied and his team was on the one-yard line with thirty seconds left on the clock. He had four downs to score. The game was over.

Amy led Thomas into her and John's bedroom. She flipped on the bedside lamp, turned to Thomas, and practically melted into his arms. The two of them kissed for a long time, enjoying each other's mouths, and delaying their ultimate pleasure.

Thomas pulled away from Amy and reached his hands up to the thin straps across her shoulders. He heard her moan as he slowly pushed them from her shoulders and let the dress fall to her feet.

Amy gasped when she stood naked in front of Thomas. She had never been totally naked in front of him before. Somehow, she felt even smaller standing in front of his large frame. He loomed over her, his hands gently touching the soft flesh of her arms. She trembled.

Thomas bent his head and kissed Amy again, pulling her naked body to him. When their lips parted, he pushed Amy back until she was sitting on the bed. Slowly, he took his jacket off and placed it across a chair. Then he pulled his top up, exposing his rippled stomach and then his strong chest. He added the shirt to the jacket on the chair and then pulled his shoes and socks off, leaving only his slacks. His eyes locked on Amy's as he slowly unbuckled his belt.

Amy's breathing was coming in gasps as she watched Thomas strip in front of her. She was shaking with excitement as he opened his pants and let them drop to his feet. She gasped when she saw the large tent in his white boxer briefs. She wanted to reach out and grab it but she was afraid that he would see how much her hands were trembling. Then she held her breath as Thomas hooked his thumbs into the waistband and pulled his shorts down. A moan came from deep in her throat as his large penis sprang out.

Thomas could see Amy's eyes burning with lust as he slowly moved closer, his penis swinging gently back and forth. His own heart was beating rapidly as he moved ever closer. He watched as Amy tentatively reached out her trembling hand and wrapped it around his pulsing tool. It was his turn to moan.

As her hand held the throbbing tool, Amy could imagine the large head in her mouth. Unable to control her actions, she reached her other hand out to steady the long shaft, and then she bent forward and closed her lips around the head. She moaned and heard Thomas join her. Her hands began to move up and down, squeezing the hot shaft in her fists as saliva dripped from the stretched corners of her mouth.

"Oh God Amy," Thomas moaned. He was as excited as he had ever been. Sure, he had been with plenty of women in his life, but none were like Amy. He had adored her since the first time John introduced them. Now, to be standing naked with her in her bedroom was like a dream come true. The fact that John knew about it and was, in fact, encouraging it, made it sweeter.

Thomas could feel his sperm boiling in his balls as he watched the pretty woman make love to his penis. It was almost more than he could take. The last thing he wanted to do was cum in her mouth. He had a far better place for his sperm tonight. "Amy... God... let me eat you," Thomas hissed.

There was a loud pop as Thomas pulled his penis from Amy's sucking mouth. She looked up, startled. She was so focused on sucking him that she hadn't heard his words. Then she moaned as he pushed her back on the bed and lifted her legs. Then she watched him go to his knees. Her head fell back and she moaned when she saw him place her legs on his strong shoulders.

A gasp escaped Thomas's lips when he saw Amy's dripping sex. He had never seen anything so beautiful. Her large outer lips were smooth and shiny. The inner lips were swollen and very wet. He could see a tiny river of clear juice running from her pulsing hole, trickling down and disappearing between her cheeks. With an animal like moan, Thomas opened his mouth and sucked her flesh inside.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!" Amy screamed when she felt Thomas's mouth close over her sex lips. Her hips bucked up as his tongue began to lave the entire area of her wet sex. Her legs wrapped around his neck and she grabbed his head, pulling it into her vagina. She felt like she was going to pass out when his large tongue split the lips and forced itself deep inside her. His tongue was alive inside her body-it was squirming, rotating, and licking her trembling walls.

Thomas would have smiled if his mouth had not been full. It was a dream come true. He had her all to himself with no one to stop him. He could feel his penis pulsing almost painfully as he made love to Amy's swollen sex. As he continued to suck, his hands moved to her breasts. He pinched the hard nipples and squeezed the soft flesh. Amy moaned as a floodgate opened and her juice came pouring out. Almost immediately, Thomas's chin was dripping with her juices and he knew that she was very close to climax. However, before he could capture her clit, he felt her hands on his face, lifting it up. He drew his mouth from her sex and looked up with a question on his face.

"Oh God Thomas, I've got to have you," Amy hissed as she looked between her legs at his wet face.

Thomas stood up, his penis bobbing with his excited heartbeat. He looked down at Amy and saw that her legs were spread, baring her very swollen sex to his gaze. She was breathing heavily, her chest heaving; she looked almost out of control with lust. "Are you sure Amy," he said, already knowing the answer.

"Will... will you... will you pull out before you... you cum?" she gasped.

"Yes, if that's what you want."

"Oh God Thomas, I have to have you. Please fuckkkkkkk me," Amy said, almost crying with excitement.

Thomas moved Amy to the center of the bed and crawled between her knees. He paused, looking down at her as if he was going to give her another chance to change her mind.

Amy was beyond any rational decision now. The wine, the dinner, the teasing had all conspired to muddle any rational thought she might have had. She was alone with Thomas now. No one was there to stop them. "Please fuck meeeee!!!" Amy moaned as she opened her arms to Thomas.

With a growl of victory, Thomas leaned forward over Amy. He bent his head and kissed her lips as he held his weight on his arms. "Put me in," Thomas whispered.

Amy's hands were shaking so much that she had difficulty grasping Thomas's rod. She used both hands to steady it, pulling it almost harshly toward her waiting hole. Amy thought she would climax when the large purple head touched her lips. She fitted it into her small hole and pulled. "Ahhhhhh!!!" she moaned as the head slipped inside with a little help from Thomas.

Thomas almost swooned when he felt his penis cross the goal line. Score!!! his mind screamed. Yet, he didn't force himself into her. He looked down and saw that he had about two inches inside of her. He wanted to wait for Amy.

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