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The Seductionist


The night comes upon her. She looks out into the darkness as a warm breeze caresses her body. Filled with a need that she cannot control, when the craving is satisfied she will sleep until then the world and her victims are no longer safe.

Rachel awoke to feel the sun streaming in through her window. She shielded her eyes from the light with her hands to avoid the blinding glare. Unaware of the night before and the attack on the neighbors.

During the night, an unknown intruder had sexually assaulted a couple. The police alerted the community that there had been a series of break-ins in the area in the last month but would not release any specific information about the attacks. It had become a concern of Rachel and the rest of the community in which she lived.

Thoughts raced through her mind of her dear friend, Stephen.

Rachel met Stephen three years earlier at a town hall meeting. The developers were building new homes in her gated community and residents growing concerns over community ordnance's and mounting Association fees were at the top of the agenda. They went out for coffee after that meeting, and had been good friends since.

The last meeting held at the town hall involved the safety of the community. The staff and residence discussed several proposals to help protect the community. One idea was to have additional security installed in each home paid for through the association fees or to install 24-hour surveillance cameras in the area.

After the meeting that night, Rachel noticed Stephen talking with a woman by the podium and decided to join them. She did not know that much about Stephens personal life and was curious to see how intimate the two were.

Sorry to interrupt you but I was wondering if either of you heard anything more about the latest attacks? Rachel asked.

Stephen replied, "No other than what we have heard in the news and here tonight."

"It's just bad news all around as far as I am concerned," The woman said.

"Yes, I know," Rachel, replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I have not properly introduced you to my friend. Rachel this is Lori a friend of mine. She works in the legal department of the company where I work." Stephen said.

"Nice to meet you." Lori replied.

Rachel extended her hand saying, "Nice to meet you too."

Stephen had an idea and asked, "Hey, we were just going out for dinner and drinks care to join us? It would be a great start to become acquaintances with Lori.

"Sure why not," said Rachel.

"I want to warn you ladies now. I may become a handful once I've had my fair share of drinks hope you can handle it." Stephen warned joking.

"I will try to be on my best behavior as well," kidded Rachel.

Lori added, "No promises here."

After dinner and drinks, Stephen invited Rachel and Lori back to his place for a nightcap. Rachel was all too ready to agree since the two of them had wetted her appetite and stimulated her craving. She desired their bodies and was determined to satisfy the hunger of the beast within.

She could sense it had been awhile since they had been together. The scent of their endorphins wafted in the air, and Rachel could smell them. The sexual attractants made her want to make the night a memorable one.

Occasionally Rachel could awake and recall parts of a succubus encounter from the night before but this would not be one of those memories.

Rachel's mind had become a blur from the drinks consumed and her memories were robbed of last night's activity.

Rachel woke the next day alone in her bed watching the rainfall patter on her window. She lay there thinking about Stephen and Lori wondering if they were safe from evil that held the community hostage.

She got out of bed and noticed a white envelope lying on the floor of her foyer. The envelope was from the association office informing the residences to upgrade their home security and to forward the invoice to their office for payment. She decided to call a locksmith to have additional security installed in her home.

After the locksmith left, she dialed Stephen's number but there was no answer, so she left him a message to call her.

That night she was afraid to fall asleep and did everything she thought was within her power to stay awake even drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee but it was to no avail because sleep came swiftly for her.

The following morning she heard the news of another attack. Two victims were sexually attacked during the night. Suddenly the hairs stood up on the back of Rachel's neck as she thought of Stephen and Lori.

Rachel dialed Stephens number and left a message that she was coming over immediately. There was no answer when she rang his doorbell. She went home to check her calls and saw there were two new messages on her machine.

The calls were from Stephen. The first message he left was inaudible. The second call was clearer and he sounded scared shitless.

Rachel rushed over to Stephen's place calling out to him as she pressed the doorbell. He did not answer the door, and she wrote a note and left it in his mailbox to call her immediately. She had hoped more then anything that Stephen and Lori were safe.

The community held vigilant prayers for the victims that evening, and Rachel said a special prayer for Lori and Stephen.

Rachel turned off the news and settled in for another restless night. She thought of Stephen and where he might be, so she had to reach out to him one last time before she went to bed.

She dialed his number. A weakened voice answered the phone.

Rachel asked, "Hello Hello Stephen are you there?"

Stephen answered in a faint voice that he was there.

"Can I see you?" asked Rachel.

There was a long silence before Stephen answered.

"We need to talk but not tonight, I need to rest." Stephen said.

"Alright, I'll come over tomorrow." Rachel told him.

"Alright come over tomorrow." Stephen said, giving in to her pressure.

Rachel woke up the next day thinking about Stephen, so she dialed his number. His voice was shaky when he answered the phone

"Hi, Stephen, it's Rachel" Can I come over?

"Yes, the door is unlocked." Stephen rasped weakly.

Rachel arrived and walked inside to find Stephen sitting at his kitchen table. He did not look like the same person she knew. His face was pale and sickly and he appeared aged and weak. When he looked at Rachel, it was if he was looking at a ghost.

"Stephen, what happened to you?" Rachel asked.

"I was attacked last night." Stephen said.

What? Rachel exclaimed. Oh my God, how did it happen?

Rachel walked over and placed her arms around Stephen's neck. His weakened body collapsed into her arms. She wanted to hold him and never let him go. She held him tighter as he softly whispered how afraid he was from the attack on him and Lori.

Where is Lori? Rachel inquired.

"I haven't heard from her since the attack," Stephen told her.

Do you want to talk about it? Rachel asked.

Stephen and Rachel sat in silence for what seem like ten minutes before he continued to talk.

Stephen started speaking weakly. "She entered my bedroom last night and forced herself on me. I was sleeping when I felt the weight of her when she laid her body on top of mine. Then she pressed her mouth against mine. It felt as if she was sucking the life out me.

"When you say she, are you talking about Lori? Rachel asked.

"No." Stephen whined.

"Who are you talking about then Stephen? Help me understand." Rachel implored.

"I am talking about what ever the thing was that assaulted Lori and me last night." Stephen said.

"Thing...what thing? Stephen are you saying a creature came in and assaulted the two of you. Rachel was incredulous

"Don't mock me Rachel. Please let me finish Rachel." Stephen replied.

"I'm sorry okay, please continue." Rachel told him.

Rachel sat down across the kitchen table from Stephen as he continued to tell her about the attack.

Stephen continued his story, "She made me hard and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. She excited me with every move she made. I felt a mouth move over my nuts licking them before milking me dry. The creature actually made me come, then did it again...I was pissing blood this morning because of the attack."

Stephen paused then began recounting the rest of the events. "It got worse what she did to me was nothing compared to Lori's abuse. I know for some reason it was female. She ripped Lori's nightgown and manhandled her. Lori's thighs were forcefully spread and she screamed about a thrusting tongue in her, pussy." Stephen said. His voice softened as he spoke as if he was afraid someone other then Rachel would hear.

Then he signed and spoke again, "She licked Lori's whole body and made Lori whimper for more attention. Then she started with me again, that sucking mouth taking me, alternated between stroking me up and down and spiraling around my penis with her tongue. She forcefully mouthed Lori's bud. The cumming rushed on us in repeated waves making me scream and Lori squirm and moan. Lori was in a constant state of orgasm. The assault lasted for hours, and then it vanished at dawn. This is the weirdest shit about it Rachel. That manifestation or whatever it was looked a lot like you, and if you think I am lying ask Lori. That is if you can find her. After it left us, she grabbed her clothes and ran out my place and I have not been able to get a hold of her. I have called her and left messages but she will not return my calls. I am worried about her.

Wait Wait, isn't that the same night I was with you and Lori? I remember now, I woke up the next morning in my bed.

"It had to be you Rachel doing those things to us! If not, where were you? Lori and I both saw you on the sofa passed out. I covered you with a blanket and went upstairs with Lori." Stephen cried.

Rachel sat at Stephens kitchen table trying to take in all of what he told her. The attacker that had created fear in the community struck here and a victim believed he was sitting across the table from his attacker.

"You have to contact the police." said Rachel.

Stephen whined, "No leave it alone, I don't want to report it."

"No, we have to." Rachel insisted. "The police and the community have a right to know Stephen. They have a right to know about this. This thing has destroyed their lives."

"Rachel, I said no, now leave it alone."

Stephen sighed, "I need to lie down I am feeling a bit tired."

Sure, lean against me and let me help you," Rachel said helping Stephen toward the living room. "Lie here on the sofa, try to rest and I will be here when you awake."

Rachel settled in to watch over Stephen never realizing that evening she would steal his spirit.

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